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You hate capitalism, but yet you still eat food.

Checkmate, socialists.

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It's exhausting because in order to believe everything their leader says they have to believe everyone is out to get them.

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You're projecting your own values and ethics onto Trump supporters. Don't do that. They have no values other than the party moving forward, and oppressing people they don't like. All they stand for is greed and vindictive selfishness. They get off on screwing other people to gain more power and money...

I imagine it's somewhat exhausting being a Trump supporter these days. The way they jump between narratives is kind of impressive, albeit concerning.

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If you have a soul and empathy and hold yourself to any intellectual standard... yeah. Most Trump supporters don't have those problems, though.

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To be fair, people love shitting on Harden struggling in the playoffs too

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He shits on himself, basically. He needs to step the fuck up when it matters, or he's always gonna be that guy.

611 points · 2 hours ago

Cant believe they missed so many threes...

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27, to be exact.

Umm no one gets a cookie for reporting rape. That's bare minimum shit.

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Well said. Just a reminder how many shitbags there are in society, when you see people turning rapists in and think 'Damn, that's heroic.'

Of course was harmless dinner comrade! Antidote was on dessert dish!!

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Jill simply want better relations with dear leader Putin. Is nothing wrong with that, comrade. Very good relations is needed for this new century of relationships with great Russian country.

To me "woke" seems to be primarily about social issues, so "fake woke" is when someone pretends to know about social issues and makes an ass of themselves.

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Woke is also often used by conspiracy types

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Also a slur right wingers frequently use to shit on leftists for being empathetic and... not being sociopathic assholes?

It's called The Dark Englightenment

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How much do you want to bet the guy's approval rating went up after this?

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Any right wing politician who drops the n-word in public will be more popular with his base, automatically. Regardless of the context.

That's why I always laugh when people talk about the apprentice tapes of Trump dropping the n-word coming out, as if it would fucking destroy him or something. Like, be less clueless about what drives republican politics and what the base wants from its leaders.

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“I think it was great at the time when families were united — even though we had slavery. They cared for one another. People were strong in the families. Our families were strong. Our country had a direction.”

Speaking of actual Moore quotes on family.

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Anecdotally, I've heard right wingers make that bizarre construction of words many times. 'Well, yeah, it was slavery... but they were more together...'

'Slavery wasn't so bad' has to be a very frequent topic of discussion among right wingers in private... Every thing I have experienced in my life, and among conservatives when they're speaking somewhat frankly, tells me that.

Oh, and the democrats are the party of slaves, and the republicans freed the slaves. Never forget.

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“You tricked me into saying stuff I meant, but don’t want the word to know!”

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'I mean, yeah, she was 14, but did you see how she dressed?'

Td is literally 95% russian bots/trolls and 5% other.

And I am prob underestimating the russians in there.

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Most of my extended family talk exactly like those fucks. A lot of them are absolutely real, unfortunately.

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No evidence to back up your claims? Well, the conspirators are suppressing it!

Tons of evidence disproving you? The conspirators made it all up!

There's no way to lose with conspiracy theories!

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The ultimate sign of mental weakness... ‘Hey, guys, it’s all a conspiracy! Look into it, just look into it.’

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134 points · 14 hours ago

She was posting a picture of the "foul ball my husband caught bare handed at the game. #cubbies#realmendontweargloves#allstar#baseballbabe"

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'omg, best hubby ever! I might even buy him a glass of wine at dinner now! lol!'

“I’m going to offer all of you a deal on my Avon products limited time today only to celebrate this #win #baseballbabe #luckygal #entrepreneur”

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'Omg grrrlll... you're doing it! Get it girl! #entrepreneur #rich #selfmade

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Original Poster2.2k points · 17 hours ago · edited 17 hours ago

So much for "I misspoke" and "I believe my intel agencies".

And his campaign was informed!

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Anybody who bought that shit, or thought it was sincere in any way, for two nanoseconds should just give up on life. Like, you have lost. You've lost... you can't think, you can't make sense, nothing is gonna work.

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It's almost impossible to read this and not want to go full French Revolution guillotine spree against all of these people. God damn do I want heads to roll over this.

