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What is your end goal regarding to crypto? If/When you get to your "made it" target, will you just simply cash out everything back into fiat?

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When I hit my target goal I'm thinking of cashing 40% out to fiat (diversify into stocks, bonds + buy some desirable luxuries), 50% into Monero or whatever the best privacy coin is at the time, and 10% back into BTC.

I think people have a bad habit of forgetting how truly revolutionary it is to have full autonomy over your money online. I'm really excited about the future of cryptos :)

Binance is a fantastic exchange in terms of functionality, and they do take security seriously, so I give them my business. But this is still the same sort of centralized entity we are trying to do away with.

I understand the importance of a free market, and let's not act as if they are doing something immoral. It's simply business. But you guys need to stop acting like CZ is a hero. You are nothing but more money to his pocket. I really can't forgive some of the naivety I witness from some of the novice speculators in this space. It's just embarrassing.

CZ is running a fine business, but don't act as if they haven't taken every opportunity to depart more money from your pocket. I cant wait until more user friendly decentralized exchanges and atomic swaps can finally compete with these centralized entities motivated by profit. Until then, I'll keep what I am trading on Binance, but I am not blind to the fact that they are not my friends.

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I, for one, am completely swayed by this insightful comment. Thank you for showing us all the light,

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Tell us, how could a stranger on the internet possibly care about my well being enough to want me to make money on an investment with no ulterior motives?

You have every intention of shilling us. You just choose to do it with technical words and a smile. And that's fine. Just be forthright

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No one can get away from the definition of shilling if that's how you want to define it.

I'm not telling you to buy Waltonchain I'm just providing you information to make a more informed decision.

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I'm bashing Vechain because they embarrassed the crypto community today with that shit lol

Disrespectful to our investments

What exactly is the purpose for normal people to hold this token?

Unless it pays dividends, I don't see the point.

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Waltonchain implements a hybrid PoW + PoST consensus mechanism to uphold the Parent Chain, so yes, you will be receiving dividends for holding the token, and the rewards increase with time so strap up for the long term buddy ;)

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Hi there. Avid supporter of Waltonchain here. My main issue with Waltonchain is their lack of care for public perception and investor relations. I dont like how the team doesnt really place emphasis on communication with the community.

It's extremely frustrating at times. So communication would be my main issue. I would say marketing is an issue, but when I think about it deeply, their marketing is only an issue on the crypto community front. The issues I have raised here today do not seem to be a problem behind the scenes, as the partnerships they manage to seal are extremely impressive by any standard.

Another thing which isn't so much a con for Waltonchain, but what I believe has caused the project to miss out on a lot of hype, is their corporate structure. They have a long list of important and significant subsidiary companies which are all working towards the common goal of mass adoption for the Waltonchain project, but because of the fact they are subsidiary companies, a huge amount of important ground work never reaches the eyes of the majority of crypto investors.

As for the pros, I could write paragraphs. My research indicates that they are laying the foundations for the decentralized, bottom layer infrastructure of the unified public ledger of China, the global Supply Chain, and the Internet of Things. They were exclusively invited to the equivalent of China's White House, The Great Hall of the People, to discuss the future of Blockchain policy in China alongside an unheard of project called TOSchain. If you aren't aware of TOSchain, it is a SDAG (Super Directed Acyclic Graph) which follows the similar hierachical Parent/Child Chain structure which is utilized by Waltonchain. TOSchain looks like the East's response to IOTA, but with a major significant difference. TOSchain will be able to hash the data to the Waltonchain Parent Chain to provide long term data security/immutability/longevity.

