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Doki_Yuri_is_Life commented on a post in r/natureismetal
Iamnotburgerking 19 points

Amazon giant otters...aka river wolves.

Living up to the mustelid tradition. They will eat small caiman (and occasionally caiman similar in size to those eaten by jaguars).

Doki_Yuri_is_Life 1 point

They are also adorable pets

Doki_Yuri_is_Life commented on a post in r/overlord
bukiya 2 points

as anime watcher only i already hate him since the first time i see him. dunno but maybe because i hate gilgames from fate

Doki_Yuri_is_Life 3 points

You can watch his mental breakdowns

Amongthem 1 point

Is it A knov like mental breakdown. you know totaly paranoa,gray hair, hair loss?

Doki_Yuri_is_Life 2 points


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Doki_Yuri_is_Life commented on a post in r/NoStupidQuestions
nicklesismoneyto 24 points

Bonzi Buddy

Wow, I haven't heard that name in so long.

Doki_Yuri_is_Life 16 points

whats that?

fart_shaped_box 39 points

Adware disguised as a talking purple gorilla that was popular in the early 2000s.

It seriously sucked. You could not close it, and it would pop up randomly over games even in full screen mode.

Doki_Yuri_is_Life 12 points

why would u install it??

Doki_Yuri_is_Life commented on a post in r/OutOfTheLoop
Randal_Thor 4 points

You are actually demonstrating the toxicity problem in Overwatch. You are determined to stretch what I've said in to the worst possible light because you're mad and need a fight, I forgive you.

I didn't say "I give people permission to use mei..." I said "I'm okay with people using mei..." as in, I don't get upset with it, I'm cool with it, I stay chill when I see it, I'm actually glad to see it because Mei is cool as ice!

If you want, you can assume the whole sentence was "I don't get tilted when I see a Mei pick, so long as it's not an obvious troll intending to do stupid shit and throw because he's mad, thereby violating the rules, but someone who is going to play the game together with me and knows that hero and will play her to the best of his ability."

Now, I know you're deeply committed to your righteous anger at me, and it's hard to admit you misunderstood someone and got mad for no reason, I've been there, I'm not going to ask you to admit you made a mistake or anything, but I do think you should take some deep breaths, maybe walk outside for a bit, get some fresh air. You're tilted, you'll play worse and continue to misread people's posts, you know you will.

I hope you have a nice day fellow Overwatch player, and good luck in your games!

Doki_Yuri_is_Life 0 points

Are you an idiot? Nothing he said is toxic

Randal_Thor 1 point

lol, k.

Doki_Yuri_is_Life 1 point

Im on your side!

Doki_Yuri_is_Life commented on a post in r/overlord
Tina_Sprout 7 points

She's not a doppelganger

Doki_Yuri_is_Life 2 points

how do you know? she is unpopular so noone will notice

cloakedbolter 3 points

Cause there has been zero references in the book to support your theory. It's not impossible but there's no reason to even suggest she's one.

Doki_Yuri_is_Life 2 points

It would be the most shocking twist

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Doki_Yuri_is_Life commented on a post in r/blackmirror
justicecantakeanap 313 points

Just stop with all the soul-inside-a-usb-pendrive thing

Doki_Yuri_is_Life 37 points

If the soul does not enter the USB pendrive within 15 mins it is legally allowed to leave.

Doki_Yuri_is_Life commented on a post in r/gaming
Katyona 1 point

Pre-sequel had the capability to have been a good game, but they didn't change anything in the core engine from BL2, and only put out one story dlc, which severely limited the replay-ability and late-game content. BL2 did it wonderfully with the late-game stuff like digistruct peak, the OP levels, the many headhunter/campaigns etc.

Doki_Yuri_is_Life 1 point

2K Aus got shut down, thats why there was 1 dlc

StigOfTheTrack 5 points

A 1980s 8-bit computer. A 10 minute loading type for a game back then was pretty common (they had to load from audio cassette (or maybe a floppy disk if you were the rich kid)).

Doki_Yuri_is_Life 0 points

Bruh i feel young...well i am

StigOfTheTrack 1 point

I feel old. Thanks for at least not making me explain audio cassettes and floppy disks.

Doki_Yuri_is_Life 0 points

Wait wtf IS a floppy disk? Those square things with the the black tape in em?

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Doki_Yuri_is_Life commented on a post in r/CasualConversation
Mirrorflute88 2 points

Greed. That's why we have politicians allowing terrible things go happen for bribes and why we have companies like nestle that killed infants for profit.

Doki_Yuri_is_Life 1 point

Greed also drives humanity forwards

BumbertonWang 1 point

And backwards

Doki_Yuri_is_Life 1 point

So does lust

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