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Every weekend my parents would invite our relatives to our house to play some Mahjong. They would play from around early afternoon all the way to early morning. I would always dread going out into the living room to converse with them (Nothing wrong with them it's just that I'm a shy boi with some social anxiety). I think this picture perfectly sums up my experiences.

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This actually made me shed a tear, seeing all their smiles when they're playing it really just warms your heart, this is what the gaming community is. overcoming immense obstacles so that we can enjoy our favorite past time with one another.

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Some FPS games seem to thrive purely on multiplayer, games like Counter-Strike and Overwatch are doing very well but personally I prefer if games have a singleplayer for 2 reasons; 1) I am intimidated by other players in multiplayer and so I would rather enjoy the game in an environment where I know I can have fun without dying every 2 seconds. 2) It's fun to just enjoy the mindless set pieces set out in the campaign or co-op modes. In the case of Call of Duty it's very entertaining to play through spectacular levels with explosions and what not.

Cjm1261 5 points

Games like overwatch still find a way to make you know the lore/story. I can’t imagine COD will do that well.

Derpnshire 3 points

I'm not sure if Zombies count at a singleplayer option for COD but they've managed to create an in depth story with the characters. So... There's still a bit of hope...

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All those "Top 10 facts you didn't know!" stuff on YouTube or " Top 5 conspiracy theories". I could've spent my time studying for better grades. Fortunately at least I know that a group of crows is called a murder.

allenrjr 1 point

How about top 10 conspiracy theories?

Derpnshire 2 points

Yep, Alltime10s is a huge culprit.

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I often play Animal Crossing whenever I'm depressed. The animals that inhabit your town are always really nice and friendly to you. It makes you feel as if you're in a place where everyone welcomes you with open arms :)

Duskmog 180 points

Unless you play the GCN version they were SO RUDE

Derpnshire 5 points

I've never actually played the GCN version, the only ones I've played was New Leaf and the mobile version (Pocket camping or something...)

Superstar_Robo 12 points

I've been playing Villagers & Heroes and really enjoying it so far! The game has a lot to do (farming, crafting, housing, fishing), the community is getting pretty big and very helpful to new players and it's cross-platform.

Linkme: Villagers and heroes

Derpnshire 3 points

It looks really well made, I just saw the trailer for it on the Play Store and it looks like a lot of effort went into making this game, I'll definitely give this one a try!

totodes 17 points

The new Sword Art Online game is pretty good to jump into when I have a couple minutes here or there.

linkme: Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Derpnshire 1 point

From what I've seen it's doesn't actually look like an MMO, but I'll give it a try.

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