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Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
tldrlololol -8 points

Sure the company will be successful. Doesn't mean the coin price will be though. Lest you forgot - coins ain't shares, although people buy them like they are.

Dlow_Stacks 9 points

The entire Walton blockchain network communicates via the utility token: Waltoncoin (WTC). As adoption increases, demand for the tokens (100M maximum supply) will organically be driven up as more transactions occur, more child chains are created which requires token expenditure, the decentralised asset exchange becomes operational, the credit/mortgage system becomes active etc. There's so many use cases for the token, including operating a Masternode, or staking your coins for a % return by keeping them in the Waltonchain wallet once its released to help secure the network. Therefore, as usage increases, so will the company, and ultimately the price.

Waltonchain specialises in hardware and software research and development. The RFID chips designed and patented by the wholly owned Waltonchain subsidiary company, 'Silitech' , are specifically designed to be compatible with the Waltonchain network automatically, without the need for human intervention. Theyve also spent thousands of hours of research of competitive proprietary code, which includes the innovative dual chain scalability protocol invention, (think Parent and Child chains) created by Dr Songjie, a Waltonchain Blockchain engineer. This means if Waltonchain as a company succeeds, the entire blockchain network will succeed with it, ultimately garunteeing an increase in the token price. They're inseparable. As adoption increases, so will the price of the token as near unlimited demand continues to outpace the 100M capped supply

I hope this answers your question

vedicvirtuoso 2 points

Dan Metcalf is the lead dev. You can find him on LinkedIn. Each time they add more devs, they post links to their LinkedIn pages. But at the moment, they’re updating websites so right now there’s not a great place to see a complete list of all the devs. Up until now, they’ve focused on coding more than marketing themselves.

Dlow_Stacks 2 points

Sounds similar to Waltonchain in terms of focusing on tech instead of marketing. That's awesome thanks

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Dlow_Stacks 32 points

Could we try keep price talk to a minimum fellas? We much prefer discussion about fundamentals and tech in the sub.

Sad to see you didn't get to purchase anymore though!

Cyrus_Assyrian 1 point

I do not understand the anti-price talk. Price is all around pretty essential. It is really the most important element, because if the price outweighs all the positives, then what is the point in investing?

Dlow_Stacks 1 point

We usually direct price talk towards the daily, instead of posting about it

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LionRivr 15 points

True. And you can steak FOOD.

Dlow_Stacks 5 points


catgirlmasterrace -26 points

RIP VeChain

Dlow_Stacks 29 points

Silly comment. Im 100% WTC but this kind of attitude isn't appreciated

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nefarious_weasel -1 points

I bought some VEN a couple days ago but haven't had the time to research WTC. I just want your opinions on this: why is it better to have patented hardware from a crypto investor's point of view? Bear in mind that as I write this I know very little about WTC. It just seems like having proprietary hardware would increase company stock and slow adoption as opposed to a solution like VEN which would use existing RFID tech.

Dlow_Stacks 7 points

Well, through the RFID scanner guns, the information held in each chip (name of product, date of delivery, company in current possession etc) can be written onto the blockchain automatically, without the need for human interaction. This is different from Vechain because Vechain uses centralised servers and has to interact manually with an API in order to do the same. This means that if a hacker were ever to hack into the API, the entire blockchain is essentially compromised, whereas Waltonchains RFID chips enjoy end to end encryption meaning that if any of the chips were to be hacked, only the information stored on that chip is compromised, nothing else.

Also the RFID chips designed and patented by Waltonchain allow the scanner gun to include the feature of automatic mining. Everytime the scanner gun is used, it actually mines the information onto the blockchain. Yes, this also means that companies will enjoy the token reward for mining (90% to the child chain nodes, 10% to accounting nodes). This makes Waltonchain one of the cheapest solutions to implement, and provides us a huge competitive advantage. All of this is only possible with Waltonchain's RFID chips, which has been specifically designed to interact with the Waltonchain

nefarious_weasel 2 points

That sounds very interesting. I will definitely give it a lot more time over the next couple days. Thanks.

edit: So are child chain nodes owned by companies who use WTC tech, individuals who invested in WTC tokens, or both?

Dlow_Stacks 3 points

Nice man I'd definitely consider doing your due diligence. Waltonchain is growing into an absolute beast in front of our eyes, but they don't market well to western investors, so it's absolutely flying under the radar compared to competitors.

Each scanner gun acts as a child node, so every company that has implemented Waltonchain will actually have multiple. Yes, it is a combination of both. The parent chain uses a hierarchical structure to delegate load balance, which Im pretty sure means that if company A has too many transactions to validate at one time, and company B has had a slow day, company B will have its mining resources delegated to company A to help out with the mining and will recieve rewards from it passively. This is also the way investors such as ourselves will have our mining efforts delegated, whether it be through a GMN, MN, PoW + PoST, or PoST.

