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Aw, someone is jealous that their country does not have an easily chantable acronym.

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What a shit hole

I would've stood in front of it. Had the school pay off my loans instead of a lawsuit.

He's gonna end up shitting his pants, you can't hold in your shit for 3 days and expect to fart. This dude, -.-

*Medicinal qualities Medicative is a tverb Sorry man :/ ... <3 really happy it helped you through your tough times brother. The power is in you, not the bud. Don't forget that.

Kodak Moment Malone

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Peri malone

Fyi that's not Riley Reid

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But did he earn $50.....

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Hahaha! Same bro.

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Ya same here too

Party City? Def doesn't look like a toys r us

and the controller were so sticky...

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Yeah but... That was the nostalgia of it. They could have left them in the McDonald's and people would still be hitting smash Bros, and Mario kart hard today. Ik I would. I'd just chill there for hours. Palming back little kids as they try to play

fun fact, elvis fucked a lot of underaged girls.

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Damn, what a guy. That's my idol <3 can't get me enough tween poonani.

There is no ad like this out there. The pic def looks a little shopped too. Are you really shopping an asshole design pic just to get a few karma ? There's plenty of asshole designs out there for everyone. You don't have to make one up lol. Just walk down any isle in Walmart

The game came out before Donut country

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Before that, there was that feeding frenzey game where your a shark and had to eat all the other fishies and then people and stuff

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Ok, you're 16 and probably don't want to hear this, but, invest in yourself first. Settle in to your new school. Let your aunt take care of you now, you're way too young to have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Get yourself into a rhythm. Maybe as soon as the holidays you'll be ready for a seasonal job (assuming you're in a country where those things exist, here.). But let your family members who have been adulting for a while take care of your basic needs. If that bugs you, consider these two opposite bit possible extremes:

1) You take your ambition and scrape along doing odd jobs and side hustles through high school, and decide to forego college or further training because you're doing ok--scraping along, but doing ok. This then becomes the rest of your life without monumental effort otherwise.

2) You harness your ambition, kick school's ass, maybe pick up a PT job to cover underage beer money, but really invest in yourself. You keep learning beyond high school and become a highly successful person, whether engineer or carpenter, or whatever. Your aunt is now older and could probably use the help at that point in her life. And guess who's in the perfect position to pay her back? Or maybe she doesn't even need your help and you can pay it forward.

TL:DR Old dude says invest in yourself first.

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I wish my parents were there for me to give me advice like all you guys are doing for this kid here. This whole forum melts my heart. Definitely invest in yourself kid. Believe in yourself before you start forgetting what that feels like. He's right, if you don't you'll end up your whole life working some shit labor intensive job or w.e. You choose . Plz stay in school, even if your not great at it. Stick too it. It'll pay off in the long run, I promise .

What kind of dog does she have??? A golden retriever ? A golden Chihuahua? How could she make that mistake lol

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Question for ya. I knew about the traction, never thought about the visibility, and didnt think cars would actually try squeeze past bikes in the middle of a lane. Thats nuts.

I drive an 18wheeler for a living. In many urban areas or construction areas lanes are often a touch narrower. And I fill the lane quite nicely. Like within less than a foot to each side. And i get motorcyclists that, more often then not pass within a foot of the side of me. Like handlebars technically on or over the dotted line kind of close. Why on earth do they do this. A foot of space like that is literally a moderate gust of wind to me., then that bikers getting a lovetap from sir trailer. On wider areas of road they do the same thing altho i can hug the side of my lane to work with it.

Its just baffling. I'm an 18wheeler, and a professional driver. They dont need to do this for visibility or anything else, but it'd be nice if they stopped going so bloody close.

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Thank you for saying this. I was just about to make this point before I read this. They are very dangerous drivers( not all of them). They swerve threw traffic using the white lines all the time in the city. They don't try to stay in line, their all over the road most of the time. They cause their own demise then act like it's all our faults. They have the smaller easily manuverable vehicle. It's harder for any other vehicle to slow down, swerve or avoid something. Cyclists need to start respecting the road more and the other vehicles that travel along with them . edit: Im not clear on the visibility thing. I don't try to peek around cars to see what's down the road. Worry about what's in front of you? Stay in your lane and in your spot like everyone else maybe? Just cuz you have a bike doesn't give you permission to just Cruise around people at insaine speeds and say oh it's a bike thing; visibility y'know .

Yo real talk, when I was a kid my parents bought me an rc car for my sixth birthday and being the early 2000s, you had to let it fully charge for like a year so the batteries wouldn't break because they were nicad. I'd always wanted an rc car but they never bought me one. This was a total surprise and I was ecstatic. So after waiting for it to charge, a real test of my 6 yo patience, guess what happens? My dad wants to play with it. He's having fun playing with it an also with taunting me for a well mannered amount of time before giving me the controller, but before that happens this motherfucker crashes that shit into a wall and it breaks.

I still haven't gotten over that shit.

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My dad did that with my ps2, playing some airplaine simulator. Ruined my whole christmas day. Wouldn't get off, started a huge fight. Fuck him. Lpt, buy your own shit if you want to play with it

I bet it helps calm the baby down and nourish it. Not saying do it untill after a study but I bet it solves all the crying baby Probloms

And I'm sad when I crash my drone.... Dude:(

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Camster dot com camster dot com, look at my tits.

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All Netflix ads are skippable. There suggestions more then anything

Fuck and they made everyone loose the game 👌 right when he's about to make the throw to sink it in:(

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