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Crypto913 commented on a post in r/Vechain
nvert_ 2 points

Okay, so I'm relatively smart when it comes to crypto and have a great feeling about VEN, but today's dip is starting to make me a little unsettled. I know it's not significant, but the it's the trend that is worrying me.

Can you guys help with any reassurance to HODL?

Crypto913 3 points

Nothing has changed, only CMC updated the supply

johnm01 1 point

Ok but does that mean more supply has been added? Or price was based on this number all the time?

Crypto913 3 points

The supply always been like this, so no new coins were added. We were waiting on CMC to update it

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Crypto913 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Vechain20dollars2018 38 points

Lets make one thing clear: 1) the actual circulating supply was 455mil the last months 2) the actual circulating supply still is 455mil today

= no extra tokens in circulating supply = no sell pressure

I wish CMC would drop some extra IQ here instead of finally updating the circulating supply... what a dumb people here hahaha

Crypto913 1 point

Nothing has change whatsoever, i dont know why people are suprised by this. It’s a good thing to me almost #10!

Crypto913 commented on a post in r/Vechain
NaimPer 1 point

What about this? Is it good for Vechain that is compairing to USD and not to bitcoin or am i talking shit right now? Im pretty noob at this.

Crypto913 1 point

Yes, it's good

MostValuableMVP 3 points

Is there supposed to be some sort of announcement on Wednesday?

Crypto913 1 point


Crypto913 commented on a post in r/Vechain
Juugetsu 4 points

Thinking of trading my NEO for VEN, should I or would I make a big FOMO mistake

Crypto913 2 points

VEN has a much lower marketcap, and also working on a platform for ICOs and dApps

licenselessdriver 2 points

how will the ven/usdt listing on huobi changes things tonight? at gmt +8 6pm

Crypto913 2 points

Adding more volume, means less price manipulation and possible rise.

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Crypto913 commented on a post in r/Vechain
Vechain4life 21 points

look at that perfect bull flag forming..its textbook...its beautiful...i love it....we are going further up in a few hours max...fasten your seat belts

Crypto913 11 points


[deleted] 2 points


Crypto913 2 points

True, we have here a lot of early eth/neo buyers. So the real holders aren't worried at all, they already proven they got strong hands.

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Crypto913 commented on a post in r/Vechain
jasonstackoverflow 3 points

I asked the question below if VEN can touch 7$ soon. Got responses.

I asked same question on Ripple forums when it was 2.2$. they said it will be 7$ in a month. It is at 1.5$ after a month. Even though ripple came into main stream news on daily basis it didn't go anywhere. it went down infact. Is there any stron reason why you folks think VEN will touch 20$ before rebranding?

Crypto913 1 point

Cant compare VEN to ripple.

Crypto913 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
[deleted] 2 points


Crypto913 4 points

You should do some research about DNV GL before commenting, I don't think they care about how much followers they have. It's a multi billion company look it up.

Crypto913 22 points

DNV GL is a multi billion dollar company, having them announcing major news next week is impressive to say the least!

Crypto913 commented on a post in r/Vechain
Crypto913 3 points

''100 Racks I need a 100 more'' The Money Team.

NorwaySwede -1 points

Someone please tell me im wrong here. I really want to be wrong about this: VEN will never break 7 dollars. After the biggest partnership in crypto was announced the price ultimately didn't move an inch. And it's because of THOR. VEN is one of the most shilled and hyped coins on 4chan and reddit and it drops its biggest announcement yet - and the whales still control it. PBOC won't even make us able to penetrate their walls. THOR is afaik in no way tied to the price of VEN, so for the massive whales holding millions upon millions of coins THOR is the goal, VEN can be 0,1 cent and they wouldn't care. The price of a VEN token does not matter anything to its adoptation, the partnerships are there even if it's at 1 dollar or 25 dollars. THOR is generated if it's at 1 dollar or 100 dollars.

VEN is the new NEO, passive income. The whales are accumilating and will accumilate until they own all the coins, every single one. They will supress the price for VEN's entire lifespan - because for them THOR is where the money is. If you had the chance to buy millions of NEO when it was 5 dollars you'd be a billionaire now from GAS alone. As long as NEO was around your life would be set. And it's the same with VEN. Someone please tell me im wrong, i have 70% of my holdings in VEN, but this is looking very grim from a price perspective to me.

--EDIT Im asking people to give me valid reasons why i'm wrong(i want to be wrong), and i get downvoted lol. This sub is turning into fucking Verge.

Crypto913 7 points

Look man, I'm in this coin since the beginning. You think these are sell walls? you should've seen them 2 weeks ago, we had different 300btc sell walls all near to one price. All together it was more than 1000btc around $2. We broke trough and look at were we are now, this is nothing. Be patient and it will pay off, this week we will be at another ATH.

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