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This one is embarrassing.

Back in the days of video stores, so about 12 years ago. we used to go to a local store and park in the carpark.

It had two driveways. One which was right next to the store, people often parked there, blocking the driveway off for everyone else.

It pissed me off no end.

One night a guy pulls up, he seems pretty big, but fuck it I am angry. I abuse him through his open window for parking there. I mean the damn cheek!

He looks at me a little dazed and then opens his door and swings his legs out to get out. He quickly follows with his crutches and I see his crippled shrivelled legs. This poor dude must have been one of the last people to get polio and here I am abusing him for parking close to the door of the shop.

He said "Sorry mate I have permission to park here" and I just died inside.

I apologised to him profusely, but it didn't feel like enough. I meekly walked off as he hobbled into the store.

What a fucking jerk I was.

On the plus side I have been able to check my temper, every time I am about to go off, I think of him and pull my head back in.

If you read this mate. I am so fucking sorry.

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This beautifully captures how I feel since my son and brother died

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Sorry for your loss.

At first I read that as imbecile logic. I think I'll stick with that.


Went to a coffee shop this morning and my wife thumbed through all her coffee shop loyalty cards to get one for this store.

Wonder who she is having all these coffee's with, cause it sure aint me.


And this is before digital touchups.

I would ask. Where is your white cane you seem to have misplaced it?

My son a pilot has had to deal with emu's running across the runway while he tries to takeoff/land. He calls them turbo chickens. Stupid but fucking fast.

Just think about how many times over his term as a judge, Healey has ruined someones life for something relatively minor.

What a cunt.

InfuckingFamous? Rupert Murdoch.

Stalker v Stalker

The "apparent" prescience seems extraordinary but its not. whats extraordinary is that we started to learn the lessons too slowly and now there is a massive concerted effort to unlearn those lessons.

I was diagnosed as clinically depressed some 15 years ago. But I knew something was wrong 45 years ago when at the age of 11 I "experimented" with hanging myself.

I sought advice over the years with one godawfully stupid Dr checking my junk at the age of 15 and announcing that well your OK you aren't too small. Hell I said I was always sad and that's what he does, like WTF! No he wasnt a perv. lessons since then have taught me what a perv is. He was just totally out of his depth in the middle of the 70's.

The psych who diagnosed me as clinically depressed put me on some new antidepressants and Stilnox to help with sleeping. Both drugs were new at the time (at least in Australia).

I started having murderous thoughts. I mean literally murderous.

I told him that the drugs were doing something weird to me. He told me I didn't know what I was talking about.

I never went back to him and weaned myself off the antidepressants.

Why am I saying all this?

Well because the two examples are just a couple of examples of the really poor "advice" you can be given. after that last chap I decided I was on my own.

I decided no-one understood me better than me. so it was up to me to fix myself. those suicidal thoughts that are the first thoughts going through your head every morning. they are just thoughts. Ignore them. Learn to be aware of how your depression acts upon you. You can't stop it. It wont go away. So you have to learn to live with it.

So everyday I talk to myself and say its OK its just in your head!

One of my favourite tricks is to make passwords out of long self reaffirming phrases. The passwords are long and therefore secure plus every time you use them and repeat them in your head you are teaching yourself a lesson.

A win win.

Did you ever consider that with friends like you, it's little wonder he is still single.

Original Poster5 points · 12 days ago

We set him up on dates all the time. Nothing wrong with him having high standards and waiting for the right person to come along.

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I think you missed my meaning. It was a joke!

How about the south americas that have strict gun laws but still tonnes of gun crime.

Or britain where gangs can get guns.

Making guns illegal wont work. Weed is illegal all over the west and guess what, everyones smoked some.

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Or Australia where strict gun laws have saved many many lives.

Gun crime will always exist. It cannot be erased, but strict gun control prevents a large number of shootings here in the UK and everywhere else that has gun control.

You reference to weed is completely irrelevant. But keep trying you might actually convince yourself one day instead of having that nagging doubt in the back of your head.

How is the weed argument irrelevant? If you have no counter to it its irrelevant apparently.

Have saved many many lives. Not only because of the gun ban.

