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ViktorVonBadmeme 67 points

i also love being treated as a third rate citizen for one punishment in 6 years

i literally couldn't be arsed to give a shit about the hextech loot systém, what i could give a shit about however is the fact i can't play a fairly fun competitive mode with my irl friends because of 3 reports in 3 games over the span of a week

but i guess it's real easy to judge others when you're standing on your moral high ground with your reddit alt

D3nTe 54 points

I've been playing online games for 15 years, and I've never been banned / chat restricted in any game. I know people who have been, but they deserved it.

So yes, out of experience, I've never seen undeserved bans happen to any one, but I've seen plenty of people complain on forums about "unjust" bans. It turned out they were straight up lying.

Also considering the level of toxicity in LoL, it's safe to assume most people get away with trash talking. It means you have to have a very bad behaviour to end up with a ban.

So yeah, I'll keep judging on my "moral high ground".

silverbalanceteam1 1 point

People are too sensitive and you are part of the problem. You haven't got a moral highground at all, you are pathetic and probably struggle to deal with any confrontation.

D3nTe 1 point

You realize the moral high ground was referring to the comment I answered to ? That's the term he used to describe people who don't sympathize with people like him who got banned and can't get their honor up again.

That's some next level psychological analysis you offer there. Going from my comment to "pathetic and struggle to deal with confrontation". Did you read that shit on a box of cereal ?

Anyway, no, complaining about toxic behaviour is not about being too senstive, nor being afraid of confrontation Freud. It's about being a respectful human being, as you have to be everywhere else in your life. Don't do something online that you wouldn't do in person.

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FuckYou9876 -2 points

this is what reddit wants while zed sits on 51% winning rate with 10% pick rate on mid but zed still cant 1v9 and no esport pick better buff him more.

D3nTe 1 point

Assassin are the worst thing to ever happen to league. They should sit at a comfortable 20% win rate with 0.01% pick rate.

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D3nTe 1 point

If you're trying hard to climb, then losing due to your team mate miss play feels bad, which in turn lead to frustration.

I'd say yes, if people take it more seriously they're more prone to some form of toxicity (mostly blame people for any mistake).

I don't know if I'd call it a huge role though. It sounds more like an unfortunate side effect.

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Ulzor -2 points

We've heard a lot of feedback from players that we've shifted the game too far from solo carry potential to team coordination mattering too much. It's something we are working to change.

Reading this is what makes me want to quit League. Having uberfed Kata, Swain, Vlad an co. Where the only counterplay is "you should have had a better laner that managed the earlygame of this snowballing champ, or a jungler smart enough to gank that lane."

Completely outside of my control, no matter how hard i splitpush top or i have perfect farm as a marksman, these games will be unwinable. I played since S1, there's a reason why the game has switched towards stripping solocarry and promoting teamgame, it wasn't done randomly, it was done to fix this problem.

The only thing the game needed was teamchat, not soloq monsters that can 1vs5.

D3nTe 2 points

There has to be a middle-ground somewhere. A game too team-oriented is only viable at high elo. At low elo you'll always have at least 1 person not fulfilling its job in the team. It's frustrating as hell to get a lead in lane only to slowly lose the game anyhow because you have no solo carry potential and your team mates are just bad.

Every game being a 1v9 from a fed laner is also bad, as again, one of your team WILL feed his ass off in almost every game.

Ulzor -1 points

The team oriented game is always better because it gives you outs when you have "1 person not fulfilling its job".

It's that people look at the game the wrong way, they don't get the big picture. I am smurfing in silver right now, and for example i can play Fiora top. I can play at my best high diamond mechanics, focus on myself 2vs1 all day and STILL lose (this is what people complain about, and want changed) whether if just spend 2 minutes organizing a decent 4/1 split, tell my jungler to be botside in 1 minute or just giving rough direction on how to play for objectives, winning is far FAR easier.

In a solo-carry environment there's nothing more i can do that tell my TF mid: "ehy dude, don't go 0/5 against that Fizz before i can effectively roam ok?". And pray he won't feed his ass off.

This game needs teamchat to coordinate teammates, for player to learn that sometimes you're better off being the shepherd not the fucking hero, and for people to understand that 1vs5ing is empowering for you and shitty for 9 other players.

D3nTe 2 points

I'm not arguing that we should change it to let people solo carry 1v9 every single game. It should still be relatively more team-oriented than solo carry, that's why I was talking about a middle ground. It seems like Riot is cautious with those changes, so that's good.

The only problem I see with what you said is, you expect people to listen and execute your strategy. I play mostly top lane, so later in the game I will for example go push bot whit tp available and tell my team to play around baron and push mid lane. Even when you describe everything in the chat, some people will never listen. Your ADC will show up bot to get some farm, and sure enough the enemy team will start baron. The rest of your team will try to stop them 3v5, die and you lose the game. That kind of thing happen so often it's not funny anymore.

