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24 points · 1 hour ago · edited 1 hour ago

What a fucking idiot. All he had to do was not fuck up until the court case and his whole 3D printed gun case would be held up as Constitutionally protected. But of course he goes and does this. What a tremendous fuck up on his part.

No matter how right or wrong his position was in the 3D printed gun/code debate, you just simply can't support his case anymore. In the eyes of public perception, if you support him on the 3D debate, you are somewhat seen supporting this stupid move too. It's over for now and that's a shame. He fucked it for everyone.

Hopefully the lawsuit can go ahead without him but I doubt it.

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I'd bet my life that his supporters are already trotting out the 'deep state' defense.

If it had been child porn found on a harddrive I'd be more likely to humor "deep state" theories. Dude was caught on camera with an underage prostitute, much harder to fight off.

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Someone's doing it in this thread right now. Look down and look for 'Julian assange'.

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Haven’t you ever heard of why he doesnt drink/touch drugs?

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According the biggest liar and conman in american history. I don't trust him that he isn't drinking. I don't take his word for anything, and you shouldn't either.

35 points · 1 hour ago

He's also got a daughter named Tiffany and probably one or two other children with Hispanic house keepers.

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No way. Not a single accuser of his is a minority. He would never fuck anybody who isn't white and skinny. Period.

Well, maybe he's into hate fucking. So yeah.

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Score hidden · 1 hour ago

The powers of denial with these people - people who've never in their lives stepped foot outside of the elite circles of the Washington DC political world - is beyond anything the average person can imagine. They really believe their own bullshit. The psychopathy is strong and has been bred into them.

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This goes for the ruling class as a whole. The DC political world is just an appendage of the ruling class.

I'm in charge of hiring where I work, and I specifically do not hire anybody that I learn is a Donnie Moscow supporter or a Russian party supporter. It's not a protected class, so fuck'em. maybe if they repair their perspective they can rejoin society.

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Score hidden · 1 hour ago

How do you usually figure it out, if you don't mind me asking?

She sure has a type.

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Imaging what it must be like for a woman to fuck him makes me physically nauseous. That's not even personal, his fucking face just makes me sick. Imaging looking up in bed and seeing him pumping away would have me reaching for a gun to off myself, stat. Same for everybody in that family of shitstains.

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You mean stuff their parents pay for and voluntarily give them? Or stuff that was created through the aforementioned methods of force and in many cases monopolized by the state?

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I, too, was in middle school.

Fuckin' conservatives, man. All lives are precious, until they're born, at which point they can fuck off if they're not earners.

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They're pro birth, not pro life. Or more accurately, Anti Women fucking for pleasure, or anti women making choices for themselves.

"Once you pop out of that birth canal, you and your piece of shit, broke as fuck parents can fuck right off and die, for all I care... freeloading pieces of fucking shit." - Cheesus Christ

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Score hidden · 1 hour ago

only need one asshole with a gun to make that sentiment kinda moot really.

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Yeah, it's a massive country.

Score hidden · 2 hours ago

That's the sub mods though. I'm talking complaining to Reddit mods directly.

You'll never get anything besides a form letter and non-action. Even on repeat offending user and subs.

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Got ya. Yeah, it's fucked up.

Reddit won't really crack down on hate speech, because they simply know what percentage of their userbase either directly engages in hate speech on a regular basis, or at least wants to consume it.

As it always is, if I can get rich off other people suffering, it's not even a choice. We're doing capitalism here, boys!

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So... Gluten-free bagel deli? Vegan pet food boutique? Mid century modern furniture reseller?

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It's actually a Celiac-safe Bagel and Skateboard shop. SHhh... don't tell anybody.

Wasn't my favorite bar in town but they had a killer rueben, so it's a bummer.

Any news on what's coming in?

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I can't say yet, but let's just say... if you're a yuppie and walk around with your nose up in the air all the time... you're gonna be really happy. I can say that much.

Don't ask me any other questions... I told Caitie and Bernard I'd keep it to myself.

It was completely inedible last time I went. I go down to Joe's Cellar or Nobby now.

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You know the game...

Be more of an unrepentant drunk... it'll be way more delicious and enjoyable.

