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And yet that’s what people want here I. America. Socialism.

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You are getting lots of hate, but that is because you are absolutely right. The progressive shills only come out of the wood-work this hard to punish a user who attempts to put forward what the shills consider to be 'wrong-think'. Be proud of your downvotes!

There's nothing really wrong with this, they're just educating kids about cultural sensitive, there's nothing wrong with that as long as they don't go overboard with it.

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13 points · 4 days ago

Wat? How do any of the things described here have anything to do with the traditional 'summer camp' experience. If this were a college level ethnic-studies course, I could understand such a 'curriculum', but pushing this sort of agenda driven rightthink/wrongthink content on children makes where-ever this kid is seem more like a ideological 'Political Youth Rally' than a care-free 'Summer Camp'.

Comparing pedophilia with homosexuality doesn't mean pedophilia is LGBT. Heterosexuality can also easily be compared to homosexuality, still isn't LGBT.

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There is no other use of comparing homosexuality and pedophilia OTHER than attempting to conflate them and use the new-found social acceptance of one to aid in normalizing the other.

Or maybe to.... oh, idk, find out similarities and differences to learn more about pedophiles so you can better prevent csa?

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Lol, that sounds like something a pedophilia apologist would say. Quit this propaganda shit trying to tie the pedophilia struggle to that of homosexuals. It is completely transparent and fucking disgusting. You should feel fucking ashamed of yourself even attempting to put forward such despicable notions that its EVER right to compare the two groups. You might as go around saying, "what are the similarities between RAPISTS and homosexuals" or "what are the commonalities between NECROPHILIACS and homosexuals." Fucking get lost.

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I, I get it, like fake news?

sounds like you're just personally insulted here. Have fun with that, snowflake.

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Lol, I remember back when I was in university, everyone felt like those who swallowed all the garbage the news and mass media fed you were a bunch of morons. Now, all of the politically edgy 20-somethings in school think anyone who doesn't believe everything you see on the news is a moron. Wow, how things have changed.

I would've never guessed you went to a university.

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I am surprised you made it out of the womb.

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I struggle a lot with this. Lots of people insist to me that being attracted to genitalia is somehow bigoted and I cannot understand it no matter how I try. I like vaginas. If you look extremely feminine and have a penis, it's a no. But I could be game for a super butch-looking person with a vag. I don't understand why some people find that preference offensive.

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I think the vast majority people are attracted to people that are either male or female who exhibit the corresponding masculine and feminine traits that go with those sexes, while ALSO being in possession of the fully-functioning sexual organs that correspond to those sexes. Mixing that formula up, I would guess, is something that most people would not greet with much enthusiasm (and often times meet it with disgust). Maybe this phenomenon is fully biological, maybe it is also part cultural, but either way, that seems to be the way it is and attempting to shame people who subscribe to such a formula is super backwards and ignorant approach.

Yea, let's bypass explaining proper safety procedures to a 14 year old especially. Because I said so is the stupidest fucking reason and makes you look like a moron who doesn't know the answer. He didn't refuse to work. He just saw a more efficient way and if you can't explain why the more efficient way is wrong you're a terrible boss or an idiot stuck in his ways.

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Wow, talk about dense. The boss in this video WAS explaining proper safety procedure. The shit-for-brains kid is the one who decided to go rouge and not follow protocol.

Because I said so is the stupidest fucking reason and makes you look like a moron who doesn't know the answer., again, says someone who clearly doesn't manage people. When you have superiors, its not your businesses to second guess and have explained to you every decision and task they hand down to you. If I had a needy high-maintenance fuck-up not following direction and contradicting everything explained to them, they would be fired.

He just saw a more efficient way

...or maybe he put himself and others in danger with his reckless and dangerous behavior. If you are so negligent that you would willfully go against direction and protocol simply because YOU THINK YOU"RE SMARTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE, then you should be fired on the spot and never be hired by anyone ever again. I am honestly concerned for whatever business you work for, as you seriously have no concern for human life and don't care if you put innocent lives in danger as long as you get your own way. Imagine if a firefighter whined, BUT WHY, and demanded an explanation every time a superior gave him an order during a crisis... people would fucking die, that's what. Grow up, crawl away from your mommy's teet and realize that you aren't always the smartest and most special one in the room.

