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19 points · 3 hours ago

Yeah, Meyer is trash, I've been betting on him to get fired for years

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Good man!

I mean, there’s only one conference where it just means more.

After that: ACC, Big XII, Pac-12, and then MAC.

Original Poster1 point · 6 hours ago

You didnt even read my title or the spreadsheet did you

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I did. unfortunately there was a material misstatement in your analysis.

I took the chance to correct your error.

You’re welcome, by the way.

Hobo hot wings comin right up!

Original Poster2 points · 5 hours ago

Hey hey now! It’s people of trains.

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Whoa, dude. Calling someone a “trainy” is a hobophobic slur!

15 points · 15 hours ago

“If you really wanted to go with the blind loyalty thing in Georgia, the odds of United, Georgia, Falcons and the Braves all winning championships are 17,850-to-1,” Fuhrman said. “So $100 on that four-team parlay would bring you back a cool $1.785 million.”

Fuck me, I actually thought each of our teams have a solid chance, combined for the year of atlanta?

Who wants to do this with me? Shit, can we get an equivalent of each way for all our teams reaching their respective finals? even taking out that last step

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$500 is immaterial and if I win it all, it puts me ten years closer to retirement.

"This time. Maybe this time."

Youd net 5M after taxes... and that only takes 10 years off retirement?

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Do you have any idea what the going price for cocaine and hookers is right now?

Fucking “Bitcoin Bros”. Worse than hipsters driving up the price of PBR.

5 points · 14 hours ago


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This might be the saddest thing I’ve ever watched.

Musically what’s interesting is that a lot of folks consider “Hick Hop” having first evolved from rap groups like Nappy Roots or even Bubba Sparxxx.

It’s really quite fascinating.

3 points · 9 hours ago

Nappy Roots were really good though!

♫ "All my life I been po', but it really don't matter no mo' "

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The “Deliverance” album by Sparxxx was amazing as well.

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They may be jackholes, but since the inception of the TSA, there's been next-to-no airline terrorism in the U.S.

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It's not like there was a ton of terrorism on US airlines beforehand. In fact, there is zero evidence that they are effective at stopping anything.

They have stopped me from getting to my flight on time more than once.

So maybe that's how they are stopping the terrorists? They have weaponized inconvenience.

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That's so devilishly brilliant and yet so subtly nefarious.

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Saban to Kirby: "When you come at the king you best not miss."

Bono for Neapolitan style.

This, if only they were still open.

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Fuck, I completely forgot they had closed.

I am sad all over again.

Ones with a soul

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Does that make it a sole plane?

Original Poster63 points · 16 hours ago


see more're forgetting two other events which will really kick it up a notch. Labor Day Weekend is one of my favorites in Atlanta just for the sheer people watching spectacle.

??? It's not was humorous future news designed to tie in with OP's post, but obviously fake. It's a common device that is usually so patently false as to not need a disclaimer, but designed to highlight a possible extreme version of one outcome of the main subject.

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"Nobody ever lost money betting on the stupidity of the American public."

Never forget that. The internet has simply reinforced the underlying truth of that statement.

I feel you on the limited play in football. It's still my favorite sport, but I'm a college fan myself. There seem to be fewer commercials in the college game than trying to watch an NFL game (fewer, but still way too many). Actual action, you're right, boils down to a very small amount of minutes, but I enjoy the strategy aspect of figuring out which play they will run, etc.

Soccer is fun to watch because it's constant action, but I can't strategize as easily with the team. I can watch players make individual efforts, etc, but I don't get to "think like a coach" as much as football. But that's just me.

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Commercials across most sports have become ridiculous and intrusive to the point of reducing enjoyment for the fans both at home and at the stadium.

CIG never responded to my rebuttal ...seems to indicate that CIG just doesn't care anymore.

Same thing with my CC dispute. To this day almost everyone single issue faced by CIG either in development or customer service is of the "Self inflicted" variety.

Dig to the bottom of the mixture. All the heat is in the juice.

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Well, yeah, but at the same time they've really decreased the amount of habeneros in the mixture.

Hmm I did not notice that.

But its been a few months

I wish they would put out more pickled veggies

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Oh do I miss those. They usually still have them on them on the lunch counter.

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puts on Emergency Reddit Blinkers

As for classifying it as a cheap shot, they already beat the friend down in the bar. If he pursued him on foot 30 feet down the street and he wasnt prepared, then that's his fault.

