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Dogenewnew commented on a post in r/pics
nascarracer99316 -19 points

I knew the second I read she was leaving the hospital for the comfort of family she was going to die soon.

I also knew that if she died so soon after him it would overshadow his death.

Seems I was right.

It seems that everyone has already forgotten this great man has died as well.

More people have talked about her death and not his death.

Dogenewnew 11 points

Well not to be that guy, but I've heard more about his death than hers.

Also, first lady ain't the same as "general known for a movie role". Just pointing this out.

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Digitaldreamer7 -3 points

Seeing people talk about privilege, reminds me that if you live in the west, none of us actually know what it's like to be oppressed, no matter your gender, skin color, or religion. Americans do not experience oppression

Dogenewnew 1 point

White Americans do not experience oppression.

Dogenewnew commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
Dogenewnew 1 point

The meaning is never the same.

Worthless only means that it has no worth.

Priceless means that it has no price, because either the price would be unimaginable, or because you can't put a price on it, like love.

Even though Cartier takes its shots on it.

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