Has any show ever been renewed for a next season, but then declined so badly over the following episodes that it was cancelled before that season could begin? by Exitoverhere in television

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There was a time travel dramedy on VH1 a few years ago called Hindsight.

VH1 renewed it for a second season and then pulled the plug a few weeks before shooting began. It got renewed then cancelled.

Google seems to think Vegan and Vegetarian are the interchangeable. by bluesharkk in vegan

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Does putting vegan in quotes still work? When I enter “vegan” and then whatever I’m looking for it should force it.

Season 03 Episode 08 “Golden Globes” : Discussion by medsciwasalltherage in superstore

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Lady Bird is good. Humor is similar to Superstore but it’s a little more of a comedy/drama.

Does Hulu stream 4K on the Xbox One X? by DaymanX in Hulu

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It looks sharper on the One X but it might be my imagination. I wonder why they’d support the S and not the X? Maybe it’s just upscaled?

Someone please mail me a mix tape of the soundtrack of the tale of two Coreys please by id_bang_mcconaughey in coreyfeldman

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John Waite’s version of “Change.”

“Cry Little Sister” from the Lost Boys.

“We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off” by Jermaine Stewart.

How Accurate Is ‘A Tale Of Two Coreys’? Lifetime’s Latest Dramatizes The Traumatic Hollywood Experience Of Corey Haim & Corey Feldman by DaymanX in television

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The casting for both the young and old Corey Haim was really good. Young Feldman didn’t look, sound, or behave anything like him.

A new Runaways novel came out this week in print, Kindle, and audiobook -- anyone else buy it? by DaymanX in Runaways

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I haven't seen any promotion for this. Found it when searching for the TPB of the current comic book run. It just came out this week.

It looks like this is an original story, but not sure where it takes place in the continuity (if at all).

"The Pride, back in L.A.? Their parents, alive? Karolina had never realized hope and fear could feel so much alike."

Written by New York Times best-selling author Christopher Golden, Runaways: An Original Novel is a fresh take on the Marvel fan favorite. Including the first issue of the revived Runaways comic series written by Rainbow Rowell and with art by Kris Anka, it's easy for fans of the comics, fans of the new Hulu TV show, and first-time readers to all enjoy this new take on an old classic.

Turns out murderous Super Villains don't make for good parents. The Runaways had no choice. They had to kill them. Well, more or less. Now Nico, Karolina, Gert, Chase, and Molly are on the run again, hiding out and trying to regain a sense of normalcy. But kids with super powers don't get to be normal.

The city is overrun with criminals, each faction bent on murdering them for one reason or another. It's only when the Runaways uncover the truth behind their parents' past that they realize the evil isn't just in L.A. It's everywhere.

EDITED TO ADD: Virginia Gardner, who plays Karolina, is the narrator of the audiobook

New Poster for 'I, Tonya' - Starring Margot Robbie, Sebastian Stan, and Allison Janey by BunyipPouch in movies

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If you watch that documentary from a few years ago, it also makes the case that she was not a co-conspirator in the act. The media coverage at the time made her out to be a villain, but I had no clue how rough she had it growing up (or how she was treated by skating officials).