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You're going to want to look into milling to turn those logs into usable lumber. Plus they will need to be dried which will take 1-2 years or more depending on how think you mill it. If you're willing to put in that time and effort I'd guess it would absolutely be worth making into furniture.

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After 9/11 when we were on non-stop 12's just for the hell of it a 3-level jet troop said to me, "well we at least get overtime pay, right?"

I’ve never seen a Commander who wasn’t happy when people self referred

I knew you were a crew chief from the title of the post. And the crew chief in me thinks that we have a long and distinguished history of drawing dicks on everything, and that this individual probably left their bottle out many times and as such 100% deserved to have a dick drawn on it. The flight chief in me thinks that if this came up in my unit, I'd just tell you to get him a new bottle.

Maybe 7-8 years ago I was in a south sound Costco when there were two huge booms. Turns out Obama was in Seattle for something and someone inadvertently crossed into the restricted airspace wherever the president/AF One was. The booms were the Portland ANG F-15's. It was a pretty awesome sound.

You went to SW Asia but didn't get the AFESR or GWOT-E? Typically those are the two you will receive unless your location qualifies you for a specific campaign medal.

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If you’re going to Guam it’s not SW Asia, and technically not even SE Asia. I’d be surprised if a GWOT-E would be authorized for being on American soil.

That’s over by north side SMCO and the 909th. Was it EMS or the tankers up to their old games?

I have a pilot buddy who would love a busted window. Where does one procure such a thing?

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Be an aircraft mechanic is the only advice I’ve got

I tried doing this myself cause I had a number 3 window too. I just couldn't figure out the pattern plus those windows are huge. I want to get a number 4 and 5 window and turn that into a smaller table.

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Those are curved. I did a table with a #5 and it was kind of a mess, but my design sort of sucked too.

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Nobody can file shit in the PIF without routing it through the Shirt. I out-rank my shirt and I can't do it. If some jack-hole douche canoe supervisor is being petty and gives you an LOC/LOR that you can conclusively and convincingly prove is unwarranted and files it anyway, rest assured that someone else will see it and have a say. Hopefully they act on it, that part can't be controlled, but we actually read these things when we review PIFs. If you're concerned, use the chain and see what the next level has to say about it. BTW, the supervisor better give you a copy of all the paperwork.

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37, been a fan since I was 20.

Maybe make it r/veteranmemes and hopefully people will just have fun and not be dicks. I'd change a few small things, but overall I love it.

I'm impressed that you can get dead guy in Japan.

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Only on base

That is rubber wood. Cheap, fast-growing, from south east Asia and a favorite for "mission-style" furniture from Target.

I'll play your twisted game:

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I like it! What size is it? Nice window too.

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maybe 9'x12'

There's too many damn leaders in the Air Force. We need more doers. And SSgts are doers. Serving 20 years doing can be more meaningful than what some of our so-called leaders do. Yeah, I'm talking about you, mr. ROAD MSgt.

Rough-cut 4/4 walnut is $10.95 a board foot where I live.

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Ouch. Where do you live?

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Okinawa, so it’s to be expected

Shit, we deny BTZ submissions all the time with nothing more than "well he pretty much sucks" from the supervisor. Every quarter I usually have 2-3 eligible and we internally pick our #1 and maybe #2 to go compete at the Sq. Why water down the competition with mediocrity? This is supposed to be about picking the best, not making sure every snowflake gets to participate.

I live in Japan and the locals brush lacquer on everything. You need to thin it out a lot for it to brush on okay without drying too quickly and causing problems. That being said, spraying is a much better application method.

Everything takes forever to get to Kadena. I got 5 out of 6 containers at 60 days. The 6th came around 80 days. That one had all the hardware to put the furniture together in it.

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Going from E6 to O1E was a pay cut, if you calculate it as an hourly rate. After commissioning I work ridiculously more than I ever did as a TSgt. I probably care more now, but the expectations are significantly higher on Os.

You will get more money as an officer, but if you hate your life, your Airmen and your home life will both suffer. I strongly recommend you look inside and ask yourself if it's what you really want.

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This is some of the most intelligent advice on the subject I've ever read here.

I removed this post because it contributes nothing. It's a picture of a hurt finger with no context or safety warning to others.

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