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In the movie they are voiced by black actors and live in the dark, dank elephant graveyard segregated from all the other animals. They are considered by other animals to be evil, stupid, lazy and gluttonous. They are considered inherently inferior by virtue of their biology, being hyenas. As soon as Mufasa hears that the hyenas are in the pride lands he chases them off. To manipulate them, Scar throws them a leg of a zebra which, as Welfare Queens, they pounce on.

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I think you might be reading too much into it

Oooh, I get it, you're an incel.

Poor guy

Everytime someone says something that womeb don't like he is called an incel. This is some donkey level retardation.

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I'm guessing you didn't see his post history

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I honestly thought that having 2 aircrafts close together was pretty dangerous.

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First off I need your definition of god and then I can answer. I normally get a different answer when I ask people what is god to you.

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What is God?

l ll

ll l_

That's on him.

Rule # 1.

Never get a tattoo of your SO's name, face, or whatever.

"I've never felt discrimination, so it most not exist."

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But is trump tall or is Putin short?

For anyone that is ATS;DR (article too stupid, didn't read), it basically said "but he did say after the official meeting with Putin that he trusts the us agencies and never mind the fact that he didn't say that with Putin therefore proving to the zar that trump doesn't trust his own agencies, he said it so that's it" and the rest is basically the sound of their noses stuffed into trump's ass.

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With all the talk of sexism and what, certain rap (not all!) always seems to be the massive elephant in the room but if you ask many girls why they’re into it, they always get really offended. Even Beyoncé is married to the guy who wrote Big Pimpin. So is it some kind of unspoken sexual thing? Like they masturbate to it or something? I’m not against porn so if it is, I don’t judge. I do think it’d be better kept in the bedroom but doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen any time soon.

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when you ask many girls why they're into it, they always get really offended

Maybe it's because you can't accept the reasoning of "I like the music"

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Ha ha that’s the same as someone saying they’re not into porn they “like the storyline”.

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Okay, so next time you listen to any song, try to find an acapella version.

Hearing and listening are two different things

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I hear you

In 6-8 months the phone I want is going to be like a couple of hundred bucks.

Oh please... This is the equivalence of beautiful people saying they're tired of getting compliments on their looks. Because it is a compliment. Being tall, escpecially for guys is considered an ideal to the point of it almost being a requirement.

If we are talking close to 7" I can understand it can be a nuisance at times and also a real problem flying economy etc but if you ask 100 guys if they would rather be 10 inches above average or 10 inches below you know the answer...

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I'm assuming you think that women should enjoy being catcalled.

So, there are downsides to being tall.

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I'm 6" 3, which isn't extremely tall, but still taller than the average person everywhere except for Denmark.

Every time I visit a relative, emphasis on every time, the first topic of conversation is "you're tall" and i just have to stand there and smile and say "yep".

Also sometimes people ask me to reach something they can't.

Ok seriously what is it with Americans and pickles

It was for Hollywood Video and the interviewer asked me "if 20 people walked in, how many would you greet?" and I said "probably around 11 of them." Apparently, the correct answer was "20".

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You should've answered with "yeah but 9 of them were nazis, ain't gonna greet them"

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I wonder if she was ovulating. That dolphin's erect and ready to mate.

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That's your question.

Aren’t they just repeating what they hear

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Aren't they just repeating what they hear

My ex girlfriend will never speak to me or her mother again

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Took me a while.

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