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CrimsonPilled commented on a post in r/litecoin
CrimsonPilled 1 point

iOS user here. I came here to post about the notification I just got from Abra saying LTC deposits and withdrawals were now available. I'll be playing around with it soon. I'd LOVE to see some LTC pairings now. Show me some LTC pairings in the works and I'll go all in on Litecoin.

The way I see it is it would attract more investors into the projects paired with LTC because LTC for the most part is not as volatile. Imagine investing in a project and it moving up or down in value based solely on the project. However, I think that with news about LTC pairings, it would become super volatile, which would completely dispute my theory.

CrimsonPilled commented on a post in r/Bitcoincash
DeplorableProTrump 1 point

whaty did it fork into?

CrimsonPilled 0 points

It didn't fork. It was an update.

DeplorableProTrump 0 points

ok thanks.. should i sell my bitcoin cash now and invest in tron? or just keep

CrimsonPilled 0 points

Bitcoin Cash will eventually overtake Bitcoin. Tron is a glamorized shitcoin.

You do the math

CrimsonPilled commented on a post in r/kucoin
vladimir_Putini 2 points

This is the only transaction on Kucoin I've made in months, and it's hillarious that they still suffer from the same problems. Absolutely unprofessional

CrimsonPilled 1 point

Currently on hour #2 of an ETH transaction. I've made numerous deposits and withdrawals in the past with no problems. If this shit isn't resolved by morning, I'll start really worrying.

CrimsonPilled commented on a post in r/litecoin
CrimsonPilled 1 point

Only start averaging in at $150. I doubt we'll see the 115's again but if so, you can add there too. The good news is you're still an early adopter, regardless of what the fudders say. However, the fudders are right when they say that LTC's price action sucks. It basically decays like a 3x leveraged etf.

CrimsonPilled commented on a post in r/litecoin
lcoinrbe 5 points

You are wrong at one point. Once Bitcoin deploys the lightning network, bcash will face a slow death and you will shit your pants. Lightning will connect Bitcoin and Litecoin (Atomic Swap). From that moment it doesn't matter if you won BITCOIN or LITECOIN, it doesn't matter if the merchants accepts one and REFUSES the other. You can still buy anything with Litecoin where only Bitcoin is accepted, get that? Bitcoin is the most well known crypto with the biggest mcap. Litecoin is faster and has cheaper tx. Merchants will more likely prefer Litecoin, just be patient. This will make Bitcoin storage/stacking coin and Litecoin for daily use.

CrimsonPilled 0 points

Which unironically comes back to the gold/silver(plata) comparison.

CrimsonPilled commented on a post in r/litecoin
CrimsonPilled 2 points

I started accumulating again this past week. I'm adding any and everything under $125. LTC will probably be my largest holding for the fall this year. Second will be ETH.

Why? Put simply, I think we see LTC become the BTC 2.0. BTC is trash. 15 minutes of DD will prove that. Take advantage of these BTC induced dips. LTC will never be $50 or lower ever again, as crypto in general, especially LTC is still in the beginning stages. For instance, Abra will be using LTC platform to possibly include stocks. That's enough for any sane person to buy a couple and hold. Just wait until LTC is its own entity like BTC is. It'll be a household name in time.

EOY guesstimate: $500

CrimsonPilled commented on a post in r/litecoin
mtrokic 1 point

Seriously! What a disaster! Who exactly are they hoping to attract? Not to mention the absurd wire minimum deposit of 10k and minimum withdrawal of 3k. Someone must be smoking crack over there...

CrimsonPilled 1 point

Wait..You mean you have to have 3k LTC before you can withdraw any of it? I feel like I just smoked crack after reading that.

CrimsonPilled commented on a post in r/Digibyte
Exit707 4 points

I wish I could afford more DigiBite :( I feel like I missed the train already, finding about Crypto market too late :)

CrimsonPilled 8 points

In my opinion, this entire industry is in its infancy. You gotta at least have some skin in the game in case this takes off. Just $1k could turn you a solid profit IF all this truly is a success and a game changer. At worst, you lose that $1k. At best, it's life changing. I'm willing to take that bet.

BullShinkles 3 points

Where does it say that?

CrimsonPilled 2 points
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CrimsonPilled commented on a post in r/FunfairTech
CrimsonPilled 5 points

Just found this subreddit. I'm one of those who found FUN two days ago, did about two hours of DD on it, and bought my first round at 700sats. I'll be adding if it goes lower. This pump has been great but I didn't sell. I'd rather not step over quarters to pick up pennies. I'm holding throughout the year.

Excellent team. Actual product that's used in the real world. These levels are a joke and the only thing you'll regret is that you didn't buy more. I'm not looking for lambo land or moon missions. I want moderate but steady growth

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