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Cheap shots are fine.

Fair fights are for suckers.

Fair fights are for people with great health insurance

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And a death wish.

I’m old and slow these days. I’ll leave the concept of “fair fights” to the young and terminally foolish.

There’s a study Microsoft did and found that most people only use something like 30% (?) of Word’s features.

The thing is that it isn’t the same 30% for everyone. There’s someone out there for each stupid feature.

I’d bet that applies to most high-featured technology.

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Excel is another good example. Walk around an office and ask people if they’re “good” with Excel. Most will say yes.

“Good” should be read as “good at what I need it for.” That can be everything from basic formulas to macro writing, depending on the person.

5 points · 1 day ago

Replace "Cars" with computers, tablets, stereo systems, or a dozen other things. Same thing.

Star Citizen: where your dreams can walk on sunshine

Its a case of how they took a game engine with working animation code, including built in support for inverse kimetics which is designed to handle things like walking on uneven sufaces, but that wasnt goid enough for Chris "fidelity" Roberts, so they refactored the shit out of the working code to produce the bug ridden mess you see today.

Semper Fidelitious!

Edit: sorry for spelling mistakes, on mobile.

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Also known in the engineering world as “fixing something until its broken.”

Next level: bum sleds/sleighs for winter transportation.

Harnessed teams of hobos on call to take you wherever your heart designs within city limits (of course).

I try to be conscientious to other salespeople, but I’ll be honest here:

If you’ve woken my wife up during the day when she’s on day 4 of her night rotation at the hospital you will be very fortunate if we are just impolite to you.

We have two signs: one at the foot of our driveway and one in front of the door, and it’s a long enough walk that you have plenty of time to think about it. The one at the door actually says “Night Shift Hospital Employee No Soliciting Please”

There’s also a very clear “No Soliciting” sign at the front entrance of the neighborhood.

Bike, or even an E-bike, will be only slightly more expensive and infinitely more useful.

Well yeah but is it just routinely visiting the office coffee machine or do you try to get some other stuff?

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Oh there’s a strategy at play.

Coffee to wake up, protein for breakfast.

10am slam a Red Bull.

11am coffee

12pm snort MRE coffee pack, drink Red Bull.

Don’t forget to hydrate.

Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

wonderful. I might be better off spending my time networking then...

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2 points · 1 day ago

Probably. As was mentioned the receptionists at private practices are highly trained at deflecting sales reps.

Best go straight for the likely decision makers.

Lol. I just said the same below. I spend all day working around those receptionists. Healthcare is rough, especially if you're new to sales.

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3 points · 1 day ago

Started out that way for me.

Five years later I can build enough business from referrals that it’s rare I have to endure that bullshit.

My god, is it rough though.

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12 points · 1 day ago

It's prison value, which puts it at 1000 packs of ramen.

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4 points · 1 day ago

That’s...what....5 cartons of cigarettes and three shower buggerings?

8 points · 1 day ago

Clearly you've never eaten ramen with lime.

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Free lime.

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37 points · 1 day ago

So I had an intern from Ireland recently. Big changes for her:

  1. Dependence on a car. This affected her health a lot (she was used to walking everywhere)
  2. She loathed Dublin and its "wannabe Irish" Festival
  3. Even though she worked in a large office and did a lot of extra curricular activities she had a hard time making friends. I see that partly as her not having a car, partly not caring about football, and partly that Columbus can be a hard place to break into if you don't have ties here past your mid-20s.
  4. She struggled a bit with the expense of travel here (the US in general) compared to Europe. Columbus, if you're used to cheap air travel, is a very expensive city to fly out of (unless you're going to Florida on Allegiant).
  5. The visa situation was an absolute nightmare and total pain in the ass for her.

She ended up moving back home instead of taking a permanent job here in the states. I think, the visa situation notwithstanding, that had she gone to a larger city she'd have been a bit happier.

She loathed Dublin and its "wannabe Irish" Festival

I've never understood this. I've been many places around the world where American culture is strongly appreciated - it's never offended me in the least bit.

I know Americans can go overboard with St. Patrick's Day and whatnot, but I can't see anyone getting upset about it.

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5 points · 1 day ago

Because there’s about diddly squat that’s actually “Irish” about the festival, for starters.

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