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Dchox commented on a post in r/Entrepreneur
Dchox 5 points

Although this is related to entrepreneurship, you’ll probably find better help at r/trees

I don’t think weed is all that addictive (imo), but it is habitual. Kinda like video games or something. Not literally addictive, but you’ll want to do it. Maybe try to focus on something else during the time you usually smoke?

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RussianBot-model1445 1 point

You asked me if there was a problem

I told you the problem is people who lose weight solely for attention rarely keep it off.

Don’t get mad now.

Dchox 1 point

More just confused for you reasoning, but whatever floats your boat yunno?

I see your point about it being spam-ish in r/pics.

Don’t get mad about people-being-happy spam now.

RussianBot-model1445 1 point

So many people getting upset over my offhand comments in this sub lmao

Calm down Derek it’s not that serious

Dchox 2 points

I literally just agreed with you. Jesus.

Edit: lol @ the time you’ve spent checkin my profile tho. Hope ya liked it.

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Dchox commented on a post in r/CarletonU
Dchox 1 point

Congrats on getting into aerospace engineering. I really admire that program. If it wasn’t for commerce I’d love to give it a go, but I don’t think I could pull it off tbh.

Hope you like Carleton!

Dchox commented on a post in r/AskReddit
pm_me_ur_tanlines_ 15 points

People who are so hard line for their political party, that they are not willing to accept that people who disagree with them are worth talking to or are even human. I have seen this from all sides of politics (US Politics).

Dchox 1 point

Even just anybody who doesn’t acknowledge other people’s opinion or arguments are bottom level scum to me. If people were more willing to just discuss things or god forbid admit when they’re wrong, I think we’d all be better off.

myles_cassidy 2 points

What if people do, but have little regard for them because they are not supported by evidence, or an understanding of the reality of the situation, and are instead only supported by appeals to emotion and a deliberate misrepresentstion of actual events?

Dchox 2 points

If people believe things that aren’t backed up by fact then it goes back to my previous point about admitting you’re wrong.

I want to leave religion out of this, so take flat earthers for example. They have 0 evidence that actually supports the idea that the earth is flat. The problem is not of people acknowledging their beliefs, it’s them actually believing it.

Dchox commented on a post in r/AskReddit
smartidiot23 5 points

wait, is that what that song is about?

Dchox 12 points

“I’m bringing booty back go and tell those skinny bitches that”

Meghan Trainor’s music is the definition of hypocrisy.

Edit: she follows the line with “nah I’m just playin”, so I may be wrong

perfectvelvet 12 points

Except she immediately says "Nah, I'm just playin'" and acknowledges that even skinny girls think they're fat, but they're perfect too.

At least that's my optimistic interpretation.

Dchox 6 points

Huh. Well I stand corrected.

Dchox commented on a post in r/DunderMifflin
fwooby_pwow 0 points

Arrested Development started the mockumentary-as-a-sitcom style in 1999.

Dchox 6 points

Arrested development didn’t come out until 2003 tho

Steelerswonsix 23 points

One can say the mockumentary style was used in the Canadian sitcom "Trailer Park Boys" before the US office.

Now you have to understand that their "workplace" is not exactly traditional. If you like the genre and don't mind drunken/stoner humor with no language filter, TPB is for you.

Dchox 1 point

Back in the day when my family lived in Nova Scotia my dad saw one of the first episodes of TPB and thought it was real because he’d never seen the mockumentary style before.

Needless to say he lost a lot of faith in humanity that day.

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