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“Another economic improvement that was created during Obama’s years and is just now producing the expected fruits. And now Trump is benefiting from all the work his predecessor did and is taking all the credit. “

"all part of my master plan!" and "i am very smart!"

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It really is difficult for me to accept hat there are people who actually and truly believe what I wrote.

So what do the Boers need to fight? Arms? Training? Cash? Intervention?

Just trying to prevent a genocide here, hypothetically of course.

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Nothing. They need to get out. Look at it’s northern neighbor and what used to be Rhodesia (Zimbabwe now), and what happened there. Their allies abandoned them for largely political reasons. They were the largest most productive African country and achieved it in record time. They were a modern industrialized nation that had their own defense, which was second to none. And in the end, you can have the best, most badass troops but when you’re outnumbered by 1,000,000 to’s only a matter of time when you are all alone. Fuck the Brits....and even our own US government thought it not politically advisable for the Rhodesians to stay and fight for what they built up and sacrificed their lives for.

Also, give a quick read about the Rudd Concession and how they obtained the rights to that land via signature by the local tribal fuckup leader who, shortly thereafter, was trying to get out of keeping his word. And in the end, the talentless masses of leaches looked over at the Whities and started to salivate over what the leaches didn’t have nor could ever construct by themselves. So they decided to play the race card and say the whitey stole the land and misrepresented himself, and shortly thereafter decided to go to other nations to tell them how whitey is not being democratic and not giving democracy and the majority voices a chance to rule and govern themselves......blah blah blah fucking blah....I really hate this ugly history, and it will always repeat itself because the very few (talented, selfless, hardworking) always make the world a better place for the masses, and then the masses decide that the freeloading they have been doing just isn’t enough and so they take and take and take.....sorry, longer than I anticipated

Not everyone has the financial means to just emigrate out of the country and for many they won't be taken because of the structure of western immigration policy (not being favorable to whites). For those that are stuck there, there is this organization that you can donate to which is basically organizing a rapid response plan for the whites to flee into the hinterlands in a community. It's pretty crazy they have mobile hydroponic farms and shit.

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Oh wow this is really cool. Thanks for this

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48 points · 1 day ago

Viewing all those photos she posted, and researching a few of them,......hola shit these people are weird. Not weird, never mind. Fucked up. They are all fucked up in the head and I think once you go down that road there is no turning back. There is no healing hollywood. They are a cancer on society which doesn’t provide anything of real value to life. If I was pretending all day to be someone else, getting awards for it, people cheering me on in that delusional spirit of toxic adulation, I prolly would be fucking nuts, too.

He should lose citizenship for this.

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31 points · 1 day ago

Nah, he just needs to move to California and in a year or two he’ll be Mayor.

These are worthy refugees / asylum seekers. They are ACTUALLY under threat of genocide.

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17 points · 1 day ago

Didn’t Russia offer them asylum? These types of farmers and land holders are the backbone of any country. Putin is smart to get those Producers into his own country.

Did y’all know the guy who voiced Rocko on Rocko’s Modern Life was the voice of the Taco Bell Chihuahua. He also played Garcia (I think that was his name) on Reno 911.

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Rocko was a helluva porn star, too. He’s very multi-talented.

females dont need sexy undies to attract males bro

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They think they do, and ket’s keep letting them think that way. Them undies are sexy.

Besides, a woman loves to get her sexy on, it’s a form of foreplay for them...gets them thinking about what’s going down in a few hours.

"Bullock"? Non-American detector goes off...

What kind of a response is that? Bullshit? Yup; Bollocks? Bit British but ok. Balls? Definitely.

Reveal your true form...

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Lay off him, I, too, like Sandra. She’s hot.

Hope they leave. They are strong in pretty much whatever they put heir mind to, so if they leave it will further erode Britain.

They sure were strong in supporting all kinds of left wing causes, including open borders.

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Well that’s true and that has always pissed me off about them. Why in the hell would they support that side? Serious question.

Nigel Farage and her buddies? She’s awesome. Had no fear in speaking what is right, no matter the “stage” she’s on.

Wow, she was really fluid with all that. Who is this? She really laid the smack down on that little host-pussy.

There goes his The Hangover parts 3 4 and 5 paychecks...... KEK

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Give Tyson Omarosa’s job

I still don’t understand why they had to dump his body overboard. What was the point?