I find the development especially interesting because of China's anti-crypto political stance on Blockchain. Waltonchain and TOSchain are both available on the open market, and they have recently formed a strategic technical cooperation agreement "... To establish a real-time information sharing mechanism, deeper communication channels, and conduct regular technical communication" (Source:

So I did some further investigation, and TOSchain seems to be a direct arm of the Chinese govt, and will provide the feeless, high concurrency environment needed for large scale IoT networks to function with billions of devices communicating at once, and any long term data which needs to be secured and kept in an immutable state will be hashed to the Waltonchain blockchain. There are so many instances of high level Govt cooperation, but you will hardly see the team mention it. The lack of shilling is what stands out to me the most.

If you are planning on investing in Waltonchain, I must warn you, holding this project is a tough one at times. It's like our community is a bunch of basement dwellers piecing together a bunch of old newspapers with strings like some batshit crazy conspiracy theorists, trying to figure out the true scope of the project lol. Its incredible how much there is to it, and the roots are so fucking deep, but my god holding this shit is a headache haha. I'm just being honest with you guys.

With that being said, the extensive months of research and dot connecting I have personally put into this project has lead me to believe that this is a project unlike any other in the space. Besides dealing with the headaches I have described above with their approach to communication and investor relations, I must say, that was one of the key differentiating factors which drew me to this project in the first place. In this space where the majority of projects thrive off hype, the Waltonchain team shys away from hype. Unfortunately, the Valentines Day Giveaway event and the deleting of the Alibaba Cloud Smart City partnership tweet damaged the reputation of this project on a level I have not seen before in this space. I dont blame people either. That would set off alarm bells for any rational investor. Alas, to this day they are still here pushing out incredible news (take for example becoming the first Government approved Blockchain Research Institution in South Korea, where they have partnered with the Korean Standards Assosciation to provide new Blockchain talent for South Korea) and sealing major partnerships left and right. In 5 days they will present their completed Smart Store Pilot Projects so the whole space can see the merits of their hardwork finally in action, and what a true supply chain cryptocurrency is capable of.

I just want to say I will not be replying to comments, but I just wanted to give a bit of my perspective on what I believe the reality of the situation is. Thanks for reading anyway.

Waltonchain SK Government Approved Blockchain Research and Education Institution Source:

Waltonchain partners with the Korean Standards Assosciation to provide Entry and High Level Blockchain Courses Source:

TOSchain and Waltonchain invited to discuss future of Blockchain Policy at the Great Hall of the People Source:


Well, I was having this conversation with a few of my close friends in Slack the other day, and I thought that this might help a few people further understand the decision making process that has gone into choosing the PoW consensus mechanism.


Please keep in mind this was just a snippet of a conversation we were having in Slack. I haven't refined this for an official post so it may be a bit rough around the edges, but I just thought I would share my opinion. Please note this does not take into account the PoST hybrid mechanism or the cross chain load balancing protocol which we are waiting on more details for:

**Waltonchain has a plan, and it's brilliant**

"The "outdated" PoW consensus mechanism was specifically chosen by the Waltonchain team for the Parent Chain because it is the only consensus mechanism so far which has constantly withstood the test of war. No other consensus mechanism has ever withstood the type of attacks/hacks etc that Bitcoin has, for as long as it has, and managed to come out stronger because of it. I suggest listening to Andreas Antonopoulous speak on Bitcoin being the only battle proven chain in the space. It may seem outdated with all these fancy words like Sharding being thrown around, and the endless debate about scalability which gets everybody hyped up. But then you have to ask yourself, "Why in the blue hell would the WTC team knowingly pick PoW when it seems as though the entire space is moving away from it?"

I'll tell you why. They have a plan, and in my opinion, it's absolutely brilliant, and will be one of the major factors contributing to long term economic rent for miners once the ecosystem reaches full maturity, positioning the WTC token as one of the most valuable in the space. The security and longevity of data is of the utmost importance when laying the foundations for the bottom layer protocol of the unified public ledger of China/the global supply chain. As the physical world continues to assimilate with the digital at an ever accelarating pace, the authenticity of data, and its longevity, simply cannot be compromised. The safety of citizens, and the very fabrics of society will depend on it.

