Threading the needle for a Benz by grassman007 in nevertellmetheodds

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I am Jack's complete lack of belief that people are led to.

Netflix Has Altered the Deal. by 6FtAboveGround in AdviceAnimals

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Don't care, I'm a Netflix lifer. When they resurrected Arrested Development for S4 (such as it was), I swore I'd never unsubscribe. Acts of cultural heroism like that should be rewarded.

Does body temperature impact cognitive performance? If so, is there an optimal temperature? by DaffyD82 in askscience

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Just curiosity really, and I guess I figured that if the answer had been something like "Chilly air makes you sharper/more productive," then I might have tried to adapt the temperature in my office accordingly :)

Does body temperature impact cognitive performance? If so, is there an optimal temperature? by DaffyD82 in askscience

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This is great, thanks! The table in that paper seems to imply that heat stress is mostly bad for cognitive performance, although in one study reaction time did improve when core temperature was raised by 1C, while accuracy decreased.

Google really thinks long term by DaffyD82 in google

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Ha, it accepts any date between the year 100 and the year 99999 that you write into the cell. You can also go beyond these but you have to scroll through the months via the arrows on the calendar. So after clicking on the back arrow 1200 times, I can tell you that the first day of January in the year zero was in fact a Saturday.

Google thinks really long term. by DaffyD82 in funny

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Indeed word accident occurred happened.

The shower shelf is installed, who cares if the angle is off by a few degrees? by DaffyD82 in onejob

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LOL, that sounds horrible, I hope they offered some kind of compensation: "Please accept these complimentary mints. I'll just put them right here on this glass shelf..."

My sliding shelf shenanigans were at a small bed & breakfast in England.

When a thought arises, do you do something with it, or do you just refocus? by DaffyD82 in Meditation

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Interesting! Have you noticed benefits from this? I could imagine it can help distance you from e.g. your feelings so they don't control you, but rather you can observe them and let them inform you if you so wish.

My Sunday Morning Ritual To Stay Focused/Organized and Reduce Anxiety. by ohwordbk in productivity

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I like it but was wondering if there's any particular reason for doing this on Sunday instead of Monday morning, when you need to get into work mode anyway?