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So I have a small (and I mean small) pot with flowers in it that I bought for my five year old back in December. Unsurprisingly, they didn't survive the harsh Swedish winter on our window pane.

A few weeks ago, I was giving my daughter some watermelon and after she finished she asked if she could plant the seeds in her now seemingly barren wasteland of a flower pot. I said sure, but I warned her that they very likely wouldn't grow since they came from a store bought watermelon that had been harvested only God knows when, and that was what I grew up being told. So she planted them and has happily been watering the shit out of an empty pot for three weeks.

.... This little fucker grew watermelon! I had to Google it to make sure I wasn't seeing sprouts remnant from the dead flowers, but no, they're watermelon sprouts! And a LOT of them. (She buried like a handful of seeds in this one little pot.) She woke me up the morning they sprouted to show me and was cackling like she'd just cheated God, making her own little Jurassic Park.

So on to my question. I know these things can't live for long in a pot because they're gonna run out of room. Is there any feesible way to transplant these plants outside to a larger patch of dirt in order to give them a chance to survive? It's going to totally crush her if we just let them start growing and then die in the pot without giving it a chance at all.

My level of gardening skills is literally zero so please ELI5 this for me if you could.


There technically is, but it'd be helpful to know a little info: I don't know aaaanything about your growing season.

That said, your best bet is going to sound harsh, but it really is the best way. You need to thin your seedlings. I don't know how big a pot you're talking about, but assuming it's got a circumference like a large coffee mug? You're going to want to snip some of those seedlings off.

Basically, you've got a group of seedlings all competing for very limited soil space. This means their roots are tangling and getting tied up together, which is going to limit the success rate of ALL of them. What you want to do is choose the ones which look like they've got a good head start, which are as far from each other as possible, and all the ones you're not going to save, use a pair of scissors and very carefully snip those.

If you only have one you want to save, that's the easiest way; just snip anything which isn't that one, then water it and give it sun for a week or three so that it can take advantage of the new lack of competition. You don't want to transplant until it starts developing 'true' leaves; this should help with info, and about halfway down the page you'll see a picture of a watermelon seedling ready to transplant into the ground (it's the picture marked 'watermelon seedling', not the germinating one).

Using google or whatever you should be able to find out when in your region people typically transplant melon seedlings to direct soil (ie, putting it in the ground. You'll want a space relatively protected from feet, birds, animals, etc, and you may want to shove a hoop or the like over it to allow it to climb (melons and other cucurbits will form sucker-like vines which cling to surfaces to allow them to spread out - giving it something to climb lets it grow up, not just along the ground, making it a bit easier to protect and takes less garden space).

I hope this helps, if you have questions let me know and I'll try to answer!

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Original Poster4 points · 5 months ago

Thanks a ton. According to that link the biggest one is at a seedling stage. do they have their true leaves yet?

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Original Poster2 points · 5 months ago

I don't know own what true leaves are but there are leaves of some kind with these sprouts.

...wait, what?

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Unfortunately true. Then again, there are people who believe the Earth is flat, so...

I... but, like... I've had them...? Like, lots of them. And I've seen them. I just... what?

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I know. It's mind boggling.

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This story has been posted almost every single day since the story broke. I commented on the last large thread about how Stan Lee isn't the only celebrity preyed upon in his old age. It's scarily common, not just for celebrities, but any elderly person who has resources and can easily be taken advantage of. /u/PhillyDeFranco I know you aren't super active in this sub and you have a million things on your plate, but this very clearly is a story that the subscribers want to hear about and discuss. Please consider this for the PDS.

OP, I posted this on your other thread too, but just to be sure you see it: APS (Adult Protective Services) is already involved, but if you want to set fire to this, try contacting Kasem Cares, the organization that was founded by Kerri Kasem, daughter of the late Casey Kasem. She founded the organisation to raise awareness and fight elder abuse, after the huge debacle surrounding her dad's Death a few years ago. This would be right in her wheelhouse.

