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That is such a BS, people can have an unlucky start and then elitist pricks like you start hammering on those people and refuse to play stating they have to carry people. Those people are what’s wrong, this late in the season people are located in the rankings they belong in. Don’t act like your better than you are.

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I wouldnt consider playing like garbage for 20% of the game an "unlucky start" lol.. maybe an unlucky kickoff and you get scored in the first 3 seconds is fine. But in a whole minute, you have a pretty good idea of what the other 4 minutes will be like :P

I'm with you up until you said "they also can't do it at the expense of ruining their product."

How would allowing cross-play with Nintendo and XBox gamers ruin their product?

No sarcasm intended, serious question.

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Because the success of their product is based on how many players buy them?

If you have a PS4 and one of your best friend is looking to get a console and likes XBox, but really wants to play with you, having crossplay between Xbox and PS4 would end up in your friend getting an Xbox.

Multiply that by 150% as there are almost twice as many PS4 users as Xbox users, and you lose yourself a whole lot of money if you allow it.

That is EXACTLY why Microsoft / Xbox didnt want PS3 - Xbox360 crossplay a few years ago.

I respectfully disagree. From a business perspective, I understand why Microsoft did this with the Xbox 360, and I understand why Sony is doing it with PS4. If they _were_ to open up PSN online multiplayer to cross-play with both Xbox Live and Nintendo Online players, yes -- they would _absolutely_ lose money on _some_ console sales, PSN-subscription sales, and their cut of digital sales of games that they feature on the Playstation store.

However, those losses would be limited to users whom either don't already own any of the big three consoles from this generation (PS4, XB1/X, Switch -- although outside of folks willing to spend a premium for the XB1's higher graphical fidelity or the Switch's portability, I'd _literally bet my house_ that the majority of folks who don't already own a console released in this generation are _going_ to buy a PS4/Pro for it's _objectively superior first-party/platform-exclusive library vs. the XB1's library, as well as its (arguably) superior first-party/platform-exclusive library vs. the Switch. However, for as excellent as the Nintendo Switch' first-party/platform-exclusive library _already_ is (relative to the platforms relative-youth), it's third-party library offerings _objectively_ compete with those of the XB1 or PS4 in either number or quality (which is a credit to the XB1 and PS4 as both the PS4 and XB1 offer an incredible number of quality third-party offerings [the overwhelming majority of which are available on both platforms]).

In that vein, the PS4s _overall_ library is _objectively_ stronger than both that of the XB1/X or Switch, and I definitely think you're underestimating how heavily strength-of-platform-game-library factors into the buying decision of _any_ gamer in the market for a new console.

As for gamers who _currently own a current-gen platform_ that would consider buying a PS4 to play their favorite multi-player games their PS4-owning friends play, the number of gamers who _can even afford to_ buy another current-gen console, let alone a PS4, a subscription to _another_ online service in PSN, _and_ copies of games they've _already bought_ on their previous platform. That cost-factor will _absolutely_ limit the number of players who will buy a PS4 just for that purpose. In that vein, I think you're _also_ underestimating the number of current console owners whom, even if they _can_ afford the combined cost of all of those _mandatory_ platform-specific purchases, will just straight-up _refuse_ to buy a PS4 strictly out of resentment for the fact that they'd be buying the new console not because they'd want experience that console's excellent first-party and platform-exclusive titles, but because _Sony refused to cut in to their profit margins_ to allow them to game with friends on other platforms. *Whether it's a potentially sound _business_ decision on Sony's part to not allow cross-platform play, it has _objectively_ hurt the perception of the platform (and by extension, Sony) among gamers who give a shit about how they spend their money.

Given those observations, I can't even _remotely_ see how Sony enabling cross-play to allow PS4 gamers to enjoy multi-player gaming with friends on other consoles "ruin" their "product." The PS4's lead in terms of console sales over both the XB1 and Switch (though I think that by the time is four years into its lifecycle the way PS4 is, it has the potential to get _close to_ the PS4s overall sales numbers) is _very_ significant, and that's due in no small part to Microsoft's pre-launch mis-steps _and_ the _objectively_ stronger overall game library the PS4 offers.

