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Debating if I want to spend any tickets on the KK banner before it goes away. The only unit I have is one Kaliva from the first time we got the raid.

Are the other TMRs/units worth pulling for, especially when I know I'm going to get their TMRs from the raid summon?

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You got the important one. The TMR from the dinosaur is decent, not sure how much you want to use trying to get it though. There are a lot of horror stories from that banner. It look me every ticket we got and 10k lapis between the 2 runs to get my one and only kaliva... If you have some 4 star tickets, maybe use a couple and see if you get lucky, and hope you don't get rayjacked

Ok, so i have a dilemma. Through 2 banners, I have not been able to pull Kaliva. I have our overlord RJ and others, but not Kaliva. So should I a) throw an 11 pull at it or b) nah... thoughts?

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I was in the same situation. I let my son do a 10+1 and I managed to get him (in the 10, the +1 was some off banner garbage). Thankfully I didn't get anymore dinosaurs, I don't know if I'll get enough moogles to finish the third one I got since I sold the extra moogles after the first raid and it looks like they nerfed moogle rates for this one, I will only get to 200% if I'm really lucky, and that's with using every orb.

you wouldn't get enough of any of the currency to be useful, it would be too split up. it might be able to work with a brand new currency that they all drop with new rewards

that was the idea, something really useless

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There are 40 megacites on the calendar that say Gumi doesn't need any help coming up with ideas for things that are useless.

the chocobo run is the solution, they should just implement a mission like the supercieties (always avaible) that in the end will improve the TMR Value of all charachater in there, that's it.

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or just add TMR progress to the existing expeditions

might want to add that the banner ends too, no 4 star ticket from the calendar for kaliva

So inferior, but only useful on TDH builds and for players who has a Tomb Raider Materia to hit the cap, otherwise it's useless.

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useless.. maybe to whales who have 10 noctii, those of us with zero or 1 would love this TM

Enhancer+ coming just as I am 9% away from my second Fryevia needle. Good times.

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Fry's needle is WAY better, Enhancer+ looks like expedition equipment

3 points · 1 day ago

How many coins are we getting? We've only gotten 100 a day so far right? If they stick with that we'll only get 1400. That's not a lot by those prices.

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There's plenty of time for them to add more ways to get them. I hope they do because there's not much left after the 10+1 ticket that is a must buy.

Honestly I want that 10% moogle. I don't tmr farm, so that would be nice.

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It's a little ways down on my list, I macro farm with available nrg so it's still slow going, I usually use moogles for 5 star bases or others that I can't batch farm, but there is a backlog. I did a set of 5 rainbows a few months ago, but it takes over a month to farm them without refills, and it's hard to watch it barely move each day for weeks on end. I hope they give us more currency so I can actually get it.

2 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

Saving for Leviathan is the right answer

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I took my Siren to level 30 to get hero's rime to use on KM bonus units, then stopped leveling her, no regrets.

That's an interesting strategy. I just use instrumental flair with Apollo harp on mog king bonus units but I can see how that would work for those that didn't pick up the Ariana Grande free unit

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I use instrument flair for the 25% hp, don't have many 30% hp materias. Siren level 30 didn't take that many supercites, not even close to what the next 30 levels would take.

3 Gregs and a pair of Lightnings. Is that better, or worse?

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3 genji gloves isn't a bad consolation prize

True, true. Although I'm only 70% of the way through #2.

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I 100% moogled my second one. Now I am rebuilding moogles, maybe for the cloud and elfreeda that didn't come close to getting finished from the raid, maybe for something that is more of an immediate need that shows up during the anniversary.

9 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

They still can do like the IWD banners : split all the units in 6 different banners with rainbow always on-banner.

They can put it like that :

Limited-time unit banners!

Date : 6/30-7/12 (i put the banner a saturday, like the KK raid so i can give to make chaining and connecting banners)

Batch Date Rainbiow Unit 1 Rainbow Unit 2 Rainbow Unit 3
Halloween Heroes Jun.30th-Jul/2nd Demon Rain Dracu Lassswell Grim Lord Sakura
Ice League Jul.2nd-Jul.4th WKN Christine Kryla
Chinese Legends Jul.4th-Jul.6th Yun Ang Chow
Gumi Bears Jul.6th-Jul.8th Elza Vargas CKA
Old Squenix Squeakers Jul.8th-Jul.10th Randi Ray Jack Dragonlord
New Squenix Squeakers Jul.10th-Jul.12th 2B A2 ExAileen

(That won't be the definitive names, but that's just to laugh)

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There should be one called trolls and that's where Ray Jack and Dracu Lasswell should live.

2 points · 1 day ago

Eve isn't even that bad, people can tank Aigaion with him, lol.

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They only do that to make him die, the more times eve dies the better.

I don't even have an eve to kill though, or a 9s. the special 10% on banner gold rate for that banner was bad.

2 points · 1 day ago

if they are using my hardware to mine bitcoin without obtaining my consent for them to be the owner of anything that is mined, doesn't that mean i own anything it mines?

Original Poster2 points · 1 day ago

Did you read their EULA? I didn't.

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2 points · 1 day ago

I didn't either, but if it was in there, this wouldn't be news, somebody would have noticed, right?

