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Summoner Name: Debdub

Server: EUW

Rank: Silver 2

Main role/champs: Jungle or top

Time available to play: All days

Preferred method of communication (if applicable): Discord

Summoner Name: Debdub

Server: Eu West

Rank: Silver 2

Main role/champs: Mainly jungle and support

Time available to play: All 3 days

Preferred method of communication (if applicable): Discord


What is it that people like about season 4&5?

I'm confused about what makes people like these two seasons, from my own point of view i see them as objectively worse than the first 3. I feel that many things from the sub-par fight scenes to the excessive monologues and exposition dumps are really holding back my enjoyment of it.
So i'm curious to see what makes people appreciate it and if ive been completely overlooking something.


How would a druid in cyberpunk work?

My friend is starting a cyberpunk campaign and he's trying to implement all the players handbook into things that would make sense in universe, (Spells are augments and grenades and stuff) but he ran into a snag on druid.

Since magic isn't really a thing in cyberpunk, how would a druid turning into an animal work? Honestly have no idea how to work this, but any help would be appreciated.


Weird glitch in mastery page

My friends was naming his masteries and noticed that when you type "Support" into it, that it censored it. Kinda weird, anyone know why?

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Everybody keeps assuming it's where Salem is, even though there is literally no evidence for that whatsoever.

At any rate, it's the only continent that doesn't have a standing Kingdom, though WOR has shown us that it's clearly inhabited, with many villages and towns.

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2 points · 1 year ago

What would you do if it turned out that Salem actually was there?


Manga with a strong Bromance?

Kinda looking for a manga in which one of the MC's is close with one of his friends. Examples would be: "The Gamer" Han Jee-Han & Shin Sun-Il "Onepunch Man" Saitama & Genos

And to a lesser extent characters like Kanzaki and Oga from "Beezlebub"


Best episode of RWBY and why.

Personally, the best episode for me would have to be "Heros and Monsters" simply because it had that fight with Roman on top of the airship. For me, that fight was one of the best of the series. The music, the setting, the characters and most importantly, how it all ended, made for a fantastic episode.


I personally think a pope would be great. All we need is for one person to declare himself pope and then we can have crusades.

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What small changes could change major events in the show?

E.g. If Ruby caught up to Cinder before she managed to infect the CCT tower with her virus, Cinder wouldn't have been able to control the match-ups for the tournament, possibly saving Penny from becoming a scrap heap.

Are there any other small changes that could have changed the outcome of the show?


Request for Anime where girl meets every love interest trope in her first day.

I cant remember much about it, but i do remember that the girl meets pretty much every love interest she could possibly meet in like the first day of highschool. Everything from a handsome senpai to her childhood friend, and im pretty sure the swim team shows up but i can't remember.

I know it isnt much to go on but any help would be appreciated.


Do the bad guys actually pose a threat? (Spoilers)

Ok, so before anyone gets trigger happy over the title, let me explain. When i say "Pose a threat" i mean a physical threat as in Stabby Stabby threat rather than plotting and coming up with devious plans kinda threat. Cause while i am fairly confident in the bad guys ability to make evil plans that actually work, im not too sure in their fighting abilities. I mean if we look at every fight the good guys have had versus the bad guys the only fights that left any lasting damage against the good guys would be: Penny v Pyrrha Yang v Adam and Pyrrha v Cinder.

And in only in the Penny v Pyrrha do the bad guys get away with it. With Penny v Pyrrha, penny does die yes, but thats not even certain as she is a Robot and can be rebuilt. Pyrrha v Cinder does end up with Pyrrhas death true, but it also leads to Ruby discovering her Silver eye powers and scarring Cinder so badly she's stuck with Salem until she recovers, which also effectively sidelines Emerald and Mercury. And while Adam cuts off Yangs arm, she gets a new one pretty quickly so any negative effects there are pretty much negated.

