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OK. So I lost 25 pounds in the last four months with monthly goals. With this reddit concept, a drinking night would have ended everything that I had accomplished. So, yeah, I disagree. Focus on a goal and don't let the last 24 hours tell you how to change that goal. There is a long term objective, so get back to it and work hard!!!!!! If you had a couple of binge days, then just get back to it. Fight!!!!

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F*ck the dude. Then you could reply that his "brain" is ten times to small to be considered human. My brain could use some attention right now.....guess that I'll go read a book. A really boring and long book to really keep me satisfied. Any nerds out there needing a good read? I have a top rated novel that'll peak your interest.

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And here I thought how they were comparing how much better Michael Jordan was as a superstar. Even Lebron's trickery couldn't get him one fricken' game in the finals. Then again, I'm from Chicago, so Jordan is Jordan from the most Jordan Jordan than it Jordans. And Lebron wishes that Jordan was Jordan, but really Jordan just brings the Jordan magic that is Jordan and Jordan will be the Jordan of baseball like Jordan Ruth. Time that all potential Jordans fail due to the extreme in Jordan greatness... …. … …. J …. .. Jordan.

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Is that how you spell Jordan? Jordan hopes that Jordan spells itself....and Jordan does.

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I can put up with the people that have never ending eye contact. Normally these people are either scared or are trying to be intimidating. False domination. I can not stand people that have constant eye contact while you tell them something. Then they continue eye contact without a nod or any sort of recognition of your words to thought remaining in a blank stare. I mostly have found this will older people, and the joke with the gentleman at work is that his processor is a bit slower. You just have to give it some time. And Hi MIchael!!

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I normally have smart ass comments, but I truly feel sorry for the kid. His face is so puffed, it looks like a man's head on a kid's body. Where is that gentleman with the shirt that will be re-posted next year as a fresh post? Vaccines need to be regulated properly to prevent unexpected deaths, but they are very important.

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I disagree....rabble rabble rabble. OK...I agree. Rabble rabble rabble. OK. I don't care. Rabble rabble rabble. Sorry to the people on this page, but I love Trump. He is doing great things for America. Do the research on the numbers with trade and unemployment. America has been getting screwed by other countries. And we finally get a President with a damn spine. They can call him a dictator, but I still have my rights as a free American. I voted Hillary last election, and in the next election I will vote Trump. Proceed with the rabble for a page praise, but I'm tired of people putting down a president who is actually standing up for America. My only Trumpgret was not voting for him in the last election. Sorry for the rant. And again, go ahead and hate me. But I am glad to see a president who is not selling out America to the world like a certain Nobel Peace Prize winner that once held the same position. (I will not respond, so go ahead and tee off if you would like.)

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I also heard that Ivanka once ate some Borscht made in Russian. Yet another time, she looked at a picture of Moscow. This post is ridiculous. If I were the FBI, I would investigate Ivanka just to take some nice pics without being a creep, "Uh, yeah. These pics are for investigative purposes.....and the one in your wallet.....well, uh, I am a workaholic and I bring my work home with me."

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I wanted to put a serious comment here, but I would get hit by Trump bashers so I will just say.....poppin
bottles in the ice .. like a I blizzard....when we drink, we do it right gettin slizzard....sippin sizzard in my ride.. like 3. 7. Now I'm feelin so fly like a a G7, like a, now, now, now, now.....feelin so fly like a G7. OH COME ON....Mr Garrison would be rockin to this as Trump.

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Funny how mushrooms grown out of crap taste much better than these dried nasty buttons. Never smoked it though. There's a poison from the plant that can get in the trippy stuff of the flower, if it's processed wrong. So didn't want to chance it. The buttons were so nasty though. Look it up, but I think that part of the Native American ritual (a coming of age thing for men) was the strength just to eat the frickin' things.

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Buttermilk is the secret to marinating chicken. I marinate my chicken in buttermilk, garlic, onion, cayenne, and some other ingredients. But buttermilk folks is the best beginning to a perfect ending to your chicken. I don't share my recipe, but buttermilk is the best start. (opinion)

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