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Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Dlow_Stacks 30 points

Don't forget to mention all the people working hard behind the scenes in the slack to gather a lot of the information we see him post. Shout out u/DragonBallaf u/Drew u/DkNinja to name a few.

This community is bloody awesome. Also shout out to the next 3 redditors who subscribe to this subreddit to get us to 20k subs, and shout out to the other 19,997 homies that made it all possible.

See you all at 600k sats 😎

Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Dlow_Stacks 24 points

CTO Wei Songjie is presenting the advantages of blockchain application in the IoT industry before the 9 Day MSI terminal CEO, Jiang Xingchuan, speaks on "When Low Orbit Satellites meet IoT."

Wei Songjie also has a patent on a Low Orbit Satellite Switching Network based on blockchain

Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
ogbobb1988 53 points

I love my wtc and ven , always good things

Dlow_Stacks 34 points

Why does somebody always have to mention VEN and WTC prospering together whenever a WTC front post hits the front page lmao. Seems the two communities can only prosper together whenever WTC makes progress

JeanBaguettos 17 points

It's just weird. In posts about WTC it's like we're best friends but in other posts it's full of weird innuendos about wtc and even flat out insults towards our community sometimes.

I commented in their recent post about nanotechnology. I thought I could give some insights about nanophotonics and NIR and said that the Fourier spectrometer needed to be very very close because NIR's light absorption otherwise you can't identify the nanoscale circuit. Of course I got downvoted and accused of spreading fud because I post on /r/Waltonchain. I didn't feel comfortable stating that because of the nature of the tech, you can't put two circuits in front of each other unlike RFID.

The push toward tribalism among a few crypto communities has been worrisome lately.

Dlow_Stacks 14 points

Exactly. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see the two communities patch things up, but I'm just calling it how I see it bro

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Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/ambrosus
Dlow_Stacks 2 points

Hey could any of the mods answer this question:

How does AMB write data to the blockchain? Do the read/writer hardware RFID scanners require API for serialisation? Or is data written directly to the blockchain, removing all human interaction with data integration to the blockchain?

Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/ambrosus
Dlow_Stacks 4 points

How many AMB tokens do you think will be required for the lowest tier MN? I'm seriously considering getting a decent portion of AMB. I'm a large WTC holder and the technology underlying AMB is near identical, and I'm impressed with the whitepaper.

I understand the token economics model is coming out in May, and something tells me we are in for a good surprise. Any speculations on the required amount fellas? Could we be looking at 5-10k nodes?

Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Dlow_Stacks -3 points

Vechain's two coin model fails to provide the benefits of a stable price for enterprise adoption. Changing the generation rate of THOR only affects market price over the long term, but will not protect users from speculative price bubbles, as THOR will be affected by the same market forces that also affect NEO's GAS for eg.

It's not like Tether, where they can print as much as they want to compensate for demand, then burn tokens when supply is too high.

If demand increases at a rate which supply cannot keep up with, THOR will go up in price, meaning that early adopters will get more bang for their buck, whereas other parties will have to pay the premium price for THOR in the mean time.

I don't see this getting in the way of adoption, as this tends to be the case for all utility tokens, but the idea shares the same principles as ETH's gas, in that the market price of the token is separate from the cost of computational power to conduct a transaction (gas).

With that being said, my main skepticism about Vechain is the fact that they are advertising the fact that the price of THOR will be stable for enterprise adoption by employing the two coin system, when in reality, this does nothing to protect against price volatility for end users. So why create a system where you can manipulate the generation rate of THOR if it doesn't achieve what its supposed to? Just doesn't make sense to me

mlk960 6 points

There will still be significant monetary volume consistently transacting across the network. Payment streams for example. don't forget that IOTA can also act as a P2P currency like anything else in this space. The use-cases are widespread. And if that data is being traded on the data market place, there will usually be IOTA included in the trade. My personal estimate is >$300 end game.

Dlow_Stacks 2 points

But where's the recurring demand for purchasing IOTA off the open market if tx fees are completely free? I don't understand what's the value proposition for IOTA. Not saying it's a bad idea. But what drives the price besides speculation?

Mert04 40 points

Xiamen IoT Tech Co. which was mentioned on Alibabas IoT Alliance website is on the WTC organizational chart. Just another confirmation, a piece of the puzzle

Dlow_Stacks 3 points

Can you expand on this? I didn't read about that. I thought we only had connections with Alibaba through Zhongchuan?

Choris 3 points

Yes, I believe that he is referring to Xiamen Zhongchuan Internet of Things Industrial Research Institute (a subsidiary of Xiamen IoT Technology Co. Ltd.)

Dlow_Stacks 1 point

Oh my bad just realized haha

Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/waltonchain
loves2splooge 28 points

X-post from other daily.. To me this is an intriguing, mysterious part of the Q2 roadmap, and I want to know what others think of this theory.

"First Implementation of a Child Chain Prototype system based on the public chain of Waltonchain."

I really think this is gonna blow some minds when we realize what this means (if my theory is correct). Waltonchain is all about hardware. That's our strength. So I think this has to do with a new, hardware and software based child chain product. This will be the very first of its kind, and that's likely why they've kept it under wraps.

Prototype is defined as: "a first, typical or preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied. ie "the firm is testing a prototype of the weapon" [google]. -- lends me to believe it's a physical product.

