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November 2, 2017 from Q:

"Who controls (North Korea)?
Who really controls (North Korea)?
Don't think of a single person.
Think of a powerful entity.
Why is this important?
Why are wars so important?
Who benefits?
What does hostage refer to?
Who can be held hostage and controlled by NK having miniaturized nuclear weapons?
Where is (Barack Obama) TODAY?
Where is (Valerie Jarret)?
Alice & Wonderland."


My honest prediction out of this whole fiasco is that it will backfire on the Dems in a way they never saw coming... Their one savior who is so very old and tired. Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire from the Court after this term. She said something I never ever thought she'd say and she looks so so old and tired like an old great grandma. She's lost it years ago....

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Honestly, I wish I had done it sooner. I don’t know what I was so afraid of. It was a good day :)

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You are not only smart, articulate but also very wise. You have a bright future ahead since you stick to your ideals and convictions. Congrats!

It was several things I was researching on my own but Mueller is a strange contradiction. He is a swamp creature to be sure but why did he have an undercover FBI agent reporting on Uranium 1 and why did he risk everything including his career and prison to try and rescue Robert Levinson from Iranian prison despite Bush jr and Obama leaving him there on purpose. What was Levinson doing as a retired FBI agent on a mission for FBI/CIA in Iran? What did he find that 2 presidents left him to die?

When Mueller went off book and recruited Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska to fund $25M to fund the last rescue attempt and they nearly had Levinson on a plane when HRC swooped in and blew it up.

Then Mueller interviewed with President Trump for FBI Director when he isn't eligible. Obama Admin had a special extension made for him once already on the Term limit.

Mueller has done nothing except run a smoke screen keeping Dems busy believing they had PDJT if they are patient while slowly we get all the info on the illegal spying, fake dossier, leaking classified docs and laundering info through MSM, Russian collusion by Obama Admin and HRC esp with their Ukraine buddies. And now Manafort has been nailed down to point the finger back at Tony Podesta and the Ukraine/Russian Oligarchs, the top Russian Mafia boss and a huge guns, drugs and human trafficking scheme through Ukraine. Whole reason they had a coup there because Russia won't allow human trafficking in and out.

Articles on Levinson & Mueller that started this fitting together for me:

It sure seems Mueller sent the retired ex CIA / FBI Robert Levinson on an important mission in Iran against the wishes of Bush. Why would he do that? Why would Obama bury him in Iran and HRC too. What intel does he have?

I think it's proof Obama is a Manchurian Candidate funded by Prince Turki of Saudi Arabia but I have no proof yet.

Mueller was a dirty prosecutor and helped frame innocent scientists on Anthrax attacks and cover 9/11 Saudi ties (he blocked families of victims suing Saudis). But I wonder if he had any choice.

I also know he was a Marine and decorated Vietnam Vet.

I have more reasons also but that's the basics of why I think Mueller interviewed with POTUS Trump even though he was ineligible for Director of FBI. He did get hired. And he is helping drain the swamp which starts with pulling some of this endless knot out in key areas - Lobbyists and money laundering re Manafort to energy, Uranium and gun running with Awan brothers, Russians including the red head, HRC, Podesta Group who was also buying journalists hacks which sadly this DC article reminds me of their tripe.

And they were working with Hezbollah through the US major ports Obama leased for decades to U.A.E. company Gulftainer a subsidiary of Crescent Group which is owned by Sadam Hussein's Nuke scientist Jaffar's brother and Nephew. Muslim Brotherhood ties there also.

They used our ports to import drugs and terrorists and export money, guns, Uranium yellow cake.

Getting Podesta under investigation finally is a huge win!! It's for the tip of the iceburg.

Mueller and Rod Rosenstein kept Demsand MSM busy believing he was after Trump. But no... The real criminals Podestas, Clintons, Obamas, Soros, MSM etc. All are scared =)

Thanks to Q's questions to us I was able to research this and put it together.

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Excellent analysis

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You’re going a sue a private enterprise because they don’t want to host hate-filled platforms, is that right?

The same as privately owned cake shops who don’t want to make or decorate cakes for certain races or sexual orientations are fully supported by you, right?

Nothing states that you have to give a platform to ignorance. Just because the first amendment exists, doesn’t mean that private companies are legally required to host people’s ignorance, give them a platform, or allow their views exposure.

You’re free to say as you please just as much as we’re free to not listen to it. You should brush up on your law considering that you’re a lawyer and all.

Drivel on elsewhere, buddy.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

So a private enterprise can refuse to bake a gay couple's wedding cake right? Some religions don't allow homosexuality, like Islam and Mormons you know right? And catering to those individuals who go against their religion is a form of "hate" toward the teachings of those religions. So you're argument would in fact support any private company from banning what they feel is "hate" depending on the subjective morals of the owners.

have you read the terms , aka user agreement?

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Original Poster-6 points · 6 days ago

"Terms" of service do not supersede US Federal and State laws. In practice the "terms" are applied, not for the objective reasons for which they are written, but for subjective application meant to deny a legally protected activity and a legally protected group.

