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CrimsonPilled commented on a post in r/Digibyte
Exit707 3 points

I wish I could afford more DigiBite :( I feel like I missed the train already, finding about Crypto market too late :)

CrimsonPilled 7 points

In my opinion, this entire industry is in its infancy. You gotta at least have some skin in the game in case this takes off. Just $1k could turn you a solid profit IF all this truly is a success and a game changer. At worst, you lose that $1k. At best, it's life changing. I'm willing to take that bet.

BullShinkles 3 points

Where does it say that?

CrimsonPilled 2 points
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CrimsonPilled commented on a post in r/FunfairTech
CrimsonPilled 3 points

Just found this subreddit. I'm one of those who found FUN two days ago, did about two hours of DD on it, and bought my first round at 700sats. I'll be adding if it goes lower. This pump has been great but I didn't sell. I'd rather not step over quarters to pick up pennies. I'm holding throughout the year.

Excellent team. Actual product that's used in the real world. These levels are a joke and the only thing you'll regret is that you didn't buy more. I'm not looking for lambo land or moon missions. I want moderate but steady growth

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