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My personal plan is less change industries and do one of two things:

1) move to the small business/start-up world within my industry. This will be more working on cutting edge tech and 'weird' solutions, which is fun to me. Main reason I'm not moving now is the pay is less and closings/firing/layoffs are a lot more likely and suddenly. Basically too much additional risk for less pay isn't something I am that interested in at this point in my career.

2) stay with current company but drop back to part time (maybe M-W and have a 4 day weekend). Main issue here would be ensuring that I still qualify for insurance.

The other part of the equation is being a lot pickier about what projects I am working on. I like the IRAD world, so it would be doing what it takes to put myself in that world.

By IRAD world do you mean DoD research?

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Well for a defense contractor in the dod world. But sameish thing

My wife thinks she is giving her (retirement) notice today. Although it's her 7 months notice, not like two weeks or anything. But I'm still anxiously waiting for confirmation that the deed is done, because it's a major concrete step that this shit is happening! She wants to quit 4/19/19, which is easy to remember and also Good Friday. That would be a good friday for sure.

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Except hopefully this time nobody dies!

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its not like it was a long death though....

why such a large notice? 7months seems crazy long. I can understand maybe a month or two depending on the position/level, but over half a year seems insane.

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Better yet, propose realignment of the conference into pods that allows us to keep the 8 game schedule, but play the entire conference more frequently.

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you mean get rid of the 6+1+1 that only Bama and Tenn want? Go to the 6+2 model that every other school wants? Not a complete fix, but then you will be guaranteed to at least play every SEC school in a 4 year career (rather than visit every stadium the way the old 5+1+2 model did).

But hey, why would anyone want to actually get to play and visit all the stadiums anyways. We have LSU each year for the reason of we were the top 2 teams when they decided to make permanent rivals and that's good for TV!

investment in broad-based, low cost, total market index funds Can you recommend any on vanguard? Great information thanks. I am looking for a 10 year window but not sure where to put it in. Right now it is sitting in my bank account.

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Vanguard, Fidelity and Scwhab are all great options. Google for a '3-Fund Portfolio' and you'll find a really simple guide on how to get started.

Or just drop it all into a target date fund (pick the year closest to your turning 65) to get started now while you read up more on the how and why side of things.

This recommendation is for non-sheltered accounts with yearly 15% capital gains tax applied?

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would you rather pay 15% taxes on growth or get no growth and owe no taxes?

At this level the best advice is to invest, trying to make it so you pay $2 less in taxes isn't worth it at this level. Do the easy path until you have enough skin in the game to make it worth it.

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Most of the interviews I have done were with my potential managers. They have actual work to do and no one takes their responsibilities so they can spend a few hrs on interviews for the week.

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doesn't matter. They should let you know if something comes up. It's one thing to have something come up or another meeting go long and you let the guy sitting in the waiting room know you will be late and would he like to wait or reschedule. It's another to ignore the guy in the waiting room.

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Can you explain this one? My mom keeps talking to me about ebates like it’s the greatest thing. If I’m buying stuff anyway they’re just gonna give me a couple percent back?

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ebates gets 5% commission on your purchase, they give you 2.5% and pocket the rest.

Same as credit card rewards. They make money the more you spend, and it doesn't raise the cost of the goods for you (the having to pay ebates or someone else the commission is already factored into the price).

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Affiliate websites!

Thought you'd be smart and do some research before buying a [insert niche item that you actually need but don't really know anything about] and found a super helpful website that weighs the pros and cons of four brands with a suspiciously altruistic amount of detail.

Those are affiliate links... And that wouldn't be bad accept the implication of that article is that those four brands are the best available, when they're just the ones that have affiliate programs. Try finding information on any other brands.

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top"random thing" I swear we don't rank based on how much we can make off each item... swear it.

I'll focus more on hobby based websites rather than 'maniliness' based ones.

If you want self-improvement, well how? You suck with money - look up personal finance blogs. Want to work out - tons of websites for that. Want to be more involved in your favorite team - you can find a place there too.

Honestly, reddit is a great place for a lot of these. You can scratch the surface, see what clicks with you, then check out the sidebar of different subs to find out more about that topics.

What state gives you $698 a week in unemployment? That is pretty damn good. I was getting $425 a week in NY when I was unemployed a couple years ago.