Even at the end of the most recent duel between Qrow and Tyrian, while Qrow takes some hits, its Tyrian that comes out worse off in the end. And while it's highly likely Qrow will make a swift recovery, it's unlikely the same can be said for Tyrian.

This is the sort of problem i see. Tyrian is most likely not kept around by Salem for his intellectual abilities and is instead most likely a combat specialist, seeing as Salem trusted him to find the Spring maiden on his own. However despite this, he comes out worse than the good guys and will most likely not pose the same threat again due to his injury.

TL:DR Bad guys nearly always come out worse in fights and even when they do, it's debatable at best.

Edit 1: Please do not downvote opinions just because they have differing opinions to you. Its bad form and is quite childish to be honest.

Edit 2: Im going to sleep now as it's 2:50am where i am, but i will be back in the morning happy to answer any and all questions if people do not understand my post or replies. Again please do not downvote replys just because you personally don't agree with them.


I'm going to answer this simply:

They are the main characters. If the main characters were hurt and maimed every other episode, then the show would just be a boring cavalcade of fuck ups and people who have no idea what their doing. They are the main characters, and that is why they usually come out for the better. This isn't a new thing limited to RWBY either; it happens in old novels like Lord of the Rings, in games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect, in most anime in general. The good guys come out better because they are the protagonists. The villains pose a threat definitely, because let's see:

They have toppled a kingdom, killed two of the most powerful characters in the cast, stole the power of a Maiden and added it to one of their own number, maimed one of the main characters, and just recently wounded and likely poisoned the mentor of another main character.

Hell, even darker things like Berserk follow this. Bad shit happens, especially to Guts, but he usually comes out over his opponents because he's the main character and watching him just get his ass kicked every chapter would be boring. A game like Dark Souls follows this, you are shit, yet you come over the enemies monumentally stronger because you are the player.

Would you really be interested in a show that has the protagonists being killed, maimed, defeated, etc. by every foe they come across? No. And at the same time, acting like the villains are ineffectual is foolish and wrong, because in the short time they've been around, they've done a lot, as I stated above.

To sum it up: Yes, they are a big threat, and this type of storytelling where the heroes overcome the enemies is neither new nor limited to RWBY, so don't act like it.

I apologize if at any point I seemed rude and/or, well, like an asshole; that's not the intention.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

No need to apologize, i did make this thread to stimulate debate and to make people think, you didn't come across as rude.

However i would have to disagree with your first point (Main characters getting hurt every other episode)

For the first point, while i do not think the main characters getting maimed and hurt every other episode would make for a good show as it would then become the exact opposite of the problem i have now, with the expected outcome of every fight being that the MC's fail. Your right that would be boring and stupid, however i would like some fights to have that effect.

We've been through 3 and a half volumes and theres only been a few fights that have had any lasting effect. Summed up again as Penny dying (But could easily come back seeing as she's a robot). Pyrrha dying (Which with the name and who she was based off, no one should have seen as a surprise) And Yangs arm being cut off (And with the new robot one, it nearly negates all the damages to her)

So i would say the only real, unexpected damage that has actually stayed with the Heros is Yangs fear of Adam and possibly sharp red swords.

I would like to see RWBY being run less like Naruto or LoTR, where we know that there won't be any lasting damage to the heros bar mabye one or two events, and have it be more Game of Thrones.

Note when i say that, i don't mean RWBY should turn into a nitty, gritty, sexualized, ploitical intrigue and gratuitously violent show. I mean that RWBY should have more moments where we know the Heros are in over their heads, so we can feel tension when things g o wrong.

For example, whenever any of the good guys in GoT fight the Mountain, you feel worried for them, you can feel the tension because you know the Mountain is a strong, brutal character that won't have any qualms with killing or maiming the good guys. You feel like the fight will matter and your on the edge of your seat e.g Viper vs Mountain.

Whereas in RWBY it's difficult to feel worried for the Heros as you know their going to come out ok. You know everything will be fine and it removes any sort of tension from the fight. An example of this is the Qrow vs Tyrian fight. When i saw Qrow appear i knew that the Heros had won. This is because the show very rarely will maim or kill a character, i felt no tension as i knew everything was going to be ok, it just took the excitment out of the fight.

