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popbubblewrap 1 point

how did you make cheese curds?

Crosswired2 1 point

Those were store bought that way, sorry

D2too 1 point

Is it advantageous to cut a potato by hand vs pushing it through a press or using a mandeline?

Crosswired2 1 point

I still used a potato slicer, one of the ones with metal squares...but that still counts as handcut. They are the whole potato and only the potato cooked in grapeseed oil.

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Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/personalfinance
nikster2112 41 points

Another problem with your situation is your credit score is being lowered by the PERCENTAGE of debt you have on lines of credit. If your card has a $20,000 limit and you have $18,000 worth of debt on it, your revolving usage is VERY HIGH, almost 100%. That not only lowers your credit score, but also lowers your chances of consolidating the debt with a loan. Try for a balance transfer card, if you can. US Bank Platinum Visa has 0% for 18 months, 3% transfer fee. There may be cards with better transfer fees, but 3% is a good ballpark number.

Crosswired2 3 points

What I don't understand is I used to have excellent credit. Now I watch it a little closer and I keep losing points. I can't find my screencap but one of the things it said was that I wasn't using credit "available" to me. I have 1 credit card that I just got less than 2 years ago (never in debt prior to that) that I've unfortunately racked up debt on. (Oh wait, I had a care credit card I put my dog's surgery on and then paid off in I believe 6 months, no interest). How is against me that I don't have more debt/credit card but also against me that I have high balance on my one cc (I make over $1k payment each month on it)?

gorcorps 2 points

Because your credit score is affected by your percentage of use MUCH MORE than it is by your total credit available. If you were to apply for another CC, or just request a limit increase on your current card, your credit score will go up if you don't spend any more of it. HOWEVER, that's only if you don't put more money on it. It's a percentage of use: ($ owed)/( $ credit limit). The lower that number is the better, and if you keep your dollars owed the same (or decrease) while increasing your credit limit your score will increase.

However, if you're making a $1k payment each month on it and aren't making headway then something else is wrong. Are you continuing to spend on that card? You need to limit any further spending on that card to make headway.

Crosswired2 1 point

No that's the issue. I'm using it for all things and then using the points to buy gc, etc. I'm just this month making a dent in it because I no longer have a car payment and started to receive child "support" (arrears) so as long as deadbeat stays legit employed I'll be making a better dent. I also put all $ I got for Xmas towards the ccrs (so paid more than 1k this month). I don't eat out or go to the movies. Maybe one new piece of clothing in the last 3 months.

Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/tifu
Crosswired2 27 points

I had a bag of dried cranberries at work one day. The kind with the Ziploc type closer at top. Ate a couple handfuls, got distracted and left on my desk without completely sealing. Grabbed the bag about 30 minutes later and for some reason looked inside first. Literally the biggest cockroach I've seen in my life was sitting on top of the cranberries. I screamed and threw the bag. My coworker started stomping on it. The roach made it halfway out before it was pulverized. Still get grossed out thinking about what if I hadn't looked...

Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
NomNom95 45 points

I am not in Hawaii, but my best friend is there one vacation right now and he called me. I am house sitting his and his parents pets and he just said that he does not know what is going on and asked that just in case he does not make it home in time or at all, if I could watch all there pets longer. In the years I have known him, this is probably the first time I actually heard him sound really scared. So for him, his first thought was that he might die and that he would miss and what his snake and cats taking care of. Pretty freaking for about 30 minutes.

Crosswired2 5 points

And this is the second one to make me cry. I know some pets getting extra attention when dad gets home.

pdizz92 709 points

I'm stationed at Pearl Harbor. My wife and daughter live in CT since I get out in 2 months. I woke up to the first alert at 8:07 and looked online and didn't see anything on the news, so I started to get myself awake. I texted my wife and we talked about the alert, but i told her i wasn't too worried since there was nothing on the news.

At about 8:20, the warning sirens and alerts went off. All I could think was "holy shit this is real." I threw some clothes on, and called my friends who live in the barracks building next to mine so we can meet up. On the way down from the tenth floor of my building, I called my wife and told her the sirens went off. I was doing okay until she heard that. I talked to her and told her I love her, for what I thought could be the last time.