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Florida has "60% of previous income, or $250/week, whichever is lower".

It's almost not worth the number of hoops they make you jump through it get it.

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What do you wise people think about asking this question during an interview (when you are the interviewee): What is the team struggling with the most?

Edit: I'm motivated to ask this kind of question because I'm tired of struggling with seemingly unsolvable IT issues. I have to use decades-old technology (hardware and software) because my mega-corp IT won't allow the use of new tools. I'd hate to move to another company which suffers the same types of issues that I've been dealing with for years.

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as an interviewer (on the company side) the best question I was ever asked - I know that the job is going to expect me to hit the ground running. What is something I can do over the next 2-3weeks that would give me the best head start on the position?

simple, could help an interviewer point out something you are lacking in (without making you say you are bad at it) and already mentally gave the interviewer the thought of you having the job.

I've never had a question that good, and may have stolen it and used it multiple times since.

It's a great fucking question.

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avoid the advance degree, that was a waste of $40k that I was on the fence about back then but figured now would be easier than in the future.

Outside of that - nothing really except the cheaty stuff like stock tips.

I have a $140k mortgage, and the monthly is $700. Add in insurance and taxes I pay about $1050/month for my mortgage.

On $60k, that is going to around 25% of take-home (based on your other replies) + the cost of maintenance and repair (assume 2-3% of home value annually). It's likely something you could do, but you are pushing the limits on what is recommended. You do have the benefit of no debt, so none of those extra bills - but you would want to run a full budget and see what type of life that house would allow you. Basically once you save enough for the future, add in cost of basics and necessities (food, cell phone, internet, clothes, car/gas, utilities, etc), then you'll see how much is left for fun/entertainment/hobbies/etc.

Personally - sounds like if you were in the $200-225k range (+ $60k down), you'd be fine.

Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

No debt at all. Thank you. That seems to come out to a 200k loan, so we actually would be able to afford something nicer than I expected.

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don't forget that "mortgage payment" and "monthly housing payment" are not the same. You'll have taxes and insurance added to your 'mortgage' that will be part of your monthly check. Also you need to factor in maintenance and repairs (assume 2% of house value annually if house is in decent shape, add more if house is older or run-down).

Why are you rolling over your 401k to an IRA? You'll be hit with the pro-rata rule if your MAGI is ever high enough.

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likely to avoid high fees or shitty options.

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Does anyone here handle all of the finances in the house and have monthly/yearly reviews with their SO? Alternatively, do you just discuss purchases or expenses that might be worrisome as they pop-up?

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I handle everything. Her credit cards, student loans, I set her 401k investments, fund her IRA, etc. Honestly everything. I think I even filled out her direct deposit forms for her at the start of her last job - she really wants to be that uninvolved in the money.

I'll force a conversation annually on last years spending, any changes needed to our budget, and goals for the coming year (any house projects we want to take on, trips we need to fund, are one of the cars due for major maintenance, etc). She hates them, but it's not really a choice.

Usually takes place over 3-4 days. I give her the calculated last year numbers (how much we made, paid towards debt, saved and how that compares with what we budgeted for). Then a short email on what I want to change. She gets/has 2 days to read that and 'gather her thoughts' (since apparently I ambushed her one year when I just started talking about money without giving her enough notice). Then we'll have the meeting after that when we will talk about money and longer term goals.

As for monthly - I go over the credit card bills and unless something is out of whack (like spent $100 on something I wasn't expecting) or I don't know how to apply it to the budget (was amazon a clothing item or kids item), I don't really say anything unless she's blown through a budget line. Even then it's just more letting her know and giving her the adjusted budget going forward.

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I think the more likely scenario is that’s he’s telling him to leave the field for his knees being uncovered. If you back up just a few more seconds you can see the umpire motion multiple times that the player needs to go and he’s pointing to the sideline. After the play the umpire comes right back to the same player telling him the same thing.

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plus at the next snap the Ref is a good 7yds off the ball and well behind the LBs, when in the noted play he is only 4 with his back to the ball (not yet ready)

I think it's more no one expected the snap that quick. you see the player take his mouthpiece out, start jogging off, then realize the play is live and just freeze for a second trying to readjust to it.

Weird play, weird interaction.