*In my opinion, gamers on other platforms who have been loyal to Microsoft (_despite_ Microsoft's pre-launch gaffes with the XB1, not to mention it's objectively weaker overall games library) _or_ Nintendo (despite the Switch's objective lack in overall processing power as well as its objectively weaker overall games library) would not be flocking in droves to buy a PS4 if they had disabled cross-play with PS4 players the same PS4 is doing with XB1/Switch players now. Gamers didn't flock to PS3 when Xbox 360 did it (PS3 sales were relatively _abysmal_ compared to Xbox 360 sales for the life of both consoles) _despite_ the fact that it cost _money_ to play with friends online while it was _*free*_ to play with friends online on the PS3. Sure, the PS3 cost between $75-$100 more than the Xbox 360 during the first year of its lifecycle, but by the time online gaming exploded (around the time CoD: World at War, and subsequently CoD: Modern Warfare were released and Microsoft started disabling cross-play, the cost of a PS3 had come down to be in-line with that of the Xbox 360. Xbox 360 dominated console sales despite being inferior in graphical fidelity, processing power, _and_ the fact that they charged players to play online with friends because the platform's first-party and platform-exclusive offerings were _far_ stronger than either the PS3 or Nintendo Wii.*

From my perspective, you're _greatly_ overestimating the impact that enabling cross-play would have on Sony's bottom line, and I'd argue that you're doing so because that you're either a little biased in Sony's favor, or you're trying to be impartial, but you're not considering all of the factors I mentioned above when forming your opinion.

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I personally think you are taking this a little to far lol. I unfortunately dont have enough time to read all of this, as I, no offense, don't really enough about it to read a text wall.

Lets sum it up with we agree to disagree.. lol

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Kaleidoscope or Leviathan? As far as I remember, those are the only 2 import decals, and I’d take this over either one.

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Leviathan complete crushes that BMD :D

Because noobs don’t rotate.

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Ever thought that maybe they dont rotate because they see you waiting on the goal line for 4 minutes?
"Rotating" is not only coming back to goal, its also going upfield when you should.

That smoke is server side and not dynamic. Smoke grenades are.

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Thats not how "dynamic smoke" works lol.. The way it is rendered ingame is still the same lol..

There is a difference performance wise between getting particles that are always there and getting particles from a dynamic source (the smoke grenade) the server has to do alot more checks.

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Not really. The smoke at exits for example, are rendered the exact same way as those on smoke grenades. The particles and the rendering is the exact same.

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10 year anniversary event and they can't even make sure that the eggs are at least above a certain tier, decal tier, really? smh, Psyonix are really taking the piss lately.

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Ooooor, maybe you should just not complain about stuff you get for free? Just a thought

New map looks huge. How much bigger is it?

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Goals and boosts are all in the same spots. Difference is the back wall is pushed back (and added another 100 boost behind nets). So I'd say like 20-25% bigger?

Nothing concrete since we are still far from release but they talked about it on one of the podcasts, and it makes sense to do so for the longevity of the game otherwise the player will stop playing in few months and get bored. Just like now.

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Actually, not having wipes after the release would literally kill the game after 2½ months. I guarantee you they are implementing some kind of "Season" mechanic to the game or something (that is, if they know how basic replayability works)

My opinion is that people need to change the perspective that they see gear and the game.

Tarkov is meant to be a struggle and give that feeling every raid you do. By changing the economy to be harder emphazises this. You are meant to be living on the edge.

Every raid now means you actively need to make a decision. No longer can you bring back a bag full of guns and sell everything to the trader later buying what you want.

Will you keep the gun for future use when you die or will you sell it to the trader for extra cash for those attachments that you want.

I think a more important question is are you playing the game to be have limitless guns and everything in your stash within grasp ? For me I welcome tarkov to be more difficult and challenging and you need to revaluate why you play as it's only going to get harder.

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I agree. However changes like these HAVE to be made ALL at the same time, and with a wipe. You cant just change something like that during mid-wipe, with people already being level 55+ with 15+M Rubles, and players being level 25 with 1.5M

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I think a lot of you here commenting arent reading this right :P

As an example, Diamond 1 in doubles (3.28%) doesnt mean you're TOP 3.28%. It means 3.28% of players are Diamond 1.

