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shuckiduck 1 point

More pics...?

DevChatt 1 point

Sorry for the delay...very busy ya go!

shuckiduck 1 point

I have an 07 and I looked and felt around both driver side doors. I can't find anything matching that, but it looks like the narrow side of the point would face inward because of how the rim is shaped, if that makes sense. But I don't see anything that looks similar on my car, at least around the door frames. :/

DevChatt 1 point

Hmm yeah I can’t seem to figure it out

May stop by a dealer next chance I get to get an idea but the car runs and operates smoothly yet

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DevChatt commented on a post in r/travel
Jahstin 278 points

I know that Scandinavians typically speak perfect English, but I’m surprised to see literally every piece of writing in English.

DevChatt 154 points

also must rememebr the area we are in is heavily touristy

DevChatt 2 points

Ah yes, I remember this as one of my first euro trips mid November. It was unbelievably beautiful and fun to sit here on the docks and lay back and watch the city.

Thanks for the pic, it brought me back.

DevChatt commented on a post in r/personalfinance
DevChatt 8 points

Does discover bank compound daily?

new_account_5009 62 points

Not sure if you're aware or not, but people have misconceptions about the importance of annual vs. daily compounding, so some math might be helpful. This has a much lower impact that most people think.

With annual compunding at a 1.5% rate, $10,000 will grow to $10,150 by the end of the year ($150 gain). The math is pretty simple: 10,000 * 1.0151 = $10,150.

With daily compounding at the same 1.5% rate, $10,000 will grow to $10,151.13 by the end of the year ($151.13 gain). It's more, so it's helpful and should be preferred if you have the option, but as a practical matter with such small rates, it doesn't make much of a difference (you can maybe buy a bottle of discount soda with the extra money). The math is a tiny bit tricker: $10,000 * (1 + (0.015/365))365 = $10,151.13.

With some limit theory, you can shrink the compound period down to infinitesimally small buckets of time. This will allow you to compound money continuously. Again though, the difference is small. In this case, compounding continuously vs. compounding daily gets you less than a penny extra, with the total still rounded to $151.13, but if you carry out all the digits, it's $151.131 for the continuous compounding vs. $151.128 for the daily. The math is $10,000 * e.015 = $10,151.13.

You might know this already, but since people tend to have misconceptions about it, I thought it would be helpful to point out the math behind the scenes.

DevChatt 29 points

A free Mc chicken is a free Mc chicken

DevChatt commented on a post in r/personalfinance
DevChatt 13 points

I would highly recommend not living in the bottom half of manhattan on that salary...alone (it isn't impossible but not worth it/col will bite you).

You should get a roommate (all young professionals do, and after that it is quite do able). Plus who in their early 20s wants to live alone in NYC eitherway? it would get boring fast.

For all of you saying that 60k a year in rent is not possible in manhattan...if OP had a roomate it is more than do able ...$800/mo a rent is roughly his cap ...and outside of the glitzy areas (LES, Murray Hill, Chelsea, West Village), it is completely do able.

Look at Brooklyn...and queens (if that is viable...queens also has some actual culture compared to the gentrification everywhere else). Also consider hoboken/other side in Jersey. If you are close to the path, I prefer this because that side is calmer/ more the parties/alcohol is cheap.

Also...IDK how hard yall drink in NYC, but my alcohol tab never usually goes above 50-75 (i do pregame a bit too though), and if I'm going alone, I just take the train...

This salary is livable in NYC...and is actually better than a ton of others who live in the city...especially at that age.

kyuuei 1 point

I paid $200 for the ole Dahon with the fancy gear shifter on CL, but I think basic 1 speed models go for around $250 new.

DevChatt 1 point

I found a old dahon in my area :

May check it out today! 3 speed shifter!

kyuuei 2 points

Nice! She's a cute one too! I'm not recalling exactly the model I have now but I love it to death.

DevChatt 1 point

Yeah man. If anything they are pretty much antiques at this point so even if I don’t use it I really don’t lose anything in resale value

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DevChatt commented on a post in r/churning
im-ronnie-pickering 1 point

awesome thanks for getting back

DevChatt 1 point

No problem bud!

The next piece of data to collect although is figuring out when I am able to sell this stock fraction back above 12.30, if i can cash it into my bank without issues...then pay off my card....

If that is done...I think we will be set.

im-ronnie-pickering 2 points

read up on the FAQs on stockpile site. there is no holding period. so you should be able to sell it as and when you like.

it says on the FAQ that when you sell the proceeds do not go back to the card but into your stockpile account

unfortunately they only have apple pay. they do not support samsung pay or android pay.

so it is of no use to me. but its a good thing to keep track of, if/when they come up with android support. I will be up for this.

easy way to hit $6000 (4 Freedoms) in 5% categories. basically $300 each quarter.

DevChatt 1 point

Yeah, and to be can be used if you are more risky and willing to bet on stocks a small bit to collect on points...

I.e if you are willing to buy 1k of amzn/appl or something, your cost would be 1032 bucks... Must wait for those stocks to recoup a little over 3% to profit and get some points.

CFU would of made like 15 bucks off of that...which isn't bad for not too bad work.

Assuming all goes well.

