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I actually been to Russia many times, sure they aren't as rich as the US, but I assure you the rest is just anti-Russian propaganda. What you fail to understand is that USA is not the center of the world and the sun does not revolve around it, there are different cultures in the world. What you say really shows how little you know about Russia.

If one country literally commits acts of war against you and you do nothing

Are you serious? You think America does nothing against Russia? Its one sided? Did America not finance the Muhaideen to fight against USSR? Iran regime is a direct result of US involvement back in the day, Russia-Ukraine crisis was paid for by USA. I remind you that USSR took a pretty big part in fighting the Nazis too.

And most importantly, what does Russia's domestic politics have to do with international affairs? Are you really justifying going to war that would end up killing millions? possibly hundreds of millions? Because you don't like how Russia runs itself? Because Russia is not as accepting of gays as the US since about 2014?

I'm not against the USA, I think its a great country, I am for peace.

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I didn't say the US has not committed acts of war or that the USSR did not fight the Nazis. Culture is no excuse for anything. Some cultures kill rape victims. Some cultures marry off children to old men. Neither should be accepted just because of culture. Russia being a garbage country is enough reason to resist them. This wouldn't be so much of an issue if Russia were not directly attacking the US and other countries constantly. Yes millions of people are going to die when we come to war. Surely Jews can appreciate that they have been defended by similar loss of life, and hopefully imagine that in the end the loss was worth the cause (as you sit protected from crude missiles by expensive US funded/made devices). Although right now Israel is commuting crimes against humanity on its own. Personally I choose war over simply allowing Russia to take countries without ANY resistance. The US is a joke right now led by a cock-sucking orange freak that publicly denies obvious acts that Putin has ordered. We all deserve the war that's coming to us but I refuse to pretend there's no reason to hate Russia. I hate them both, AND Israel, but if it comes down to it I'll have to die for the leaders of these countries anyways. At least the US is sick in a better way than the other two.

This wouldn't be so much of an issue if Russia were not directly attacking the US and other countries constantly

As an American, did you really just wrote that with a straight face?

You talk about Russia being a garbage country without having any idea what life is like there, this is very ignorant of you. What you write shows how little you actually know about international affairs and what's going on in the world in general. I don't blame you, I believe you are the product of your environment, too lazy to do a research and form your own opinion based on what you leaned, rather pretend you are the tragic hero who is worried about the Palestinians and gays in Russia while not caring about a catastrophe. What really scares me is that there are other people like you, rather have millions of deaths than admit you are wrong.

I don't expect much from you, you have no desire to educate yourself on any issues. But I strongly recommend that you save this conversation for the future so when you are older, and hopefully wiser you can reflect upon yourself.

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You haven't even made a counter point you fucking retarded bastard. Suck my cock and take your knowledge of international affairs to the grave pussy

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I did. I got $12,500. I need about twice that, and I still live with my mom.

I now have a job. It has time conflicts. If I'm unlucky and can't adjust my hours on at least one day, I will be limited to a single class just because of time conflicts (I'm hoping to use the money from the job to do the payment plan thing).

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Go to a different school. That's waaaay more than the 4 year college I went to.

Stop using shit. Example, take the stairs instead of the elevator

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But the elevator is going to run all day regardless of whether I ride it or not *oops was thinking of escalators...

Original Poster0 points · 22 days ago

If they won’t do something about these farm murders in the end everyone in South Africa will suffer whether they are black or white. People may call me a race traitor, but the truth is the truth. Look at what happened in Zimbabwe. You should watch a white nationalist named Poseidon who exposed these farm murders. He even censored this video named The TRUTH about South Africa This is very hard to watch unless you have a stone heart. 😞😞😞

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Like I'm gonna give a view to any <insert color> nationalist

Probably about half of it, at first.

I would invest around three hundred thousand dollars into various stocks/bitcoin and such, and use the rest to buy myself a nice condo somewhere, the motorcycle I really want, and for various medical procedures that I need.

Over the next few years, using the profits made from my investments, I would continue to donate thousands of dollars annually to my choice charities.

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Put most of your stocks and all of your bitcoin into charity as well because it's basically gone anyways

I am by far the most humble person on the face of the Earth! You'd be shocked at the degree to which I'm humble. No one even comes close! - President of the Retarded States of America

I don’t see why people are so upset that they were circumcised. I’m circumcised and it has no affect on my life.

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I'm not upset that it was done to me but I am upset that it is still done and there are retards like you who don't see why it should not be done.

I’m not saying that you should do it. I just think people should stop complaining about their penis on the internet.

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Anti trump people

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I don't dislike him in order to help the world. It's just really hard to like a guy like that.

You're right but that type of curation is impossible. Steam, PSN, and XBL all have the same issue. The difference is the switch eShop has a shit search/filter system; everyone else just hides their garbage but it's still there. There will never be a system that filers out "bad games" from being sold; too much of a grey area to touch.

Switch just needs a better interface for finding games and a review system so you know what's good and what isn't.

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Impossible? You must have a very dim view of what people are capable of.

235 points · 25 days agoGilded1

Not the only thing in common between your ex and an elephant

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Why is that savage? He implied my ex was fat, she was not. People can say what they want, doesn't bother me. Inaccurate statements shouldn't bother anyone.

But yes, it was a nice internet quip.

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"Savage" is just slang in this case, used similar to "daaamn" or "burn" in this situation. I never used it either but my roommate does and now I do.

It was hyperbole

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Mr. President?

Lol comparing obvious hyperbole to nearly treason. Seems reasonable.

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Mr. President?

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21 points · 1 month ago

The Happening was the unexpected comedy hit of 2008.

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Marky Mark did some of the worst acting I ever seent in that

11 points · 1 month ago

I'm hyped, but I feel like they shared a bit much with the trailer.

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Yeah enough that I already think it looks lame.

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We have the technology to produce massive amounts of food through hydroponics and such. We could have practically limitless energy with massive projects to set up solar and wind farms everywhere. Communist countries through history have had issues (self imposed) with agriculture and labor that made life terrible for most, and starvation for millions. I'm more for a hybrid system of capitalism and socialism but without the extremes of either. Haven't heard an informed argument against this from anyone.

fuck me, if that is what passes for a "Beauty queen" then the entire country must be ugly as shit.

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She's pretty attractive to me but I know blacks probably trigger a lot of disgust in you.

They become valuable subjects for experiments of a certain nature which require those who are lost to any records or nation. They don't exist anymore but their sacrifice will bare unimaginable fruits in the name of science.

Bro, if a video game is the only thing in your life you regret spending money on then you've won the lottery.

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If we're talking hype vs what you got I think that regret is comparable to not investing in Apple back in the day

God is real and it’s not a mythology

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Yeah Allah is real. Only Allah

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