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[deleted] 1 point


D3nTe 1 point

I don't play LoL for months or years, then I watch LCS or some good videos, and I'm like: I should play again, the gameplay is quite good.

Then I re-install the game, and soon enough I remember why I always end up quitting after a few weeks. The game is plagued with dumb ass. When a team consist of 10 people, it's fairly easy to have 1 idiot in there, and that's enough to fuck up the game completely.

AFK / feeders / and people who get upset over nothing (like inting because the jungler pushed the wave when he was dead) are the worst. It happens way too often, and it's an automatic loss, you're literally wasting your time. Then add people who go 10 death in 15 minutes in lane, and the game is straight up no fun.

D3nTe 0 points

The way people play normal games.

No, normals doesn't mean you can troll / feed or do stupid shit. You still have to play by the rules, like in any other game/activity. If you go out on Saturday to play soccer with your friends, you follow the rules, you don't decide to grab the ball in your hands and do stupid shit. People will not play with you any more.

You will get kicked out of sport club if you "run it down" mid during a match, even if it's a friendly game with no pressure. Heck, if you always do shit during training you will get in trouble.

Same applies to video games. If you join a game, you have to play properly. Normal vs ranked is a stupid excuse.

D3nTe commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
Cyrops 4 points

Meta switched to botlane, also I always try to ignore top. One gank early is the most I do.

D3nTe 10 points

Most junglers at low elo seem to like starting bot side, so before the scuttle change, they loved to show up level 3 with double buff in top lane to fuck you up. I'd say 3/4 of the game you could expect the enemy jungler showing up top early.

fug_nuggler 107 points

IDK about other lanes, but as a low diamond top laner, I feel like there has been about a 60-70% reduction in early gank pressure. The level 2 ganks are 10x easier to avoid, because the person your laning against usually has no CC yet to help the gank, and the jungler doesn't have double buffs/their full kit yet. Outside of that, if they bother to go for the lvl 2 gank, they spend a long ass time just fighting with the enemy jungler (which I can help with), or just farming to keep up in XP.

I have gotten hard camped like I used to maybe once since the patch came out as well, so I guess the new changes made it much worse to get behind on your clear.

D3nTe 1 point

As a unranked noob top laner, I also have the same feeling.

Pre-patch I was ganked around level 3 quite often. I think I got ganked level 2 once since the patch, and get ganked far less at level 3.

The early game is now mostly about out playing your opponent instead of catching up the xp you missed while sitting under tower during the enemy jungler's gank.

D3nTe commented on a post in r/AskReddit
kaiser__soze 9 points

As a cyclist, I agree to an extent (because I’m also a driver). But it helps if you see it from our perspective. Yes cyclists should more often ride in line rather abreast, but there are legitimate reasons why we do this. In many states, cars should by law cross the centerline of the road when passing cyclists. This ensures that the cyclist has a safe buffer against road hazards and of course the passing vehicle itself (i have been struck by the side mirror of a F150 passing at 35+ mph). So riding abreast across the lane in theory forces drivers to pass safely. I lived in Germany atm, where bikes are considered legal traffic. Therefore german drivers are generally more experienced in passing bikes, with the added advantage that cyclists must also follow all road laws (rights of way, signs and signals, staying off of sidewalks)

D3nTe 13 points

The problem is, cyclist seem to believe they're above the rules but cars should respect them. When on the road they expect cars to be extra careful (and they should be), but won't respect cars in any way. Like not using the dedicated bike lane and instead stay in the middle of the road. Talk with their budy side by side, using the entire lane for themselves on a 90km/h road.

In German cities, they also somehow believe they have priority over pedestrians. Half of them won't stop to let pedestrians cross the street, but will yell at any car that would dare do the same. As a pedestrian, cyclists are the worst while most drivers respect the rules.

D3nTe commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
Mixed_not_swirled 36 points

Also his laning phase is so obnoxious. Either you can reliable gapclose to him and you beat him or you don't and you're fucked.

D3nTe 2 points

What could go wrong ? He has a very good ranged poke, a built-in cleanse with healing, and a slow/ms buff with barrels.

It seems like he has everything he needs to fuck up melee champs. You can't beat him to the barrels as a melee if he's not afk.

Last time I laned against a gp as renekton, I won mostly because he was playing it poorly. He spent all his mana level 1/2 poking me with a low damage Q. I could sustain it and he was then stuck with no mana. For some reason he didn't recall, I pushed him under turret and out farmed. I'm pretty sure a good gp player would have smashed me.

D3nTe commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
D3nTe 1 point

Do you think it's related to the promotion system ?

You need a kind of win streak to get promoted. A few wins to reach 100 LP and then a majority of win in your promo matchs. In a scenario where you never go on streaks, getting through promos would be hell.