To know what "Top %" you are, you need to add up all the higher skills above your current rank, and your rank. Meaning Diamond 1 would be Top 9.43%.

Just thought I'd put that out there ;)

Well you can't buy flash drives. Sell price is a thing, buy price another.

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You can find pretty much 1 drive every run or two in Interchange.. actually, 4 is pretty cheap.

1 point · 2 months ago

There should be WAY LESS scavs on factory and WAY MORE SCAVS on shoreline, woods, customs.

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Yeah, if you want Shoreline and Customs to literally become unplayable :P

As someone who enjoys EFT. This game will never be a competitive game equal to CSGO.

However fundamental elements must exist in all Pc FPS's. One of those is the ability to enable raw input.

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It's not aiming to be any time of "esport" game of any kind.

You ever sat reloading a 60 round mag?

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No? What does that have to do with the discussion here? I'm curious.

3 points · 2 months ago

Those are clearly magazines not bugs

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Yeah, because people clearly enter raids with hundreds of mags ;)

Original Poster5 points · 2 months ago

Step 1 jump on something, Step 2 already be in hole because you were moving forwards.

But yeah totally my fault not the game for adding these.

Also the only reason you can't get out is the outside has ledges halfway up the box, the hole does not. Something you cannot know until you are in it.

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They dont just ADD holes... You clearly have no idea how level design works lol

As a programmer who lives near the west coast and works for a mid-west company which also has programmers living in Spain and Africa: You don't have to live in a place to do programming work there.

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BSG are hiring people that specifically live or are willing to move to Russia. So in this case, yes, you have to live there

Nice that black dune racer? I’ve been lookin for another decal for my decenniums

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Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

Regular Dune Racer with black 2nd color

To be clear, Tarkov is not a PVP game. While it contains PVP elements, calling it PVP would be like calling it an RPG MMO because it contains elements of those as well.

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To be clear, Tarkov, in its current state, is 99% a PVP game. lol

Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Not outdated, more like half of these things are not working/temporarily removed. (like skill forgetting and charisma skill)

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Health doesnt level up while healing anymore. Health is tied to Endurance and Strenght. Whenever you gain points in these 2, you gain points in Health.

Metabolism doesnt level up JUST by eating and drinking in game now. You actually need to regain energy and hydration from eating and drinking. If you're full hydration, drinking wont give you any Metabolism XP.

Strenght doesnt increase your speed +2%-100% anymore, its, I believe, +2%-75%

Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago
  1. Edited
  2. Edited
  3. Source? May edit later if real.
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They lowered the speed you gained at max level by 25% when they reworked the way strenght was levelled up in a patch a few weeks ago. I'll try to find it.

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Wait is white trim worth alot? I got white trim merc (lol)

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Anything painted white is worth some keys. But octane / Twinzer is probably 100+ $

Holy shit

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White Octane is currently worth a little more than 100 keys (100-108 keys approx). Safe to say that a brand new car that just came out, with the Octane Hitbox will be worth at least the same for a week or two. Then its anyone's guess as to whether it will go up or down in price.

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Skier is the best trader for any weapon mod. In the early stages, you should never ever sell guns as a whole. Just strip down literally every single mod / part of a gun. Then go to Skier, sell everything he takes, sell everything else to Prapor. You'll get more money than selling the gun straight to Prapor, and will level both of them up. I think Skier is the guy I have "spent" the most on right nowat around 15M RU. Prapor close at around 13.5M

Turn 'Shadow Visibility' up, i have mine set on 100. This setting should lock around 60/70 in my opinion. Turning it all the way down gives a pretty crazy advantage.

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Not nearly as bad as LOD distance.. When set to 0.2, everything in Interchange further than like 75m just straight up doesnt render (like if you're far from the cash registers, the counters / registers wont render, so you would just see a guy standing there if someone was looting them.

3 points · 2 months ago


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Patch has been out 2 hours ago. Give em a few days..

Original Poster15 points · 2 months ago

Maybe I'm just too impatient :)

Thanks! I'll keep an eye out for it.

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Just a little bit.. Its been like ~2 hours.. lol

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