Currently, China's digital infrastructure is centralized. The transmission of data requires human oversight, and trust is involved at every step of the way. This has been working for them since the inception of the internet. However, as we move towards the "Smart" era, the powers that be are becoming fully aware of the limitations of their centralized infrastructures, and the vulnerabilities it places their citizens at. I'm not sure if you guys realize this yet, but digital warfare is becoming the new warfare, and this may sound odd but that is one of the most bullish statements somebody invested in a public blockchain could hope to hear. Why? Because blockchain is the solution to bad actor devices. By 2025, the amount of interconnected devices is set to grow to 250 billion. Really consider that number for a second. There are 7 billion humans on Earth.

First of all, China knows the most that vertical scaling to meet this demand is impossible. If they could pull off this kind of system using a centralized DB, Waltonchain wouldn't even exist. Instead, what are they doing? They are decentralizing the bottom layer of the infrastructure while maintaining control of everything else. They know true decentralization is the most effective way to protect against the threat of state sponsored cyber attacks for example, when their entire country is dependent on the functionality/longevity of their Smart Infastructure. They must also protect against dishonest inputs of data, and design a large scale device authentication system using the blockchain for the billions of vulnerable devices which are currently incredibly easy to hack.

(See Wei Songjies patent for his device authentication system which allows interconnected devices to automatically kick out bad actors in the network by using some type of automated security system based off the WTC blockchain).

What I'm saying is, they are not going to begin laying the foundations for a project of this scope by using the second safest option. Longevity + Authenticity of data simply cannot be compromised."

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I meant that in a good way.

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Original Poster2 points · 24 days ago

Thanks man it's okay I know you didn't mean to offend

6 points · 25 days ago

I like that kid... he meant well. Yall are just a lynch squad...

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Haha okayyy... All jokes aside, that dude was a nightmare for the Waltonchain community outside of this sub. A fucking nightmare lol.

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Come on man, you gotta put more effort into the trolls, or else it's no fun for us!


These are four questions which I feel are my priorities to have answered by the team. Tell me what you think:

*1) Why has nothing been done about the top mining addresses clearly violating the single GPU mining rules to exploit an unfair advantage against lesser off members of the community who may not have the funds to compete?

For months now, there has been undeniable evidence of large GPU mining farms completely dominating the mining aspect of Waltonchain. Why has this abuse of the rules been ignored and continuously allowed to be violated by these groups, who have made it increasingly harder for smaller miners to find blocks, without atleast trying to level the playing field by opening up multi-GPU mining for all?

*2) Why were Guardian Masternodes introduced in the first place?

When Guardian Masternodes were first released, they were sold to us as the necessary backbone of the Parent Chain infrastructure. The title "Guardian" was chosen by no coincidence. GMN's were advertised as the pool which Waltonchain would host the entire server capacity within:

"After a long internal discussion we decided that the Guardian Masternode pool would be the same pool that we place our entire server capacity within."


This was back when GMN's were first introduced. As of today, Guardian Masternodes serve no other purpose than miners. There are no special tasks for them to perform, no extra responsibilities, and no mining difficulty decreases as once promised. In return, GMN's receive incrementally increasing airdropped rewards for merely holding their tokens. They don't even need to point their CPU power towards their address. As a GMN holder, I would like to ask, why am I needed?

*3) Why is the PoS reward airdropped instead of inbuilt into the blockchain?

I have been holding back on this question because I expected further PoS details to be released, and further details on PoST to be released, yet there has still been nothing. As of today, the PoW + PoST Blockchain which was supposedly innovated by the Waltonchain team is a highly centralized, PoW blockchain with airdrops disguised as PoS. The only time mechanism available is the incrementally increasing GMN airdrops, which is actually airdropped by the team, so it's not a time based mechanism, it's just airdrops, again.

