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DGDEAGLE commented on a post in r/videos
NOE3ON 1,331 points

Holy shit. That thing must weigh close to 1500 pounds.

They must have a a giant liver

Did you know that when you eat marijuana it gets processed by your liver, it produces 11 hydroxy metabolite, which is 8 5 times more psychoactive than smoking it. Shit's crazy yo.

DGDEAGLE 2 points

5 times but yes!

DGDEAGLE commented on a post in r/videos
They_wont -4 points

I'm not. Too many of us.

DGDEAGLE 2 points

Remove yourself from the equation and save the poor piggies! Good thing is these pigs will eat human flesh too so just find a pack of them and jump right in!!

They_wont -3 points

I'd start with removing the morons who don't see that humans could do much more effort to stop destroying everything around them.

DGDEAGLE 2 points

Killing feral pigs is literally preventing destruction. How dense can you be??

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DGDEAGLE commented on a post in r/TalesFromThePizzaGuy
Sweetwill62 77 points

Your coworkers being goofy is probably a good thing so long as they aren't ignoring work to do. Sauce spreading is probably the most annoying thing to get down but it gets easier. Remember to keep your wrist locked and make circular motions with your arm and less your wrist so you can keep the sauce spoon level.

DGDEAGLE 63 points

Also let the weight of the ladle do the work. Don't press down. (8 years at pizza slut)

DGDEAGLE commented on a post in r/TheSilphRoad
QuantumPolagnus 1 point

I already have three shiny Lugia (I got super lucky and caught them all on one day) - one of them is 98% and maxed out. I literally don't need any more, even just for the candies. I'm planning to save my passes for Zapdos.

DGDEAGLE 6 points

Must be nice!! The rest of us who aren't so lucky will enjoy another chance at shiny Lugia

DGDEAGLE commented on a post in r/AskReddit
BlackVikingHD 4 points

This happen when I was younger around age 11-14, it was fun since I played with people my age at the library we either mined or fish and just talked with each other so that’s how I could spend all day.

I did want a computer when I was younger but sadly we were struggling with not having enough money since it was just my mom working taking care of 5 kids.

Now i’m 25 with a nice computer still playing rs when I get the chance.

DGDEAGLE 1 point

This is literally what I did at that age as well. Computer at home couldn't even run RuneScape due to the painfully slow dial-up connection so I would go to the library after school and my mom didn't mind picking me up when she got off work about 630. 3 hours of runsecape using a similar trick to remain logged on after the hour was up.

Good times

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