I made it outside, found two of my friends, and we started running to the nearest shelter (about a mile away). By the time we made it there, our phones went off with the alert that it was a false alarm. This was at 8:45. It took 38 minutes to report that we weren't dying.

Crosswired2 5 points

You made me tear up. I hope your wife is doing ok. Are they going to send you home early or anything?

sorry_im_canadian18 -1 points

You had a slop of crap there B'Y. NY fries are rubber and aren't worth the snow on my boots sorry

Crosswired2 1 point

A bit like feeding Pizza Hut to an Italian eh?

The-Swat-team 0 points

What even is poutine? I'm American

Crosswired2 3 points

Handcut fries, cheese curds and brown gravy

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Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/news
Infymus 1 point

Similar, but I've shown up to work and we (crew of 18) were there for about an hour. We were all brought into a conference room, told the company was sold, we were laid off - and we were escorted out of the building - not allowed to gather our things. Standing on the street in the cold of winter, we waited for our coat, purses/keys to be brought down to us. They fedex'd the rest of our things to us. It was very traumatic because of how they handled it - no apologies at all - basically get the fuck out.

Crosswired2 1 point

That is extremely effed up! I wouldn't leave a building without my stuff, there'd be a problem lol

Infymus 1 point

True and I wouldn't have - but they brought us into a training room that was outside the cubes - and deactivated our cards. We wouldn't be able to get past the swipe doors. I've been laid off before where I went back to my desk and my keyboard and mouse were gone, but that was a first for being totally locked out.

Crosswired2 1 point

How incredibly shady of them. Sorry that happened to you!

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Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/tifu
Crosswired2 12 points

The TIFU should be your wife, not you. If you are going to leave children unsupervised, you should make sure the area is safe for them. And she should have called poison control immediately, not waited for you to get home. I don't care if you work 5 minutes away. Hopefully she learned from this.

Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/UIUC
F-ck_up 7 points

Even after I've completely failed them? They supported me because they thought I'd be getting a degree. Now, I am no longer a student here and their 1.5 years of tuition has gone to waste on me. Of course, I have to let them know eventually. There's no way they won't find out. But, I don't even know how to bring up the fact that I've been lying to their faces for the past year. I am a piece of shit.

Crosswired2 1 point

I don't know your parents but as a mom to a college student myself, I don't think you've failed them. Your parents love you and 100% would rather help you figure this out than for you to be depressed (or worse) or to go down a deeper hole. Come clean is my opinion. You are young and have plenty of life ahead of you to figure things out.

Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
NoBuddyIsPerfect 18,173 points

Back in the 90's, my school went for a trip to India and we ate at this one small restaurant in Kovalam Beach, Kerala with a group of about 20 people. The waiters were kind enough to move two tables onto the beach for us, so we could eat with our feet in the sand.

10 YEARS later, I visited Kovalam Beach by myself and ate there again. Suddenly this waiter say: "Weren't you here 10 years ago? With a school or something?" Dumbfounded I answered "Yes?!" He grinned and said "I remember! We put the tables on the beach for you guys, didn't we?"

After 10 freaking years!!!!

Crosswired2 894 points

You just reminded me...I went to a place near my work to get lunch a couple months ago and the lady that gave me my food to go asked me how my daughter was. I asked if we knew each other and she said we went to the same community college. It had been over 15 years and she recognized me. We didn't even have a class together. She said she remembered my beautiful long hair and my little girl (who wasn't even with me when I was getting lunch). Still blows my mind she remembered me. People tell me I look the same but many years crazy.

AdmiralMikey75 2 points

I wanna see that beautiful long hair of yours!

Crosswired2 2 points

It isn't long anymore! She still recognized me, weird but I'll take it!

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Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/food
Crosswired2 2 points

You've inspired me. I got the russian flower tips for xmas and was going to just make some regular cupcakes. Why not add stems and do this? (I'll shamelessly eat the stems!) Thanks!

AlbinoVagina 1 point

Can you send me a pic when you're done? I'd like to see it!

Crosswired2 1 point

Absolutely :D

Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/pics
TheXhadeZ 1,508 points

How do cards against humanity have enough money to keep doing this stuff? I mean how many people brought their products?

Crosswired2 2 points

The last promotion had a ticker on it. There was 81k left when I paid for mine. $15. I'm assuming it started at least 90k people.

Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/ireland
Crosswired2 4 points

This was interesting. I thought the speed limit chart was the most interesting as far as what I wouldn't expect. I think they should include road conditions and alcohol charts as well, assuming that data is collected.

Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/videos
honey_bree 54 points

A few years ago, I had a roommate who has never seen Star Wars, so we got really stoned and remedied that. He was super into, and at the “I AM YOUR FATHER” part, he was legitimately surprised and we had to pause it for a bit so he could collect himself from the shock.

I was so amazed that someone went 25ish years without knowing that spoiler.

Crosswired2 2 points

I walked in the house/room when my now ex was watching 1 or 2? and said "Luke I am your father" just being a dumbass. Turns out he didnt know that Anakin became Darth Vader. Oops.

Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/IWantOut
lnternational -1 points

Rule 0: Stay on the topic of legal immigration. Offtopic, especially political discussion, is not allowed.

So people are allowed to cite political reasons but we are not allowed to challenge them on it? Thats messed up.

Crosswired2 11 points

Why would you want to "challenge" someone?

Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
sleepyhollow_101 1,892 points

When we were kids, my grandpa built my grandma a casket.

I guess she found it romantic? They were a bit morbid. That's where I get my sense of morbidity.

Anyway, she had this casket, but she wasn't dead yet, so where was she supposed to put it? She ended up putting it in the guest bedroom. Us kids didn't really know what it was for because we were quite young and it just looked like a big box. Of course, our older cousins were kind of jerks and decided to try to use it to scare us. They'd tell us, "That's where they're gonna put grandma when she's dead."

Which was, as you may imagine, distressing.

At any rate, grandma found out that we were afraid of the casket, which she said just would not do. "Kids shouldn't be afraid of death, they should get used to it, it's a part of life." So she picked us up and dumped us inside. She climbed inside and played house with us.

Since then, it became a tradition for us kids to take a picture with grandma's casket. I'm the little brunette in front.

Eventually, grandpa unexpectedly died before grandma and ended up buried in her casket (without shoes, as it was just a bit too short for him) and we had to buy her a new one, which we all signed with colored sharpies when she died (she would have enjoyed that).

Crosswired2 2 points

You and the boy look super familiar but I've never heard the casket story so I'm guessing I don't know you. Or we don't party together at least.

Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/BorderCollie
Crosswired2 3 points

Is this how she normally acts when introduced to other dogs? How do you normally socialize her? She's probably feeling territorial and it sounds like you threw them together. They need to socialize outside of your house, get to know each other, Blu show she's alpha and then maybeLuna will be more submissive and Blu will be ok with having her around.

Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
FF3LockeZ 33 points

"You're too young, there's probably nothing wrong with you, get out of my office," said my physician, whom I never visited again.

Crosswired2 13 points

"Has anyone ever put all your test results together that show nothing is wrong with you and told you it's all in your head?" I left, cried in the bathroom for 20 minutes. Took about 5 more years but I finally figured out, on my own, what the cause of my issues are (a real thing). F that doctor.

tangleduplife 8,622 points

Restless leg syndrome.

My dad used to complain about it keeping him awake at night. He kind of likes to complain and I was sure he was just whining about nothing. Seriously, restless legs? What a crock.

Then I had it when I was pregnant.

The worst thing is how stupid it is. You can't even explain it. I had a friend with dysplasia when she was pregnant. Bones separating makes sense as something that should bother you. Me? I was regularly in tears - not a couple glistening tears, full on streaming ugly-cry tears - because I was sitting. It's impossible to explain. No pain at all, but absolutely unbearable. It's frigging nuts.

Crosswired2 1 point

I get RLS as an allergy reaction. Sucks and I think my husband probably secretly wants to roll his eyes at me (verbally he's supportive at least lol).

Crosswired2 commented on a post in r/mildlyinteresting
MonkeyOnYourMomsBack 12 points

No the message was basically “Hey! Long time no talk. I saw you taking a picture in my direction the other day on the train and was wondering if anything was alright.” I have anxiety and have burst out at people before without actually fully recognising that I was overreacting so I didn’t want to just... kinda.. go nuts and come off as completely unhinged if that makes sense

Crosswired2 5 points

Did he reply??

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