PoW + PoST was supposed to be an improved consensus mechanism based off the calculation of Hash Power x Stake x Time to determine an address's profitability. What we have instead is a PoW consensus mechanism, and a team willing to airdrop certain addresses certain amounts of WTC in return for buying and holding the token. Could you please explain this?

*4) Do you think it's possible for the price of the WTC token to rise while the blockchain becomes cheaper for customers to use?

How does the team at Waltonchain plan to provide users with a competitively priced blockchain platform for transactions, while also catering to the needs of the Masternode holders, who have purchased the token in order to receive a return on investment? There is a conflict of interest between investors wanting a higher priced token, and end users wanting a lower priced token.

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Good questions indeed! As for the last question, without speaking for the team of course, I think they’ll lower the amount of tokens required for usage if the price goes up and increase it if the price goes down. This way customers always receive a certain amount of transactions for their fiat.

Not sure if this has been officially stated though.

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Original Poster13 points · 28 days ago

No, it hasn't been officially stated. We as a community have a bad habit of filling in the blanks that the team leaves through lack of proper communication. With that being said, until the very recent medium articles that came out (Fashionchain release, Korean Standards Association, Waltonchain Blockchain Research Institute news) the communication from the team has been pretty good. However, before we continue on basking in the glory of our good news, we need to make sure there are no holes in the boat we are on.

Not happy with the level of information being released with these medium articles. We've had some of the biggest news being dropped in the space since the Korean Blockchain Research Institute, but I feel Waltonchain hasn't done a good job at all with describing the deeper implications of what this means.

Long term supporter of Waltonchain here, but these articles should be much more in-depth. All the medium articles were fire until recently, and now it feels like the writer has gotten lazy?

Common guys. If you’re having trouble hodling at this point how will you hodl at 4k? You are disappointing me.

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Preach it. Guess everyone is okay when its unrealistically bullish but when shit turns unjustifiably bearish all of a sudden cryptos are dead?

These people won't last.

If you still think currency is the only application of blockchain then you're missing out on the real revolution going on here. The materialisation of physical assets in the digital world. If you can't see the value in that, it's understandable, because this is the first time in human history it has ever been possible. What we are witnessing is a revolution of value. Bitcoin is only the surface of what is possible with decentralisation.

Do you work for Waltonchain? Holy hell that was a long and passionate reply. I hold WTC and am hoping for great things, but sometimes these threads seem like they are full of propaganda.

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Dude Waltonchain has by far the most passionate community out there. The FUD really drove away the moon boys and for months on end we've mainly had focused and intelligent individuals come together collectively in the Slack and Reddit channels to explain how Waltonchain is different from other Supply Chain cryptos, and how fucking deep the ties go with the Chinese Govt. It's almost as if WTC is psudo-private branch of the Chinese govt, and we're a bunch of weirdos that sound insane trying to explain it to a community which widely believes China is anti crypto-currency.

It's been a long time holding, but I've seen the same people around for a long time, and I can tell you the majority of members you will meet are extremely well versed in the fundamental differences Waltonchain has against competitors such as Vechain, and everybody collectively shares deep dive research in the Slack channel. You have to understand that with this project, the community is mainly focused on researching it deeply to try and UNCOVER more and more ties and partnerships it has going on behind the scenes. Like, I've been in crypto a long time, and this project is different. I've been holding since the start, and I've watched it go from a team of pseudonyms over a slack channel with a dodgy white paper and photos which looked photo shopped, to the most highly respected decentralized blockchain project in China. If you disagree with that statement, tell me why Da Hongfei from NEO wasn't invited to China's White House, the Great Hall of the People, in Beijing, as a VIP guest speaking on the panel, to discuss the future of Blockchain in China? We are talking about a project out of the top 50 people.. Please don't think I'm taking a shot at NEO either, I owned NEO for a long time, and it's a great project and will be successful, but I mean the majority of /cc genuinely believe Waltonchain is comparable to Verge. If people could actually see the amount of DEEP, deep dive research that goes on behind the scenes, I believe the Waltonchain community would be one of those communities that people hold in high regard. Of course we all get dragged into the shit flinging with VEN sometimes, but honestly, I highly commend how well versed you'll find a majority of investors in the project.

