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Hey buddy!🤙 Jersey ent. So am I atm. Got my medical card but an eight at a 25% thca is $65 -70 for good but at the dispensaries out here. Oil is eh. It just makes me sad how horribly taxed it is out here. Duck this state, our governors, and our taxes.

-6 points · 10 hours ago

Being an idiot should also be illegal.

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Being an idiot should also be illegal.

I mean she is an idiot. That thing doesn't go that deep into the tube. When she shuts it only half of the line tip goes into the casing. Look at the clips in the middle and think how it would look clipped together.

Your the reason we have those shit sensor ones that don't even work. Do you understand that? Half the time I can't wash my hands bc of you.

Loiks like a Fuck you to the kids with trucks and baseball batts

Ok... I mean you could just go buy those mini tesla lighters that do the same thing ...

Shit dude I have the same one my ex's grandma have it to her for I forget why but it's amazing. Clearing bowls, keef, coke spoon whatever you want it to be it can. Fucking first transformer right here

What the fuck are the lyrics

Oh I thought it was that they didn't cook them not that there's only 2... Throw them out plz

Throw his dog shit at us at night

Did something happen to his nose? Jesus we've really fucked up breads over the years man

Is there a way to make this a iPhone 7+ wallpaper? The art is amazing, great job!!

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Ya long hold the picture with your finger . Press download.set as paper

Not you again Karen...

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God damnit Karen. Fuck

5 points · 20 days ago

It was probably the guy who kept saying there was a monster that was laying it

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LOL classic

25 points · 21 days ago · edited 21 days ago

There was this one girl at school who said she liked me. I told her I liked her too. Eventually we called it official.

Then it turned out she was suicidal for years and had tried to kill herself before. After meeting me she felt happy for the first time since she was little. I saved her life.

Edit: I didn't mean we're married. Bad choice of words on my part but I can't think of any other way to put it so I'm leaving it like that.

Edit 2: The marriage thing was a joke. I feel stupid.

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My gf took a bunch of pills in a drawn out bath. She called me that night, we said our love yous snd sleep tights.I had the weirdest gut feeling like if I were to have just seen my dog get run over. In the midst of screaming at my parents to call the paramedics I called 911 My mom thought I was crazy drove us over and they were taking her out in a body bag on a stretcher all blue like a giant bruise. If we called any later they wouldn't have been able to recesitate her. Now I'm stuck with her oshyco ass. Plz send help

49 points · 21 days ago · edited 21 days ago

I can literally feel myself becoming more racist. White trash it a definitely a problem, my family is about as close to it as you can get without actually being there, but percentage wise I see so many more black and hispanic people/children who are clearly either of lower intelligence or generally just a problem for society than white people. I'm trying really hard not to let it affect how I see people but it's hard when poor white people and poor people of color seem to be so different in how shitty they are. On top of that, if you talk about it at all you're considered a racist, making it even more difficult to talk about. I'll admit that maybe I'm the problem (my family has had a history of racism in the past), but it seems like there is genuinely a difference that people do not want to acknowledge.

Edit: Yeah, getting downvoted seems about right. Can't talk about race without stirring the pot these days.

Edit 2: When you downvote instead of try to initiate conversation, all you do is convince me that you're giving a free pass to poor blacks since you clearly don't have a way to refute what I've experienced first person

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Totally understand. Why do you think stereotypes are a thing. It's why trumps pushing everyone out.

why are you letting your mother clean that up do it yourself -_-

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Yeah dude like why wouldn't you just spare the embarrassment and use the plunger ? Or if that doesn't work fill a bucket with water, let the toilet flll with water and slowly poor water in while plunging.

The toilet is overflowing, lack of water is not the issue.

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2 points · 22 days ago

I agree, I also love driving. Thankfully it will most likely be at least another 15 years until most cars will be able to drive fully autonomous and even then I am sure driving will not be banned instantly.

However I can't wait until my car can just self-drive in a traffic jam. Hate that stuff.

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There won't be anymore traffic jams. U turns, stop lights, yielding. Well be flying past echother with less then inches to spare. It'll be a seamless driving experience. Always on time all the tims

3 points · 22 days ago

Yeah, probably, when every car is fully autonomous. I think that still takes a long time. Some cars however already are able to drive autonomous in traffic and thats what I was refering to.

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Oh yeah, me neither, couple more weeks and the tesla model 3 comes out USD$35000

"Oops didn't mean to say that" Yeah ya did or you could've erased it before you posted. That's definitly my biggest pet peevey, PEEVEY WHERE ARE YOU, PEEVEY ?!?!

1.4k points · 1 month agoGilded1

shameless attempt at gold

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Where was I when this gravy train was rolling threw town(sadface)

When a black guy realizes he has kids

cries in new jersey

Fuck dude, I just sold my late grandmothers regular ass normal house for just under $600K....I’d never be able to afford a house in this state...

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I cry here a about once a week. This state keeps us in poverty. The 1% are sure doing fine tho

Cigarettes and weed. NJ. Costs me like 100 a week for smokes and 150- 200 for bud

189 points · 1 month ago

I'll be in my bunk...

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Me too. Also having a gfs slutty roomate come onto you while your gfs out running around.

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