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10 - VENs Platform is focusing on Enterprises, so we have a good chance in the future to get to a 100B MC

CPChain also has major hype, this will give more exposure to both projects

6 points · 6 months ago

Okay, so I'm relatively smart when it comes to crypto and have a great feeling about VEN, but today's dip is starting to make me a little unsettled. I know it's not significant, but the it's the trend that is worrying me.

Can you guys help with any reassurance to HODL?

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Nothing has changed, only CMC updated the supply

Ok but does that mean more supply has been added? Or price was based on this number all the time?

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The supply always been like this, so no new coins were added. We were waiting on CMC to update it

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There's almost 200 million more coins in circulation now

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They were already in circulation but cmc didnt update yet

Lets make one thing clear: 1) the actual circulating supply was 455mil the last months 2) the actual circulating supply still is 455mil today

= no extra tokens in circulating supply = no sell pressure

I wish CMC would drop some extra IQ here instead of finally updating the circulating supply... what a dumb people here hahaha

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Nothing has change whatsoever, i dont know why people are suprised by this. It’s a good thing to me almost #10!

-6 points · 6 months ago


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Nothing has change, the coins were already in circulation.

What about this? Is it good for Vechain that is compairing to USD and not to bitcoin or am i talking shit right now? Im pretty noob at this.

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Yes, it's good

Is there supposed to be some sort of announcement on Wednesday?

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Let us know in the daily comment section when you found out.

Thinking of trading my NEO for VEN, should I or would I make a big FOMO mistake

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VEN has a much lower marketcap, and also working on a platform for ICOs and dApps

how will the ven/usdt listing on huobi changes things tonight? at gmt +8 6pm

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Adding more volume, means less price manipulation and possible rise.

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Please ask in VEN Telegram or in the Daily comment section on Reddit.

It’s all announced on twitter with links to it

It’s still VEN on Binance and other exchanges, during rebrand it will change to VET

They will inform us about what to do in the upcoming weeks

Please ask in VEN Telegram Channel, or on our subreddit under the daily comment section.

22 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

look at that perfect bull flag forming..its textbook...its beautiful...i love it....we are going further up in a few hours max...fasten your seat belts

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Comment deleted6 months ago

True, we have here a lot of early eth/neo buyers. So the real holders aren't worried at all, they already proven they got strong hands.

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Only if whales allow that

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Whales have no power over fomo, they will most likely retreat when they see all their orders get eaten.

1 point · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Cant wait for the Jan 24 news, wonder what it will be.

I asked the question below if VEN can touch 7$ soon. Got responses.

I asked same question on Ripple forums when it was 2.2$. they said it will be 7$ in a month. It is at 1.5$ after a month. Even though ripple came into main stream news on daily basis it didn't go anywhere. it went down infact. Is there any stron reason why you folks think VEN will touch 20$ before rebranding?

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Cant compare VEN to ripple.

Check out VeChain twitter, there was a tweet about it around 2 weeks ago.

Comment deleted6 months ago

You should do some research about DNV GL before commenting, I don't think they care about how much followers they have. It's a multi billion company look it up.

DNV GL is a multi billion dollar company, having them announcing major news next week is impressive to say the least!

Breaking out soon

3 points · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

Matter of time

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