I've never been part of a community that spends most of its time trying to find out more about where a project is currently, instead of working together to figure out where to go next. Waltonchain knows where it's going, the plans are ambitious, and global, and what I have witnessed over these 8-9 months has been incredible. It's almost as IF Waltonchain has the option to pump themselves up to a top 20 crypto, but they instead choose a long term, humble, no hype approach to price appreciation over the long term, and align themselves with the philosophies of higher authority in China.

Refreshed my page & the avg block time went from 96s to 33.5s. Also the number of nodes went from 5k+ to ~3.5k. Weird stuff going on. If anyone has a possible explanation I'd like to hear it out.

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Who is downvoting this guy? Seems like legitimate questions?

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Quality comment section. 10/10.

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Who says China is anti cryptocurrency?

Super SUPER interesting that Waltonchain was chosen to attend this conference considering the political climate concerning Blockchain/Crypto currency in China.

It seems asthough a lot of people accept the rhetoric that China is Pro Blockchain and Anti Crypto. With Waltonchain, a publicly avaliable crypto-currency being invited to the Great Hall of the People (this is China's White House), I think its about time we reconsider our statements that China is anti Crypto. Waltonchain may have just proved this isn't the case.

If China was against Cryptocurrency, why would Waltonchain be invited to China's White House to discuss the future of Blockchain Development? This is super exciting for all of Crypto.

Is it time our Chinese friends join the market again? This certainly points in the direction of YES

Um, Waltonchain just got invited to the Great Hall of the People (White House of China) to discuss the future of Blockchain technology in China

Lmao what is wrong with you people? Tall Poppy Syndrome much

Could you care to explain the algorithms and AI integration in it? I don't see why someone would, in evil intention, change the quantity (maybe weight?) in trash bin or lie about air quality.

Also, since the Chinese Communist Party is ruling, these services would be maintained and handeled under them. I don't see that there is any reason for them to change data or need to have special need for decentralization. If they want more nodes for stability, they could use nodes on different companies and keep the data centralized, which would also make updating the system in the future cost less and make it more efficient.

This is me geniuenly being interested, not trying to spread FUD.

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This is a great question. The answer is national security. The amount of hacking vulnerabilities to be found in a Smart City based off centralized infrastructure is tremendous. Waltonchain's blockchain provides value to government because it ensures the entries of data to the blockchain are authentic, and the blockchain ensures the immutability and longevity of this data. This protects against outside threats such as anonymous state level cyber attacks tampering with the data and wrecking havoc once the safety of its citizens depends on the cities running safely and without disruption.

When it comes to things such as air monitoring for pollution, it is incredibly important to make sure that the data entered is correct. This is why, my hunch, is that Waltonchain is going to be used as the bottom level infrastructure for the future Smart Economy of China. And as we all know, China is the beginning of the supply chain, so the seeds planted there will grow across the globe.

How is this all possible? Well what I THINK is happening, is the Waltonchain blockchain will host the hash data of the sensor data anchored by the RFID tag and collected by all the reader/writer nodes across the ecosystem - which provides the immutable timestamp/longevity of the data as it is spread across a decentralized ledger of nodes working for an economic incentive to ensure good behaviour (Waltoncoin) - and this will be linked to the sensor data which will be stored in the Cloud/Child Chains/RFID tags etc. This is what we're seeing in the Alibaba Cloud Smart City partnership I believe. You can't quote me on it, but it's what I've gathered so far.

