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Everything looks like plastic, the font, the design for the characters, etc. Why is it so distinct?

176 points · 4 days ago

1tb nvme for under $100, don't mind if I do ;))

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1tb =1000gb


8$ for a fucking terabyte

Not a fortnite fan though it reminds me of the assault smg in gta v

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its called a p90 from real life dipshit

2 points · 1 day ago

You might need the FTW wheels for this, otherwise the barrel won’t align with the wheel axis. Also a magwell, though it’d be a good candidate for a RSCB-fed flywheel setup.

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RSCBs could have saved the B90

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I mean, now he's JUST an angel.

David Bowie wins. Always.

I go by many names. "The Sledgefire Guy" "The Shotgun-obsessed Cartaya doppelganger" "Jackass" "The Man so Toxic that his name is Radioactive" "That guy" You get the idea.

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Liquid Cartaya


fuck it, we need a new crusade. Let's just raid /r/airsoft, 4chan style.


Found the commie.

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Gotcha again, i'm in support of capitalism and free trade.

What Canadians call "Capitalism" is what we call "Communism".

j/k of course.

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well too bad im american.

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You'd think atheists would like being downvoted into oblivion, since that IS their afterlife.

You sound like an angry kid on the playground.

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Definitely. He even stole part of my sentence and haphazardly added "Tranny freak" to it, despite the fact that "OC" has nothing to do with trans people

TFW your so starved for OC that you start harassing people on other subreddits.

it's downright criminal that dva hasn't been confirmed as canonically trans yet

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Remember that meme where it's revealed she's actually just Shinji Ikari after 20 months?

Where's the white male

Original Poster4 points · 3 days ago

When will medicine be able to help people like me who identify as a gay nazi German shepherd....

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Medicine can help you though, it's called euthanasia

The one I’m thinking of is apparently a puppet. I’ve never seen it but I’m thinking of by my kids

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The autistic Jim Crow....

6 points · 1 month ago

Ay, you saw that 4chan Green text to

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Oh my fucking god

It's time for another fucking crusade

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Let's do it. Raid their servers, forums, leave no survivors.

We are hitting lvls of autism that shouldnt be possible

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Fuck off

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Why play overwatch when you can just play TF2 and use pornhub. The only thing overwatch has that TF2 doesn't is sex appeal anyways

0 points · 3 days ago

just play overwatch lol

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TF2 porn parody

Gets raided and spammed by salty overwatch fans 24/7

Talking Head

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same as it ever was



Deadeye_Spider commented on
r/NerfPosted by

Toruk was able to get double stack to work with Boomco, has to be an issue with the ergo.

Original Poster1 point · 3 days ago

/u/Boomtendo and /u/Deadeye_Spider, I've uploaded the files for the B90 with the P90 style magazine, if you want to try getting it to a working state.

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we're in bois

Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

Getting prepped for a war on Saturday, and my printer is broke, so I won't be able to work on this for a little bit.

Turns out both Worker darts and Boomco darts both don't really like being in a long double stack configuration, so the actual P90 style magazine was scrapped. Now the plan is to fit Nerf Magazines (or a Katana adapter) and an alternate barrel if they want to use your Nerf magazine Boomco feed lip.

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