Many innovations and efficiencies have been created by people because they second guessed the status quo. Many places have gone out of business because they didn't change with the times or wasted money on unnecessary expenses such as a 20 minute process taking 2 hours just because there's a designated area to do it.

It sounds like you're some douche to work for and the reason a place would have poor morale. You're kind of right, I've never really managed people. I prefer to lead them and mentor them to be better and not just yell at them for asking questions or even provide feedback on a better system.

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You're kind of right, I've never really managed people. I prefer to lead them and mentor them to be better and not just yell at them for asking questions or even provide feedback on a better system.

...ah, its all clear now. You are someone who has no fucking idea what they are talking about. That is why you seem so dense and clearly out of touch.

I prefer to lead them and mentor them

...translation: I don't know how to effectively manage people, I let them walk all over me.

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You're putting yourself in quite the hateful and vitriolic mindset which isn't too healthy. If you're trying to deliver a great performance then you're going to have to actually feel as the character does in the moment you speak so it can be much at times

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8 points · 16 days ago

What about people who play murders or killers or psychopathic villains?... I rarely ever (if ever) hear of such actors having to enter any sort of 'meditative catharsis' to overcome what goes along with playing such roles.

Did you seriously just compare a normal person to Hitler. The fuck is wrong with you people. I swear god has left us the moment we gained intelligence.

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Lol, you think normal people can't evolve into fascists? I guess you are on board with the OP here and are 'out to get' those who you disagree with, cause why else would you be apologizing for and explaining away such hateful and fascist speech. If people like you were in control, I don't doubt for a second you'd be carting people off to camps who refused to jump on your 'progressive' and 'enlightened' bandwagon.

1 point · 18 days ago · edited 18 days ago

Ok. I'm done with you. I don't know if you are trolling or whatever, but fuck you. You are such a fucking idiot I can't even imagine how you survived this long. Fuck. Off.

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Lol, nice tantrum bro.

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Lmao people like you are why this sub gets a bad rap.

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6 points · 22 days ago

The sub gets a bad rap because those who push the agendas and narratives exposed in this sub don't like their ideologies open to criticism. The OP here was being a bit hyperbolic, but if you haven't seen the startling and unchallenged rise of 'death to white people' rhetoric in social media, then maybe you're just too scared to admit it exists.

Racist assholes exist on both sides of the political spectrum. What doesn't exist on any side of the political spectrum is genocide in any form.

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7 points · 22 days ago

I don't see the idea of 'genocide' being openly discussed at all in popular and mainstream outlets of conservative social media (and if it is ever mentioned it is quickly put down and stamped out). However, the idea and concept of 'genocide' is a topic that is openly toyed with and thrown around in more progressive social media circles. And while it is certainly not the majority of such being talking about it, those who do talk about it make little effort to denounce such language. Have you already forgotten the Drexel professor who openly tweeted he wanted a 'white genocide' for Christmas, and many on the left felt the need to defend him. Maybe you forgot.

The Daily Mirror is read by people who think they run the country.

The Guardian is read by people who think they ought to run the country.

The Times is read by people who actually do run the country.

The Daily Mail is read by the wives of the people who run the country.

The Financial Times is read by people who own the country.

The Morning Star is read by people who think the country ought to be run by another country.

And The Daily Telegraph is read by people who think it is.

Sun readers don't care who runs the country, as long as she's got big tits.

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2 points · 27 days ago

That's a dope 'Yes, Minister' reference.

1 point · 1 month ago

It wasn't random copypasta. You accused me of using stereotypes, so I shared data which precisely supports what I said. Pew & Gallup are not propagandists.

But hey, from someone who obviously wants to start WWIII with Russia as well as incite a 2nd US Civil War, I wouldn't expect anything less.