It's tasty when I've been laying under a park bench all night puking and pissing on myself, and I roll in there still so drunk I can barely feel my face, start eating, and just breathe in my aroma.

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Universal regex replace extension.

I use it to change "political correctness" to "human decency" and a few other words.

Example: This article now looks like this.

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Score hidden · 1 hour ago

Do one for 'virtue signaler/signaling, etc', too.

They fucking love that one.

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I heard very vocal (and knowledgeable) Trump critics say Wray was a good person who had the ability to be a good leader.

The question of whether or not Trump can corrupt a person is always a toss up.

The problem that Trump has (one of many) is that once he places somebody at the head of these institutions (DOJ, FBI, State Dept) that person now must lead these men and women who swore to uphold certain values and principles that all contradict Trumpism.

If Wray started treating the FBI the way Trump wants him to there would be mass resignations, super leaks and more. Same with at DOJ with Sessions.

Sessions has done some terrible things at the DOJ, don't get me wrong, but he's so far refused to bend to certain things that Trump wants him to. Rod Rosenstein being there is proof of that.

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Score hidden · 1 hour ago

Excellent analysis.

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-34 points · 10 hours ago

I like when people who like when they call people racist while using racial slurs use racial slurs against those said people. "Those damn white boy Nazis with their white priveledge blah blah blah" #communism

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Trump supporters in their pure essence.

-23 points · 13 hours ago · edited 12 hours ago

Just like people who call other people snowflakes when they don't have a rebuttal

Edit: why the downvotes. C'mon mates fragilewhiteredditors do it all the time.

"TRIGGERED cause I said n---er SNOWFLAKE? "

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There should be. And to the extent she cannot even remember the year, these are the barest of allegations that do not come close to proofing guilt beyond d a reasonable doubt, or even to indict in good faith.

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God, why haven't I thought about it like this? Are you a genius? Are you literally a genius? I'm serious. You might be.

If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go ask my mom when her dad started molesting her, what year it was, etc... And if she can't give me and answer and PROVE it, I'm gonna scream 'LIAR!!!' in her face, and disown her.

You guys represent yourself so well, you know that?

How old was your mom? Probably not in high school I'd she cannot remember. I can remember the precise year from many events in my childhood.

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I can remember the precise year from many events in my childhood.

Good for you. You're not everybody.

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WTF is wrong with people?

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Mental health and/or addiction, I'm guessing.

Eleven old conservative Republican men are going to question an alleged victim of sexual assault to try and defend Kavanaugh so that five conservative old men can sit on the Supreme Court and outnumber the less conservative judges (three women and a man) and try and take abortion rights away from women.

Seems fair.

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I mean, teenage girls killing themselves sitting in parking lots and fast food bathrooms with clothes hangers is pretty fucking cool if you really sit back and think about it...

Score hidden · 3 hours ago

But it will only be brown girls and crack heads. Suburban white folks can afford to leave the state or country to get an abortion. Not to mention afford contraceptives, get vasectomies, or just have enough money to afford raising a child. At this point abortions don’t matter anyways, we’re already fucked as a species.

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Nope. What if they don't wanna get beat by their dad when they tell them their douchebag boyfriend knocked them up...

Or what if they're cheating on someone and get pregnant. It definitely happens to more than just poor and 'worthless' people. Or many other hypotheticals.

AND that will be the reason, if they do overturn Roe, it will not be as big of a hit as they think it will be.

See, also: Vietnam; the draft; middle and upper class kids being drafted.

In my viewpoint, Baron still had some gas left. He just stopped caring and got fat once he knew the Clippers wouldn’t be competitive. He just signed a 5 year max

But Clippers fans don’t mind, Brands production dropped off significantly when he went to Philly anyway

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In my viewpoint, Baron still had some gas left.

Yep, anybody watching Ballervisions or Home Team hoops scrimmages this summer knows that shit.

Shout out Ballervisions, man.

399 points · 16 hours ago · edited 14 hours ago

JJ graduated from Miami with finance* degree and a 3.41 GPA before going to the NBA. He was also the secretary treasurer of the NBPA for a few years. Obviously no direct FO experience, but he was more prepared than your average player.

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Motherfucker could shoot, too, yo.

-18 points · 12 hours ago · edited 1 hour ago

Check in a paper bag at a nearby Grocery Outlet.

