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CrispyMiner commented on a post in r/Dreams
CrispyMiner 2 points

Please explain me how to get a lucid dream in a short version, bwcause i do not want to read that whole thing

Ian_a_wilson 2 points

The best I can offer is this progressive guide to lucid dreaming as it compacts a series of tested techniques that myself and other lucid dreamers have had success with.

CrispyMiner 2 points


-Greenlung- 68 points

Where in Toronto is this?

CrispyMiner 9 points

Mel Brooks I think judging from "Mel Brooks" in the top left corner of the sign

Edit: wrong city name by mistake

preme1017 44 points

Is this a bad joke? It says Mel Brooks...

CrispyMiner 13 points

My mistake sorry

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