Definitely look into it man

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warmbookworm -14 points

Did you read? I didn't even say vechain was better than WTC, which I clearly stated near the bottom of my post. Holy shit, people who can't think critically...

Dlow_Stacks 13 points

Forget Vechain. This is about the idea that tech doesn't matter in this space. Nothing could he further from the truth

warmbookworm 0 points

Look at dogecoin, dentacoin etc, and tell me exactly how its tech is better than WTC, or even those low cap shitcoins people keep shilling on this sub.

When you say "this space", you are talking about cryptocurrencies. But in reality, within "this space", there are a lot of different niches.

For example, if we were talking in the context of anonymity coins, how well it works as a smart contract platform doesn't really matter. What matters is how good its anonymity effects are.

There are some coins that succeed on tech, such as ETH. But that's a small subsection of the entire sector.

For the coins offering solutions to existing problems for corporations, what matters is whether the solution works or not.

The companies using these solutions don't care how elegant your code is or whether you've come up with a new algorithm to do something. They care if it works, and if their company can benefit from it.

Dlow_Stacks 0 points


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Dlow_Stacks 6 points


WelcomeCog 37 points

The fact that, on top of their remarkable progress, they are humble enough to publicly identify their shortcomings as well is truly refreshing.

They identify where they need to improve and then they get on and action it. For an investor this is fantastic to see.

Dlow_Stacks 24 points

This was actually one of the points I was thinking of writing an entirely seperate post on. The humility and honesty, and willingness to admit shortcomings made me pause.. I have NEVER seen that in Crypto before. Maybe it has happened, I just haven't seen it. When I read that part, I got goosebumps. The team we are dealing with is a team of honour. I'm starting to get a good grasp of the type of business culture they have going on at Waltonchain, and you can see that being reflected in our community. We are definitely in good hands.

Hold strong friends. Last year was the year of NEO. This year is the year of Waltonchain. Mark my words.

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Dlow_Stacks 8 points

And what happens if you mess up a trade a end up losing your MN status? Will you have the capital to buy it back? Do you think you can outperform the returns of a GMN? It's a tough call. Some people, like me, just prefer the ease of mind. The added rewards of a GMN is the cherry on top. Not to mention a GMN also enjoys the lowest mining difficulty in perpetuity. It just seems more logical to hold a GMN than to try swing trading a MN.

Upto you though

Dlow_Stacks 2 points

Check u/phantomchameleon recent post. It has all the info you're looking for

Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/waltonchain
UserRetrieveFailure 41 points

What the heck was controversial about this post?

It's 92% upvoted and had sensible comments inside without much drama. Is it just one mod on r/cryptocurrency that is doing this or what?

Edit: It's back to normal now again. Man... just wish all this drama would take a back seat for a while.

Dlow_Stacks 9 points

Hey guys, I believe the way it works is once a certain threshold of reports has been received, the post auto-locks, and mods have to manually unlock them. Don't get me wrong, I was livid too, but this makes more sense. So if it's not the mods I wonder who :\

copharion 2 points

Feel bad for all the prospective buyers who are getting funneled bootyhole info. In the long term we will be fine but kind of annoying in the here and now.

Dlow_Stacks 4 points

Yeah it's sad because the coordinated FUD attacks only hurt the small investor. No amount of fud can stop the WTC train from leaving the station, it just stops prospective passengers from getting on board. Sad really

Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/waltonchain
costa1717 1 point

You do know that by then the supply will be much higher, right? Soo your math is a bit ooff too

Dlow_Stacks 1 point

Yeah definitely dw I considered this, I just think it will be higher than 1920 in 3 years so yeah

ThaMadRippa 1 point

Does that also remind me by the way or? Never used it haha. Otherwise I would need to set one too.

Dlow_Stacks 2 points

You have to set one too. Copy the exact phrasing of my one. I'll msg you too on the day

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Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
gelu295 3 points

Isn't Vechain doing same thing? I don't know which coin to invest in

Bluethf 8 points

Put 50% in both. :D

Dlow_Stacks 9 points

Welcome to Waltonchain dude!

Dlow_Stacks 25 points

They're very similar projects in concept, but on a deeper technological evaluation, it's hard to argue that Waltonchain is anything short of superior. I won't tell you who to invest in, I would rather you do the research yourself, scrutinize the two projects (which I believe both can succeed in the long term), and decide for yourself which one is better.

