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Etra 2 points

So the SRD mod team applications have probably inundated /u/dramamod. At least half of those are too blatantly retarded to even consider and I’m sure these are being passed around to one another for laughs. But there must be a few that warrant serious considerations. Can I ask for a number of how many of those there are and an estimated amount of time until final decisions are made? You’ll notice my own username isn’t among those applying and for good reason. I have a post in /r/Drama regrading this. Give me a minute to find it and edit it in.


Don’t be a mod. If you’re ever asked to mod anything, ask how much you’ll be paid. When they say you’ll work for free, tell them they can fuck off for free. Then you can return to shitposting on Reddit while they go check the queue to see what was just reported.

Speaking from my experience of being a mod on other sites as well as Reddit on previous accounts, it’s kind of a paradox where only an idiot agrees to be a mod but that profound retardation also makes you qualified to be a mod. But then there are the exceptionally idiotic people that will actually ask to be a mod. Those people tend to be smarter than the average person but are socially challenged and emotionally stunted. If you’ve ever frequented a forum or sub for long enough, you’ll have an idea of the kind of person that would be. You probably even had a particular mod here in /r/Drama come to mind when I said that.

Tl; dr Don’t be stupid.

DXGypsy 1 point

That's not necessarily true, and I'll give you some different reasons using myself as an example. I mod a huge Top 40 subreddit who's subject matter should make it a nice subreddit that makes you feel good, but it gets slammed with some of the worst toxic trolls on the entire site. It's mod queue is pure poison. And I feel like a dedicated gardener pulling weeds nonstop to try to let the beauty grow through. It's emotionally rewarding to defeat ugly.

I also mod another large subreddit that's a completely different topic that's much more primal and corse. But I enjoy that one because it was an angry and toxic community due to poor management before and I enjoyed the challenge of fixing the subreddit and earning respect for the subreddit back. It's like the satisfaction of resorting an old destroyed muscle car. And I work with one of the best mod teams ever, so it's been a blast.

And I mod a small niche subreddit that was my passion project. I designed the css, promoted and built that sucker up from the dead because I'm passionate about the subject matter. (Old time radio programs)

So not everyone mods for powertripping reasons. Some people just like to be an active part of making things better or even just keeping them good.

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Noimnotsally 19 points

Nothing to add here...... But will say from a week old newbie,thanks for this post cause I was having a hell of a time trying to find new forums, and only kept seeing the same ones over and over...( I guess I'm new so my trial period is still ongoing?)lol so thank you for this,and all who posted, so very much appreciated!😉

DXGypsy 5 points

You can search for a subject and it'll recommend some subreddits to you.

Reddit_IsNotADog -1 points

I wish I could still say r/bestof. When I first found the sub, I used to sort by top and read down from it as a hobby. It was full of great posts that made a wonderful reading experience. I actually got really far down, I read it like it was a book. Unfortunately the sub has tanked big time ever since it got hijacked by people who are using it as their circle-jerk political views and it’s killed what used to be my favorite sub.

DXGypsy 1 point

Very much this. I unsubscribed but it got so bad that I eventually had to filter it out of my feed altogether. It's a shame what a cess pool it's become.

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TomahawkJackson 15 points

This is the correct answer - we had a pretty big water main break in Clovis, CA a few weeks ago - apparently it was a tear 12' long in a major water main, and it shut down a major intersection in most directions for a couple days.

It also forced the closure of all the businesses that were affected by the water shutoff until the break was repaired. The businesses were closed for about 1/2 -3/4 day (depending on how late they were open, the break started around noon).

DXGypsy 1 point

Let me ask this even though it might seem silly, trust me, I've worked some asshole blue collar factories that would do this...

If such a water break happened but the company/factory insists that they will have the custodian flush toilets with potable water anytime someone needs to use the rest rooms, could they get away with it? Or firing those who refuse? I've seen factories pull some incredibly shady shit just so even if they can't keep running production, they can keep running inspection, resorting, and warehousing

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bostonstoner 12 points

If marriage can't provide a durable, ongoing consent to sex, I don't think this app can. Moreover, it sounds like an MRA wetdream/nightmare - aren't those guys always carrying on about how men will soon be required to sign a form like this before they have sex and/or how you should "always be recording" your trysts?

DXGypsy -9 points

Well to be fair, Hollywood is proving them right just about every day.

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OpsCon1 -1 points


Everyone fucking knows it. The people that still support him know it too, and they support him because they are racist!

DXGypsy 0 points

Oh my! You spoke in bold face so now I know you're serious!

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pussypink 0 points

Because it’s racist as fuck. There are plenty of other answers but think that one is my favourite

DXGypsy 3 points

So showing a picture of the damage caused by looting and rioting is racist. Gotcha. Makes perfect sense.

If you're insane.

pussypink 1 point

Stop trying to justify yours and everyone else’s racism on this sub. It’s vile.

DXGypsy 1 point

Yeah yeah. Everybody is racist. Everything is racist. Racist racist Racist. Racey McRacistface. Must be nice to have a built in benchmark of an excuse to justify every shitty thing you ever do.

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DXGypsy 1 point

Angry NY Giants fan here. Congrats on this and you sons a bitches had better destroy the goddamn Eagles. I want them taken out. Sweep the leg. Sweep. The Goddamn. Leg.

BigRedRenegade 38 points

Also known as "Michael Cole Syndrome"

DXGypsy 8 points


DXGypsy commented on a post in r/SquaredCircle
DXGypsy 2 points

HHH. I admit it. I'm an absolute, unabashed HHH mark. That Motorhead hits and I'm out of my seat.

Goldust and Mick Foley.

Vince. Let's face it. No matter what you think of the man, he's the top of the mountain, and he's there for a reason.

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honkity-honkity 0 points

This is the moment when Trump supporters became a real plague.

DXGypsy -1 points

Oh yeah. Because leftists never gather in protest to shout and chant about the things they don't like or want to see changed. Nope. Never. Can't remember a single time.

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