Edit: it worked for the puffer

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Oh wow, funny

Score hidden · 5 hours ago

Oh man, I have all of the Anita Hill action figures and accessories!

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Buy em with your Soros bucks, it's 17% off at checkout!!! You can also take 17% off your thai child sex tourism packages with Soros Bucks, fyi.

Fuck america and long live Stalin, comrade.

2.2k points · 7 hours ago

So your girlfriend has obviously broken up with your STD riddled ass to swoon over this super nice guy?

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Bouncing on his string cheese dick right now, wearing his fedora and nothing else, enjoying the febreeze and musty sock aroma of his room.

14 points · 10 hours ago

Those ads have been on for over 2 years. It's a sign that the boomers are retiring and want money for their house while leaving their kids with jack shit.

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I mean, are you seriously asking me to fish and party on the same fucking boat? Fuck yourself, you selfish piece of shit. GET A BETTER JOB.

You know what? Get. Get. GET.

Is this why my mom has Reverse Mortgaged my damn Cabin six times?

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No, she did that because she really likes video poker. Like, really likes.

Tribune article says “It was towed from the school the following day and has since been returned to its original owner, the Sheriff's Office said.” So he’s out that $500, the cost to get the house back to their property, and the cost to properly dispose of it so I say he’s even.

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Fucking right on. I was wondering how the cops would handle that... being as the guy (presumably) didn't mean any harm... but also, like, 'Yeah, here's your fucking rotting mobile home back, guy... tough luck.'

What a fucking bizarre situation.

I think I would have not flipped on this particular character. Hopefully the squealer can relocate before the perp gets out on bail.

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6 points · 18 hours ago · edited 16 hours ago

He's just a thief from his criminal record. Career criminals know the deal and most of them just move on with life. It's part of the game. This guy isn't gonna put himself in prison for life over this. And it doesn't get him high, either. Don't hate the player, hate the game, etc.

It's not Monsanto's job to keep people safe. I say this as someone who is not a fan of them whatsoever. Ultimately you should be saying "Thanks, US government!"

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Original Poster2 points · 19 hours ago

For sure... they both share responsibility. But the idea that Monsanto wasn't at the sword's edge of understanding just how lethal it was is ridiculous. They knew way before anybody else, and either lied about it, or lied about it by omission (which is just as bad in this context).

It's like tobacco. The tobacco giants absolutely knew as soon as any scientists knew, how lethal smoking your whole life was. And they willfully covered it up.

Original Poster1 point · 19 hours ago

I bet it was satisfying, unless you get bit. I tried to get close enough but those dogs are super quick and dodgy.

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Yeah, I feel like they were small dogs in my very hazy memory.

I remember one time i was just walking through irvington and a loose mini greyhound was running around loose... ran by me, ran into the street, and got fucking hit full speed by a car. I could hear the crack from like a block away... and the owner was running behind him.

Shit sucked.

128 points · 1 day ago

$2.1 million to be on the bench and mentor players is a great gig before retiring. If I was him I would just take the $2.1 million and than do broadcasting next year.

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Another year of being forced to keep yourself in shape, too.

I mean don't most athletes do this any way. If you have grown accustomed to staying in shape why not continue to stay in shape.

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Yeah, for sure. I only said that because I feel like I've heard athletes cop to holding on probably too long, just because they liked being forced to keep themselves in shape/exercise.

Probably anticipating how much they were gonna eat once they finally pulled the plug.

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Ya lost me with your first sentence. Sorry.

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It's true, man.

21 points · 23 hours ago

Collins, unfortunately, is going to be a must in any package if Dame/CJ are non-starters. And more generally, they're going to want young players that can grow with Towns/Wigs. Something like this. I'd add in a first rounder, too.

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Yep, and he should be. These are the type of forks in the road that building teams have to do the right thing on.

124 points · 23 hours ago

Have you not been watching this whole charade? "Sure, we TRIED to collude, but it didn't work out so no crime." There is no level too low for these idiots to try and stoop.

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The details are fake, but the leaks are REAL!!!

I saw today

"If you think Brett Kavanaugh was "just a kid" at 17 but Tamir Rice was a "thug" at 12, you're a racist piece of shit"

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And Donald Trump Jr. is 'just a kid' too.

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