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Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
HuskerNatChamps2020 38 points

Because LTC is reliable with fast speeds and low fees. I use LTC instead of BTC or ETH when I’m transferring from one exchange to another.

Dazzyreil 9 points

Try Neo instead when possible, its free.

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Dazzyreil -8 points

There are thousands of stores that already accept crypto payments, if Pornhub only accepted Verge I would be impressed.

iamthebenj 10 points

Pornhub only accepts verge, They don't even accept Bitcoin just exclusively verge.

Dazzyreil 1 point

Exclusively Verge, euro, usd, etc etc.

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Dazzyreil 3 points

No different than all those teams with former google employees.

Google has over 88.000 people working for them.
So how sour are you for missing the PundiX boat?

ps. look at the presidents credentials.

ztay -3 points

I'm ok to miss this (and all) pump and dumps. How's this different than former Google employees? Different than Trump? Uhm... lets see 1) education 2) Experience 3) Track Record of success.

Dazzyreil 3 points

I meant the president of Pundi X (who's above the CEO)
Former Google employer doesn't meant anything either.

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/vergecurrency
EtherEllis -3 points

Totally... Name another coin that has cornered any market. I'll wait.

Dazzyreil 23 points

So does this mean 85% or the worlds pornstars and porn will be paid in Verge or does this mean pornhub is just gonna add another payment option? Imo this really isn't even remotely impressive.

Irresistance 5 points

So what on Earth did you expect?? That the Federal Reserve would say they are going to replace the USD with Verge? Would that meet your expectation? The fact that the majority of adult websites will now be accessible using XVG is a really big deal - it is a very good real-world application of crypto, allowing more anonymity but most of make sure a coin is actually widely used, not just to trade on exchanges. Very good, I'd say...

Dazzyreil 7 points

I expected the biggest thing ever in crypto that would put Verge in the top 3 and instead we got a payment option.

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Kra3m3r -10 points

Yes. Compare the site traffic on pornhub with the site traffic on ibm or PWC

Edit: I don't own Verge lol

Dazzyreil 3 points

It also seems like you dont own any brain cells.

qthistory 1 point

It's weird, though, because one can buy partial NEO on exchanges

Dazzyreil 2 points

Because it all stays in the same wallet

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Dazzyreil 19 points

Isn't using a prepaid credit card infinitly more easy then signing up to an exchange, buying btc, trading for verge, withdrawing, realising the fees fucked you over, buy more btc, trade for verge, get confused and browse free porn on pornhub?

mkalaf 10 points

I rather my wife see a charge for coinbase than for pornhub

Dazzyreil 6 points

Why not get a prepaid cc and saves yourself loads of money in fees?
Guessing that you've invested in Verge I'm sure it's safe to replace "wife" with "mommy" in your comment ;)

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
cryptoredditr 1 point

It should try getting itself to even 5K tps first:

So around 1381 transactions in a 1 second block(s) window.

That's with how significantly centralized it is.

Source: Same guy behind the article linked in the OP.

Dazzyreil 2 points

The whole idea of HPB is to combine hardware with software to create a high TPS... that's their product, not just some code.

cryptoredditr 0 points

The whole idea of HPB is to combine hardware with software to create a high TPS

Yes, I already know that.

An ideal test would involve their code and their hardware. We've just seen what their code can do on its own in a testnet (not very impressive), we'll soon see what their code + hardware can do in their "second phase".

Dazzyreil 1 point

But the point is testing their code without their hardware isn't really fair.

HPB (High Performance Blockchain) is a new combination of hardware and software blockchain architecture. It includes a chip accelerator engine and underlying blockchain platform. Designed to achieve performance extensions for distributed applications. It is an easy to use high performance block chain platform, combining industry depth to meet the business needs of the real world.

Literally the first piece of text on their website.
Any real test would involve hardware+software, you can't test it without hardware and say it preforms bad.

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
[deleted] -9 points


Dazzyreil 2 points

Decentralized internet has a few problems.
The absolute massive size of the internet and the fact that China will just block TRON

DmG90_ 2 points

I do know it has some issues, just like the internet now has some issues. but i do see the internet grow bigger and bigger by the year and I wouldn't like to see it go the way it is going now.. so i do support him in his huge vision and I do know it's a gamble. but arn't' we all gambling on a coin that will get mass adoption?

Dazzyreil 1 point

How do you decentralize 2 zettabytes of traffic?

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
lukecrypto 9 points

Not really with the tps it has. If it couldn't handle crypto kitties you really expect it to start a whole new industry?

Dazzyreil -1 points

Until OmiseGO releases Plasma and it blows every other blockchain out of the water.

Dre435 5 points

Plasma is an ether update...

Dazzyreil 0 points

Yes and who is making it? OMG is.

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
CrypTourneys 15 points

TRX is up 35% today. There's some crypto news for ya.

Dazzyreil 3 points

After it dropped far more than the rest these few days and the only reason it is up is because it got losted on bithumb, exactly the same happened to Vechain last week.

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
HD5000 8 points

I know you guys are joking but TRX up 35% today. And just listed in Korea.

Dazzyreil 2 points

Up 35% after dropping more far more than the rest these past few days and only up BECAUSE listed in Korea.

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
kittersons 3 points

That Tron volume is cra-zy. Time for a litlle victory beer this evening :)

Dazzyreil 1 point

Because one guy who held 10% of circulating supply has been selling non stop for months, TRX volume is heavily manipulated.

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
resistingdopamine -59 points

Shit happens. They are working on patches, forks etc, this will improve things. Price hasn't moved over this, but the competition will fire away, can't blame them. Many cryptos get hit, some die and some become stronger.

Dazzyreil 17 points

Many cryptos get hit, some die and some become stronger.

Name one.

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