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Nosdo3 306 points

I prefer to call it the fuck off fund. While almost always unadvisable to leave a job before locking down a new one, knowing you could if you so choose is pretty liberating, also allows you to be more honest in your dealings with your company, which can net promotions and other advancement if your contribution has value and is recognized.

bigpooterpants 5 points

Yes! I read this article and it inspired me to do the same. Way more liberating to think about it that way for me.

DevChatt 6 points

This article is amazing.

I’m going to show this to my significant other as a reason to inherently save and reasons why so.

DevChatt 14 points

Exactly. I am actually somewhat running into this issue with work now when I was promised a role change but due to poor company performance in 2017 was not able to do so.

At this point I have the “freedom” saved where I can live with my same paycheck for 3 Months but probably go even more frugal with entertainment and others to make it 6 -8 months easily.

Although what I’m probably gonna do is stick with my current role since I work from Home and utilize that time to look at other firms while still getting a paycheck and beefing things in savings further so I have more “freedom”

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DevChatt 0 points

Excellent analysis! Me and my Gf are going to Tokyo in early April next year for our spring trip (550 bucks out of NYC). We will use some of these tips. We have not itinerized our plans yet but roughly will spend a few days in tokyo and go to some historical sites such as hiroshima.
May I ask, did you spend 2500 per person including 2 Japan Rail passes, lodging for two, , and flights for two? That means your expenses for food/ attractions and everything for 2 weeks was roughly 700 bucks? amazing.

Ironfist 5 points

You got a bicycle? Go ride. Even winter riding can be fun if you have the right bike for it.

DevChatt 3 points

I don't have a bike and unfortunately the complex I live in doesn't really have places to store

Wish I could do it because it def seems like a blast and gets you out of the house.

Paranoidphuck123 15 points

My bf and I hit up thrift stores. Sometimes we come across something exceptional that we can flip on Facebook or eBay for quick money. It's a frugal hobby with a little money earning potential.

DevChatt 7 points

That actually sounds like a ton of fun! I had a friend who did this for a while and does seem like fun. Anything you look for specifically?

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DevChatt 2 points

Wait till a repair costs more than 1750 (probably only an engine or transmission based issue) and then scrap it and probably buy something else that is within your savings/ scrap money. Don't waste money on a loan or a car you cannot afford.

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DevChatt 14 points

If you have a dehaze filter on your phone or editing software it’s worth using

this was taken around Labor Day in the US.

DevChatt commented on a post in r/prius
DevChatt 1 point

A few of the basics worth doing, and all can be done by yourself (even if you don't know much mechanics, just youtube): -Spark Plugs -Clean MAF sensor -Clean Throttle Body If you've been having misfires as well, this could warrant issues with the cat. I hope your Spark Plugs are OK...(72k is a bit early to replace em but for something that takes an hour to do, its worth it). Tire pressures are good? Are your tire threds good as well? Alignment issues?

DevChatt commented on a post in r/budgetfood
DevChatt 17 points

Had to look up these stores since I never heard of them and learned they are Canadian. For me the last three months I shopped at walmart (primarily due to chase 5% on the freedom card) and i found it cheaper that the big name stores (giant, wegmans) but not cheaper than the discount store (aldis in my area). The biggest issue I had with Walmart though was their quality...the chicken would go bad in like 2 days, same with was awful. Aldi's is usually always the cheapest for me a significant amount. Some of the staples are pretty much the same everywhere you go (1.99 lb) but other things are so much chepaer...(bread for 85c/loaf).

Also aldis stuff I found to be amazing quality....they have some stuff that I consider in better quality than the big name stores!

[deleted] 10 points


DevChatt 2 points

Interesting. I've usually had only fresh salad mixes and fruit from there, but the worst thing i've bought were some of their deli meats. Granted i'm trying to get away from deli meats and move onto better food, a few of their lower tier deli meats seem off.

I've always thought their produce was very decent though.

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WhitestGirlUKno 0 points

If you are planning on hitting up multiple places in Europe, I HIGHLY recommend a rail pass. The youth price is almost half of an adult price, meaning you can see things for much cheaper than in a few years (although you are considered youth until you're 28, so you have a hot minute to go back). For a 4 country select pass, you're looking at $371 per person for 5 days of travel. It's not SUPER cheap, but it's a good deal!

DevChatt 1 point

I think this was extremely beneficial back in the day before budget busses/trains/ planes. Budget busses have really been handy to get around (flix, and ouie busses)

DevChatt commented on a post in r/personalfinance
DevChatt 3 points

I got a specialized offer for 300 a while back, it took like 3-5k in qualifying deposits...and 3 months wait. I remember getting the bonus in three months.

I would go to a branch where they can't run. I've also talked with people on the phone and they helped all the way;

Sorry you are going thru this.

poopscoop78 1 point

It doesn't make a difference. With one you have a lower payment due which means if there was an emergency only $181 would be due which is easier to come up with than $300 on the other hand if the minimum is $300 it forces you to pay more and not have room to skimp on it given the chance.

If you can comfortably afford the $300 I think that is your choice. If that's a lot per month or your job security is volatile I'd go for the lower payment.

