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I feel you so hard on all this. I do have my loans paid off due to a grandparent passing but my husband and child's debt feels as my own. And your feelings on the type of degree you got...100 with you. I saw your edit, I thought you can turn off private messenging?

Allergy testing is so inaccurate I dont think itll give you a good picture of what you are allergic to. You can test negative to something and have ana reactions. I would get an epi pen prescription from your doc to have on hand. You don't need allergy testing for that. Then you have to take a serious look at your reactions and foods. Take things down to a bare minimum. Read all labels. You could be having an issue of cross contamination of your allergen on a food that you aren't allergic to. Or an allergy like to corn that's in almost everything (sprayed on foods, used in packaging, etc). Idk how Canada is about labeling and if you have top 8 like US? (Corn isn't a top 8 but let's say you are allergic to soy, in US it has to be labeled but idk about CAnada)

Don't know if this will make you feel better.

I have a Yorkshire Terrier.... my mother's dog stylist got the instructions wrong, and instead of cutting it's hair "a little", this happened.

Thankfully, it grows back... so this is her right now.

In case it didn't help, at least you got to look at my precious dog :)

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That's exactly what my yorkie looked like when she got her first "pro" cut. My mom had taken her. I laughed so hard. Luckily she doesnt look at herself in the mirror so it was all good lol

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So i know this bitch basically fucked my arm, is there anything i can do? Any shading or covering that can save this?

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I think a good artist can absolutely fix this but it's going to cost a bit of $$. I dont know what you were charged for this but I'm guessing not a lot. Save up for a while and research artists before going in for a fix.

I’m puppy sitting right now - an entire litter except for two puppies. Two of her babies were given to the stud & his family. I’m watching them today, and it was so funny watching mama and the pups interact. They all came into the backyard, and mama was excited to see them- until the 5 puppies out realized it was mama and were literally sprinting after her in the back yard trying to latch on.

We’ve had to lessen her food gradually as the pups get older and to dry up her milk supply- so she’s been whiny, understandably. When she started running and saw the pups jumping to try to reach her nipples she had the same face on. The. Entire. Time.

She had this “I didn’t sign up for this, I just woke up with 11 babies popping out of me when I thought i was just taking a huge shit.... it’s bad enough you’ve had to decrease my food, and now these little monsters are back to suck the life out of me” face. >.>

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If the puppies are still drinking milk they are too young to be away from their mother. How old are the 2 that were given to the stud's family?

Instead of ketchup, try sour cream and parmesan. Oh and some green onions. Yum.

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i have 2 dogs and one is pretty old. she doesnt have very good bladder control, especially overnight, but she knows she isnt supposed to pee in the house. one night i saw her moving her dog bed and blanket all over the floor, i realized she had peed and was trying to soak it up with her bed and blanket so i wouldnt find out.

i now put a potty pad down at night for her. its probably gross to some that she needs that, but shes a good doggo, just old. to me shes family.

edit: heres a picture of her in her winter jacket from around christmas time

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I have a 14 year old puppy and she doesn't always hold it anymore and can't make it all night. So now we crate her at night, which is something she never would have allowed when she had her eyesight but now doesn't care. She doesn't pee in the crate, she scratches and grunts, I get up and carry her outside. But whatever, messes inside are cleanable. It's not a big deal.

I have kids and easily spend more than $20/day on food. It doesn't even sound outrageous.

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My lunch costs an average of just under $3 a day if I eat in the cafe at work or bring food from home (r/SundayMealPrep ❤). If I eat out, $12 is the high end but I hate doing that.

Aye Ozark love! Where’s this at?

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Echo Bluffs, the Current River. We rented through Carr's and this was about halfway through the "4 hour" trip.

Original Poster2 points · 26 days ago

Very cool! Was this recently also?

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My wife’s dentist noticed a bump on her thyroid during a check up. Turned out to be thyroid cancer. By a miracle they caught it early and she is recovering now but definitely a Fucking fright.

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She didnt have any other issues or symptoms?

Recipe? I had some really good garlic naan out at a restaurant recently and have been craving it.

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How do the bananas not go brown? Edit: I was seriously asking! Why did I get downvoted?

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Looks like OP put them in the freezer

That did not work. Still getting failed to create reservation.

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Same here. 2 MoviePass ppl having exact same issue and the workarounds do not work for us either. We have this problem with mp 1-2 times a month.

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Asked "what red flags turned out to be false alarm". Didn't get any answer and lost an argument

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I thought of asking this exact thing a couple days ago! I probably would have had zero answers then as well. What argument did you lose?

Looks like it probably tastes better than a dish that healthy has any right to!

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It was so good! I was surprised by the level of flavors it had for just coated cauliflower.

Just a heads up, allergist are idiots. Blood tests are wrong, often. I wouldn't trust a word they say. If you have a bad reaction, you should be very cautious moving forward. And yes, you can have a true allergy and still get a negative blood test. I know many, many people that have had anaphylaxis to foods and still have negative blood tests.

I was honestly so glad when they changed from lime to apple, honestly they could swap out lemon for banana or something and I'd be even happier. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't miss lime skittles though lol.

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Hey are you me?! I said almost the same thing the other day on another thread. There are more of us out there! Banana>lemon, green apple>lime

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I’d honestly give the recipe away but it came from me doing trial and error with making up my own recipe and this recipe is the one I use for my new baking business, so I just don’t want it replicated or given out. I really am sorry because all my other recipes I give out. Just not ones I made up and I’ve tested it against many other recipes and bakeries and it’s just killer against it. But I’ll do you one better. When I finally get up and running I’ll be sure to mail you a dozen when I get up to that point where I can ship country side. Just remind me 👍🏻

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Did you make the caramel from scratch?

Slightly relevant to this, learn about secondary drowning/dry drowning. Just because you pull someone out of the water and they are breathing/alive after, they can still "drown" hours later. For the lazy, a quick link but there's a lot more out there you can read up on

Oh that chewy browned edge that I know would stick to my teeth but be just so damn delicious!

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Ha! I was thinking same thing but they actually didn't and the edges were so frickin good.

Could I use lemon juice bought from the store? It will probably affect the flavor ?

Edit: concentrated lemon juice

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Uh I want to say no but it probably wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. I'd rather buy the 2 (large) lemons and squeeze them if I were you instead of buying the concentrated stuff. But if you had to, I guess you could try it.

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152 points · 1 month ago


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Have they verified that yet? He was still missing last I heard. There was a tiny bit of hope...

White woman is kind of person that asks yahoo if she's perganant.

89 points · 1 month ago

Same for the black color actually.

An ex girlfriend had here aunt in trouble because of this.

They did paternity tests, and it was the actual couple's baby.Thing is, she had ancestors with black roots, even if she was as white as me.

I guess the odds are 1/ but ... it can happen.

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Had a friend in college. She's black and medium skintone. Had a baby with a man with also a medium skintone. Daughter is blonde haired, and white-looking even. Baby daddy demands test, friend is stressed because she knows she didn't cheat. Her mother finally fesses up, friend's dad isn't her bio dad. Bio dad is a white jewish guy. And the test came back that baby daddy was the father of little girl.

You had me until banana you cretin.

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Banana runts are the best thing ever so whatever

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If you were standing in front of me, I would pull off my glove, slap you across the face, and demand a duel. You make me sick

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You would hit a girl?? Horrible.

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If she doesn’t want people to criticize her child’s behavior then maybe she shouldn’t air out her child’s behavior AS A STORYLINE.

this is why I never shit on Chelsea for refusing to talk about the ‘duck incident’

see more incident?

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