OP, if you're really concerned, you could try contacting Kasem Cares. It's the Foundation that Kerri Kasem (daughter of Casey Kasem) founded to raise awareness/fight Elder Abuse after her the huge debacle surrounding her father's death a few years ago. This seems right in her wheelhouse.

I hope he doesn’t end up in the same situation that Mickey Rooney was in before his passing.

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I was just remembering how Casey Kasem's decline and death played out years ago. I truly hope this isn't a similar situation. It's disgusting how people react when there is money to be inherited and a sick, frail person at risk of being taken advantage of.

24 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

So, if I have this straight (and someone please correct me if I don't, I gathered this info from three different articles):

  • Max is claiming he was fired and is now being kept away from Stan, and that something is very, very wrong. Several others in the industry claiming the same.

  • Police and others are going to the press and saying that Max was fired because a) Money is missing, b) he got into a huge argument with J.C. (Stan's daughter) where cops needed to be called (cops were called by a friend/film maker who used to work with Stan), and c) there is an alleged conspiracy between Max and a nurse who was also fired with him that they were trying to put a wedge between him & J.C. The nurse has admitted improper conduct with Stan (naked showers and happy ending massages) to Adult Protective Services, who are currently investigating if Elder Abuse is at play.

...So, APS is already involved, as are the police - at least to some extent.

  • Stan also fired his attorney and hired a new one, but apparently the former attorney is contesting that he's been fired and is claiming something is fishy about the situation too.

  • J.C., Stan's daughter, hasn't made any public statements. From the sound of it, it seems like she still has access to her dad. APS came once to interview Stan and his now deceased wife Joan about a year or so ago because someone alleged that Joan was being abused by J.C., but after they did an investigation no one was charged.

Did I miss anything?

ETA: I posted in the original poster's two threads about this, but I wanted to share it here as well. If you are seriously concerned that something is wrong, because no matter which way you look at this situation or who is to blame, something seems very off here, you can try contacting Kasem Cares. They're an organisation founded by Kerri Kasem, the daughter of the late Casey Kasem (Shaggy from Scooby Doo, famous radio personality), and their entire mission is to raise awareness of and fight elder abuse. There was a lot of scandal surrounding Casey's death in 2014, and Kerri is very passionate about this stuff. It sounds like APS is conducting an investigation already since the nurse is being questioned, so that means something is in motion on the legal end, at least.

Info from Kasem Cares about visitation rights.

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My daughter's nickname has been Slaggie/Slagathor ever since I found out I was having a girl. She's five now. 😂

This was the update I was waiting for!! So glad to hear they took these charges seriously and threw the book at Nopeflix and her spawn. Hopefully these will be a very, very peaceful 4 to 5 years for you guys.

My normally JYdad made two posts on FB the day my daughter was born. One letting everyone know that I was going into early labor (6 weeks early) and to pray for the baby, and the second one with a picture of me & the baby and what we'd named her. Tagged me in both. At the time I was way too distracted with my daughter's health (she was healthy, but very small) to even notice, but a few days later I was really annoyed. It's one of those things I've had to let go, but I will definitely be MUCH more vigilant about this sort of thing when it's time for my next kid. In my dad's defense, he's nearly 70 and I think that he honestly didn't realize this was a thing he took away from me. Five years later, he's gotten a lot better about not posting news or things on my behalf on FB.

(He had a photo because we'd taken a photo, meant only for the grandparents to see since they were 4000 miles away)

This lady, though? Posting how many CM dilated her daughter was? Ick. Those clearly came from update texts (like the photo I sent my dad was) from the couple, that is not meant to be public info!

Is there any way you and your daughter, or even you and your daughter AND your mom, can stay elsewhere for a while? Somewhere Nopeflix and Ex don't know the address of? I'm really concerned that one of them is going to show up there, RO or not, or (knowing Nopeflix's history of making shit up) they might try to make a false allegation about you/your mom.

Original Poster2 points · 8 months ago

I have discussed staying elsewhere with Mum, and she agrees with me that it would be safest for everyone, but the question at the moment is: Where would we stay? It would have to be fairly close, as it wouldn't be good to pull DD and Little Brother out of school, but not too close so that they could easily track us down.

