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I don’t think you need to read anything just be aware that there we’re loads of Avengers team at the time like US/aim Avengers, all new all different avengers, uncanny avengers ect.....

He had his own tie in series

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Kenny now has 6 matches over 5 stars (1x Okada 7*, 1x Okada 6.25*, 2x Okada 6*, 1x Naito 5.75*, 1x Ishii 5.5*)

And five more "normal" 5 Star Matches

10 of these matches in 2017/18.

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add the Ibushi match

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When I'm rolling with female students I struggle to bring myself to un tuck their gi to initiate gi chokes and traps. I realise this is a kind of inverse sexism but it doesn't feel right to be lying on top of a strange woman, and start forcibly undressing her.

Tell me I'm being silly.

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Your being silly

probably at Kinzuna Road

Most:Tanahashi vs Anyone Least: Naito vs Anyone

I only started watching NJPW this year but I find Naito way too predictable. I even watched last year's final and it was the same. I don't think he is a bad wrestler, he just needs to change things up a little more regularly.

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What happens if it’s naito vs tana?

No omega already has 12 points and beat Zack If Zack wins he goes to 12 and Kenny has the tye breaker so Kenny wins

Around once a month

I mean if he beats Tama and Kenny.......

Green Arrow and his family, i.e: Emiko (Red Arrow), Black Canary ect...

Taker is too busy celebrating his brother's victory to think about any matches atm.

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I like sub only no time limit. Not the best for entertainment though.

6 days a week, twice on Sundays. each class is 1.15/30 and has at least 30 mins of sparring with 2 hours of sparring on Sundays. 1 day is no gi, rest are gi. competed twice planning to compete more, just finished college for summer.

I mean if Aldo starts winning again it only makes what Conor did look more impressive

Couple weeks in hit a armbar from the mount then preceded to awkwardly ask the guy if he let me do it to which he responded with a depressing no


I.e: EBI, Polaris, Quintet and anything else not on flograppling


Flo & fight pass are going to be 90% of the shows with the top athletes

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I have fight pass just not flo


After last nights training, I can barely put any weight on my toes and struggle to walk properly, any tips on what I can do to train with them like this? tape?

I know it sounds ridiculous but got a comp next week


If you die can I have your stuff?

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You can have my white belt

How are they fucked? Broken joints or matburn or something else? If it's something superficial like matburn tape it up and see if it gets worse, if it is a joint issue I'd stay cautious and rest. If that's not an option lots of tape and maybe wrestling shoes.

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I have no idea I woke up they look fine but I can’t put on weight on them

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It’s Dana’s birthday so he booked himself a birthday card

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  • Harvey Harris: Deductive Reasoning
  • Henri Ducard: Manhunting
  • Zatara: Illusion
  • Ted Grant: Street Fighting
  • Kirigi: Ninjutsu
  • David Cain: Espionage
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Where is this said? Want to read it


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