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rastal3x 5 points

That’s the silliest analogy ever. In traditional sports your own teammate would never flame you or sometimes even deliberately cause you to lose. It’s not just people getting butt hurt because they were called a name.

CryptoSix 1 point

I didn't say it was. I think I clearly wrote many different examples of team mates.

ThumbstickAthletes 1 point

While I think you make other great points, I have to argue your point about trash talking just being a part of competitive sports.

I’ve never been on a team in any sport where if I make a mistake my teammates harass me. That’s not a normal aspect of any team competitive sport. If anything, encourage your teammates. Coach them if they need it.

If you’re frequently making mistakes, then maybe tempers flare but rarely does this occur on the field.

As for unsportsmanlike conduct from a teammate, the kids that gave up mid game because they didn’t like how things were going stopped playing sports after third grade.

It’s juvenile, toxic, no fun, fill in the blank when it comes from teammates.

My opponents, on the other hand, sure, trash talk me all you want. I welcome the chance to beat you on the scoreboard and if I can’t, I’ll try to say something clever that makes you question your existence.

Granted this is still a video game so regular sports conduct doesn’t really apply. But the takeaway for me is if you want the best chance to win, keep the trash talking to yourself when your teammate screws up. They generally know they screwed up and wish they hadn’t and you’re just giving them an extra thing to stress about by spamming “What a save!”

CryptoSix 1 point

This is why we have ranked in the 1st place. Those that know how to play on a team and co-operate usually rank higher than those that don't. Of course being toxic to your own team mates wont help anyone, however people do it. But the main problem for you personally isn't them doing it for that 1 game, it's how it affects players long term. Once a game is over, it's over. Regardless of what happened, but some tend to bare that grudge for many more matches after.

CryptoSix 1 point

So 3,000 - 3,500 seems to be the high end of the scale from these readings. Around 1,250 seems to be the average for hardcore fans of the game.

pilorgr 5 points

2315 hours, i m not proud if u see my rank :/

CryptoSix 1 point

I'm sure you're not the 1st to say that haha

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CryptoSix commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
CryptoSix 3 points

I swear I've got used to it now. I play on 20 odd ping and lag/rubber banding happens all the time. Was watching a video back the other day and someone who saved my shot wasn't even near the ball, I never noticed while in game but they were a good 10 inches from the ball when I watched it back.

CryptoSix commented on a post in r/Games
JTSCTM -2 points

I wish they would, but it doesn't work that way.

What do you mean it doesn't work that way? You literally just don't buy it and you go play another game or read a book or something.

CryptoSix 2 points

I think I explain well why it doesn't work. Your answer is like saying, to stop corrupt politicians, just don't vote for them. As proven time and time again, it's not as simple as that. People will still play the game, people will still spend 5 grand on micro transactions. To simply say "don't play the game" will not fix the issue. I think there are much better ideas out there, like those from modders etc. Imagine if the best game modders around just went with the motto 'don't play the game', gamers would miss on on so much with the great work they do.

JTSCTM -2 points

. Your answer is like saying, to stop corrupt politicians, just don't vote for them.

No it's not, not even slightly equivalent. Somebody has to take that politician's office. You don't have to play a game.

CryptoSix 2 points

google "game title + not playing this anymore". You will see a ton of people already have "stopped playing the game", however it clearly hasn't fixed the micro-transaction problem. So your suggestion obviously doesn't work, as thousands have already tried this approach.

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CryptoSix commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
luigi6545 15 points

I am truly curious why that is for most people in regards to solo standard being much lower than the other playlists. I'm Champ 1 in 3's, Champ 2 in 2's and Diamond 3-Champ 1 in solo standard. It does play different; you do have to play more defensive in solo standard but to me, it doesn't feel much different. Is it just me? Is it the mindset of solo standard compared to the other playlists?

I always wonder why a solo standard game feels so much different than a standard 3v3 game where everyone is solo queuing as well.

CryptoSix 8 points

probably because the ranks are so messed up, champs playing in low diamond with actual low diamond players. So one match your against 1 'real' low diamond and 2 champs, with 2 'real' diamond players as team mates for example. When I say 'real', I'm referring to actual skill level.

Crazyauti 24 points

Dude how even. I'm Champ in 3s, Don't play ones enough so I'm Plat in that BUT IM A FREAKING PLAT 1 in Solo Standard. i have given up playing it but I don't understand how to go up in solo standard. I can't ever seem to get above even diamond 1. 2 Seasons ago I got placed Diamond 3 Div 4 and literally lost enough games in a row to get demoted to Plat 3 Div 4 and I haven't played since (with the exception of placements)

CryptoSix 4 points

It's taken me a while to figure solo-standard out. I finally made champ 1 in that playlist last season. It's a great way to improve your solo plays. The thing that deranks most solo-standard players is the rage.

CryptoSix commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
CryptoSix 3 points

These are very good tips. One thing that helped me get out of diamond was learning moves like the half flip and using drift to position my car. As others have mentioned, players give up possession of the ball far too easily, it's important to forget about the big boost pad just to your left if the ball will be uncontested to your right, blocking that ball is far more important than filling up with boost. One of the biggest secrets to ranking up is learning how to adjust your play style based on each specific team mate you have in a game. Knowing when to attack and when to defend.

I go into far more detail about this subject in my rank up series.

Jbowen148 1 point

Left a comment on your channel man, great content! Your voice is perfect for commentating, I think you are taking a step in the right direction! I subbed and will continue to show support for your channel

CryptoSix 1 point

appreciate it. Thank's for the support.

MegaSteinfeld 1 point

I feel like you're doing a lot of things right! Your screenshots that have text added and are high quality look really good, your titles are descriptive and have enough info for YouTube's SEO to accurately pick it up, and the content seems high quality. I don't know enough about Rocket League specifically to know if it's the best information, but it definitely seems good to me (someone who has casually played Rocket League). I feel like it's just a matter of time for you to grow, especially with your RLCS videos picking up really good view counts!

CryptoSix 1 point

thanks a bunch, this means a lot. I appreciate you taking the time to give me some feedback. I'm re-working my thumbnails, to make them even better (:

[deleted] 2 points


CryptoSix 1 point

Thank you, I appreciate your input. I have returned the sub. All the best with your channel.

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