Developer wants to tear down my moms house and build condos in exchange for giving her one by ghostBrazen in legaladvice

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She'll also need to save money for taxes if she sells, the first 450k is tax free but after that she'll want to withhold 24% for taxes on the remaining 200-250k.

Did my taxes - thought you'd like to see how rich I am from an MLM! by coravet in antiMLM

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The best year this particular person had was a little over a million dollar for the year, 600k from sales, 450kish from speaking engagement. Every year they're spending more time on speaking conferences, talking about how to do better, essentially motivational speakers more so than MLM! They got in on the ground floor, one of the first 25 people recruited, and signed up thousands under them. Both husband and wife deal with all aspects of it, and grandma watches their kiddos as they're usually not in town

Did my taxes - thought you'd like to see how rich I am from an MLM! by coravet in antiMLM

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I do taxes for a couple of people who are in the 1% of MLMs. They earn roughly 150k/yr from the MLM but the vast majority of it is from getting paid to go speak about it at conventions. They also signed up their parents as high level folks to sign people under early on to get Mom and Dad some extra income, and mom and dad make roughly 8k/yr from it while having hundreds of people under them.

Have not recieved two years worth of Tax Returns because my employer had the wrong SSN on file? by BStreicher23 in legaladvice

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It would surprise me if an accountant used the w2 ssn over the parents tax return, I always refer to the parents tax return to get correct dob and ssn because those have to be correct. I find it more likely that the parents didn't want to pay the Accountant more money than the kid gets refunded. I regularly tell clients that I'll charge them $40 to do the kiddos tax return but they're only getting a refund of $12 so it's better if parents pay kid the refund.

My [32F] Father [52] was asked at a big surprise party to adopt his adult step children yesterday. He said Yes and that it was "the highest achievement a parent could reach". I've been pretty much ignored by him in favor of them my whole life and wasn't even invited to the party. by SiltyFemoidPigeon in relationships

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Put it aside in a separate account and leave it there and use it some day towards your children's education.

My grandpa was extraordinarily shitty to his middle daughter, my aunt. When he died she put her share of the inheritence (1.3 million) into a mutual fund/stock marketand never touched a dime of it. She's decided that it should go to 3 specific nieces/nephews for their education, houses and general life so something good can come of that money. Last I heard, after the 40% reduction so the tax bill can be paid, each of the kids is set to inherit 6-7 million or so.

I should hang my head in shame- second post this week in r/legaladvice. First time it’s for me though! by entropic_apotheosis in legaladvice

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It's your responsibility to make sure that your bill is getting paid. You underpaid the minimum amount by a dollar, so they shut you off which incurred an additional $50. Don't pay the day the water is getting shut off if you don't want to pay the extra 50 fee.

[KS] Stepdad was banned from eBay so opened a Paypal and eBay account in my name which had revenue of over $1,000,000 in 2017 by thowawayebaybae in legaladvice

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Correct, this kind of in and out transaction happens regularly - especially with kids competing in racing sports, usually the parents get the 1099 issues to their SSN and it should be reported on the kids. No tax fraud going on, it's being properly reported, but accountant should have kid issue 1099 to dad even if late, late penalty filing is $50ish

I've been notified by the IRS that I owe $10,000. I've never been to the US in my life. by MK510 in personalfinance

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It's not "almost exclusively" it's exclusively.

That's not entirely correct, as once you're under going an in-person audit the IRS auditor can call you if they have your number to let you know you're going under an audit.

They will also just show up at your house, your office, or your place of employment if they can't get ahold of you.

Advised a client that auditors don't call, they write letters. Auditor stopped into my office to let me know that he does, in fact, call and write letters.

The IRS says I owe them $20000.00. What do I do? by glyph-e-boy in personalfinance

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The IRS currently does not receive all of the same documents we do to do our taxes. Off the top of my head, it doesn't get information regarding real estate taxes paid, doesn't get state tax withholding information, doesn't get sales tax information paid, doesn't get charitable donations that were donated, doesn't get stock basis for publically or privately held corporations. It doesn't received the misc. income we generate during a year, and it doesn't get all of the interest people generate, it doesn't get information regarding how many children were living with you during the year, it doesn't get information regarding whether you were married or divorced. To make matters worse, it doesn't know if your divorce is pre-2019 or post-2019, it doesn't know if your property is pre-1986 tax rules.

I know it's how most other countries do it, but that doesn't mean it's the best thing for us.

The IRS says I owe them $20000.00. What do I do? by glyph-e-boy in personalfinance

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Honestly the tax system makes sense for the most part, if you can figure out the reasoning behind some of their decisions. Sometime it's personal greed, sometimes it's trying to stop some weird loophole that creates more issues than it solves, sometimes it's making sure people pay enough taxes.