I apologize if iv'e explained this badly but i hope you can see my point.

I think I can see your point, and to some extent I agree. However, using GoT as a comparison isn't very good. GoT is something made for a much more mature audience. Things like that are expected for things of that genre. RWBY was originally made for audiences more around teenagers and young adults, so to have these heroes come out on top is also expected. Despite the fact that RWBY's audience has expanded, especially considering V3, that doesn't change the fact that it's still a show where the heroes are the type who are meant to succeed even in adversity. Bumps along the way are expected, losses are (now) something that they will face, but in the end they are going to win and the villains are going to fall. I can't speak for GoT; I've only seen the first few episodes. But GoT is, again, something created from the start for a much for mature audience. RWBY just isn't.

And on moments where heroes are in over their heads, I agree, that is something there could be more of. However, we've had that with:

•Pyrrha, who fought Cinder who was clearly out of her league.

•And before Qrow arrived, Tyrian was dominating RNJR. He was having no trouble at all. We all expected Qrow to come in and save the day, but I don't think that makes the feeling of "Oh, Tyrian might actually have this" any lesser. And in the end, it's not like they got off with no troubles; Qrow has been wounded and (likely) poisoned, and also likely not happy that Ruby disobeyed his order to stay back. I'm sure that's something there is going to be a talk about.

It's not as much as you'd hope perhaps, but it is something that has happened.

Now, as for Yang's arm...that's another can of worms right there. Yes, the arm allows her to get back into the fight, but that doesn't just make the event insignificant. She said it herself; she lost an arm, a part of her that she can never truly get back. Put yourself in her place. Would you really have all of those scars, both physical and mental, healed just by slapping on a new one?

Overall though, I can definitely see where your coming from, you explained it fairy well.

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Original Poster2 points · 1 year ago

I appreciate that you kept the debate cordial and that you made several logical points. Thank you for giving me something to think on, and while i don't think my hopes will change, i feel as though you've presented some good points. Thanks again for being polite about this.

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Weapons and Armor for floor 21 up?

So I've just gotten to floor 21 using dark ryback armor and the machete as my main weapon and armor. And i'm getting absolutely curb-stomped by the enemies on these floors, don't even get me started on the goto-9 mid-boss. Seeing as the armor and machete both need red metals to upgrade, what should i switch to using? Should i go back and upgrade my D.O.D arms weapons or what? Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT 1: Ok so the general consensus seems to be to switch to Candl wolf gear. I'm going to try grind that out and upgrade the iron until 2+4 and ill see how that goes. Will update in future once ive tried it out.


Damn, i've two characters and i dont know which one to pick...Eh, ill post em both and if you pick me you can decide the more interesting one. The First is a wood elf monk Named "Varis". He's tall (as is standard for elves) and a bit on the skinny side. He dresses in western monk robes (colored white) and wears a golden comedy mask. (From the classical Comedy, Tragedy set). Any piece of skin that is exposed is covered in bandages as to be as aerodynamic as possible.

The Second, is my warlock of Cthulhu "Lutasang". He is a human male who is average height. He has shaggy black hair that goes down to his shoulders and looks like it hasn't been washed in a long time. His face is gaunt and shallow and his eyes are sickly green. He wears black robes with green highlights with eldritch symbols sown into them. As for accessory's, he carries a tattered leather tome that contains forbidden (and quite maddening) eldritch knowledge, and a spear with a pulsating, fleshy eye just below the tip of the spear.

If you could draw either or these i would be immensely grateful and probably be willing to make a blood sacrifice in your name should it come to that. Unfortunately i will not be awake for your drawings so if you managed to draw either of my characters, could you post a link to where i could see them when i wake up? Thanks again and i hope the drawing goes well regardeless

Im quite upset i missed this. Guess i better be on the ball in case this happens again

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