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Pranayama breathing techniques are really good for relieving anxiety

First things first: every step forward means somebody is pushing back.

Unfortunately, that is usually grown-up life. You will experience resistance in your life, almost every step of the way. This sounds grim, but shouldn't be.

College: getting a college degree is generally a way to get a decent career, but it shouldn't have to be that way. What subject are you studying? Can't you change?

Can this internship grow to be something permanent? How are your evaluations? As /u/CosmosWanderingWolf said, the main thing is perseverence and determination. Let me give you an example.

I spent 8 years at a university to end up in a field that has nothing to do with my studies, but in a well-paid job. The way I got there was through working hard.

At your internship, try to befriend and be noticed by higher-ups. Don't kiss ass, but just be valuable and do a little more than is expected of you. Try to learn a generally applicable skill, at college or through self-study, like programming, a language. Maybe change your major subjects to communication. Don't just give up college though, you will not get another chance at it probably.

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This is a really good reply all around! I second all of this

If you don’t think college is for you, and you’ve stopped enjoying it, then don’t go. However, you sound like you’re wanting to advance your career, which in todays’ society will probably require some form of degree.

From one student to another, my best advice is to just stick it out. Your GPA doesn’t define you, but your determination and perseverance will, especially to a potentional employer.

I heard that sometimes when you’re feeling buried, you may just be well planted.

Sorry this isn’t much help, but feel free to message me if you need to. Good luck, OP.

Thank you for making me spit coffee over the entirety of my phone

Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

I wonder why. Straight women aren't (from what I've seen!) hesitant to approach men unless the wife/partner is RIGHT THERE and OBVIOUSLY HIS SO. And of course a lot of straight dudes seem to always assume that if she's hot, she's available, when it seems it should work in the opposite way.

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Yeah, right. Well thanks for this post because you made me feel a bit better about myself! I always attributed the back dimples to having excess fat, but I’ve lost 30 lbs so far and there they stay, lol.

Nothing to do with weight, thankfully! Also, I totally looked at your profile. Dimples and a stoner, hello ;)))

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Thanks ;) I’m always up to meet new people!

It’s definitely okay to feel this way, and rest assured you are not alone. I currently identify as bi (although I’m like a 6 on the damn Kinsey scale), and I also come from a homophobic household. If you could have sex with a man, but also would enjoy sex with a woman, you’re probably bi. If the idea of having sex with a man is abhorrent to you, and you solely want to have sex with women, then you’re probably a lesbian.

I have very limited knowledge myself, but my inbox is always open if you just need someone to talk to! :) Good luck!

Watch native videos/shows of that language. Immerse yourself in it. Also, Practice, practice, practice.

I’m in love with this MC cosplay!

That’s lovely. It’s beautiful your mother is so kind and accepting.

Edit; words

Omg this makes me so happy! Congrats!

Yeah, I used to scream in my sleep. Since I’ve been exercising more/ being active, and sleeping with someone else in the bed, it’s not as bad.

Wore a suit (sort of) to prom :)

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Heading to a concert tonight! Please ignore my awful farmers tan 😂

There is no birth of consciousness without pain.
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