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Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
AbsoluteCycle 14 points

Never buy on a high. VEN is WAY up there right now. Not saying it won't go further, but chances are it will have a cool down period like every other coin.

Dazzyreil 5 points

Unless they have some kind of big announcement planned this week and next month.

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/worldnews
SeToinenMies -6 points

Except fur farm animals live twice as longer as those in the wild.

Dazzyreil 3 points

Would you rather live til 100 locked up in a tiny cage 24/7 or die at 50 while getting to go and do whatever you want?

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/AskReddit
benjisimonjessie 14,374 points

I'm a water professional.

Been told numerous times there are no asbestos water pipes. I've been told that would be illegal and unethical.

Asbestos concrete pipes are one of the most common types of water and sewer pipes.

Dazzyreil 2 points

Can confirm asbestos/cement(concrete) pipes are still in use in The Netherlands!

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/worldnews
Human20634 3 points

25 liters is roughly 55 pounds, not exactly a huge weight. A quick google search turned up this:

So there you go. The city would issue something similar to each resident or maybe it will work like garabage/recycle bins in that you rent them for some fee each month. Sure, there may be some elderly people who can't handle that but I'm sure there will be services to assist them.

As for ensuring that people don't get more than their share, I could envision that they would issue everyone a "water card" that you need to scan in order to fill up your bottle. After it's used once, it will no longer activate the water tap for 24 hours.

Dazzyreil 4 points

In true units 25liter is 25kg.

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
CarsonS9 193 points

The XRB community is the best....and I will fight anyone that says otherwise! But for real's freaking awesome how engaged the community is.

Dazzyreil 13 points

The XRB community is the best

Friendlier than the dogecoin community?

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
astontech 6 points

I agree that steady growth is what we want. However, we don't want people loosing interest.

Dazzyreil 3 points

I do, who cares what people think? It's the massive companies that drive the product and not daytraders gaining 5% on 50 dollars once week.
People loosing interest means I can buy more cheap.

Diqiurenminbi 34 points

And you know they definitely have one massive partnership saved for the rebranding night

Dazzyreil 15 points

At least one.

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/Vechain
winphan 1 point

The switch will be similar to Qtum which was previously an ERC20 token. You transfer coins to supported exchange and they do the rest of work.

Dazzyreil 1 point

You transfer coins to supported exchange and they do the rest of work.

Just like the recent IGNIS tokens on Bittrex?

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
1100100011 1 point

I bought 4 shit coins that were listed on kucoin just because reddit shilled those to me

req , ven , prl and bnty

my portfolio initially went up by 50% but now I am down by 20% of the initial investment

Dazzyreil 3 points

Excuse me did you just call VEN a shitcoin? Thats like calling the dollar a shitfiat.

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/reddCoin
Kannol 2 points

Uhhhm...the fee is 0.10% without BNB...not 10%. With BNB is 0.05%. In fact, Binance’s fees are super minimal.

Dazzyreil 1 point

Uhuh that what it looks like yet for me it was 10%.
I bought 10 EOS, received 9.992, you can only trade whole coins so 0.992 EOS is not sellable, I can't withdraw it and since I don't own the private key it is safe to say it simply isn't mine.
So, 10%,

Teufel9000 1 point

if it was 10% u would have recieved 9 EOS. 10% of 10 is 1....

Dazzyreil 1 point

Well effectively I did only receive 9 EOS didnt I? Since I can't trade or withdraw the 0.992 EOS and it is stuck in THEIR wallet. So, 10%.

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Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/conspiracy
deepilly 1 point

A mason once told me metal is toxic and real masons don't wear any or even have car keys

Dazzyreil 1 point

metal is toxic? Metal isn't even a thing, it's a (VERY large) group of elements.

deepilly 1 point

Take a Kleenex and grab a quarter then smell ur finger then do it without a Kleenex and smell your finger

Dazzyreil 1 point

Now look at that same finger you just cleaned, that hard thing in the middle? Bones are metal

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/Vechain
DrXitomatl -1 points

Hope you're not an American. Each trade is a taxable event and it's more than 20%

Dazzyreil 3 points

How will they even know? Isn't he trading fiat->btc->ven->btc->wtc-btc-ven?

thetiminator5000 5 points

They are addressing this issue.