So that his grave doesn't become a pilgrimage site for jihadis. Plus, no sane country wanted him

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Ahh good points. Thanks!

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Trump took on all the Democrats, much of the Republicans, the Socialists (Bernie), the mainstream media, AND the vast majority of the higher ups in all the Intelligence Agencies because he has big balls and because he had (has) us voters. For the first time in my adult life I really feel like the voice of the people have power, and it was President Trump who led the way. A few more news agencies can raise all the hell they want against this man, but we have his back. It doesn’t matter what they print anymore. Fuck ‘em.

You really want this to be the way the US handles protests?

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Did they not pull first punch? I see the cops standing there, in wall formation, as directed. If so then I think anyone that strikes first just opened a can of whoop-ass on themselves.

This is a very good ( and I feel very true):

Republicans were fully on board with the Sean Connery line from The Untouchables: “They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That’s the Chicago way.” Trump was the knife, and the morgue, and all the consequences wrapped up into one...

Ben Shapiro is a dog, a traitorous Never-Trumper that wanted to jump on Trump train only after Trump won election.

"I was dead wrong about this election.

I was wrong that Donald Trump would not win in the primaries.

I was wrong that Donald Trump would not beat Hillary Clinton in the general election.

I was wrong that the poll data was reliable; it wasn’t. I was wrong that the experts knew what they were talking about with regard to ground game; they didn’t. I was wrong that the movement of which Donald Trump bragged was just more Trumpian braggadocio rather than a real, on-the-ground mass phenomenon.

Now I pray fervently that Donald Trump proves me wrong about him as a man."

Don't forget he supported pedophile James Gunn, too

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Good god he thinks so highly of himself. It just oozes out. Yuck

48 points · 10 days ago

At this point I think that it's come to the point that the deep state will start murdering with impunity. They own the courts, they own the media, they own the big tech corps. Why not do it?

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I’ve been thinking that as Trump’s presidency continues with more and more headway to draining the swamp, something horrific will happen to him or a member(s) of his family. I mean, it seems like every government entity, including the Intelligence Committees and most of the establishment republicans, are so deep into multi-layered corruption (having “sold their souls” long ago because “everyone is doing it) that their backs will ultimately be put up against the wall and they will act with the only remaining option they have: the eradication of He who rooted them out and then exposed them. And the only remaining thing for us to do would be to take the government back the way the Founding Fathers hoped would never happen, ie the implementation of our Second Amendment rights. Every single member of my family, and every single friend (that are pro-Trump) of mine, is willing to do just that.

I sure hope it does not reach that level of Incivility, but as the days go by it sure seems to me like we are on the course of catastrophic, but incredibly necessary changes.

206 points · 11 days ago

Keep playing stupid games Britain. There's a whole host of stupid prizes just waiting for you.

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You know, ever since they fucked over Rhodesia I have not been surprised with their decisions. The English aren’t so much as an ally with Trump as they they are a hinderment. Largely because they are eyelid deep in the Deep State filth, along with much of our politicians. We have a long way to go to get where we are supposed to be, but at least we have a leader now that is so goddamned powerful that he alone took down and beat (at their own game) the Intelligence world, Dems and large part of Republicans, and the media....holy fuck it really amazes me every time I think about how he won. me hope.

Why would any of these platforms ban Alex? Don’t they make money on traffic? If so, and if the purpose in business is to make money, I would want all kinds of ideas and dissenting voices to each idea so as to cause the most traffic possible.

I could be mistaken on either their motive, how they make money, or both.

Holy shit that guy can talk. It seems like thoughts just flow right out of him. I’ve only seen a handful of short clips of him and all this hubbub of getting banned got me curious. He’s seriously articulate. If even half of the things that he said are, scary times.

Thanks for posting this.

I’m going to prolly be all alone in this opinion, but the world needs the Acosta’s of the media. I hope he is never shut out from asking his questions. The more he and his ilk give voice to their questions the more the world is able to witness their true selves. This past election taught me to have hope again in us as Americans. We beat the swamp. We put Trump in there and it showed me that we truly can beat the powers that (used to) be. So let the Acosta’s flap their lips. It only helps reveal what they truly feel and who they truly are.

You're a faggot, and you're a faggot! You are all faggots!

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We’re all faggots on this blessed day

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