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DimitriMishkin commented on a post in r/AskReddit
ScotnCan 2,950 points

Not sure if this counts, but, Crash Test Dummies. There was a pilot episode and it was an animated show in the mid nineties. Back then the crash test dummies that they used in cars were popular and they made action figures and a failed cartoon. I loved the first episode and at that time didn't understand the concept of a show not lasting for at least one full season. I waited for more episodes at the same time every Saturday for a few months after giving up on it coming back.

DimitriMishkin 7 points

HOLY SHIT I loved those toys! How they sprung apart and could be reassembled. I’d love to see one again. Thanks for the nostalgia trip

DimitriMishkin commented on a post in r/movies
TimeTravelMishap 748 points

well you better be careful which room you shove me into because i might end up with titanium cybernetic hater pants.


with my titanium cybernetic hater pants. because they got upgraded.

DimitriMishkin 4 points

Downgrade your attitude, young man.

TimeTravelMishap 18 points

That's it I'm coming at you with my titanium cybernetic hater pants next.

( they are upgraded you see)

DimitriMishkin 4 points

Lol people thinking I was serious :-|

DimitriMishkin commented on a post in r/todayilearned
Jay-Eff-Gee 52 points

You know, I am a professional artist, and everytime I start a piece, I draw dicks all over it. I swear. Here's the dick that started it all! (from when I built my first bench) When I can no longer see the dicks I know I have painted enough layers on the background. I have over a thousand nice paintings hanging on peoples walls, and very few of them know there are dicks under there.

DimitriMishkin 4 points

I think I have your dick hanging in my bedroom.

DimitriMishkin commented on a post in r/nottheonion
NeonDisease 2,631 points

My father says that something like a smartphone was Star Trek level technology when he was a child.

Think about it, in 1965, the idea of a pocket-sized video phone that could instantly communicate with anyone anywhere on the planet was like Star Trek.

So just imagine the science fiction things that our grandchildren will have...

DimitriMishkin 1 point

Don’t forget, they thought 100 odd years ago we would have flying cars by the year 2000.

Petrichordates 7 points

They didn't always predict useful technologies. Flying cars could have easily existed in 2000, if there was a reason for them existing.

DimitriMishkin 1 point

But I wanna fly to work

DimitriMishkin commented on a post in r/DunderMifflin
pussypalooza 29 points

i love how all the characters have realistic flaws and do shitty things, even characters you’re supposed to sympathize with. it makes the show seem so much realer. there is not a single flawless character, and i love that.

DimitriMishkin 110 points

Creed is without flaw.

LegendofPisoMojado 2 points

Please inform the Politburo of General Orumov's treachery.

DimitriMishkin 1 point


DimitriMishkin commented on a post in r/funny

So long as you found the mariachi band playing to a beluga! ;)

DimitriMishkin 3 points

Misleading plural there, spent the whole video waiting for another to show up 😥


I am so sorry! I fixed it. Here is a guy singing an underwater song to belugaS to make up for my previous error.

DimitriMishkin 1 point

Haha I was just stirring 😃. Thanks!

DimitriMishkin commented on a post in r/DunderMifflin
hilarymeggin 127 points

God, I thought that line was hilarious!!

In a lot of ways, I think Kelly Kapoor was a really groundbreaking character.

DimitriMishkin 61 points

I HATE her character so much, I just can’t even describe it. It made me realise how well she did.

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