I'm not saying it's ok to go on 15 win then 15 lose streak, but it could be a possible reason for the matchmaking to artificially create streaks. I don't think Riot just want to fuck with the players for the luls.

Nomaaaad 1 point

But realistically though, how does the system "know" that 'XxYasuoGodxX' is going to have Yauso banned against him and he's gonna get mad and troll your game, or that autofilled support that picks first time Thresh instead of something easy like Janna/Soraka and loses the game all by himself?

D3nTe 2 points

In the day and age of data analysis, it's not far fetched to think Riot is profiling players to some extent. Facebook whole business model is about profiling and using it for advertisement purpose.

I don't think Riot is going nearly as far as Facebook, but it would be possible for them to at least draw simple conclusion about a player's profile. I'm sure it's fairly easy to spot someone who rage quit a lot / trash talk a lot, and infer he has a short temper.

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D3nTe commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
fourayem 96 points

While I agree that Id rather have someone flame me than int, Ive never seem anyone legitimately run it down mid in thousands of games, ive had less than 20~ intentional afks or people who are maybe stealthily inting, and people flame each other in at least 70% of my games. verbal harrassment is a wayyy larger problem in league.

D3nTe 0 points

I assume you're playing ranked, at a decent rank ?

Yesterday was a day off, so I played a couple of games. Here is what I got in draft:

  • 2 games with someone AFK.

  • 2 games with at least one lane going into a crazy feeding fest, quite often it's bot lane.

  • 4 playable games.

Roughly half the games are auto lost. Even if you win your lane, you can't do much when your bot lane is sitting at 6 or 7 deaths in 10 minutes.

If I was given a choice, I'd play with people who don't AFK and don't feed like crazy but trash talk. At least I could /mute all and actually enjoy the game.

70pl4n3 -11 points

I hate people like you who are not even good enough to understand when someone is soft inting. If your adc prefer go in your jungle take these golems at 35 min while he's full stuff instead of dps this f*cking game winning baron he's not having a bad game, he's making fun of you and you're too stupid to realize it

D3nTe 3 points

And I hate people like you who can't act like a decent human being because you're safely hidden behind your computer screen. There are ways to talk to people, even if it's online.

Haven't your parents taught you anything ?

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D3nTe commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
Citonpyh 5 points

I would ban him if i didn't have to ban teemo or pantheon already with my champ pool

D3nTe 0 points

I like playing top because that's where bruisers and tanks are played, but god there are some obnoxious champs. Teemo and pantheon only purpose is to fuck up their opponent early game and make them irrelevant. That's bad design, how is that any fun for the other guy ?

D3nTe commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
D3nTe 20 points

Wasn't the honour system put in place to incentivize good behaviour in the first place ?

It seems like it's doing its job by keeping you at a low honour level when you're toxic.

If it's too easy to get it back, then it's almost like a free pass to be toxic. If it's too hard for you to go most of your games without being toxic, then you deserve your 0 honour, no one wants to play with you.

LeftHookTKD -8 points

How can you be this dense

D3nTe 15 points

You'll need a bit more text for your post to actually add something to the discussion. Right now you sound like one of those people who lack opinion so will play the offended/insult card.

D3nTe commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
cebubasilio 4 points

A Champion with low skill cap only means that the complexity of his kit can be easily learned ; doesn’t mean that players who play him have low skill/mechanics. A good and obvious mirror would be Yasuo and his high skill cap but crap playerbase.

D3nTe 2 points

You could argue he has a high skill cap but a low skill floor.

At lower elo where people are more likely to do a position mistake, he will all in and kill you any chance he gets, while being immune to such position mistakes himself with his insane mobility.

D3nTe commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
Holythreat 2 points

They literally have no benefit at all to get reordered answers

Can you explain why only the results of surveys concerning criticized matters are released to the public then?

D3nTe 1 point

Did anyone ask for survey results about non-criticized matters though ? I think no one cares about survey results when it comes to features people on reddit like.

D3nTe commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
CranberryMoonwalk 0 points

You sound like a whiny little fuck.

D3nTe 1 point

Have a downvote since you're asking so nicely.

Psyonix_Devin 20 points

We're disassociating Season Rewards from the color of the Rank/Tier they represent, which will let us produce some truly awesome SR content for the forseeable future. I realize many may dislike the combination of this move + doing it for the first time with Player Banners, but it will pay dividends in future seasons.

D3nTe 1 point

I understand the idea, and I actually like having new colors for rewards. The red one for diamonds look nice.

The only thing I don't understand is why would the champ reward be gold, when it's the color used for a different rank ?

Also, on the topic of banners. I think having banners with a different design for each rank, but a customizable color would be great. If people can use whatever color they want, it's not an issue anymore. The design itself would tell you the rank associated with the banner.