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sportoftran 2 points

Bit of a late reply but another great way of meeting people is joining a clan/ guesting in one. My clan chat is "Frosty Knights" we don't have any reqs if you want to join but we are a pretty social clan and in my experience there's usually people in there who can answer questions/chat about stuff regardless of if you are a member or not.

Of course a big part of what makes clanscape fun is finding the right clan, there's a Reddit post every month that has info about other clans on it too, pvm focused clans, ironman clans etc.

DevChatt 2 points

Yeah I think I need to do the research . To be honest at this moment I’m not sure how much of a time commitment I could do for clans ...I remember them being high commitment. Would like to do some research prior.

KingJonathan 2 points

Add me, I’ll be on tomorrow(Monday) at about 3pm central time. IGN: algingautr

DevChatt 1 point

Thanks! Added you!

Starstreamer 2 points

Navient has done this to me before. I'm 98% sure they will still auto debit. The change in payment amount is more likely due to a loan having a change in interest rate. Typically they will notify you of the interest change the month AFTER it takes place on the last page of your paper statement. It is not clear cut explanation though, it will say your payment schedule amount has changed due to one of the following 8 reasons. Check the interest rates on your loans and compare to previous statements.

As for calling Navient, I bet if you call back and talk to someone else you will get a completely different answer. At one point I was told my paid ahead status is erased when they change the interest rate. I started only communicating in writing after getting sooo many different answers on the phone.

DevChatt 1 point

Thanks! This sounds plausible ! Will have to do research

ANGR1ST 1 point

The rep is probably wrong.

And even if it does skip the payment, just make one yourself.

DevChatt 1 point

Hmm not sure

I scheduled one out to be safe

I still do find this slimy if he is correct. If I wasn’t on top of this heavily it could of been missed out and at the least , they would of collected the additional interest for the days I might of not seen the payment not being applied.

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DevChatt commented on a post in r/runescape
DevChatt 3 points

Hey Man, I decided to try the same but started back from much has changed...figure I'd give it a shot.

I'm amazed at how much this game has honestly developed...looks like a blast and some skills are now fun to play. Glad there are some quests I can do now as well.

I added you. Hope to play with you sometime.

DevChatt commented on a post in r/personalfinance
DevChatt 1 point

It depends too to an extent

If you live in a high COL area and make a high income then maybe it makes sense

Ideally you want to keep your rent low so you have money for other things / savings. But if you make a ton of money and rents are high you should still have enough expendable income for other necessities and savings

DevChatt commented on a post in r/prius
5_sec_rule 1 point

It's a 2nd generation that's nearly 10 years old but it has low miles and sounds like it's been taken care of. Probably a fair deal. Just know that somewhere in the next five years it may be time for a new traction battery for $2,000 to $3,000.

DevChatt 2 points

I think this is a big factor OP. For a car this old, I'm not sure if you want to ensure in the back of your head a known investment for about 1/3 the value of the car.

Although if i were you i'd probs just refurb the battery or get a cheap one secondhand installed for half the price.

sworzeh 2 points

Highway miles are better than city miles for a car. Because this car was driven a below-average amount (11k/year as opposed to the average 15k/year across all vehicles - Priuses are normally more), I'd assume it's mostly city driving. As someone with 25k/yr highway miles on my '07 and 0 issues, I'm wary of those who put tons less.

DevChatt 1 point

Although this is true, it makes me wonder where does OP live around. If the location is NYC, i'd be more concerned...

IF the location is midwest Nebraska with Omaha being the big city...I think we can be safe here.

DevChatt commented on a post in r/personalfinance
DevChatt 1 point

I really think you need to consider if you want to go into debt to buy a new a car that would cost over 10k at the moment.

What do you mean by borrowing your car? Are you leasing it?

I think your most important thing to think about right now is being able to handle the higher cost of living in your new area.

Save. Save.Save

Viatus 1 point

Not leasing it, I had to sell my last one when the cost of ownership got too high and they let me borrow this one for free until a month after I graduated.

When you are talking about savings, are you recommending I put money into an actual savings account? Or I invest it in a different area than my ROTH

DevChatt 2 points

Ah ok , so your parents are letting you borrow the car until you graduate. Gotcha

For right now, since this move is going to happen in the very near future, I would put it into a savings account. This way you can cover any contingency that may occur during your move and the first few months of getting accustomed to the higher cost of living.

Honestly dude if there is a way you can get away without a car payment for a bit that would be amazing, atleast until life is more settled and you are set at home.

I’m also a big fan of not catching a debt you can’t pay off immediate. Having only 3k in savings at the moment is a bit light as you will see if issues come up.

See f you can extend out the car for a small bit longer, if not I’d recommend not getting something more than 5k as a fresh out of college car

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DevChatt commented on a post in r/personalfinance
DevChatt 2 points

Hey man. I’m in a very Similiar situation and I work from Home. The roommate thing isn’t too bad assuming you have your own room.

Your rent is way too high for your income at the moment. Ideally your rent should be 1/4th...if you say it’s somewhere between 1-4 and 1-3 you are pushing it but can make it work (which 600 split with your gf makes sense) . Ideally you’d want to make this category the cheapest you can while maximizing it out (value).

Do you have anything in savings? If not get a few bucks in there for emergencies if something at work comes up / freedom if issues come up with the move.

Then pay off the rest of your cc debt head on. If you put the 500 on the CC you were prior paying on rent at a minimum you’d be set to knock this out in a. Year

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