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RobbyTheRedneck 5 points

You use the program to draw scaled site maps. If you do an assessment at a location, you denote the site location on a topo map, area water wells or adjacent properties.

For your site map, you’ll show utilities, building, other critical features, soil boring locations, monitoring well locations, fence diagrams, groundwater contour maps, soil contour maps, and proposed boring locations.

Although I don’t use CAD, the companies I’ve worked for hired CAD techs or subbed out the work.

Me? I figured out how to do the same using Microsoft Word, though CAD would have been easie (present company doesn’t want to buy a license, so Word works for our maps).

Edit: cad can also be used for boring logs, monitoring well schematics, and P&ID design (remediation system specs) and such.

CottonWalker 5 points

This is the real answer. For our quarterly sampling reports we use CAD to generate the contaminant concentration maps.

djdeforte 1 point

Beautiful job!! If you don’t mind can I ask how much that cost, the wife and I need to redo our kitchen and have no idea what it could cost.

CottonWalker 1 point

About 5k but that's with my wife getting everything from her work at 60-70% of what they sell it for

TheGrandestPoobah 1 point

how much of that was countertop?

CottonWalker 2 points


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Ragingheadache 1 point

What color did you use? I'm currently looking at a similar shade from Behr and like the way yours came out.

CottonWalker 2 points

It's Eon (N370-2). I used it to redo my kitchen as well. Here's what it looks like in a brighter space.

didyoureset 5 points

I am guessing the cabinet is holding laundry soap and stuff? Did you paint the inside? how do you keep the inside clean of residual liquid soap? ( if that's what you use). I painted the inside of my cabinet but my wife never seems to get all the soap rinsed off the dispenser cup.... second thought. maybe I should replace my wife

CottonWalker 4 points

I know your pain. My wife will use a piece of clothing going into the washer to wipe out the inside of the cup. We use the big tub of liquid detergent with the push button dispenser so I usually just pick it up and pour directly into the washer, bypassing the cup.

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ratzenfumel 1 point

What kind if shed are you making? Storage, a garage like shed or for tinkering?

CottonWalker 1 point

Just storage for the mower, tools, and christmas stuff

ratzenfumel 1 point

Costs and planning ahead: A shed could become expensive so set your budget, create an items list and make drawings before you start building so you don't overspend. Also Make sure you are up to code in your city region this could save a lot of trouble in the future.

Wood or stone?: Wood is cheaper to get and sometimes for free. But if not treated or sealed properly can rot in the future. I build my sheds structure out of stone and the roof off lumber this way when the roof starts to leaks, rots or needs changing its easy to just remove the whole roof and replace it.

Electricity: If you plan on running any electricity in the shed be sure to lay it before any actual building process takes place. This way you can safely build your structure and wont have to make any moderations (holes or possible leakage points) afterwards to get your electricity inside the shed.

Flat or ^ shape roof: This depends on your preference. If drainage is well managed in your country a flat roof could be good solution. This way you can have your water run through a drain pipe into your normal rainwater pipes or build a water storage tank next to your shed to store water for watering your yard, plants and trees.

As for attaching your posts to the floor a footer could be casted where the post would sit on top on. This us needed if your slab isn't at least 4 inches or 100mm of the ground.

You can roughen up the concrete slab with a chizel where you want the posts to be and then pour concrete in a mold to attach it to the floor. It wouldn't come of as quickly thanks to the roughing up part unless earthquakes are a normal occurance. Let it dry and harden for at least 7 days with moist curing or 28 days to harden out in normal air for max strength.

Then attach your post to your casted concrete foot with a metal clip and an ancor bolt in the concrete. This way can keep your posts of the ground and stop rotting from sitting water excess moisture.

I wish you the best of luck on your build :)

CottonWalker 1 point

Thanks for your reply!

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[deleted] 4 points

There is a clique of undergrads where I'm at now (I'm about to start a HAZWOPER/environmental summer field course) that seem to think there are "tons" of environmental consulting jobs.

I think they're typing "environmental geology" into indeed and not bothering to notice "environment" can be a buzzword for janitorial or HR work....

CottonWalker 2 points


CottonWalker commented on a post in r/geology
hassassins 1 point

Thanks for the input, I do want to put it on seeing as it was a bit of work to study for. I was thinking something like: Received passing score on the ASBOG Fundamentals of Geology Examination, January, 2016. Let me know what you guys think.

CottonWalker 1 point

Hey congratulations. I'm set to take mine in March. My understanding is that after you pass the FG you're officially a Geologist In Training. I'm the only entry level geologist at my firm but I know the entry level engineers that have passed their fundamental exams have EIT after their names on emails, resumes, etc. So I would say put GIT after your name. Then after you have your five years and pass the practice of geology you can switch it to PG.

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