D3nTe commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
GodSeth 1 point

They HAVE to do this, the game is getting really boring for the older players. For me personally every game doesn’t feel different, this will help got some freshness into the game.

D3nTe 2 points

Except RNG never feels good. It's infuriating to lose due to RNG, and it feels cheap to win as a result of RNG.

I understand the incentive to renew the game and bring novelty, but there are good and bad ways to do so.

D3nTe commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
CranberryMoonwalk 10 points

“All the pros use the Octane, therefore, I should use the Octane!”

I switch based on my mood. Too many Octanes out there.

D3nTe 6 points

I think it goes beyond copying what the pro are doing.

I mostly play Dominus myself, but when I tried the Octane it immediately felt right. It's easy to use and feel like it turns/fly pretty well. Maybe it's just a visual thing, but I think the car feels right for a lot of people.

D3nTe commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
zaneprotoss -6 points

Danger pings by themselves mean nothing. Gotta add something, ping the enemy or whatever.

Whatever you do though, please give more than 4 fucking seconds to react. Your random pings are annoying and you only give real info 4 seconds before the MF dies. 4 seconds. Stop expecting too much from your team mates. You're not better than them, you got matched with them after all.

I'm so tired of this elitism, watch your own replays, you'll be impressed by how garbage you are.

D3nTe 1 point

His first ping is roughly 10 seconds before the kill. He pinged a few times and then wrote in chat because she didn't react.

You can't ping the enemy if he's in the fog of war. Danger pings are your only option.

Everyone I play with, myself included, understand danger pings. Sometime you didn't see someone on the minimap and your team mate ping you. You understand they warn you about a champion coming to kill you.

And no, matchmaking isn't even close to perfection. You will be matched with people playing badly that specific day (they're tired, not good with that particular champ, simply boosted, etc), and you will lose games due to your team mates.

D3nTe commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
Adorables 2 points

Thing is, junglers were good in the earlygame, while overall earning slower exp and less gold throughout the game compared to laners. Junglers were ahead at lvl 3-4 pre 8.10 and slowly got worse unless fed/heavily taxing lanes. now you're just.... behind all the time

D3nTe 1 point

Shouldn't that be the price to pay for the freedom that comes with the jungle ? The jungler's "territory" is much bigger than any other role. They can greatly impact the game through ganks and objective control.

Laners are stuck in their lane early on, as they need to last hit minions to gain gold and xp. It would make sense for a solo laner to be dominant against a jungler in a 1v1 in his own lane.

The jungler should bring an extra to a lane through ganks, but he shouldn't be able to straight up murder anyone on the map in 1v1.

As the overall level of plays increase in the game, getting ganked early in a solo lane can set you back by a lot. You can expect your opponent to know how to use that advantage and deny you farm and xp.

D3nTe commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
CoffeeDave15065 1 point

But the red one is for diamond

D3nTe 1 point

Yes, but if they release the banners with gold on the champion banner, I'm never going to use it and use the red from Diamond instead, it looks much better.

D3nTe 3 points

The champions banner in gold is bad. I kind of like the idea of having banners with different colors from the usual rank colors, but then why is champ gold ?

The red one looks nice.

D3nTe commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
ImmaTriggerYou 26 points

Playing against poke was the most frustrating experience on ARAM. Now it gets worse.

For Riot, hopefully worse enough that some players decide quit ARAM and go back to Rift, which has a shrinking playerbase.

D3nTe 5 points

My Rift team mates start going ARAM 15 minutes into the game anyway. Their only strategy is to group mid and fight with whoever shows up without any regard for side lane or neutral objectives.

I wish we could actually send some of the Rift players to ARAM, where they actually belong.

D3nTe commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
D3nTe 11 points

If the rewards are meant to be half-assed and not that appealing, then they should be removed entirely.

If they exist, and Psyonix tease them, it's fair for people to have expectations. Especially when you compare to the quality of the stuff in some of the most recent crates. We know for a fact they can come up with really cool looking stuff, it's there in the crates.

A big portion of the player base doesn't care about ranks, but a significant portion still does. Ranked game mode have more players than casual I think, so to some extent, it matters to people.

billmilk 10 points

Agreed. There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing with the changes made to season rewards, or not enjoying the next ones specifically, but the way people have been voicing their opinion is so pathetic. This toxicity is one of the biggest pitfalls of the gaming community right now (imo), and I really wish people could learn a thing or two about communication, as stupid as it feels to say.

D3nTe 1 point

I agree with your comment on toxicity and gaming in general, but in this specific case, I haven't seen it.

I only read about season rewards on this subreddit, so maybe that's why, but in every post/comment about it people are not rude or being dicks. While disappointed, comments are still fine and no one is insulting the devs.

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