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DimitriMishkin commented on a post in r/OldSchoolCool
kingofturtles 3,866 points

The impressive thing is that the guy behind the camera is standing really close to polar bears to get this shot. I'm sure the food is more of a distraction than anything.

DimitriMishkin 1 point

Exact same top comment every time this photo gets posted.

DimitriMishkin commented on a post in r/sports
DimitriMishkin 17 points

Didn’t Japan win our hearts? Overused sentiment for the sake of karma much?

Martino231 2 points

Also Iceland, Senegal, Iran, Morocco and South Korea. Basically any team that surpasses expectations even marginally wins the hearts of /r/sports as it happens.

That's not to say I wasn't rooting for Croatia, but yeah I agree the term is overused.

DimitriMishkin 1 point

You’ve won my heart with your great explanation.

DimitriMishkin commented on a post in r/gaming
no_money_no_gf 27 points

If he was a chicken then why would you have to be wary of him?

DimitriMishkin 99 points

He’ll betray or abandon you at a crucial moment when you’ve put your trust in him.

goingd 82 points

Is he my dad?

DimitriMishkin 6 points


DimitriMishkin commented on a post in r/fantasywriters
caesium23 58 points

Everything has been done before. Everything. So don't worry about it. What matters is that you do it well and make it your own.

DimitriMishkin 9 points

The amount of times I think of a cool idea and start planning, only to feel defeated as I realise I’ve read or seen something similar.

But you’re right. Make it your own and don’t worry.

HalcyonWind 2 points

Honestly, I've reached the point where I kind of like finding similar things. I can see how someone else did whatever it is, get a different take on it, then think of how I could make it "better" or at least my own. I kind of liken it to workshopping an idea.

Earliest example of this for me was reading Battle Royale and thinking man this political stuff is cool but what about the psychology of it all. Kids killing kids is crazy. What are all the kids thinking? How would different cliques and personalities work? Now I've long abandoned my desire to make this story, but I built a bigger cast, more friend groups beforehand, etc.

DimitriMishkin 1 point

Anything that gets you thinking like that isn’t wasted time.

DimitriMishkin commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Zach_luc_Picard 76 points

Affect if a verb, it's something you do.

The fall of oil prices is seriously affecting the economy of Saudi Arabia

Effects is a now, it indicates the results of an action.

Lower gasoline prices worldwide is one of the effects of lower oil prices.

DimitriMishkin 0 points


Remember Affect - Verb Effect - Noun

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