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Don't forget that half of a team's schedule is just boring lopsided matchups against objectively inferior teams

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hey, that's no way to talk about the Bills.

Both drives should start at midfield and happen simultaneously.

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one ball, both centers with a hand on it. Not sure if you get 22 people on each side (offense and defense since playing both sides at the same time) or if you still only get 11 and you have to pick who gets to play. Do you want your left tackle or a d-end? Tight end to catch the ball or line backers to tackle?

looking for ideas/suggestions/discussion on the topic of playing offense with your money.

heard this concept on some podcast or book recently, it's really stuck with me and made me think the last 2 months or so.

i've done very well with saving/budgeting/living way way less than my means in my life, with ~150k nw despite never making more than $17.04/hr. aka i've played great defense.

now how do it turn the game around and start playing offense?

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read the wiki and go from there. honestly there are too many options to really help.

Main things are don't 'go defensive' by taking on debt. and 'go offensive' by using your money to make more money. That could be investments, real estate, etc.

This subreddit really needs a non-FI topics daily thread.

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na - we just mix them in here. THe issue is the more daily threads, the less each one means. Go look at the frugal thread, or milestone thread or advertising thread. They are usually pretty dead. For random stuff like this, this is what the daily is for

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The one point I haven't seen mentioned too often is also the factor of 'apply it to the time it was written'. A good example of this is the saying "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

The issue is in todays time, we think of 'eye of a needle' as a part of a sewing tool. However, in the time that passage was spoken/written, 'eye of a needle' was the 'side door' of a walled city, usually used at night when the gates were closed.

To get a camel through, you would need to remove all of the goods you have loaded on the camel, have the camel squat and walk through the door, then move the goods inside the city by hand, then put them back on the camel. So it was doable, but a lot of work (as opposed to just waiting until the city gates were open and you could just walk in normally).

So, I think part of the 'what to take literally' needs to factor in what the words meant when they were written, rather than what they mean now.

Yet we have to beware of improper context, and this is a good example. This legend is probably much newer than the new testament era. He did in fact mean a sewing needle.

Would the disciples react in shock or Jesus say with men it is impossible if all that was involved was unloading your animal? Your version even lets the rich man keep his goods, he's just got to hand-port them through the gate and then reload the camel, symbolically humbling and divesting himself, but really retaining wealth and security. Jesus said to give his goods away, come back and follow him, and accumulate treasure in heaven.

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I took it more as it is possible, but not without great work (it isn't easy to unload and reload a camel) - but it is doable. Same with a rich man, while it will be more difficult (more to unload from the camel) it isn't impossible.

Are you saying that Jesus would say 'being rich means it is impossible for you to go to heaven, much like a huge hundreds of pound animal can't fit through this near microscope hole in this small piece of metal.' Rather than saying 'it's a fricken lot of work, but still possible if you follow, much like you can barely squeeze that huge animal though a similarly shaped, but reasonably sized, door in the city wall.'

Jesus used an example that the people he was speaking to would understand from either doing it or seeing it done in the past. something that is possible, but not many want to do, for there is an easier path (waiting until day and the main gate opening). Much like the rich man will have to follow a difficult, but doable path, that not many want to (give up worldly possessions and follow).

You can't take half literally and half figuratively - take the entire parable as a single type. And my version better fits the theme and the time, while also not requiring someone in the future to change the words to Jesus (as was assumed by your 'newer than the new testament era' comment).

sometimes the simple solution is the best one.

I'm only at work because I need to pay my bills. Like if I had enough cash to stop working, I wouldn't be here.

My boss wants me to 'go that extra mile' and give 10% more. Na - don't really care. The company I'm working for is going through this whole new 'this is a career, not a job' HR level bullshit and making people sit through these weekly hour long meetings on how we are responsible for growing the brand. I can only think 'this is another hour paid, and another hour closer to not having to come back to these meetings'.

But, saying you are only at work because you are paid is 'bad form' - no it isn't, it's literally the basis of commerce. Providing a service (work) in return for pay. I view this as a job that allows me to exchange my life force for money. Not as the sole reason for my living, which is what the company wants. If the company went bankrupt tomorrow - that would suck because I hate searching for jobs - but that is the only reason it would suck. I literally don't give a single fuck about this company outside of helping ensure that my paycheck cashes.