Slightly OT: Help Reddit Find You Content! by kethryvis in television

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As far as I can tell, there aren't any removed comments on the thread (Either positive or negative, though most of the comments are negative). They are all currently approved, and I can't see why any of them would be removed.

I wrote a book about how Hulk Hogan sued Gawker, won $140M, and bankrupted a media empire...funded by billionaire Peter Thiel to get revenge (or justice). AMA by ryan_holiday in IAmA

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Gawker said later in a statement that Mr. Daulerio was being flippant.

Who the fuck would be flippant in court? Who can imagine a circumstance in open court where being flippant will work out in your favor?

I could've sworn he wasn't flippant in court on that response, he was flippant in a deposition that was then played in court or something. He was being asked (in his eyes) silly questions for hours and hours. He regrets it now AFAIK

Do any of you circlejerking about Fortnite Devs vs PUBG Devs actually know how long Fornite has been in development for? by IAmNotOnRedditAtWork in PUBATTLEGROUNDS

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If you like the game mechanics and the gameplay and 50% of the maps why the hell wouldn't you try and find a way to enjoy the small bit you don't like?

There are many games I enjoy. It's not like I can enjoy PUBG or nothing else. PUBG has drastically lost its luster IMO and while it's enjoyable occasionally, most of the time I'd rather just not worry about RNG about going out to grab loot and would rather play something like Rainbow 6 Siege where everyone starts off the same.

PUBG gets no slack for being "early access"; the game is the game. I judge all other games based upon what they have now, not what they'll be eventually.

[Rant] Given promotion to only have it taken away. by aphilon in sysadmin

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Any "right to work" state is like that

Right to work only has to due with being able to work and not join the union. However, every state in the US with the exception of Montana you can be fired for any reason, or no reason at all.

The greatest theme song in TV history by iheartteletubbies33 in television

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Thank you for your submission! Unfortunately, your submission has been removed for the following reason(s):

  • Vague titles are not permitted. Please remember to use a descriptive title.

Landlord showed house and stuff was stolen. What can I do? by Cashforme in legaladvice

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Yup! I've read enough horror stories to know always to get renters insurance, don't get the cheapest home owners insurance, make sure everything is covered. I have full coverage on my car, not because I think it needs it, but because I can't afford to buy anew car right now, but spending $600 a year for it seems way more reasonable. Getting a $1million umbrella policy cost me another $150 a year, but if I get into huge trouble they'll pay it out. Also my insurance company doesn't flaff around with not paying. Roof was damaged, got a quote Friday, Friday afternoon we were approved minus our deductible, Tuesday the roof was done and Thursday we had the check in hand. Our neighbors fought with their insurance company for 14 months before getting it paid

My [18 M] sister [26 F] says I cannot be around her son [0 M] unless I lose weight. My family is completely fine with it. by Complete_Wing in relationships

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But me being fat doesn't have anything to do with this. I don't understand how this can be defended. He's a baby. I wasn't "weaseling" past anything I wanted to see my family member and they are essentially kicking me out of basic family stuff because I'm fat. That's not love at all.

Hey we're pretty similar, I was 300 pounds at 18 too. I'm now 32 and was recently 696 pounds after a 60 day stay being hospitalized because of my weight. My knee couldn't take it, and it was dislocated due to the weight (I was 646 the day of the accident) and ripped the nerve and tore the ligaments of my knee. I am, miraculously, still somehow reasonably healthy, IF I can act quickly and lose the weight. I don't have blockages in the heart and my BP under control now due to heart meds.

I was in complete denial at 300 pounds, and 400 pounds, and 450, and 475. I NEVER solved my ability to eat healthy while in emotional turmoil, and that's where I'm at today. Way too many sodas. Way too many snack foods. Way too many everything. Eating out too much.

Please, PLEASE start losing weight. Not because your sister is using her kid as a pawn, but because it's so incredibly important to your health as a young adult. I'm down to 574 right now, which I'm exicted about, but I still have to lose your entire body weight before I'm within touching distance of being a healthy weight. This is the road you're currently on if you don't take your family to heart.

There are amazing reddit communities that will help. /r/loseit /r/keto are the ones that have helped me the most. Please use the advice I was too dumb to take and use at your age; at least someone can learn from my mistakes.

Ubisoft gave us an inch and everyone wants a mile by Chopy2008 in Rainbow6

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i mean, it's distinctly not fucking people in the ass. premium non-duplicate lootboxes in a world that lootboxes exist and are completely normal for games is incredibly nice. Having most cosmetic items locked behind renown instead of just having them purchasable for $$ is pretty nice.

Ubisoft gave us an inch and everyone wants a mile by Chopy2008 in Rainbow6

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My sisters threshhold for lootboxes used to be $250/week. I know of people who have spent 50-60K on Star wars mobile game.

That's a whole lot of $60 games.