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DeservingAss commented on a post in r/ukpolitics
TheWhiteEnglishLion -3 points

Serious and in 30 years you will want to wish you had listened to people like me. Many great historical people were shunned by the mainstream at one point.

DeservingAss 0 points

Yeah like people are gonna listen to some bigoted keyboard warrior, and you must be deluded if you're implying you will be a great historical figure.

DeservingAss commented on a post in r/PrequelMemes
PlayoticShadows 47 points

Big Smoke was a dark lord of the Grove,so powerful and so wise he could use his dollas to influence the cashiers to create...2 number 9s,a number 9 large,a number 6 with extra dip,a number 7,2 number 45s,one with cheese and a large soda.He had such a knowledge of Cluckin' Bell he could even keep the ones he cared about...from picking the wrong house.The green side of Grove Street is a pathway to many abilites some consider to be...gangsta.He became so powerful,the only thing he was afraid of losing was the damn train,which eventually of course he did.Unfortunately he taught his homeboy CJ everything he knew,then CJ missed the damn train.Ironic,he could save others from not following the damn train,but not himself.

DeservingAss 1 point the single most amazing thing I have ever read.

DeservingAss commented on a post in r/AskReddit
VanDerLing 1,258 points

Oh yes. Can confirm, Dobby has no genitalia and quite a peachy bum.

DeservingAss 1,479 points

"Dobby has no knobby"

SaveToTheADrive 139 points

Master has given Dobby a cock!

DeservingAss 79 points

Proceeds to jack off into a sock whilst Harry takes him up his peachy bum

lizzyb187 4 points

How about this.. I wont shame you for being a judgmental, repressed prude, and you don't shame me for enjoying my life how I see fit. deal?

DeservingAss -5 points

Lol, if a man was sleeping around with lots of women I bet you'd be the first one to judge him, you feminazi piece of shit. Sluts ruin people's trust, sleep with committed people and ruin relationships.

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