So this is what a true combination of centralization and decentralization looks in my eyes. If you're wondering, Smart Cities will certainly be a govt tax burden, and yes, I do believe Waltoncoin will be purchased by govt parties to run Smart Cities. If we are correct, this is the new oil of the future. The signs are certainly pointing that way, but I still must remind you to only invest what you are willing to lose. China is known for being anti cryptocurrency; with that in mind I do wish to remind you that a true decentralized blockchain requires open public participation for everybody, which in turn requires a type of economic incentive to ensure good behavior. It is possible with all the KYC and AML regulations in place, the Chinese govt will pardon complying blockchain projects that use crypto to incentivize miners, and instead encourage innovation and conformity.

With all that being said, I'm still not sure what blockchain has to do with heated soles aha

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@ the person who was telling me that VEN was the bigger project because Sunny Lu was 'judging' Waltonchain at China's International Industry Expo 2018.


Now that it turns out Vechain purposely undersold Waltonchain as a start up project - they kindly took it upon themselves to insert their own version of the pamphlets translation instead of what the actual translation stated - and shamelessly overexaggerated Sunny's role as a judge on the panel to portray Waltonchain as the lesser project, can we get an apology?

Not going to lie, hearing that Vechain's Sunny Lu was judging Walton DID make me uncomfortable a bit. I'm sure you can understand how my thought process went immediately to, "but if all the big smart guys at the biggest expo in China invited Vechain as the guest judge while Waltonchain was just another start up project to be deemed worthy or unworthy by the big bad Lu, then maybe i missed something major when doing my research"

I was concerned. Certainly not to the point of selling, as there was always enough space for the both projects in the first place, and that Walton is criminaly undervalued compared to VEN anyway, but it certainly made me question things which I already know and didnt need to question in the first place.

Welp, turns out, Waltonchain was a much bigger deal at the event than Vechain was. Infact, it was this conference that Welson Wong, Waltonchain's CSO, was invited to participate in China's first Blockchain TV programme, "Zero Distance to Blockchain", and actually recorded his first scenes there. Be ready to see Waltonchain on TV. It will happen and the feeling will be surreal.

With that being said, is it atleast possible to at least acknowledge what Vechain did - and deplore it?

Thats all I ask. I'm fed up with these shady tactics from Vechain's upper management. We have been dealing with it since October/November ever since CREAM Crypto and Laowai jumped ship to Vechain, but now seeing this bullshit playing out at the top level? Fuck off.

Oh and CREAM. We will make your name famous my boy. You deserve all the attention for getting Vechain to where it is. I hope the MustangChain and Plair ICO go well. I'm certain it will for you. Not so sure about your fellow VEN investors.


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Oh and to anybody feeling worried about me drawing bad attention to this sub after things have calmed down, let me remind you of a saying a wise man once said,

"Gold will always shine, the bubble will gradually return to its real value, and the blockchain technology will separate truth from falsehoods"

If Waltonchain has the goods like we know they do, don't be worried about trolls in our sub. The bubble will gradually return to its real value. A very encouraging philosophy to see expressed by our upper management might I add.

This project is the most promising I've ever heard. But the thing putting me off going all-in is the lack of people involved in this. I want to feel justified in my choice, but the severe lack of consensus in the general crypto community is putting me off.

Makes me feel like they know something I don't

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Haha aw mate. You've just committed yourself to a lifetime of mediocre returns and a can-don't attitude. I hope you find the confidence within yourself to trust your own judgement based off your own months of research and hard work.

If you want to go with what the crowd goes with, I suggest you check out your local Verge, Tron, or Bitconnect subreddit. I'm sure you'll find more like-minded people to acquaint yourself with ;)

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So you're telling me it makes more sense to centralize the nodes validating transactions and creating blocks on the blockchain into a selected group of 101 Authority Nodes - supposedly consisting of a large consortium of Fortune 500 companies staking their reputation to ensure good behavior - instead of completely decentralizing the protocol itself, allowing for free market participation from anybody who has the available hardware resources to contribute to the overall hash power of the network?

