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Anyone know if Øre coins are worth much? Was going through my old collection that I had inherited years ago. Came across these really dark coin that looked like it had poo symbols on the back. The GF tells me how the Øre is less than kr. 100 øre = 1 kr and that this coins been out of production for years.

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God forbid you go out and meet people....

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Yeah I'd love to meet the tweekers in this town. They are some wholesome bring home to mama kind of people. They're so nice, they mug you at gun point.

Zhionos 2270 6878 5110

Wonderful Missouri resident here. Not much around and those things near by are condemned buildings that are home to tweakers. :/ Gotta love how they suggest going to crime filled areas...

2270 6578 5110 in rural area here :< if gifts are free much appropriated.

Stores that don't curate much and basically only ensure that the products are legal in the respective country to sell & the seller is authentic as much as they can are not new.

Amazon is the easiest example - Amazon is very low on how much it is curated. It sells everything from candy to desks to specialty dildos. Absolutely absurd amount of variety in products.

The only reason people are so headstrong about Steam doing it is because they're viewing this idea through the context of the current Steam store which is extremely bad at letting users curate their experience.

To go back to Amazon - especially once you've used it for awhile - the ability to find what you're looking for/find interesting things according to your tastes/find new things up your alley is very strong. It's difficult to get flooded with the equivalent of shovelware products, and that isn't because they don't exist on Amazon (they do) it's because the store is infinitely better than the current Steam one at displaying good products first.

The problem is that the current Steam store isn't Valve's end game for this "no Store curation" experience. They're going to keep implementing features that let users curate their own Store experience much like Amazon does.

If they do it right it won't matter if there's a ton of shovelware because you won't see it unless you want to by the time they get to where they want this to be...but it's hard for people to imagine that and they're debating this from the context of the current Steam Store which is not a good storefront for this kind of experience.

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To go back to Amazon - especially once you've used it for awhile - the ability to find what you're looking for/find interesting things according to your tastes/find new things up your alley is very strong.

This only works if people tag their shit right. However when someone is a troll they tag their shit wrong just so every single person no matter what they search for will see their shitty product. This will be how it ends up on steam. Even if it allows the masses to curate tags. This just means it will be people vs bot tagging. At least before Valve would see Aids sim, active shooter, shovel ware in general and just ban it. Now we will have to deal with all these shit games blocking our view just because people didn't want to use these sites for their VN needs.

I agree with you partially, I think the best way to handle this would be to have the developer set the tags, let users report for improper use of tags, and have Valve fix them but stop working with developers who improperly use tags multiple times.

Putting tag power in the hands of the consumer doesn't work out to well because the consumer has no real incentive to not abuse the tag functionality other than being a good person. Putting it solely in the hands of someone who has a monetary business attachment to the service means it is less likely to be abused.

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Putting it on the business doesnt work either as the owner trolls too for more views. Case in point an ad I saw in a PC parts section on craigslist for 30 acres of land... Amazon searching for tablet fan parts first result in the category was some random part for a vacuum.

Either stupidity, accidental or out right fishing for views. Trolling is on both sides. Like it or not 3rd party middle men going yes or no are needed.

The app must be installed on the main drive (typically C). We recommend the games also be installed there, as sometimes it can cause issues.

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So prime gives us a bunch of games...kinda shitty games but games that are decent for tablets. but then you go and force us to install this shit on the main drive? Really?

I have 6/50Gb on my C drive... So prime is still useless. Thanks Twitch. Maybe you need some Ritalin.

I'd rather do no quests then just running "go here kill this" shit with friends, we have Destiny for that sort of shallow brain dead gameplay.

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and you have rust

I'd love an experience that's not PVP hell too, but there's literally nothing we can do at this point beyond not buying it. Maybe I'll pick it up down the road once some mods are out and the price drops drastically, but I'm not spending $60 for a game mode I have very little interest in.

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Fans: we want co-op Fallout !

Devs: Ok here have Rust.

uh...... how about no ol' bethy.. I'll keep my $60-$80 and go elsewhere. If I want to play Rust I'll boot it up.

You could still enter vats and queue shots, it would just take out the slomo.

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Uh it'd be like Zed time in killing floor... Everyone is in slomo time.

What the other two said...

Now if only they would remove the Date of birth shit... I know it's to cover their own ass but for crying out loud. The honor system doesn't work. It never does. Even kids will just scroll and click a random date.

Whhhhat you don't want to see another kotako style article flooding your page?

So there's these places we call Public Libraries... I know, I know. BOOOOOKS but this is 2018. Libraries have had free wifi for a decade now. Some even let you rent console games for FREE... Just go to your local library with a external HDD and a tablet or laptop and download away.

Libraries also tend to have much faster connections as they tend get government contracts.

I hope you have a good password and 2factor on... Cause this is like Russian hacker bait.

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Interesting. I wonder why it affects the non official count but doesn't actually change the quantity in reality.