DevChatt 2 points

Thanks! To be clear my loan servicer is thru navient and I have a total of 9 student loans. The step plan is a forced monthly payment of 300 a month between all, while the graduated is 181 thru all (where most of that 181 is interest)... My plan was to stick with graduated and tackle the highest interest rates one first which is at6.8%, which would make me think i would save a bit on interest...but I could be wrong...

DevChatt commented on a post in r/LifeProTips
kamillyon 644 points

This is true for all the $5 pairs of shoes I have bought from Kmart over the years and they always fall apart in a matter of weeks. Splurged on some good ol' Connie's and Vans and months later, they're still like new.

EDIT: I didn't actually think my comment would attract so much attention.

I don't wear them all the time on the daily, just once or twice a week depending on where I am going or what I'm doing. I have between 5 and 10 pairs of shoes going and rotate them all, some flats, thongs (flip flops), skate shoes, runners and boots.

No, Connie's and Vans might not be the best shoes in the world, but for someone like me who has always bought $5 Kmart shoes that fall apart hell easy, they were a bit of a step up and I have already seen the difference in longevity so far. I live in Australia so our options/cost for shoes is probably much different to in the states and being a mum I don't usually spend much on shoes for myself (hence usually buying the generic ones from department stores).

Next on my list is a decent pair of orthotics for my new job! Thanks for all your replies!

DevChatt 9 points

Go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls or Ross in your area if you have em. High quality shoes like cons and vans for good prices.

I also just replaced my insoles when they get worn.

Soonergriff 2 points

I bought my last six pairs of Jordans at Ross, not a single pair more than $65.

DevChatt 0 points

aha im not a jordans kinda guy. Always got cons there for like 30.

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DevChatt 1 point

I may not be reading this correct since i'm not familiar with the mint structure with chase. Did you pay off your loans?

Congratulations! That is amazing at your age as most assume 10 indeed beat the system.

I'm hoping to make it there too one day...27k left.

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tiberiumx 5 points

Overall good message, but: "I wouldn't have a freakin' Prius. All my cars have like big gas sucking engines in them." What the fuck?

Edit: Okay, listening to the next suggested video "How the New GOP Tax Bill Will Affect You". This guy is a fucking idiot. "Who better handles money? You or the government?" -- not even a remotely relevant fucking question.

DevChatt 5 points

Dave is good with sound financial advice about getting out of debt.

I wouldn't trust him on government policy though, something he knows absolutely nothing about.

schmuber 4 points

It's time to lube the sliding pins.

DevChatt 2 points

Had to look this up,seems reasonable to do and I can see how this may cause the noise. Thanks!

Athabascad 1 point

Does it sound like a seal barking?

DevChatt 1 point

No just a scratching sound

DevChatt commented on a post in r/prius
DevChatt 2 points

a few things worth doing if you have the time (all you can do on your own with some google searching and youtube): -Spark Plugs -PCV Valve (some people claim this isn't really worth it, but honestly for a 10 dollar part on your own its quite easy) - Clean throttle/ MAF sensor...don't pay anyone to do it...on your own again.

Inspect air filter, make sure its nice and clean, if not, it's cheap to do on your own.

-A transmission drain/fill (no flush) is worth it too, get this done at a dealer...should be 100 or less.

-Check water pump...i've never done it, but I heard it isn't too tough. -Check serpentine belt...i've never done it either, but i hear its not too tough.

Answering your original question, i bought a 06 last year and I couldn't be more happier. The car treated me well, and i had minor actual repairs over this year. I've added about 30k from 80-110 over the ~1-1.5k years of driving. No issues with brakes or tires yet...albeit expecting it.

socky8675 3 points

I would clean the battery fan asap for peace of mind. It’s probably never been done and it’s relatively easy to do. Watch your oil level. At 140k it may be using a bit of oil. It’s not a huge deal, but I would check it every 1000 miles or so to get an idea of how much it is using. Only use synthetic as well, don’t go to jiffy lube.

DevChatt 2 points

On this note, make sure to check after an oil change at any of the fast jiffy lube kinda guys that they put in the right oil amount! Make sure they don't overfill!

DevChatt 2 points

thank you all for the responses and detailed thoughts! I am somewhat new to reddit but this has been a great help. You all are amazing!

LMMiller2914 16 points

Check out a Bialetti Italian stove top espresso pot. Simple, fast and about $40 for a large one.

DevChatt 1 point

I see there are a few good offbrand alternatives...are there much differences?

Edit: also how are your experiences cleaning it?

Jim3535 3 points

From the research I have done, people generally recommend non-stick for eggs. It's also not worth wasting a ton of money on teflon pans since they all wear out.

It's not a bad idea getting a cast iron pan for cooking steak. Carbon steel is another thing that you might want to look into as well. Both will last forever if you don't warp them.

As far as copper stuff goes, I don't think solid copper is really that practical or common. Copper core cookware is nice because the heat gets distributed evenly which does make a difference. However, you can get stainless steel pans with an aluminum core that works almost as well, but at a fraction of the cost.

DevChatt 2 points

Thanks man! I just bought a T-Fal pan that was on sale at macys for 13 bucks to replace my Ikea large frying pan. granted it was teflon...for 13 bucks it isn't bad to run with.!

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