Like if I had enough cash to stop working, I wouldn't be here.

Figure out what you spend every year and multiply that by 33. For me, being middle-class it's somewhere between $600k and a million. It'll be more by the time I get there because of inflation, but that's factored in already.

If stock indexes keep doing well, I'll get there eventually. Every dollar you save counts twice, it adds to your savings and subtracts from your spending.


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:) i'm already a regular over there :) and come on - it's 25x to hit that goal, even when being conservative

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Hit two commas today, $700k invested and the rest in home equity (not counting 6% because that's what it would cost if we sold the home). Been looking forward to this day a long time. Texted my wife and told her congrats but don't tell anyone, and back to life as usual. Not terribly monumental but yay anyway!

$1.3-$1.4MM makes us totally FI, but she (35F) loves her job (pays well and is part time and fulfilling, important work PLUS gets free good health care for the whole fam, yes she's talented). I'm part-time too (36M) and already have too much time on my hands even with a 15hr/wk hobby and two kids, so I can't see quitting either when we get there.

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damn 2 commas and 2 PT jobs. sounds like a great life. Good job.

I just logged into Personal Capital and it forced me to schedule an appointment with an advisor. They've called me before many times and I've been ignoring them, but this time I guess I couldn't get out of it. I scheduled a meeting tomorrow at 7pm. I have no idea what to expect.

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first meeting is 15minutes, they will go over basic info for you (income, assets, anything not shown on PC, goals, plans, etc). Then they will set up a 2nd appointment for a few days later when they will give you the hard sell on their management services. 0.89% fee plus rather mundane returns (even pre-fees).

I took it to see what their recommendation for my portfolio would be with no real intention of getting the service. Ended up they said I had too much cash (which I told them was required b/c I am crazy and want a 12month eFund in cash), and how that is hurting my returns. So I returned with how would their fee affect my returns and they came back with the 'their optimization helps account for the fee' level BS.

Overall a waste of time, but nice to have other eyes on my portfolio from time to time to see if I am missing anything.

wife and I together are let's say in the >90% bracket for our age range. I'm happy with that.

Chandler was a great guy who had a cripplingly low self esteem.

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there's a bunch of great youtube clips of his jokes minus the laughtrack that is just one man trying to be accepted and none of his friends laughing at his joke and rather just stopping for 5 seconds to let him sit in his stupidity.

10 points · 8 days ago

Link? I can’t find it

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search for 'chandler no laugh track' or 'friends no laugh track' and there are hundreds of videos. most are only a single scene.

Yeah, Florida’s offense is long overdue

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who needs offense when we can be gifted safeties to keep the streak alive!

Recently found out people doing the same job but were hired with more experience are making a decent amount more than I am. I asked my manager for a bump I knew I deserved and he told me I did deserve it and he would look into it. It has been months since and now I feel bad bringing it up again so I've decided to pursue new opportunities. I currently work nights with very rough hours so morning interviews are so tough for me. I have several other job offers for a few $ more per hour but the multiple interview process is killing me.

My question is what should I really be showing my current employer about another job offer I have so that they counter offer appropriately? Any help is appreciated. My manager told me he just wants to see another job offer on paper and they will counter substantially. Please help

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the fact is the current company feels like they can pull your chain. This "I know you're underpaid but show me another offer or deal with it" is garbage. They feel that you won't go through the hassle of finding another job - something you yourself said is difficult.

I'd keep interviewing, and once you get another offer, rather than showing it to your boss, give them your 2 week notice instead. Let them know that they have shown they don't value you by openly and knowingly underpaying you for months and wouldn't help at all.

All that said - don't be afraid to use vacation time/sick time to make interviews easier. Take off an hour or two early, or come in late. you have vacation time, so use it.

But wouldn't most of your average daily cost savings by extending your trip be eaten up by the marginal cost of being in Disney / on vacation in general? An extra day paying for accommodations, an extra day buying overpriced food, etc.

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of course - but the main thing is most people plan to make a trip to Disney take a week or so. It's not cheap, and going from 7 days down to 6 isn't really making that much of a cost difference.

1 point · 11 days ago

Used to live down there too, so I'm no stranger to the parks.

