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DazeOfTheWeek commented on a post in r/AskReddit
sirferrell 174 points

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs and Hitler

DazeOfTheWeek 3 points


cjmook21 261 points

Dude where's my car and Hitler?

DazeOfTheWeek 2 points

One of the best in this thread lol

DazeOfTheWeek commented on a post in r/videos
can1exy 3 points

I think that the solution is to installl a cluster of large very sticky inflatable air bags to the front of the train. Proximity detection will cause them to inflate and safely stick the human to the bag cluster like a fly on a sticky paper trap.

DazeOfTheWeek 1 point

Probably one of the funniest ones in this thread lol

VikeStep 2 points
DazeOfTheWeek 1 point

Nah, unfortunately not. Thats all I can find when I google the lyrics. Thanks for trying.

VikeStep 3 points
DazeOfTheWeek 2 points

Solved! Omg thank you so much thats it!! Thank you thank you thank you!

DazeOfTheWeek commented on a post in r/trees
throwaway1459706 10 points


But all were fire and I'd take any of them again

DazeOfTheWeek 1 point

Huh, based on looks that's exactly what I would have rated them! Number 2 looks so good. What strain is it? Out of curiousity.

throwaway1459706 1 point

Don't know. I just pay for the bag and go on my way :/

DazeOfTheWeek 1 point

Haha fair enough. I do the same thing.

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DazeOfTheWeek commented on a post in r/trees
DazeOfTheWeek 3 points

It actually looks really cool

Its_dat_rickharrison 3 points

Thank you!

DazeOfTheWeek 2 points

No worries!

And don't listen to the haters man, they prob just need to let out some stress from their days and do so by voicing their opinion that they likely made in 2 secconds.

It is a great tattoo.

At first though when I read the title and saw the thumbnail I thought "Oh, no!" because in the thumbnail it looks different but when I saw the actual picture I was pleasantly suprised.

Sure if you just got [10] written in all black and no styling it would be a different story but your's isn't. It actually has a really nice design and looks great.

I actually like it a lot because of it's style and simplicity. Also it can mean what you want it to, in a way like it could summurize acheivement for example.

The people who where hating probably just made their mind up before actually even seeing the tattoo full size.

DazeOfTheWeek commented on a post in r/trees
DazeOfTheWeek 2 points

I see a lot of people post their bowls on here and I gotta say this one is one of the coolest I've seen! :)

ethereal_sunshine 2 points

Thank you! I named it Morpheus 😂

DazeOfTheWeek 2 points

Awesome name choice. You managed to make this bowl even cooler.

And you're welcome! I really do like it a lot. It's cute yet it has a sense of sofisticated attitude about it.

Make sure you take good care of it! ;)

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