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Because it no longer has a store page. The game may have a forum still though. as an example has no store page.

Well to be fair if I were to see this tag on a game I'd assume it was a porn game. As any game that focused on actual story wouldn't need to rub romance of any type in your face. Plus as stated this was done in 2014.

But hey with the soon shovel ware apocalypse that will hit steam it might come back.

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I mean, for hundreds of years queer people have been oppressed, so forgive us if we have some level of pride about things the world tries to tell us should be shameful.

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Uh... Wasn't that only a recent oppression? Hundreds of years ago it was common... Most of our historical figures were bi for crying out loud.


So I've tried googling but I keep getting crap about normal advertisements that I already have disabled or how to stop windows updates.

I keep getting these pop ups telling me about windows family stuff and how to set it up. I don't need this nor want it. Is there some hidden setting area far away from other advertising settings to turn it off?

Win10 Pro


Office, yes, libre office which is sufficient, gaming, more and more games are being released for Linux, many don't, but for a price of windows 10 and office you can get ps4 so who cares ;) be a slave, its your choice.

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Uh.. Cause Console games suck? Unless you only ever want to play one online multiplayer game per generation and a ton of single player stuff...

Here's a better way of saying basically all of this without looking like a complete fucking prick.

"My condolences to the family of John "TB' Bain, I didn't agree with the guy and we didn't see eye to eye on everything."

There basically all that and you don't look like a monkey fucking prick dancing on the grave of a man that died of cancer!

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I don't see why you're getting down voted... That's the honest way to respect the dearly departed, while still admitting your disdain for the guy or gal.

What features from the Win32 version are you missing from the UWP one?

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One thing I care about? Push to talk option or rather skypes old Push to mute.

The settings menu is a god damn mess. If It's installed on a PC it shouldn't be designed for mobile. That should be the mobiles version.

Although call quality is indeed lesser in discord I find it to be way better at handling large amounts of people than skype because of all the tools and roles that it leta admins use. It also has many more "gamer friendly" features like "rich presence" which lets developers tie ingame actions or info to discord itself; call overlays are also useful to keep track of who is talking and Push to talk is a another really useful feature that I wish Skype had. Unfortunately in my book, the only really good advantage of skype are the ability to call to phones (which I don't use) and the slightly superior but considerably more stable call quality. (btw, discord also offers more features for one on one calls than skype, the ability to mute the other person is one of them). The only true downside for discord in my opinion is their privacy statement as they reserve the right to sell your data to 3rd parties.

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Uh change your channel bit rate and region for your server. Discord voice quality is much better than skype...

I mean on a list of Voip quality... skypes at the bottom... Axon (dead), Ventrillo, Mumble, Team Speak, Raidcall (dead), Skype

Where do you get the 7 days to die requirements from? They're different from the ones stated on steam and the game's website.

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Prolly outdated

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Oooh, I might finally grab the season pass of The Division at that price....

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The grace isn't the angel itself though, they can lose their grace and still be them. It's just their power charging up their angelic abilities and likely linking them into the heaven battery. Cas was still cas without his grace he didn't die. If you mean that the grace is just making them the angels, I totally agree

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They're just members of the White Lantern Corps. >_>

If only they actually used words to communicate. 95% of my experience is people just coming to instagib me while im fighting mobs. They usually get a mouthful after that.

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I love it when your weapon is sheathed, you are clearly leaving for the day and some dumb ass instantly flags to fight you. Just makes ya want to spend the next hour trolling them.

If only my gear was good enough for that...

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Even without gear. Pull that gate keeper on them, screw up the rotation, make em flag more and regret being a dick.

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Exactly where I'm at. I've started rebuilding then essentially by cleaning with water and stuffing more cotton in there then seems physically possible and it's good up into the mid 200s even so definitely their cotton is part of the problem. And I have been taking the top off since about the second day because I realized it was about the same amount of work anyways. Thanks for the input!

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how did ya get that thin glued layer of cotton out? I got the "fluffy" layer out easily.


For the past few weeks I have not gotten an extra from processing. While normally it was every other one gained an extra concentrated. Anyone else noticing this or is it just bad RNG lately ?


It’s a default recipe: one cannot proc additional concs from sharp/hard melting.

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Sooo getting them in the past was a bug and they just ninja patched the fix for it.

are you sure you're not thinking "melting accessories can produce 1-2 hards/sharps" depending on item?

the 1hard/sharp+2black stone=1 concentrated has always been a straight creation, like making black magic crystals, WON/BON/JIN crystals, ultimate reform stones, potions upgrades, etc.

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Nope, I was tossing in hard and sharps via heating and getting an extra concentrated every now and then. At the time I thought it was intended but judging from everyone's response here I'm guessing it was a bug. Maybe it was desync issue from being from NA playing on EU? I've heard workers aren't based on server time but your PC's clock; same with Guild history not working right due to that. So wouldn't put it past their shit server set up. Just if that's the case dunno why now I don't get them anymore.

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