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Nestledrink 1 point

You can download driver package here:

GeForce Experience is an optional application

Dacvak 1 point

Thank you for this. This is how I initially downloaded the driver, but I was hoping that I wouldn't have to do this for every update, and that it would automatically download and update for me.

I guess I have to use GeForce Experience in order to use automatic updates?

Dacvak commented on a post in r/speedrun
Tompala 22 points

It's actually possible, requires a specific "setup" though, to have them walk forever, softlocking the game, and 11 seconds isn't really the longest anyone has gotten in a run either =). Still fun.

Dacvak 8 points


Tompala 8 points

Here's an example of such softlock: If a HB walks into a spade game in this type of situation, they only have one path to take so they'll never break free of eachother.

Dacvak 1 point

Some say they’re still dancing with each other to this day...

Dacvak commented on a post in r/gaming
xTHECARx 24 points

[Misleading Title]

Lol fuck off

Dacvak [M] -6 points

Yeah, because honestly it doesn’t look that good.

xTHECARx 2 points

It's clearly a meme. No one is gonna be mislead lol

Dacvak 1 point

Wait, this isn’t from the new Smash Bros game?

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Dacvak commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
M0UL 44 points

no, the whole channel is getting disabeld.

Dacvak 16 points

Yeah, but what about Wii U?

M0UL 6 points


Dacvak 20 points

Okay, okay. But what about the original Wii?

neworecneps 1 point

Still looking for Trigon?

Dacvak 1 point

Yeah, how many keys?

Waxycurb 1 point

2k ideally.

Dacvak 1 point


Edit: Great trade dude!

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Dacvak commented on a post in r/Games
melancholics 2 points

Anyone else who is weirdly interested in this whole story like me, I'd recommend checking out the Kong Off going on this weekend. Billy is playing in it. If you look at the twitch channel you can see a bunch of videos of him the day before the event started grinding the game in there by himself. I'm hoping he puts up a monster score this weekend just to add to the drama

Dacvak 1 point

It doesn’t look like Billy is in the bracket. Am I reading this wrong?

chibialoha 1 point

Shephy is a phenomenal solitaire game. Its been so long since I've had a good one. Its new, innovative, and mixes up a simple formula. On top of that, the story mode is weird and creative.

Dacvak 1 point

It is, but damn those later story chapters are hard.

skralizz 51 points

Crawl. Great music, great art style, addicting gameplay, perfect couch co-op with friends, can be played alone against bots and still be challenging and fun. Genuinely recommend everyone give it a try, it's so so worth it

Dacvak 3 points

I just wish this had online multiplayer. :(

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Dacvak commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
Dacvak 57 points


Just wanted to say that you continue to be one of the finest community managers in the industry. You've been at Zen for at least 7 years now (we used to communicate back when I worked at a gaming site, and then at reddit) and I just honestly appreciate that you're still kicking ass at your job.

Kudos to the team for finding a reasonable 60fps handheld solution. I'll be rebuying so many tables as soon as that patch comes out. :)

Dacvak commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
AerodynamicVagina 1 point

I have an old iPad I keep on iOS 10 just for Cave shmups.

Dacvak 1 point

I need to do this...

t0dk0n 1 point

Oh definitely. I’m a bit pissed about apples new policy against 32bit apps. All the Cave ports were top notch. I’m just glad they’re working pristinely on Steam.

Dacvak 2 points

Oh shit, I didn’t even realize they were on Steam. That’s a relief.

If I’m being real here, though, I actually loved the touch controls. I’m a huge bullet Hell fan and obviously love the classics, but man, they felt great in touch screen.

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Dacvak commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
SonOfAdam32 3 points

Lol what’s the story there?

Dacvak 12 points

Before the first game came out, I PMed the director of the game on a gaming forum and asked if I could be in it. Surprisingly, he said “sure lol”.

We ended up becoming friends. :)

Socksockmaster 3 points

Yep, you’re still in it. Some kind of pale cyclops. That’s pretty cool

Dacvak 8 points

YESSSSSSS!!! Thank you!

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