Why would companies prefer the protocol in which their competitors are earning 30% off their transactions in the form of Authority Node TX fee returns? If another blockchain network could offer a solution that is decentralized at its core, why would they pick a centralized alternative which is susceptible to 51% attacks, benefits potential competitors, and skyrockets the chances of fraud/major crisis dismantling the network, when you can take trust out of the equation completely by decentralizing the blockchain instead of distributing it.

Does it not make sense that the economy of our future will involve a singular and unified public ledger connecting each and every institution together? Think of it like this. Every business has to keep track of their financial records. Currently, we must trust that these business's report their finances correctly until proven otherwise. With the invention of blockchain, this process can be disrupted, and this is where the revolution is happening. By digitizing the entire economy, and connecting it to a unified public ledger, we as a society open up the means for mass collaboration on never before seen scales - once the inputs of data to the blockchain can be trusted as true. Supply chain crypto's are currently aiming to disrupt the problem of true data entries to the blockchain by attaching miniature crpyto-anchors such as RFID tags to products. Waltonchain takes this a step further by having their RFID tags self-generate public/private keys which can then correspond with the RFID reader/writer node immediately, allowing it to write the data directly to the blockchain which removes all human interaction with the process, thus ensuring the immutability of data.

Essentially, I'm saying that Waltonchain offers the decentralized vision of Vechain, and at 1/10th of the price.

Partnerships are certainly comparable, with me leaning more towards Waltonchain having the more significant partnerships - although they all are flying under the radar as Waltonchain never boasts about them - and this is before we even bring up the discussion of hardware.

You choose.

4 points · 1 month ago

Out of curiosity, what is preventing certain groups like Bitmain get into Walton and could have 51% of the hashing power?

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Hey mate, I noticed your username and just wanted to say welcome.

I believe Bitmain specializes in ASIC's which isn't available on the WTC network atm, though I don't know much about these mining groups. With that being said, seniority will play a big role in defending against a 51% attack on the network, aswell as a strong distribution of GMN's which are incentivized to never sell their position. Keep in mind GMN's already make up over 40% of the circulating supply.

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8 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Also might I add that the infamous Plair ICO - Vechain's first official DApp - is advised by Boxmining, a known paid shilll, and CREAM Crypto, a close affiliate of Sunny Lu and admin in, a poorly masked Vechain shill group and circle jerk.

There's something that just doesn't add up to me about this equation. Out of all these major partnerships that were shilled to us on /cc, an ICO Esports project advised by Boxmining, a known paid shill, and CREAM Cypto, a close and behind the scenes affilite with Sunny Lu was the best they could offer for Vechain's first ICO. Before you even compare Freyrchain, Freyr has been nailing major partnerships left and right with significant Auction Houses in and around China for a minute now. Freyrchain is as legit as it gets.

There's just too much fishy shit about Vechain going on behind the scenes. Their aggressive and Gurellia marketing tactics should've set off alarm bells for any investor with an eye for shenanigans, but this ICO says it all to me. Never forget what the damn thing is valued at compared to WTC..

For the Vechain investors, I seriously wish you luck.

The tides are turning.. People are starting to finally realise Waltonchain is the true leader of IoT + Supply Chain blockchain, as has been said all along.

Waltonchain specifically addresses the same problem of providing privacy and control for mainstream corporate adoption that Vechain attempts to solve with its 101 Authority Node/PoA consensus mechanism - without having to sacrifice network decentralization in the way that Vechain does to achieve this.

The Parent/Child Chain protocol should have everybody fucking HYPED and is the reason why Waltonchain is what Vechain wishes it was.

Dont @ me.

Your assertion is made on no evidence.

No reason not to have the sensor data in the child chains if they can be.

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"While the data packet is uploaded, the Walton chain extracts the characteristics of the data packet and generates a feature fingerprint through a hash algorithm. The generated feature fingerprint is a string of random codes that will be uploaded to the main chain of the Walton chain and cannot be modified once uploaded."

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