Just think. Just fucking god damned think about how far behind we are as a society because Russia has been propping up this dastardly party? The loss of net neutrality, attacks against people with pre-existing conditions, environmental rollbacks, trying to prop up the fossil fuel industry. Not to mention a whole host of other issues that plague society (gag clauses as conditions of service, civil asset forfeiture etc). The GOP is placing a HUGE HUGE HUGE drag on our quality of life.

Imagine how much shit could get done to improve our quality of life if the GOP wasn't trying to constantly fuck us over?

It makes me so fucking angry I can't even breathe.

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It’s capitalism, not the Russians. Capitalism is to blame. Focus your anger where it deserves to be focused.

‘I hate nazis, but.... (I fucking love nazis and support everything they do)....’

Trump has thoroughly debased the the office of the presidency.

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I'm so fucking sick of it. My levels of exhaustion with his non-stop shitbaggery has reached levels previously unseen.

Literally nothing about him on any level is redeeming. He's human diarrhea.

Well take care of yourself first. I try to disconnect from politics every few days to remind myself that there is more to America than it's current terrible political discourse failures.

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That's definitely something I could be better at doing. Thanks for reminding me.

2 points · 1 day ago

He's a scared little boy in a man's body

Look how he hugs himself every time he gets scared.

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Ha.. You watch Sam Seder's show on youtube? He ALWAYS talks about that/points out when he does it, and how he does it more when things are really shitty for him.

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Trump fucking underage girls and/or Ivanka.

Would be my guess. Even Trumps popularity would probably take a hit if he was shown raping a crying tween girl or his own daughter. A very small hit, because there's nothing the republicans wont forgive their God-Emperor, but a hit.

FWIW, officials in the CIA confirmed to the BBC that the CIA was "aware of several recordings of a sexual nature" involving Trump, recorded at hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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Even Trumps popularity would probably take a hit if he was shown raping a crying tween girl or his own daughter. A very small hit

Most of his male supporters will like him more if that comes out.

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It's pretty sad that I really wouldn't put it past Trump to throw his country under the bus and hand over national sovereignty to a hostile foreign nation all because he was insecure about how much money he actually makes.

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It's admitting two things... you're not who you say you are, and that you've been lying consistently about something for a very long time.

Both of those things are very painful to face... especially if you're as psychologically and mentally weak as we know he is to his core. He just simply doesn't have the strength of character to face himself, and to go against his nature. He never has had that strength, and he never will. I'm absolutely sure he'll go to his grave denying everything, saying it's all a conspiracy, all a plot, and that literally every accusation (no matter how backed up by evidence it is) is just fake and contrived and a plot by the deep state, or the left, or whoever.

This is the same battle that's going on with his supporters, too. Mentally weak bullies having to face that they've been conned into a very fucking embarrassing place in life by a conman, and instead of just admitting it and letting go, they just double down over and over again... and drill down further into their positions the more shitty facts you place on them.

But cheating on your wife with pornstars is perfectly moral

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With no condom. While your wife is pregnant. And offering to pay for the sex before having them tell you that you don't need to do that.

I think he means it's safe to assume 99% of the people in Berkeley are liberals - hence if we use leftist identity politics analysis here, white liberals must be racist against black people.

See how that works libs? Gross.

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It's always nice to remember how completely incapable right wingers are at critical or nuanced thinking. Thanks for the reminder.

Go look up the meaning of Dunning Kruger, too, if you wanna understand yourself and the type of people you probably hang out with and listen to more.

I love when people spam Dunning Kruger without any realization of what it actually is, and how them spamming it out of place is actually an example of it in action.

Dunning Kruger is not about one's ability you doofus, but about how you gauge you're own ability.

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1 point · 1 day ago

Do you really think that in the case of civil war the left would have any chances whatsoever with the right? Do you realize who is holding all the guns?

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Do you realize who is holding all the guns? I love how this is such a common response from Trump supporters... as if it's just objective fact.

Also, deny that it's you saying you think the military and police would totally take the side of fascists during a civil war. You and I both know you think that's gonna happen, but go ahead and deny that's what you (and literally every other Trump ball-gurgler) think it means you believe all cops and military members would side with fascism in a civil war...

