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rtowne 105 points

From a campus news website

A self-proclaimed “$50 Billion Man” threatened to break a UF student’s neck before leaving a speaking event on campus March 21.

Dan Pena, a controversial businessman and speaker, verbally attacked Juan “Verse” Lozano, a 22-year-old UF public relations senior, during a Q&A session hosted by the UF Entrepreneurship Club at the New Physics Building on Museum Road and Gale Lemerand Drive.

Pena’s website claims his mentees have garnered $50 billion in value with his business guidance. The Alligator could not verify these claims.

Lozano questioned the existence of Pena’s companies and called him a fraud. A video published on Lozano’s Youtube channel shows Pena approaching Lozano and saying, “Now before I snap your neck, kid, put the f------ microphone down.”

Lozano left after about 10 minutes with two friends because he feared for his safety, he said. He did not file a report with police.

The club agreed to host Pena to foster an open dialogue, Bunn said. But the night took a turn when Pena referred to the crowd using a slur and said they should commit suicide if they did not work hard, she said. Pena demonstrated shooting himself in the mouth, she said.

The club expected him to give a speech on working hard to become successful. Instead, he was vulgar and disrespectful, Bunn said.

Lozano said Pena’s speech was extremely inappropriate. Pena brandished a cricket paddle and told a childhood story about dropping a fishbowl on a teacher’s head to kill her, Lozano said.

“Whenever he talks, it’s just shock value,” he said. “It sounds like he’s trying to shock you into believing him.”

DXGypsy -13 points

I don't know anything about Pena but why does the kid get a free pass? He was insulting, disrespectful and antagonizing. Old dudes don't play that shit.

_DiDan_ 1 point

he gets a free pass to talk cos thats how the world works

you're actually allowed to say shit without having your neck broken by a senile old man thats how free speech ACTUALLY works its not just an excuse to yell slurs with no fear of punishment

DXGypsy 0 points

Ah I see. Only people who say things you like are allowed to say them unmolested. Got it.

Bubbock 1 point

Does this pistol have a disconnect or drop safety? I don’t know enough about the model/year to say yay or nay but you might want to look into that if you were considering this as a carry piece.
[edit] I looked it up, should be all good!

DXGypsy 1 point

With the very very few exceptions of the S&W model 40 and a couple of rare custom manufactured individuals, revolvers don't have safeties. You could throw one off a building and it wouldn't go off. Their internals just don't work that way.

This gun is my wife's open carry gun. It's WAY too big and heavy for concealed carry. Hell, it's too big to carry period. It's as long as her upper thigh. She keeps it on the passenger seat or on the dash for personal protection when she's driving, and hand carries it to and from the house.

She has a much smaller and lighter 9mm CZ semi auto for concealed carry.

PatientYellow3 1 point

Not sure if you are a gun guy, I'm definitely not but I wanted to ask. Isnt this gun kinda outdated for the late 50s?. They had shrouded hammers and short barrels that were equally accurate and triple action pistols. What would the reason be for manufacturing and issuing this in such an old "style"?.

DXGypsy 1 point

The guns you describe were primarily used by plainclothes detectives who wore them concealed in shoulder harnesses under their suit jackets. But full frame revolvers were standard issue until the '70s.

Here is a nice article detailing police pistols over the years.

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[deleted] 2 points


DXGypsy 3 points

Outside perspective from someone who doesn't know either of you.

You are a flaming bag of douche.

You entered his thread. You insulted him and made sure to announce he triggered you enough to rage quit the sub. (As if we'd actually care) Then got sand in your panties when he laughed at your chapped ass.

You're not the good guy in this little melodrama, so get over yourself.

DXGypsy 1 point

Howdy neighbor!

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DXGypsy [score hidden]

Insisting that minorities can't be racist is right on par with flat earth and anti-vaxxing as far as stubborn willful ignorance goes.

DXGypsy commented on a post in r/CringeAnarchy
JBIII666 0 points

OP speaks the truth. This subreddit is full of altright bigots. They desperately try to devalue our arguments by 'cringing' at them. They try to say that its so cringy that our arguments are dumb. They make fun of good subreddits like late stage captalism and political humour, simply for having a different political opinion then their racist beliefs. It sickens me that I browse here to see this, but I must keep doing so, to hopefully try and sway them away from evil.

