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Not me, but my best friend was super drunk in Tokyo. When he was about to get in the taxi he got the map out of his wallet to show the driver where the hotel was. Anyway he has wallet in one hand and map in the other, stares at them both for a second, throws his wallet away and puts the map back in his pocket and goes on his merry way


Hi PF!

Quick background, I'm 20 Y/O living in Brisbane Australia, I currently live with my parents however this is over an hour and a half one way to get to Uni each day. As I am in my third year of my engineering degree, the commute is starting to get annoying. Due to this I'm thinking about moving out closer. I have a friend that wants to move out with me. I would prefer to be in an apartment and I'm looking at a max of $250 a week rent pp with rates included. Last year I made just over $22k as a bartender but can easily pick up more hours to accomidate for the move.

I am wondering what would be the best way to begin to budget for this, how much I should save before I commit to the move and any general tips that might help me along my journey.

Full disclosure I don't want to ask my parents for financial assistance with regards to this as they don't particularly want me to move out yet, but the travel time has affected my Uni grades thus far.

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The difference is he’s budgeting it on $250 a room not a house.

My friends lived in Sydney with 2 other housemates and it worked well. The bills were divided in thirds and the rent was too

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I have to look into it as Centrelink takes into account your parents wages even if you are independent of them

Sure. If you seriously think you can do the thesis and work more, ok. My son was a straight OP1 maths/science dude and he struggled. He really never had to work/ do extended study in his life, to be fair. And he made Chem engineering his thing. I hope you can make it work.

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Thanks for your advice. I will definitely give it more of a think before I rush into anything

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People that pee in the shower and dirty liars

Ya mom answered, but she was booked out until your birthday...

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Thanks I guess

I called one girl and told her that her number was in a bathroom stall. She asked me to cross it out, so I did. She was nice. We had a beer together, but we had nothing in common. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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Thought this was gonna turn into a marriage story

"What are you gonna do? Shoot me"

I mean I absolutely hate the taste of lettuce from places like McDonalds or Subway, that shitty iceberg lettuce. And yes it does leave an aftertaste. So if I order it without it, and then get a sandwich with it, I am not going to enjoy my meal because of someone else's mistake. I'm not going to throw a fit but I did ask for it without and will want the correct version of what I ordered.

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Man some people just go autopilot with their job. Everyone's human

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