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Dacvak commented on a post in r/regularshow
SpicyMemeballSub 5 points

Oh, man. I've been binge watching it and I'm on season 5 now. I watched the first 2 or 3 seasons when they first aired but couldn't watch the rest until recently. Excited for what's to come but don't want it to end. 😢

Dacvak 1 point

Be careful on this sub - never ever click on anything marked “spoiler”!

Dacvak commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
Starlyoko 8 points

I remember watching it with my friend. My friend is now out on his Mormon Mission for two years so it feels kind of lonely but it is nice to remember watching the event with him :)

Dacvak 4 points

Say whattup to Elder Price for me. 👍

Dacvak commented on a post in r/Coffee
Dacvak 6 points

How can someone so knowledgeable be so wrong about so much?

Just kidding. Interesting write-up.

Out of curiosity, what are you go-to grinders? I have a Sette 270 for espresso (which is ridiculously good for low quantity, IMO), but I don’t have anything outstanding for pour over.

CommunistWitchDr 1 point

For brew, I'd go for a Bunnzilla if possible. Bunn G1 of Craigslist and replacement Ditting or SSP burrs for it. It's a bit... large... but the grind quality is fantastic.

Dacvak 2 points

I’ve never even heard of that. Nor can I find that much info on it in my 35 seconds of google-attention-span I gave it. Any chance you could explain why it’s so good? Also, will it grind fine and precise enough for espresso?

Dacvak commented on a post in r/speedrun
Dacvak 34 points

Holy shit. That gave me so much anxiety. When he kept gradually going downward over and over during the end I was super worried that was just bad muscle memory taking over, but he totally corrected and DESTROYED it.

Seriously. Holy shit.

Dacvak commented on a post in r/4xm
Dacvak 20 points

You bring up some good points, and they all make sense. Really, this mod needs to ultimately figure out what it wants to be. It can’t be “Melee HD” with a bunch of Smash 4 characters. Even if all of the Melee characters were reverted to play exactly like their Melee counterpart, being able to play against new characters completely changes the game.

So with that in mind, the only real option is to adapt and, using keen design and a ton of testing, hope for the best in a new product. The parallel to PM is obvious, as that’s precisely what they did. And it was good.

But aside from updated visuals, what could a Smash 4 recreation of Melee even offer us? To put so much effort into that would be an odd decision at best, so creating an entirely new game with Melee physics makes far more sense. Again, like PM did.

This comes from someone who cherishes nostalgia. I want my Samus and Luigi to play identically in 4XM as they do in Melee, even though that’s immediately not in my favor. Wouldn’t it make more sense to give Luigi a slightly better recovery? It’s a tough decision, to be sure. I’d love to switch between Melee and 4XM without skipping a beat, but then it doesn’t really make sense why I’d be playing 4XM in the first place.

tl;dr: I agree with you. It makes way more sense to adapt in order to preserve some of the more modern elements of individual characters, and to balance the game as a whole. What should be a 1:1 Melee recreation is the core gameplay, not necessarily every single aspect of pre-existing Melee characters.

coolmatty 26 points

We can look into adding ESRB ratings, assuming there's no weird legal trademark restrictions on that. I wouldn't want to just say explicit though because EVERYONE'S definition of explicit is different :P

Dacvak 6 points

ESRB ratings (at least to showcase an M rated game) would be a good idea.

PS: Thanks for an awesome event! I host the charity auction at MAGFest every year with my friend, and I think it’s wonderful to see gaming culture raise money for good causes. :)

coolmatty 46 points

We make a distinction between the games and the runners (or others on stream). Runners, staff, etc are representing the charity when they appear on stream. The game does not (in fact, if it did, we'd see a lot less violent games).

Besides, we also don't want to turn into a stream where the swearing is the punchline. We're not going to care if it's an accident, of course, but intentional swearing would just get old and look bad after 150 hours.

Dacvak 4 points

Makes total sense. Thanks for an official answer!

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Dacvak commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
MoosenMan 34 points

No chance for Cuphead, studio behind it is owned by Microsoft iirc

Dacvak 6 points

Oh, right. I was tricked by a fake YouTube video. :(

Bubo_scandiacus 3 points

Thank you!

Dacvak -2 points

It’s also worth noting that all three of those games (okay, DS3 is a stretch) at least have a chance of getting Switch ports. Small chance, but it’s. It impossible.

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Dacvak commented on a post in r/videos
RC211V 65 points

Nope. I have no idea why Dunkey would say that. M+K on Doom is heaven. Sure, they did the controller gameplay well but M+K feels like you're playing a frag compilation video.

Dacvak 14 points

I respect that, but I personally prefer it on controller. It’s more comfortable and easier to move around for me. The aiming is obviously better with a mouse, but the controller aim assist is fantastic in its own right. But I’m a game centered equally around moving and aiming, I prefer a controller.

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