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DoMoreWorkHarder commented on a post in r/dataisbeautiful
Random-guy-1000 63 points

i use the stream also for sports but frankly the quality is hit or miss, and a big event like the superbowl is mostly unwatchable as the streams are taken down asfast as they go up. If i could pay $10 a month for a non cable dependant nfl package, i would.

DoMoreWorkHarder 9 points

The Super Bowl had perfect streams on Youtube this year.

DoMoreWorkHarder commented on a post in r/soccer
PmYourMusicPlaylist -46 points

He will get past Ronaldo most probably. Atleast he will have more goals+ assists than Ronaldo.

DoMoreWorkHarder 66 points

Ronaldo also has the record for the most UCL assists ever.

DoMoreWorkHarder commented on a post in r/soccer
CitrusAntonio 847 points

Coentrão’s decline has been nothing short of sad. At one point he was one of the most reliable full backs in the world and if I’m correct even started the Champions League final in 2014. Injuries are a bitch.

DoMoreWorkHarder 5 points

As far as I've seen, he's actually had a good, hard working season. Hate his guts now, but I think he's been doing alright.

Jewlzeh 4 points

I think you mean force lanscape? Like in the youtube app you just press the full screeen button and itll force landscape even if your phone is locked to portrait?

DoMoreWorkHarder 1 point

Yes. I am stupid. Changing timezones is getting to my head.

Inspiredlikearabbit 1 point

Can you not lock orientation on your phone?

DoMoreWorkHarder 1 point

Nop. It's either vertical or auto-rotate.

DoMoreWorkHarder commented on a post in r/AskReddit
SolHiemis 1,256 points

AC is near-standard south of the Alps. No idea how I'll survive without it this summer when the temps near 40C.

Edit: TIL it isn't. It is in my part of "South of the Alps" (inland Croatia), but kinda. I don't have it.

DoMoreWorkHarder 9 points

ACs are not a thing in Portugal at all. Most houses are terribly insulated and not cooled nor warmed.

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