Dazzyreil 1 point

Is there an ETA when this is done or could you link me to the message?

Dazzyreil 1 point

Thanks, even more reason to leave Binance since their solution is to convert all 250 coins to their own coin.

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Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/worldnews
tea_and_biology 14 points

In the beginning, XRB was distributed freely from a source pool by solving captchas (so real humans would claim them, not bots), and incidentally became heavily favoured in some 'third-world' countries such as Venezuela. This resulted in a fairly equal distribution across holders, most of whom sold near immediately, further distributing the coin. After the distribution supply targets were met, this captcha faucet was turned off (all surplus was burnt) and the only way you can now get XRB is to buy it from someone who already has some. The developers only hold 4.71% of all XRB.

Dazzyreil 8 points

The developers only hold 4.71% of all XRB.

So unlike Ripple where the developers are billionairs because they officially hold like 55% and more in reality.

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/dogecoin
TartarRenegade 1 point

Trust me, the authorities in my country are completely incompetent. They'd scoff at me if I were to report this. For reference, I live in a 3rd-world country.

Dazzyreil 1 point


Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/nintendo
TheCrimsonDoll 5 points

I bought the game mostly for the hype my brother gave me, also, because it was on sale (Still is i think).

So, i downloaded it, i try it and after 3 hours i leave it pissed off. The game is quite fun, for real!, QUite responsive, interesting and seems quite good to master to do trick plays. I quickly understood that there should be a role for each player; if my team was too shy, i had to be agresive and go for the goal at most times, but since everyone seems to run after the ball like little children learning soccer i mostly limited myself to defend with few oportunities to be agresive.

While i played like 1 hours to get used to the controls, i instantly saw that the appeal of the game was in online modes (ofcourse) so i turned out there.

And here is where i had to stop; clearly my rank (even in casual play) said "Rookie", even so, after the FIRST DAMN GAME, every next game the oposite team had 2 semi pro and 1 pro, a very few with rookies and mine 2 rookies and 1 semi pro or 2 rookies and a pro that couldn't carry... But every.Single.Game.

I had to stop, the game wasn't fun when you tried a play just to see the other team hit you with 3 goals instantly, like you were being mocked by the game at the match making rating...

One game, the other team had 1 rookie, one semi pro and one pro, it was 2-2, when the timer hit 1 minute left, the pro went nuts and him alone put 3 goals.

I haven't touched the game since but i guess i will soon hoping that the MMR is fixed.

And about the other question, Rocket league seems to have a high cealing, so as an esport clearly can succed, if the match is equal (3 rookies vs 3 rookies) ofcourse it will be fun...

Dazzyreil 15 points

Rank says nothing, semi pro means level 10+ which equals onyly a few hours played.

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/dogecoin
Ellie_Silk 1 point

I've seen it takes a LONG while for them to be deposited, some people's are instant while others are taking days

Dazzyreil 1 point

True took 5 hours but it got deposited

Dazzyreil 1 point

True took 5 hours but it got deposited

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Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/reddCoin
Walkmooner 2 points

Good question. For starters, Reddcoin has zero to very low Tx fees. And it's far faster. Average 1 minute block time vs average 10 minutes for Bitcoin Cash. Plus, there's the POSV algorithm which allows for staking even on a Raspberry Pi. Then there's Redd-ID to come which will allow coins to be sent via usernames rather than long, complicated cryptographic addresses across the net.

Dazzyreil 7 points

I myself think Xjioasrhf018754309pyuhXBilHFDhansfakslndf is much easier to remember than "Dazzyreil".

Dazzyreil commented on a post in r/worldnews
kamxnaj 7 points

dmt isn't some new party drug or something.

Dazzyreil 3 points

Yes it is probably one of the oldest drugs out there.

Everything_Is_Koan 2 points

Opium is much older.

Dazzyreil 1 point

Easy to say, impossible to prove.
Pretty sure we have no idea what was going on in the Amazonian rainforest 3500 bc.

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