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If you like old school RPGs similar to the early Elder Scrolls games The Quest is a very fun open world RPG


The game can be based around a foundation breach and you are a member of one of the MTFs sent out to secure various SCPs. It will probably cost a lot of money to make but one can dream? What do you guys think about this?


Why is there a sudden increase in these "Buzzfeed Sucks" meme...?

Thanks for the heads up! I've always wanted to get this game but I found it to be a bit too expensive for me.

Ooh, looks delish - where about is this restaurant in Bangkok? (I live in BKK myself)

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The restaurant is called Ramen Tei. The one I went to is located at UFM Fuji Super Branch Soi 77 Sukhumvit 39 but there is one near Phrom Phong Station if I remember correctly.

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Yep, it's a shoyu based chashu ramen.

There are a whole bunch of Final Fantasy games on mobile but they are quite expensive though. Some of the games have been updated with improved graphics to better fit modern standards. Or instead of purchasing them you could just use an emulator like the others have mentioned.

This is a chicken wing If anyone out there discovers Earth this song basically explains everything to them.

This is probably a stupid question but how do you access your programs in these sort of setups?


I just got into Overwatch today (I know... Pretty late into the party...) I've taken a liking to Orisa and Mei but my friends say "If you play them then you don't know how to have fun". I was pretty bummed out that the heroes that I wanted to play (and git gud at) are not the most well respected heroes in the Overwatch roster. Are there similar heroes that are not well received by the community that I should know about?


Widowmaker and Hanzo. Oneshots from any range with little risk to the hero and no real counter besides hoping they miss the majority of their shots. I end up having to play Winston on 75% of my QP matches simply because of the dual COD wannabes on the other team. Like, I can kill a Widow consistently with Winston, but it would be nice to be able to play another tank or DPS from time to time without worrying about dying as soon as I come into LOS of the enemy.

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Original Poster3 points · 2 months ago

I can relate to this. I was doing a 1v1 with my friend and he chose to play Hanzo. I lost because he was oneshotting me from across the map.

What does he have against Orisa? She is a great tank that can do some serious work. Sounds like your friend has maybe been halted off a few cliffs and is perhaps a little salty. I've no problem with Mei outside of the same problems I have with Brig and that is people refusing to counter her, run into close range and then moan that the hero is OP. She is going to get even more powerful when they remove her drop off on her right click, looking forward to sniper Mei.

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I'm not sure either but they always sigh whenever I chose Orisa perhaps they are salty :P

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Imagine if all conflicts could be resolved by a game of rock paper scissors.

Every weekend my parents would invite our relatives to our house to play some Mahjong. They would play from around early afternoon all the way to early morning. I would always dread going out into the living room to converse with them (Nothing wrong with them it's just that I'm a shy boi with some social anxiety). I think this picture perfectly sums up my experiences.

Spend it on the Steam Summer Sale.

You could try selling them to various vendors at MBK shopping mall or Pantip Plaza. However, they may only accept individual components of the computer rather than the whole machine.

This actually made me shed a tear, seeing all their smiles when they're playing it really just warms your heart, this is what the gaming community is. overcoming immense obstacles so that we can enjoy our favorite past time with one another.


I would like to purchase a hoodie with a custom design for myself. I have tried researching some websites but they do not ship to Thailand... Does anyone know of any websites or companies that provides this service?


For me it was Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, didn't play the game for months and when I came back to it I had no idea how the mechanics worked

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Some FPS games seem to thrive purely on multiplayer, games like Counter-Strike and Overwatch are doing very well but personally I prefer if games have a singleplayer for 2 reasons; 1) I am intimidated by other players in multiplayer and so I would rather enjoy the game in an environment where I know I can have fun without dying every 2 seconds. 2) It's fun to just enjoy the mindless set pieces set out in the campaign or co-op modes. In the case of Call of Duty it's very entertaining to play through spectacular levels with explosions and what not.

Games like overwatch still find a way to make you know the lore/story. I can’t imagine COD will do that well.

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I'm not sure if Zombies count at a singleplayer option for COD but they've managed to create an in depth story with the characters. So... There's still a bit of hope...

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I was standing in the sky but there weren't any clouds, it was just blue. There was this typewriter that keeps expanding and shrinking. I woke up and felt very nauseous and was about to vomit.


I am a very introverted person. Often when people talk to me I get nervous and anxious about what I would say as I fear I might say the wrong things and that will make them have a bad impression on me. I decided to download VRChat to practice my social skills, I've only played 10 hours so far and this is by far the most amazing experience I've had in a videogame :D

How to survive VRChat as an introvert (proven to work 100% of the time)

  • Be an introvert (like me :P)
  • Have desire to make friends
  • Download VRChat
  • Select birb that sells hamburgers as your avatar
  • Join a room and sell burgers for free
  • Get approached by anime girl with guns who demands drug money
  • Approach fellow birb and ask for some drug money
  • Give said money to anime girl
  • Anime girl attempts to shoot you because you are now a witness
  • Get protected by gorgeous anime women
  • Gorgeous anime women offers to flash boobs for a burger
  • Decline because you are pure and will give the burger to her for free
  • Gorgeous anime women calls you a cute, wholesome nibbuh and will now protect you from any harm
  • Witness some anime girls get into a argument with a sack of potatoes and that dragon from Mulan
  • Continue giving out burgers for free
  • Get friend invites
  • Feel happy because you've actually made some friends :D

I think this game has made me feel more confident about myself and I am very thankful to have the opportunity to play this game :D

Sorry for some bad grammar, I'm not particularly good at English...



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