Agreed. You really see this in the videos of cops shooting unarmed people in the back. They're scared of their own shadow, and panic.

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I still think about this video of like five cops having a standup with a plastered drunk 70 year old dude who was holding a knife in some trailer park. Standing there just like almost ready to fall over like twenty feet from them... they all have him on gunpoint. Screaming at him with commands, etc., and he's just so drunk he's fucking melting and about to collapse. Then he staggers forward barely, and they all just instantly open fire. Probably shot him like fifty times.

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As a gun fan and democrat myself I don’t get why people want to be in the NRA. It’s a gun manufacturer lobby, it doesn’t do shit for gun owners.

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There are lots of gun owners out there who love to feel like victims and like there's some plot against them. The NRA allows them to do that much better.

Same people who think that the only true victims of oppression in the US right now are affluent white christians.

NRA 1980s: Russia is our greatest enemy and every American needs to be armed to protect us from a Red Dawn situation.

NRA 2018: Librulz and the free press are the enemy. Russia is just trying to help us. A true patriot would defend Russia's aggression with words and bullets if need be.

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And also, the FBI, CIA, NSI etc (and everybody in those organizations) are all enemies of the state for enforcing laws and running legal and constitutional investigations.

Just shut up and dribble. If you hadn't of been in the street, or if you had just stood up and given your seat to that white woman when she got on the bus, it all would have gone much smoother for you... and you wouldn't have had the dogs and water cannons set on you.

There’s something about Baron Cohens comedy that has always been a little cringe in a bad way.

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It's obviously supposed to make right wingers angry (at least with this latest show), so I'd say the fact that they are deeply fucking pissed is a good sign.

If you don't believe that, read the youtube comments on this video.

I now hesitate to call Trump supporters, my fellow citizens, complicit to treason because deep down I am just wishfully thinking that maybe they’re just misinformed morons.

On my optimistic days, I remind myself that these people are victims of one of the most extensive psychological warfare operations in recorded history. The whole 'they know not what they do' attitude. I think that's accurate for a lot of them.

A few of them, however, are complicit assholes in their own ways. Those ones can fuck themselves, but most of them were duped. That may not be much comfort, but I'd like to believe that a majority of these people had their minds hijacked.

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It wasn't like they got hijacked or propaganda'd into a direction they didn't want to go. They're all accepting of fascism and authoritarianism, even if you drill down and make them uncomfortable with particular features of those systems.

For a lot of people, they're not opposed to locking kids in cages, or creating camps for gays, or making it illegal for people to have homosexual sex again, or returning to chattel slavery, etc... they just are opposed to how they feel about themselves for feeling good about those things. They want minorities and poor people to be oppressed and eliminated... but they just don't wanna feel like bad people for wanting those things.

That's essentially the existence of conservatives for the entire history of our country.

13 points · 1 day ago

I'm at the point where if someone tells me they support trump, I spit at their feet and call them facist trash.

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The sad part is, for a lot of us that's a good portion of our extended family.

I'd have to spit at the feet of most of the people at thanksgiving/christmas dinner.

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Find the guy who brought him down, and sue him personally.

That's the ONLY thing that will put the fear into these assholes.

13 points · 2 days ago

No fall guy, Offset is gone for years on this. Unless his lawyer is whoever the fuck TI used (snitched) to get off his shit (except Offset is already on probation for..... FELONY GUN POSSESSION) Can't make this shit up lol

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Oh he going upstate, for sure. And honestly if you're gonna do dumb shit like this when you're this loaded and have the ability to have other people around you holding guns legally, you deserve it. It's just fucking ridiculous.

I'm pro gun, too. But if you're a convicted felon, you're playing a different game.

35 points · 2 days ago

Nah, happened in my town - most of the weight was edibles, only like an ounce or so of flower. They fucked him with the old "weigh the whole brownie" trick. There's pictures of the heroic seizure online, looks like a $300 shopping trip to a dispensary in a legal state.

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They weigh the packaging too, which if fucking bullshit if you're just over the limit for trafficking or whatever.

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