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CosmosWanderingWolf commented on a post in r/ptsd
CosmosWanderingWolf 4 points least you learned that the military isn’t for you. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that you have ptsd, because first of all you would have to have been in reception longer than what your story suggests. Secondly, especially at Ft. Jackson, cadre in reception are well known for getting onto rotation as DS’s, or are leaving rotations as DS’s. You wouldn’t be smoked nearly that bad in reception. It is possible that this experience could have triggered some sensitive insomnia which you should consider getting treated for, but I wouldn’t claim PTSD just for being in basic for 4 weeks. Maybe get a cat scan too.

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CosmosWanderingWolf commented on a post in r/ptsd
momeridian 5 points

You should look into mindfulness and it's practise. I recommend the writings of Thich Naht Han, he is consise and helpful.

CosmosWanderingWolf 1 point

I second this. I converted to Zen/Tao Buddhism last year. It doesn’t get rid of dissociation, but sometimes it can help with the “lighter” ones. That’s just me anyway.

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CosmosWanderingWolf 4 points

Ugh me too. It’s not that I’m super self conscious about my looks or style, but I don’t ever want to come off as weird or awkward when trying to talk to a girl. I prefer to be the more forward person, but because of this I tend to intimidate a lot of people. My gaydar also sucks, which means I’m probably crushing on a straight girl.

takoliquor 1 point

What is this rig called? Beautiful

CosmosWanderingWolf 1 point

It’s from my local head shop, but it’s just a single ball bubbler

HasntKilledMeYet 2 points

All I can see is the spooky af face to the lower right and it’s kinda disturbing 😱

edited to add: tip your head to the left

CosmosWanderingWolf 1 point

Lmao I think I see what you’re talking about!

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There is no birth of consciousness without pain.

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