So I rewatched Iron Man 3 today... by LymphNode125 in marvelstudios

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causing another fallout with Perlmutter.

Completely out of the loop on this. What happened?

Sorting Enthusiasm by [deleted] in lego

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Getting someone to help will make it 100 times more bearable.

Bam! by Rockithammer in lego

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I've never been a fan of these massive, basic brick displays but man, do I want this thing in my house.

New Ninjago War Rig 70654 is straight out of Mad Max 😍 by msx in lego

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Ninjago isn't my thing, but they do so much cool stuff that I have bought a lot of their sets. Dragons, robot dragons, steampunk air pirates, and of course all those mechs.

I like to think that after years of selling the theme the designers are just going wild with it.

Post your Dbrand skin configurations here! by BagelJuice in NintendoSwitch

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I mean, maybe? Why would the colour of the skin affect the glue under it?

Post your Dbrand skin configurations here! by BagelJuice in NintendoSwitch

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For some reason the matte black doesn't show up for me. Maybe it's been sold out.

Post your Dbrand skin configurations here! by BagelJuice in NintendoSwitch

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I really, really like the one from the announcement tweet.

By the way, why isn't matte black available?

W'kabi wasn't lying... by Shuristan in marvelstudios

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Doesn't he already have a lot from all the defeated Ultron bodies?

Someone actually predicted that a celebrity relationship wouldn't last. I'm SHOOK! by andreaSA89 in ShitCosmoSays

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If I make a hundred youtube videos predicting that most celebrities with break up, will Cosmo feature me?

absolutelynotme_irl by Keeeebin in absolutelynotme_irl

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You just smile and say nothing haha

SNK Announces New Console with Popular Neo Geo Classics by rumandapples in Games

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I would kill for a miniature of the Metal Slug tank that connects directly to a TV and has all the games on it.

[Poetry] Slapping Yoda by SirCancrolot in youtubehaiku

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That's some impressive puppetry.

[Poetry] O.G. Ernie Johnson by TheRoyalMarlboro in youtubehaiku

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He looks like Alton Brown in the freeze frame.

[Poetry] Twitter Math by carldude in youtubehaiku

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Lawyers: is a tweet legally binding?