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I would suggest getting in touch with a local women's shelter to ask if they have any safe houses or resources in the area. Otherwise, consider doing a "home swap" with someone you trust? I know the Clean Pillows family did that when Stench showed up at their door and attacked their girls.

51 points · 8 months ago

I got married in October. My mom was a fucking nightmare.

I went dress shopping. Mom, MIL, and SIL were invited. Mom said she couldn’t go so I reschedule for a day she can go. She cancels last minute because she “doesn’t feel like it.” I reschedule again, she cancels again. Finally I said fuck it and I went anyway with my MIL because she is actually amazing. Throughout the day, I sent my mom pictures of the dresses, by her request. She hated everything. Finally found the dress and she told me it was “okay, I guess.” When I called her later, again by her request, she cried, called me a bitch, and hung up on me.

Then, she tried to wear a white dress to my wedding. I talked her out of it but we ended up fighting about it.

Day of the wedding she fed my 8 month old a shit load of cake and made her sick. She threw up on my dress and my husband’s suit. Mom then got completely wasted and cried a lot.

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fed my 8 month old a shit load of cake and made her sick.

I would have been LIVID at this. Please tell me someone reamed her a new one over that. That's a helpless child she just crammed all that sugar into! Poor baby. :(

60 points · 8 months ago

Here’s something I notice...

Sooo many low income families spend a TON of money on toys etc for their kids...I see it all of the time. We’ve owned a bunch of rental properties, and anytime a family leaves we would end up cleaning out mounds of old/broken/unwanted toys. Thousands of dollars in toys, bought by people who barely have the money to feed themselves. Go drive around in the crappy area of town, you will always see a few houses with toys piled all over their yards. So much money wasted on toys that only get played with a few times.

And the truth is that for most kids their favourite thing to do, is hang out with a parent. They enjoy a few of their toys, but the most interesting, educational, and valuable thing you can give him is time with you.

Instead of buying a toy when you’re out for groceries, put the $10 in an account for your son. Someday you will NEED money for him and it will be way more valuable to you than the piece of plastic sitting in the closet.

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To that end, for birthdays and holidays, ask your family members to buy experiences rather than just toys/junk. Movie theater gift cards, museum passes, laser tag, paintball, indoor playlands, aquariums, etc. Of course kids should have toys, but clutter is bad for mental health (both for kids and for grownups). That time spent with Dad, though, doing something fun or educational? That's priceless.

3.1k points · 8 months ago

When we're in a crowded place and he'll catch me looking at him and give me a very quick wink and smile, one that no one else sees. Especially if he's a little way away, like if he's at the bar and I'm at the table waiting for him.

Does it for me every time ;)

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Are you me?

Oh, you mean pretty much every class I teach? :P

Seriously though, I have been thrown into subbing situations where I have had NO plans from the teacher and have had no idea what the class was working on, so I've had to wing it.

Typical topics include:

  • common misspellings in English and little tricks to remember how to spell them correctly
  • common mix-ups made by Swedes when learning (and then later speaking) English. For example, saying "I went to the theme park, it was funny" rather than "It was fun"
  • discussion about current news and what's happening in the world (in an ELI5 way). Though, this is heavily reliant on getting audience participation to fill the 40 minutes
  • Pick a random movie to watch and then analyze it (in an ELI5 way)

Amongst some other things.

  • A large glass of wine
  • Pan-seared halloumi cheese slices
  • Aioli
  • My 5 year old's refrigerated leftover Happy Meal McNuggets

I call it "Nightcap a la BroMo". About as gourmet as I am ever going to get.


Halloumi is heaven. Thanks for reminding me to put it on the Grocery list. I'm so jealous.

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Original Poster2 points · 8 months ago

It is the one thing I splurge for twice a month for myself. I absolutely love it.

6 points · 8 months ago

Halloumi is heaven sent. I could eat an entire package to myself and still be scrounging for more. My youngest finally tried it last night and decided she liked it so it's in our dinner rotation now.

