Structural issues plague US Pave Hawk helicopters by LizaTheMalamute in AirForce

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These things are part of my AMXS here and the corrosion issues are no joke. They fly much closer to the water than the F-15's and don't rotate out like the E-3/KC-135's do. It's pathetic that the AF lets it get this bad.

Hey Kadena people. What’s up with all the goat signs? by brandon7219 in AirForce

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I hope someone can answer this because I'm wondering myself.

What jobs get certain bases by [deleted] in AirForce

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If you want to go to ANY base, look at security forces and supply. There are others, but those two are the ones that immediately strike me as ubiquitous.

Question: What’s the best way to fix this? by ZGrosz in woodworking

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r/luthier would probably be the best place to ask. Clamps and wood glue would reattach the piece, but I'm fairly sure that the neck of the guitar is under a lot of strain from the string tension, so it's possible that this is unrepairable. But like I said, ask the experts at r/luthier.

What happens if caught shoplifting from Walmart while in The Airforce? Less than $100 and received notice to appear in court. Rank: A1C by introuble91 in AirForce

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Come clean ASAP, they will find out. I knew a guy who went home, got a DUI, and had a 14 day jail sentence. Took leave to serve the sentence, and then they found out, after he already did his time. Lost a stripe for (not sure the specific charge, but to the effect of...) lying/not telling them about it.

Who else hates the weekly forum discussions from online classes. by Lukitasss in AirForce

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I hated it while I was going to school, but compared to actual in class stuff I thought it was easy. The key is to not procrastinate and be amongst the first few to answer.

Does anyone have a glue recipe? by Ranjoesta in woodworking

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Please document this and post. If you're going anywhere with an airfield/flying mission, check out the aircraft mx CTK's. They usually have double bubble/epoxy. I've also seen white Elmer's at the BX/PX.

So after a while if not listening to The Wall in its entirety, from start to finish. by Zombiekillerfan in pinkfloyd

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The Wall is a masterpiece. Maybe not my favorite, maybe not the best, but a masterpiece nonetheless.

any one here pursing a doctorate while at the USAF? by [deleted] in AirForce

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I’ve seen more than a few O10 generals with doctorates listed on their official bios. I saw a demographic report once with a lone chief who had a doctorate.

For sub $20 I'm actually really impressed by ZedHunter666 in woodworking

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I'm impressed you're flattening a tabletop and not just edge jointing with a caption like "I finally get it". Nice work BTW.

Reasons to deny leave by [deleted] in AirForce

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I don't fucking get that attitude. I've never cared when my people took leave. Dealing with fucks sitting on 30 days of use-or-lose come August is much more of a pain in the ass.

Here's a good argument thread: Whats the band's most underrated album? Top 3s only. by _TheKingOfLimbs_ in pinkfloyd

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Final Cut, Endless River, Delicate Sound of Thunder (live, I know, but still good)

Anyone bought Narex off amazon? by Moose1762 in woodworking

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Yes, and I believe they are authentic. I don't know why a wooden box would be important though.

Kadena...Kadena has changed. by MxThrowawayty in AirForce

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smco? you guys are the real heros. I'm sure it isn't cool when people in your Sq (AGE) damage an E-3 bad enough to sent it to depot for repairs though.

Would having lipsuction right around the tape area work? by BasedBarry in AirForce

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I used to supervise a guy who did this. He spent $11K on liposuction, took leave for it and everything. He was on like his 3rd fail or something. Anyway, got the suction and passed the test. Went on eating chips for breakfast and all that, failed the next test. Is no longer in the Air Force. So, yes, you could do it and pass a test...today. But you still need a lifestyle change to make a lasting effect out of it. Plus $11K could hire you a personal trainer and gym membership, so you'd actually keep the fat off.

Whats your favorite moment in The Dark Side of the Moon? by TableHockey31313 in pinkfloyd

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The transition between Brain Damage and Eclipse, simply amazing!

Rack and Stack Consideration by OkieME in AirForce

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It really depends on if the Sq follows the AFI. Mine does and if the records support it, any new guy can absolutely rank in the top 15%. If the Sq doesn't, probably not.

Kadena...Kadena has changed. by MxThrowawayty in AirForce

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What Sq/Unit/Flight? I have zero interest in identifying you, however I'd really like to take care of the people I can with the power/influence I have and if you're in my AMU I'd like to help. You can PM if you want.

Spearheaded! by Crusty-Dophopper in AirForce

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My results have been very favorable in a huge unit, but things can be different in other career fields.

Spearheaded! by Crusty-Dophopper in AirForce

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Only low-level writers use words like that, or argue to use words like that. "Led" says the exact same thing and is 3 letters long, leaving so much more room for actual impact and actions. If you look at the best writers, strongest winning packages and stratified records, you will rarely if ever see a long ass cliché verb like spearheaded.