Disclaimer: I am all in on a GMN so feel free to dismiss me as biased. Remember, the information is out there for you, I'd consider putting in the hours to research yourself, because this is something you don't want to miss out on

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Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Dlow_Stacks 15 points

Hey I believe once a certain threshold of reports has been received, there is an auto-lock that happens, and mods have to manually unlock. So with that being said, I believe the culprits are VeChain, for who else would purposely report an informative post besides direct competition?

One day they will realise healthy competition will help set us both apart from the rest of the competition. WTC is by far superior, but if they want to play like that, so be it. Nothing changes. Our fundamentals are so solid no amount of FUD or campaigning can stop us. Besides, competition is good in the long run, and I'd rather our competition be VeChain than anyone else, for good reason

Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Dlow_Stacks 82 points

I'm sorry but why the hell was this post locked for controversy?

It's 92% upvoted and had sensible comments inside without much drama. Is it just one mod on r/cryptocurrency that is doing this? That makes no sense and is super fishy. Can someone clarify?

SnootyEuropean 20 points

The lock actions are automatically performed by automod if there are reports and we have manually review it now

- some mod in a PM to me when I asked about it earlier, in a different case

Dlow_Stacks 8 points

If that's the case, awesome

marcbolanman 1 point

“The chips are characterized by the integration of elliptic curve and decryption acceleration module, as well as a communication interface protocol for blockchain technology applications.”

Honest question. How are investors supposed to understand this shit? Lol

Dlow_Stacks 3 points

The RFID is patented and not a normal RFID chip. It is the only RFID that acts as a node on the blockchain and that is also capable of reading and writing to the blockchain. They have memory, long life, and cost pennies. They will enable customizable and programmable configurations that can be set at factory and sold to customer directly. The RFID is used for attaching to other nodes, but it can also track and communicate other information which is then written to the blockchain. That isn't something that can just be replicated.

Dlow_Stacks 3 points

ELI5 - (no idea about the elliptic curve stuff) but basically the communication interface protocol allows the chip to not only be read but also write to the blockchain. So one of the fundamental advantages over Vechain that WTC has is the fact that the blockchain can be implemented at a foundational level through the chips, and then mined by the RFID scanner guns. It let's the chip read/write which means it can automatically interact with the blockchain without human interaction required.

For me, getting my head around this shit has taken over 4 months dude haha. It's amazing stuff though

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Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Hantelschwinger 1 point

Mind telling me where you got that quote from?

Dlow_Stacks 5 points

It's the direct Chinese translation from the Chinese version of the announcement

Chinacryptoinfo -1 points

There is no such words on Chinese release on the website, do you have a link to the said Chinese announcement above please?

Dlow_Stacks 2 points

Hahahha well just go check twitter now

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Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/waltonchain
aswalsto 0 points

Yea fair game

Dlow_Stacks 2 points

Please don't do that again mate. I get the frustration and everyone hates a Vechain shill, but stooping to their level hurts us more than them

aswalsto 2 points

Yea my mistake. Gotta stay off reddit when I’m drinking haha

Dlow_Stacks 3 points

Hahahahahahahaa that's golden mate

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_B4M 10 points

why is the post being downvoted, the article is very informative wtf

Dlow_Stacks 15 points

I don't expect much from r/cryptocurrency nowadays. I say we begin looking for better alternative subreddits to post too. The crowd that comes from that reddit is also highly toxic and moon boiish. I want a fundamentally focused, long term oriented group of intelligent people that can continually aid in our research efforts and awareness campaigns to support Waltonchain.

Thats much better than the sort of attention we get from the r/cryptocurrency reddit nowadays, but that doesnt mean we stop posting there either

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Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/waltonchain
UncoordinatedTau 6 points

Hey folks, anyone know what happened with the Joeone and Septwolves deals?? They're gone off the website

Dlow_Stacks 3 points

What Mercutio said. I think once the new website is released, all the partnerships will be updated hopefully. The current website barely covers them all

Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/waltonchain
vferr 4 points

what deposits are you talking about? chinese?

Dlow_Stacks 5 points

South Korea

vferr 5 points

so south koreans are about to start depositing money in their coinnest accounts starting on the 20th?

Dlow_Stacks 5 points

That's what my brain has gathered yeah. Could be wrong but it was on that /crypto post about SK officials saying they won't be banning bitcoin

Dlow_Stacks commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Mr-Devvie -3 points

Come on, you can't be seriously asking this.. Even if the supply would go thin the price would rocket up like Quasimodo stated and people would just add coins on Binance.. This whole thread makes no sense, Walton is a good project and it will rise in price regardless there is no need to try and force something with a thread like this..

Dlow_Stacks 2 points

That's awesome, thanks for quick response!

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