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Original Poster2 points · 8 months ago

I inhaled about 180 grams of it last night, so I definitely hear you on the "entire package" front. Thankfully my five year old doesn't like it yet so it's one of the few things I can hoard for myself in the fridge.

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"God help the outcasts, hungry from birth. Show them the mercy they don't find on Earth. The lost and forgotten, they look to you still. God help the outcasts or nobody will."

That song still gives me chills. My favorite Disney princess, hands down.

She's not a princess, but I get what you mean. Favorite character. And the princess of our hearts!

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Psshhh, Gypsy princess totally still counts. :P

283 points · 9 months ago · edited 9 months ago

Rumor at my school was that he wrote the song "Fuck fuck fuck a duck, screw a kangaroo. Fingerbang a 'rangatan it happened at the zoo."

Looking back on it, I don't know where that would fit in with his material, but we all believed it.

Edit: it hasn't happened yet, but I believe that this comment is destined to put my comment karma count over 100,000

Edit 2: we did it, Reddit!

Edit 3: quit upvoting me you peasants

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The version I always heard ended with "Support your local zoo".

My understanding was somewhat different from what the headline states.

Norway is pushing to decriminalize the use of drugs, so the addict is no longer a criminal for using, but the dealer is still a criminal for dealing, and drugs has not been decriminalized either.

This means that if an addict gets caught on the street with what can be considered enough for his own use, he will not go to jail for possession, but the drugs will most likely still be confiscated. If a dealer or a producer gets caught they will still get to go to jail, and subsequently be rehabilitated back into society, as always.

This is not a move towards ‘free drugs’ but more a move towards a more humane way of treating the victims of the drugs (the addicts), because punishment is a very poor way of treating addiction.

But that was my understanding... the headline states it differently.

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Yup, you're spot on. Counting down now til we have a "You see what's happening in Norway?! Drugs are running rampant, they're legalizing!" comment from Trump's twitter account.

Is she still in the clink? Inquiring minds are dying to know!


Hit the brown stage last night. I've only had my period since Monday morning, so while I am psyched that I might have a short one this month, in the back of my mind I am wondering what sneaky tricks my uterus is really up to. I've never had one this short.

I know you've been silent for quite a while, Pillows, and for very VERY good reason. I just hope everything is going well and please know that every time I log onto this sub, I think of you & your family and hope you're all well.

Dude, this happened to me earlier this week! We were doing national standardized testing (woop) and I have been fighting the mother of all colds/viruses that just knocked me on my ass. Monday after we finished and the kids left, I fell asleep at my desk for a solid 35 minutes. I woke up 4 minutes before my bus was due to leave. Eeep.

5 points · 9 months ago

... Any chance im dating your ex?

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Are you dating a drug addict who isn't allowed to see his daughter?

Aside from being a compulsive liar, she sounds straight up mentally ill.

Any update on where she is? Her current "holiday" could be another boyfriend she's shacking up with.



So, I bleached my hair two weeks ago, and again last week to get it a shade lighter. My natural hair is a somewhat cinnamon brunette with some red and blonde highlights scattered around. My hair was virgin so it took the bleach VERY well both rounds. I will try to add a photo in the comments. My hair is either platinum blonde/white, a yellow the color of the inside of a banana peel, or a slightly more yellow tinge, depending on where in my hair you look.

Is it safe/advisable to try bleaching one more time since time has passed? My hair doesn't feel dry/straw-like at all, I am conditioning regularly to maintain moisture, etc. I want to have turquoise hair and am worried that it may come out more green if I throw the dye on top of it now. I also don't want to run the chance of frying my hair when I had such good luck the last two times I bleached it.


I wouldn’t bleach again, I think you’ll be able to put the turquoise over your hair as it is and it’ll turn out fine. Have you tried toning the yellow out with purple shampoo? That could make a difference

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Original Poster2 points · 10 months ago

I am going to give some toner a try!

I'd be careful that she doesn't try to show up on Monday at that designated time anyway.

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