Think back to the gay wedding cake case. (google it and read for yourself)

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Specific threats of violence and harassment against other reddit users.

And no, you want reddit to be obligated to host all viewpoints but it has no obligation to.

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"Specific threats of violence and harassment against other reddit users."

Name one?

p.s. isn't reddit an "anon" forum where threats are just words unless there's actual doxing? That's why you cant dox actually. So no doxing, then threats and harassment are just words without actual real life meaning or significance.

Again, name one instance where this happened on any of these banned forums.

@satan twitter account harassed and doxed by GA

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What, @satan is not more important than free speech? So ban the USERS who did that, not the entire community!

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I guess unless you're on the other side, Reddit has created a "safe space" for QAnon deniers who don't want any alternative viewpoints for debate. That's literally insane. A social media service destroying its users they don't like for no good reason at all.


So I can be banned for saying that I want to hear more about Q and how some of it seems to make a lot of sense? Ban me, I dare ya.

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Original Poster28 points · 2 days ago

It's the censorship that will only draw more attention.

Original Poster3 points · 3 days ago

Honestly I think pertussis is still an issue but I agree about the rest.

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but at 15 weeks. that is a shit ton of vaccine to absorb at once. And it's the SECOND in the poor kids life.

Original Poster3 points · 2 days ago

Fun fact, here in the US, babies get dtap, polio, hib, pneumo, hep b and rotavirus at 8 weeks, 4 months and six months, all at once each time. And we wonder why our infant mortality rate is so high.

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Wow. You really have to be careful what pediatrician you choose. Not all would advise this protocol as was the case with ours. He was really conservative with the schedule and ages were much older!

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Think FISA. 45 has them under a watchful eye. They’re just too arrogant to believe he’s actually doing to them what they did to him... except This time it’s actually legit and legal!

-27 points · 3 days ago · edited 2 days ago

Do above, but also in this case it's a matter of the search terms.

The dominant term here is "American" and in that context "African American" is the more common result, and so that's what you get.

It's the same reason when you search "white couples" you get interracial couples. Because you don't describe white couples as "white couples", you describe interracial couples with the words "white" and "black" so it's picking up the white in that context.

Algorithms. They're not perfect.

But also Google is evil. But this isn't a good example.


Behold, evidence that it's an algorithm issue.

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13 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

That’s completely wrong. Googles algo takes into account the order of the word searched and the entire search phrase as well as individual words. Among thousands of other things. They manipulated their searches on so many topics it’s not a coincidence. Just try it yourself.

Spez: google American Indian family. Guess what you’ll get. Proves op point best.

9 points · 5 days ago

Most likely upstate. Lots of Trump supporters there from what I saw last time I went back

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Yeah North New York is a Red state. East of the Hudson (NYC, Long Island) is mostly Blue.

Comment deleted6 days ago

Beautiful. You have a right to be pissed. It is purely totalitarian and, in my analysis, illegal what they've done. I have so many legal grounds against Reddit and i'll be filing in NY Supreme Court shortly. [yes I'm a lawyer]

Does anyone have a list of moderators from r/greatawa.... sub before it was banned? its time to take this to court. i'm ready to fight and i'm an attorney with time on my hands!

Does anyone have the usernames of moderators from r/greatawa.... sub before it was banned? I want to take leg@l action against rddtt.

Does anyone have a list of moderators from that sub before it was banned?

Nah bro... snopes says it's fake. They beat your government document that is publically available

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lol this is actually what snopes says "Khan’s firm did not represent Moussaoui but consulted on his defense." what a joke that site is!

18 points · 7 days ago

Even better. They write "The Guardian claims Khan's firm .....", so you actually have to dig into the Guardian article to find out that Khan himself said he consulted the man. So they turn a self-proclaimed statement of admission into a claim that a website potentially suggested something, and phrased it in a really weaselly way

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If you read the court filing it says specifically:

the defendant really wants is to have Mr. Khan investigate Atif Ahmed in the United Kingdom. Mr. Khan can, of course, perform this task without meeting with the defendant. Mr. Khan is also free to communicate with the defendant by mail

How the hell is that "not representing Moussaui? Snopes is a 1984 doublespeak Orwellian farce.

Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

WTC 7 had it's fireproofing intact. The official cause of the collapse is NOT high-heat weakening of the beams like you're thinking. The official cause is thermal expansion.

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So why fly planes into two adjoining buildings if the goal was to take down Building 7 instead? It just logically doesn't make sense.

Maybe because its a steel structure and burning un abated for that long adds up to any engineer?

Personally, having lived through 9/11 in real time, as a NY'er I thought we should have rebuilt them just the way they were.

106 points · 9 days ago

Just another fully semi automatic anti-tank handgun. 93 million Americans died today from these weapons, when will it end??

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Probably in 3 days or so when we're all dead according to this Libtard logic. lol

234 points · 19 days ago

One privileged step for man, one giant backward step for peoplekind!

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*white man FTFY

Google doesn’t make money on search results. Only if you click on the ads. So use it and never click on an ad again... that way you cost them money for serving up search results to you but never provide revenue by using its ad services.

Comment deleted20 days ago

makes sense. good points!

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