If you look at any western nation youll see all violent crime go down at a slow pace whether or not you take the guns away.

Ofcouse there is some outliers like 60 people shot and 9 dead in one weekend in chicago And Chicago has guess what, strict gun laws.

Its as if criminals can get hold of illegal items even if theyre banned.

Tldr: it kinda works in Australia because bogans are not particularly violent and there's no reason that the drop in crime is because of the gun ban in the first place.

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weed doesn't kill. so its irrelevant.

Chicago doesn't have strict gun laws, it may be stricter than some but its not the strictest. You keep telling yourself all sorts of lies. I am sure it helps you sleep at night.

Also most gun violence is not from criminals. Most gun (mass shootings) violence is from ordinary people pushed over some edge somehow.

We have lots of guns in Australia and we are just as riddled with Crims as the US, but we don't have mass shootings because crims don't do that shit.

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Hope you don't ever let children out on your balcony

Yeah that's bullishit. Tipping is optional, even if you provide great service you still might not get any, or enough. They should get a decent wage with 2-3% tips as motivation to provide good service.

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We generally don't tip in Australia.

So the service we get is sincere and almost always top notch!

If people live off tips you know they are being nice because they have to be not because they are.

That's weird. Every country I've been to that doesn't tip, the waiters are usually much less friendly and less attentive than what I'm used to in the US.

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Not my experience. They aren't crawling up my backside if that's what you mean by attentive.

Perhaps you are expecting it to be like you are used to and therefore waiters from other countries seem less attentive. To me they are just busy doing their jobs. I don't expect them to be all over us. Seriously, I cant really recall a bad waiter (there must have been) and we have always got service with a smile.

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Or perhaps a parent who wanted their damn kid to stay in bed long after for him to cuddle the missus. Or hit the booze. Or hit the missus and cuddle the booze.

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In Australia it is illegal to restrict who can service a vehicle. It is also illegal to void the warranty because someone else repaired it.

If you watch the video at the end it says how Tesla doesn’t restrict anyone from servicing their vehicle.

Just like any normal new car, if you get it serviced at authorised places it won’t void warranty.

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I didn't say Tesla does. If you think I did then that's your own inability to read.

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So why would you present this as a problem. It’s not what the video presents.

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Granted I didn't watch the entire video just the first part. It is however the statement made by the gent on the video. Oh and the title itself.

Nor did I present it as a problem I just presented a statement about manufacturers not being allowed to prevent you from doing so (in Australia).

I have read some pretty fucked up stuff about state laws and cars in the US particularly where Tesla is not allowed to sell directly and must sell through dealerships. So it wouldn't surprise me in the least that the US allowed car companies to monopolise the service and repair industry. Also in a similar vein its only recently that you were allowed to unlock your phone from your phone network even after the contract expired. So again I would not be surprised by such tactics.

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You also need to take into account household income.

A single wage is not a good measurement stick as it precludes the fact that most household incomes have doubled during the same period.

That pretty much means people are sacrificing leisure and family time to support rising costs.

Think of it this way: if one income was still enough to support a household, and the number of workers had doubled, most jobs should be part-time.

Also, childcare is a new incompressible expense people have to pay as a result.

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Correct. As a result of inflation there was a big influx of predominantly woman entering the workforce to make ends meet. This actually meant there was more disposable income. So house prices followed suit as people tried to improve their housing.

While childcare and schooling is a cost it is only a cost in the earlier years. Once the children reach Independence (and start whinging about house prices) their parents still maintain the dual income. Thus putting more upward pressure on housing.

It is wrong to only consider a single wage, you must take all factors into account.

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So how do they know it's a single atom and not a clump of matter? How do you isolate and place a single atom in that contraption in the first place? I'm skeptical that the title is accurate.

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You are right to be sceptical. while I have no reason to doubt that they have a single atom held in the trap. what you are seeing is the light emitted by that single atom when carefully illuminated. the atom itself is far too small to see.

Sadly now people will come away with the belief we can see single atoms. We cant!

Its not a photo of a single atom. Its a photo of the light emitted by a single atom. An entirely different thing altogether.

The atom itself is far too small to see.

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