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A different take on it:

JFK Jr. knew for a long time about the doings of the cabal. They literally killed his dad. What would motivate a man more than that to strive for ultimate justice?

He knew DJT for a very long time. He knew that DJT was the only person in the world with enough brains, integrity and, maybe most importantly, the cash and experience in navigating the swamp to make this happen.

To hatch the plan to fruition, he had to vanish from the public stage. Thus him faking his death.

Is this really too far "out there" after everything we have found out?

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Actually it’s not too far out there. These people publicly assassinated a much loved president in broad daylight during a parade basically to shove it our faces. If we can do this we can do anything. And they did. There’s so many to list but one was the Vin

The Russians have probably been interfering in our elections for decades, just like we interfere in elections. This is all to distract from the FBI/doj interfering in our elections. That is the real ccrime here. And the FBI, the doj, the corrupt media and the democrats have been putting all their efforts into covering it up, and in the process, they have destroyed the credibility of the FBI and the doj. Equal justice under the law no longer exists in America.

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No. What a lame ass excuse. The Russians did it. I don’t buy it. This is a case of the “fbi could indict a ham sandwich” if they wanted. So dumb.

Did they even have the dnc server? Or just by what crowdstrike's word?

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I’ll bet neither crowd strike nor the dnc has ever touched the server since the day Seth Rich died.

Sure I agree completely. But the media and uninformed 80% will only see headlines. “Russians indicted. Assange is guilty of working with them”. So now anything he puts forward now looks weak. now it’s way too late for JA. He just lost all shred of credibility he had with complete control over the evidence. Now it flips w a federal indictment hanging over his and the Russian gru. This is very very bad. A big giant unforced error by Trump. He should have fired RR and sessions and strozk and the other rats all on the same day he fired Comey

Yeah, but..... with a federal indictment anything on the server or that Assange has can and will be spun that “The Russians” PLANTED THE EVIDENCE!!!!

This is a big time fuck up to have not fired Rod R and Jeff S and Strozk etc already.

They’re going to find her dead. Bank on it.

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Her and Strozk will die in a horrible crash w a dump truck. Symbols matter to these fuckers.

Because communists are parasitic, subversive assholes that never create anything. They can only take things from those who create, and take them by being subversive assholes. They despise the constitution and human liberty as it is antithetical to their totalitarian death-grip rule. It is their nature.

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“They despise human liberty.” Beautifully and suscinctly put. That’s why I love this place!

I have a question. Please know I am tarded when it comes to tech. With that said, my gut tells me that the fire "in the server room that her secret service detail had access to" in her house un NY is significant. We never hear why.

I don't believe this lines up with, or has to do with what HRC referred to as "acid-washing" her emails - that's some unrelated event/process. But if someone could play devils advocate here and fill me in on what this server room fire could mean, I would love it.

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It means Hillary is an arrogant stupid tech moron. Who still has to have everything printed out by Huma to read it. And who thinks that data resides in a physical location. No. Data once connected to the internet can be accessed by the nsa. Anything. Anywhere. Hillary thought her server was the only place the incriminating evidence was so she burned it down. Lol. It’s in the hands of the nsa already and she or Weiner had it backed up on iCloud w Apple. As Q says. These people are stupid.

This guy was also in charge of that airport shooting that was fishy as hell too.

I just commented about that in a dupe thread:

The last time I remember Q saying "Thank you USSS" was in the airport photo from the Mercedes SUV.

E: to note though that pic had a United plane that was different than the private jets at the tarmac meeting so I don't mean to imply they are connected. Also, the previous pic appeared to be at night, the tarmac meeting was confirmed by airport security footage to have taken place during daylight.

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Maybe she had multiple meetings w ole billy boy?

What beautiful technique. You have a right to defend yourself still in this country. Wind up, full body momentum haymaker vs a metal pipe. We are winning.

108 points · 18 days ago

Fake news! There are no "large men" on the left. Shit, the women have more testosterone than the men. I guess they could have been lardass antifa cucks who have to use a pillow case for a face scarf.

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Union thugs. Paid bonuses to harass repubs.

Hey Buddy, look around you, Wales is a beautiful, wonderful place full of great people. It's worth fighting for! It's not too late, your flag has a dragon, would a dragon give up?

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Sorry. UK has no first amendment freedom of speech and no second. They are toast.

THANK YOU OP!!! The second post and your analysis is excellent cherry picking Q drops perfectly to thread this together. This is why I know more than any of my friends and family and can give them all peace of mind that things will be ok for 🇺🇸 W Trump as POTUS.

We have to look at everyone. Make and female here:

He wasn’t holding hands anyway- you can see obamas left hand by his pants pocket

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0 points · 1 month ago

wtf is DS? why is this forum cryptic? why no plain explanation of the theories? Links to weirdo youtubers don't count

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Deep state

They aren't protecting Obama so much as trying to protect their image. They are hoping that the dems do really well in November and they can't sweep this under the rug. Once the OIG report hits, they're finished. I say that with a great deal of sadness as someone who watched the FBI TV series as a kid and believed the FBI was full of straight arrows.

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Crimes. Not image at stake. Wow. This is big.

14 points · 1 month ago

What are the odds that one of these spies was able to worm his way into being Attorney General of the United States?

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Was just thinking that.

We do know that Seth Rich and his friends hacked the dnc and Podestas Gmail to give to wikileaks. True hero.

Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

not so....THEY have had it all along. AG Loretta Lynch threatened to prosecute NYPD officers involved in the strangling death of a Black NY resident[eric garner] who was selling cigarettes on the street.....if they went forward with the evidence.

“What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”


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So now the chief of police is a Russian agent under the stupid logic of the left.

This makes it so much more plausible that Seth Rich leaked the emails not some hacker.

Original Poster11 points · 1 month ago

No....NYPD seized the laptop first and saved all the data.....then, the FBI came in and took the evidence. The NYPD still has the evidence that they found FIRST.

The laptop is everything......future will prove past!

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Exactly this.

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It’s much more plausible that Seth and his colleagues at the DNC who loved Bernie and hated Hillary stole BOTH the dnc emails and Podestas Gmails.

Why hasn’t anyone in the Trump DOJ/FBI investigated this ORIGIN of the bogus “Russian hacking” claim?

Original Poster15 points · 1 month ago

There is no 'Russian hacking', there is only 'hacking'. Russians wouldn't release Podesta emails but instead would have kept them for blackmail.

As for Seth, he was no hacker, he just used his access privileges to copy dnc emails.

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Exactly. None of it makes sense.

Why hasn’t the dnc and crowd strike been hit w obstruction of justice and destroying evidence since they never have turned over the servers that were “allegedly” hacked by “Russia”??!!

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