DXGypsy 2 points

You honestly don't realize that those "good" subreddits you mentioned do the exact same thing you're bitching about do you?

JBIII666 2 points
DXGypsy [score hidden]


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HtpoHzwgBuuu -8 points

Is it wrong for me to immediately assume the blacks were dirt poor and the whites were comparatively rich with their wealth having been generated on the backs of blacks?

DXGypsy 9 points

Is it wrong for me to not give a shit about a criminal's imagined sob story when they are trying to victimize me?

DXGypsy commented on a post in r/insanepeoplefacebook
bobthebobofbob 1 point

Am I missing something here or does the title of this post make absolutely no sense? We never actually see what the anti vaxxer said, the op in the pic is asking for a well thought out response for someone on Facebook. Also, we neber see the anti vaxxer's response. So where does the "still remains ignorant" come from?

Edit: nevermind, it is me who doesn't make any sense. I'm a big dumb idiot

DXGypsy 3 points

The anti vaxxer's response is at the top. She posted the screenshot of her original question and the reply it got.

Our OP here on reddit screenshotted the whole thing.

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DXGypsy 27 points

I'm reading some of the most foul, vile, sanctimonious, scum commenting in here as if they're somehow morally superior. You insult a recently dead woman/wife/mother/grandmother and jeer at her mourning family because you don't like her husband's politics.

You have no claim to being better people. You're ignorant filth.

DXGypsy commented on a post in r/natureismetal
HopeSandoval 12 points

I love Shoebills haha. I'm a mod of /r/ShoebillStorks and I used to be a mod here. Most of the other mods had a flair and I noticed /u/DXGypsy's said "Aardvarks are metal" so I made mine Shoebills.

DXGypsy 4 points
HopeSandoval 4 points

But that's a Tamandua lmao

DXGypsy 6 points


DXGypsy commented on a post in r/Conservative
DestroyedCorpse -2 points

That's the problem with any gun debate( Hi, pro-gun liberal here, just checking things out). People absolutely are entitled to protect themselves, their families, and their property; with violence if necessary. However, allowing just anyone unlimited access to any kind of arsenal they want is a recipe for tragedy. Shutting down the conversation with "my 2 amendment say I get to own a goddamn .50 cal mounted HMMVE" (right) or "No guns. Anywhere. Ever. Fuck you" (left) will never get anything done, meanwhile, the piles of dead bodies keep getting higher.

DXGypsy 4 points

Nothing wrong with owning a .50 cal if you can afford it. You think a .50 cal bullet hole makes someone less dead than a 9mm? Know what this is? That's a .50 cal. By your argument, that isn't allowed but this nearly identical 9mm is. And I'm sorry but no. There is no discussion. Discussion leads to worming in little arguments and concessions on something that is iron clad. The last time we agreed to concessions, the Left negotiated in bad faith and imposed the Hughes Amendment into legislation.

Solve_et_Memoria 23 points

I believe in constitutional carry of full auto, even for felons. I draw the line at bio weapons and splitting the atom as I feel those types of weapons require an entire country to regulate and maintain them. Plus the whole Geneva convention. I'm willing to budge on this issue if someone can provide me their arguments.

My belief is based on the fact that you need to train and maintain full auto to be most effective on the battlefield. I believe the framers intended citizens to be able to fire as many rounds at our enemies as our enemies are firing at us.

DXGypsy 6 points

Bio weapons and nuclear weapons are off the table because the components needed for them are justifiably regulated. You aren't buying uranium or Ebola at Home Depot. So unless the government decides it gets to regulate the commercial and private use of steel, brass and lead, there should be no regulation on conventional firearms.

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cat_handcuffs 17 points

Are you criticizing the guy for not being armed and escalating an act of vandalism in to murder?

Or are you criticizing Americans for liking their guns too much?

You can’t have both.

Gatmanz -5 points

I'm asking or rather stating that if there are so many guns in America how come one never sees anyone pulling one out in self defence. That guy had a bat (weapon). Regardless of the gun laws in NY, I'm talking about most public freak out videos in general (including ones outside NY).

DXGypsy 5 points

Because maybe legal gun owners in America aren't as kneejerk bloodthirsty as other countries like to portray us. Maybe we actually have sense in our heads to pull our weapons not in anger but in actual life threatening situations.

DXGypsy 2 points

He has no point beyond his trendy Hurr dumb 'Muricans bullshit.

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