I don't get the megacites though? They're almost trollish at this stage considering they're like a gentle fart on a 3* esper. Would giving out 5 supercites really be too generous? It just seems.....weird, even basic snappers are more useful at this point.

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30 points · 1 day ago

almost trollish? i would say they are full blown 110% troll

25 points · 1 day ago

Nah, more troll than getting a Cloud of Darkness 5 star from the sky. (Old players will know this)

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13 points · 1 day ago

I don't know that anything could top that, even a magicite shard as a daily reward isn't as bad as an old school troll rainbow.

When I started playing the game (week one player here), I found the thought of getting a TMR near impossible (without fusing dupes and prior to Moogles being available). I think the thought behind this was to encourage people to pull more (and spend more) - and mind you, this was before 1/2 pulls and 10+1 - so when I see a friend unit with at least DW, I knew back then that guy was at least in Dolphin territory.

Personally, I think they should continue including random moogles as part of summons. I mean, even when you get your xth Shadow/Sabin/Krille/Gau, it makes you feel at little bit better when there's a good TMR moogle that goes with it.

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agreed, the moogles should be a permanent thing with every summon. they might even make money on it because of unit slots.

9 points · 1 day ago

I think that reasonably expecting people to achieve some of the trophies is even crazier. 10,000 COLOSSEUM battles? How about 10,000 Colosseum VICTORIES? 10,000 items used? It's just nuts.

But my rant aside, I agree with mostly everyone else here. Moogles and dupes were the intended way to earn TMRs, with any percentage gain prior to that being a bonus.

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6 points · 1 day ago

10k colosseum battles is the same thing as 10k colosseum victories. Neither of which will ever happen at 2-3 battles per week for the daily quest.

1 point · 1 day ago

I guess they are materials for the same reason 10+1 tickets are materials...

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3 points · 1 day ago

but you can't sell 10+1 tickets, so thats okay

I pulled 3 of him using 5 4* tickets this weekend, trying for Kaliva. Very nice write-up, but I'm still not happy to have 3 RJs and 0 Kalivas...

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My lone kaliva cost me 10k lapis and every ticket we got during both of his events. Finally got him in the 10 part of the only 10+1 I was going to do for him this time around. Did one last time and all I had to show for it is a stupid dinosaur. It was nier all over again, but not really because I didn't even get an Eve from nier, let alone a 9s or a rainbow.

I did manage to avoid getting rayjacked. My alt got rayjacked last time and got lucky getting a second kaliva on the first 4 star ticket I threw at it. Got a kid rydia on a 4 star ticket that would have gone after kaliva if I hadn't gotten that second one already, which would have been another rayjacking instead.

I think the idea of those other series is quite well received as an idea! I like it at least. But I think the big catalyst is the Energy requirements. People feel punished for experimenting so they kind of refuse to do so.

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So much this

Having Queen and Cecil as my combined healer, my only 2 units with Curaja (now Curaga), and not being able to clear much of anything like that, then getting Rem on a daily her banner and suddenly having a real healer. She carried me through until I got lucky with Ayaka too, now she collects relics.

Lapis continues because there seemed to be no other option to complete content.

Original Poster3 points · 2 days ago

I completely forgot about her! I sold the ones I pulled after the event and now highly regret it.

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9 points · 2 days ago

Never sell a rare summon unit.

unless you have at least 2 of it saved for farming.

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4 points · 2 days ago

You definitely wouldn't sell in that situation, you would fuse them for the 5% TM progress.

I have minfilia leveled up already... should I bother with Marie or enhance celus? Having those 100% buffs would be good but I'm guessing enhanced Marie is more helpful overall?

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I was in the same situation a few months ago. I did end up enhancing Marie, but I waited until I actually had a use for her before doing it. I think I've only used her twice though

if you don't have christine or barb what's the next best pair of magic chainers for 10 man trials?

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PS Rydia and shantotto or William for tornado or quake chaining could work

My challenge for raids is trying to fit as many characters from the TMR farm in the party and still be able to OTKO it. It's what actually gives me something beneficial (albeit very little) from the ordeal. Much like trying to fit as many Xons and Laras to your Story Event parties.

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If you aren't using eXon and waylaying each time, you are losing millions of Gil for a couple TMR points.

33 points · 5 days ago

Quick, downvote before Gumi sees it! /s

aww I thought we're getting it immediately, was really looking forward to farm tech cryst lol. aileen frey xon and setzer depleted my tech

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setzer has enhancements? i guess i completely ignore the 4 star ones now

2 points · 5 days ago

Got it with Wilhelm,Basch, Ayaka, OK and a friend OK. Got a little hairy when I discovered that the friend didn’t have fingersnap on their Odin so I took a full round of buffed attacks. Thankfully, Basch had Phoenix with raise and the Ankh for self-reraise so I used him to claw my way back to make it.

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10 points · 5 days ago

That is a delete-able offense for a friend unit. Fingersnap and Bladeblitz are mandatory on Odin, bladeblitz only being relevant on units without AoE attacks.

10 points · 5 days ago

My strategy is more like, pull whenever you have a ticket. I'll see what I get and if it's useful.

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6 points · 5 days ago

I hoarded my 70% blue ticket for 24 whole hours. It was hard, but worse was the disappointment when the gold didn't go rainbow and Leon popped out. That's 23 hours and 55 minutes longer than my average ticket hoard.

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