So I think Walton has been developing a new commercial product that will be sold publicly -- like the unmanned store hardware package they sell on Silictec's City Link's website -- which will include all of the hardware and software needed to autonomously create, secure and maintain a new Walton child chain. Think about how simple it could make it for companies of all sizes to fire up their own chain and participate in the shared decentralized data hub that is the Walton public chain. I'd imagine the software will handle the initial installation and programming the different features / options you have in creating a child chain (different consensus algos, trust levels, etc.). And the hardware will passively mine and write the scans / transactions to the chain. More or less a plug and play, fully automated commercial child chain system. Purchase-able online by companies big and small, across the globe. Or, at least across OBOR ;)

Dlow_Stacks 8 points

Do you think companies will have to run Masternodes in order to participate? I wonder how much it costs to open a child chain with WTC tokens. Would be interesting to find out more about this

Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
yoteech 3 points

But they are working with a subsidiary? Can someone explain then the difference here, since the last thread was deleted by mods for too many inaccuracies in the title (i.e. Claiming it was a Walton partnership instead of Walton subsidiary). Obviously there must be quite a difference if it was worth deleting a thread over.

Also, not to get into semantics too much, but it's a membership IN not a partnership WITH, correct? I thought they were one of hundreds of members. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Dlow_Stacks 33 points

The title WAS inaccurate. It was posted by a known moonboy of the Waltonchain community whom we have learnt to not take so seriously.

The implications and confirmations of simply having the Zhongchuan IoT logo posted onto the Alibaba website by them however, was important for validation. That's why everyone is so excited.

Luffydude 1 point

too bad the pump already happened tho

Dlow_Stacks 9 points

And the fundamentals improve 😎

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Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Dlow_Stacks 119 points

IMO the twitter fiasco and Alibaba tweet being deleted has made Waltonchain an undervalued diamond in this market. Not a single fundamental has changed, and now here we are with third party validation from Alibaba themselves.

It's looking good for WTC

Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/waltonchain
tobias_pham 1 point

Lol, this is your time to accumulate. Insiders doing so already... checked the volume on binance last hours?

Dlow_Stacks 12 points

Not denying that. I'm addressing your baseless and misleading assumption that Waltonchain is partnered with LYNX. There's no evidence. It looks bad, isn't productive, and I don't condone it. Facts.

tobias_pham -27 points

Partnership is with LYNX INTERNATIONAL. A part of e-commerce Alibaba.

Dlow_Stacks 16 points

The Waltonchain community in large does not support such baseless speculation. Sorry about the bad apples

Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Iamscore 4 points

He ded

Dlow_Stacks 0 points

But they all have whitepapers..

hoochisactuallycrazy 39 points

Haters gonna downvote - but this is exactly what Walton were talking about in the following article:

It;s exciting for China - so i agree with the "Vechain, Neo!" comment by soul5tice - but the most linked project to this city is Waltonchain without a doubt.

And to the fudders that are gonna fud - their tweet stated that they were holding back on announcements via twitter to align future tweets with china blockchain policy announcements. By no means did they redact the strategic partnership in the city mentioned in OPs post (Xiong'an).

Dlow_Stacks 24 points

It's true. This is incredibly bullish for Chinese coins in general, but there are some seriously obvious connections that anybody can make between this news and Waltonchain. I'd also consider a few others like Matrix or Neo. I'm not so sure about VEN considering it's based in Singapore if I'm not mistaken, but we will see. They were also working on the new Gui'an Smart Town project so we may see some developments from that.

Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/waltonchain
ragnoros 0 points

After watching "The China Hustle" i wonder: Are we, new young dynamic investors, already doing more due Diligence, dig deeper into these alleged companies and will we avoid gigantuos fraud like we saw in the reverse merger debakel? Or will we fall victim to the same old fraudulent ways yet again? - I hope Blockchain tech gives overall better transperency - Stay strong young new riskaddicted traders out there! Learn from past mistakes and try to stay level headed. Big greed is followed by big tears.

Dlow_Stacks 24 points

I understand the concern, but it doesn't make sense when you put things into context.

If we were involved in some type of hustle, wouldn't the team focus a lot more on investor relations and extravagant marketing tactics? We have to practically beg for informance from the team at times.

It seems hardly an effective tactic keeping quiet about company progress, publicly accessible patent advantages, and fragmenting the corporate structure into a group of connected subsidiaries and affiliates so as to not implicate blockchain involvement in anyway, incase it steps on the toes of the Chinese govt or relevant cooperation parties. Why do you think the Alibaba Cloud partnership tweet was removed? The headline explicitly implicated the Waltonchain token, a known cryptocurrency asset, as being a key component to the Smart City development plans for Alibaba Cloud, a now state owned enterprise. The article clearly details that Waltonchain blockchain technology will be leveraged on top of the compatible hardware solutions provided by their wholly owned subsidiary company, Zhongchuan IoT. While true, it was a mistake on Waltonchain's behalf to announce it the way they did considering the uncertain political climate in China concerning the blockchain and cryptocurrnecy policies. It has since been corrected. Other tweets announcing partnerships have used the subsidiary company titles to headline the articles, and unsurprisingly, they have run into no problems.

Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Moneylines23 -2 points

Windows 10 won’t even let me download the wallet even if I turn firewalls and security off ... sucks

Dlow_Stacks 6 points

I'm using Windows 10, new to mining. I got 3 cpus up within 10 minutes. Maybe it has something to do with your settings?

officialmerchant 1 point

What amount did they airdrop you. Multiple posts but no specifics I can see

Dlow_Stacks 1 point
  1. It's in the medium post + an extra 100 for PoS rewards
Dlow_Stacks 26 points

This goes beyond rewarding GMN. Its about being rewarded for sticking with WTC during the FUD.

So good.

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