Do the 5 days/1 park thing let you try different parks each day? I thought you were locked into the one of your choice. That's the part I never got. 5 days of magic kingdom would tire out anyone.

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1 park per day, but you can pick a different park each day.

Only time you are locked in is the single day pass as each park has a different cost.

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I have BCBS too. I've had really good experiences with UCF Health, the practice run by UCF's college of medicine. All the doctors also teach so everyone I've seen has been up on the latest in health care and is very patient-focused (I never get rushed out the door). Not sure what their wait for a primary care doctor is right now, but I almost never have to wait more than a few weeks to see a specialist and I can almost always see the nurse same day. I haven't had to go to Centra Care in years.

Another thing, the doctors and staff are very good about using the online patient portal to communicate. If I ever have a question for my doctor or need a refill, I just send a request in the portal and they take care of it in a few business days, no need for me to come in or wait for an appointment.

They have offices in Lake Nona and on University. It's definitely worth a drive. And I would say even if there is a couple month wait to see a primary, the experience of being an established patient has been worth it to me. I have a lot of health issues and often need to be seen quickly, so having a nurse available on short notice is a big relief.

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one issue with this type of practice - it WILL take longer. No question. you are usually seen by a student, then (sometimes) by a resident (someone who's graduated med school and is learning skill, but still a full doctor), then either seen again by the doctor (attending) or the notes gone over between doctor and the rest of the team.

It takes longer, and it is harder to get the same doctor over and over again (if continuity of care is important to you).

Personally - I used the Centre for Family Medicine (in Winter Park behind the hospital) for years. Usually easy to get quick appointments, but does take longer than just a 'normal' doctor visit.

Please don't misrepresent a practice you don't have any experience with. That's not how UCF Health operates. It isn't some kind of discount doctor where you see a student instead of the real thing. You do see the doctor you have scheduled with, specialist or primary care. I've been going for over 3 years and I've only seen a student once and he came in WITH the doctor and with my permission. The only reason I've ever experienced delays is because the doctors take their time seeing patients and don't rush them out after 15 minutes.

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I have years of experience with other educational practices and stated as such. I never said anything about a 'discount doctor' - but rather that it tends to take long as you will have more people see you. The entire point is to give real life practice to the med students and overlooked practice to the residents. This is completely normal and a very appreciated service that is provided to the students and residents.

But given that UCF Health is part of the UCF Med School, and you have a high likelihood of having a med student on top of a 'normal doctor' - and that tends to take longer.

I did that for years, and still bring my kids to a similar type of place. Nothing at all wrong with it, but it is something that needs to be mentioned. They aren't quick, they won't try to be quick. Chances are unless you are the 8am or 1pm patient, the doctor will be behind schedule. That's just the way it is.

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The leak is most likely underground between the water main and your house. Yes, it happened to me once. If the line is plastic, there was a class-action lawsuit that MAY pay for the repairs. Make sure you ask the plumber about that possibility. If it is a leak, the city will release you from the water bill beyond your average water use. Don't get all defensive just yet. This may all work out.

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beyond your average water use

OP - note that there are 2 parts of your water bill - water used and sewage used. If you can prove a leak (and a huge spike plus repair bill is usually enough) - they will waive the sewage charges - which are like 2-3x the water charges.

11 points · 10 days ago

I had a phone screening with a recruiter about a month ago. The next week I had a phone call with the Program Manager and then two weeks ago he brought me in for a face to face discussion. It was technically an interview but there were no interview questions - we just talked about the position, responsibilities, etc. He acted like the position was mine and said the recruiter would be back in touch, but it might be "a little bit of time" before she followed up with me because she was sick and it's a new contract.

The last meeting with the PM was on Thursday August 30th, just under two weeks ago. Any advice on when to follow up and whether I should email the recruiter or the hiring PM who seems to have a very busy schedule? How should I phrase the follow up? I'm not in a rush but would like to receive an offer soon so I know whether this job is a serious option. My current position is going away soon.

Edited to add: I'm asking in this subreddit because there are other like-minded FI'ers whose advice I value. I know it's a bit off topic from FI but the new job is part of my FI plan.

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I'd hit up the recruiter today then if you hear nothing back hit up the PM (with a CC to the recruiter) on Thursday morning.

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