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engineeredengine 5 points


Dogenewnew 2 points

Actually it does.

Energy and mass are related, or as you know it, E= mc2.

Originally though it was m=E/c2.

So energy adds to the mass.

Since data is basically holding electrons in place (at least for what I've read), that takes energy, and a teeny tiny amount of mass is gained.

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BlameTheNargles 3 points

Absolutely. I've always wanted to be a girl. Gossiping all night at slumber parties? That's the life.

Dogenewnew 2 points


Unless you're a man in his thirties, you can do that!

Just join a slumber party! I mean, comfy pyjamas, fluffy pillows, popcorn, and talking about how Chad lost his shit today.

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Dogenewnew 1 point

Kids like that, they're challenged by the negativity.

So theoretically, one could, hypothetically, say the opposite of what you want to these kids, and their tiny kid brain will translate it to the opposite.

Or if they keep on doing it, pretty sure society won't lose an Einstein.

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horsesarecows 3 points

When I first got my bank card I realised I could withdraw more money than I had in the account. I thought it was some miracle glitch and I had infinite funds. Imagine my shock when I realised I had to pay everything back.

Dogenewnew 1 point

You're american, right?

horsesarecows 1 point


Dogenewnew 1 point


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genxdude 1 point


Dogenewnew 1 point

Dude, if they're talking about the Justice League I'm all for it.

Dogenewnew 2 points
  • Heil Hitler

  • I stopped using random social media because I wanted to take back my life and privacy and not be controlled in anyway by no-one

  • I'm Chad

  • But they are shitholes

  • I'm not racist, but...

  • Quote from random movie just because

  • There were too many heroines in Star Wars

  • I don't follow the MSM (literally calls it msm), I get my news from Youtube/Alex Jones/ Facebook/Trump

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[deleted] 7 points


Dogenewnew 1 point


JustiNAvionics 4 points

Exactly and deep down inside you know it too. Sexual encounters can be awkward and giving head on the first date can be confusing for any person, but he’s probably a sexual deviant ready to sexually harass and assault a woman at any time.

Dogenewnew 3 points

Nice try.

It can be confusing, that's why she said no to sex.

And he still groped her and stuck his fingers down her throat. And reached for her belt.

And punched his crotch on her asking "do you wanna fuck?"

As confusing as it can be, if someone says no, it's kinda hard to say " yeaah, well, it's confusing. Maybe she means yes"

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Dogenewnew commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
XxMrCuddlesxX 4 points

When yolu move at the speed of light you wouldn't be able to turn and look behind yourself. Time stops at light speed

Dogenewnew 1 point

It's not that time stops, but you don't experience time passing.

Dogenewnew 4 points

Nothing. If light can't reach your eyes, you're seeing nothing.

vcxnuedc8j 2 points

It is based on her own description. If her own biased description states that, then I'm pretty certain that's what happened.

Dogenewnew 1 point

Ok. Just to make sure.

I'm not getting angry over the blowjob, but what happened after the blowjob.

AreYouDeaf 2 points


Dogenewnew 1 point


Anyhow, no I wasn't, but what that dude wrote isn't connected to anything in the story.

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