You are so full of shit.

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You are so full of shit., but muh Russia. I hope holding that close to your chest keeps you warm at night.

1 point · 29 days ago

I don't enjoy Trump's praise of Russia. What are you talking about? This isn't a game. It may seem like a sports rivalry or WWE match to you, but it's not.

Why do you think people in conservative states have a lower standard of living on average than people in liberal states? These people's lives matter. Conservatives receive more funds from the federal government than they pay, & vice versa for liberal states. This stuff matters.

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0 points · 28 days ago

I don't enjoy liberals overt attempts to sabotage a sitting president's attempts at diplomatic relations with one of the world's other superpowers simply to score political points. It is sick and disgusting. Small minded petty agenda-drivers like you don't even seem to realize what playing little partisan games like this will do to the country. The US gains NOTHING from having a poisonous relationship with Russia, however, the Democrats are doing everything they can do achieve that, which could potentially end VERY badly for the rest of the world if things get pushed too far.

As far as your 'concern' about conservative states, you finally reveal yourself as nothing but a resentful class-obsessed elitist who can't bear 'those red states' getting your tax money. Also, as most conservative Southern states have sizable African-American populations, I guess you are the type that is more than willing to cut off your nose to spite your face. It must be so exhausting living your life with so much hate and resentment. Maybe take a second to realize that there are those in this world and in this country who don't share your opinions and aren't EVIL or STUPID or WICKED because of it. But I guess in your ideological liberal crusade, wrongthink is not allowed.

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118 points · 1 month ago

I'm not American and I had no idea there was so much fascist hatred trown against white men in the US... now it makes a little more sense why Trump got so many votes. I mean, I still think Trump is a stupid idiot and egomaniac. But this isn't any better.

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16 points · 1 month ago

Clearly you are aware now that the media has been poisoning and brainwashing people in the US (and across the world maybe even) on this topic. Maybe it is time you realize maybe on that later topic you mention, the media are also poisoning and brainwashing you.

259 points · 1 month ago

The problem is I don't think there is any way to treat it. Its probably a sexual orientation, and those are immutable despite all of the time and effort spent on gay conversion therapy.

The difference is that the target of this person's sexual orientation is unable to give consent. By definition thats rape. Same deal goes with people who are sexually attracted to animals. It may very well be just as legitimate of a sexual orientation as being gay or straight, but the problem is that the target of the sexual attraction can never consent. They're not adult men or women who can give informed consent. They're children or animals. Its always rape.

This puts these people in a tough spot. They are forced to either live their lives completely chaste and denying their sexual impulses or to become rapists. The EU has gone so far as to say its a human right for people to have sex. Yet there's some people who cannot have sex with the thing they're attracted to because its by definition rape. And there's no treatment for this either. There's no way to fix these people. There's no way to change a sexual orientation.

Some people really did draw the short straw.

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9 points · 1 month ago

Can we stop with this shit... pedophilia is NOT a sexual orientation, no more than bestiality or necrophilia or other sorts of sexual based psychological disorders are. I have been seeing so much of this attempt lately to conflate homosexuality and pedophilia, and from the vast majority of the pushes for it I have seen, it is arguably in efforts to normalize and de-stigmatize pedophilia by relating it to a behavior that has already been normalized and de-stigmatized. The gay community has been fighting against hateful comparisons for years, but I never would have guessed Reddit would be the place such comparisons would spring forth from once again.

Let me guess... white guy who hasn't had a issue in your life so clearly racist is invisible.

I just had a brief conversation with an old woman at a party who said racism doesn't exist and it's all fake.

It's this idea and attitude that continues to pretend it's not here. Just like with her, I don't have time to educate you on how insanely out of touch with reality that you are. Good luck and I hope both of the minorities you know are fully aware that you believe that they have no boundaries from society holding them back.

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0 points · 1 month ago

Let me guess... white guy who hasn't had a issue in your life so clearly racist is invisible.

lol, making race-based mass judgements and generalizations against a person... I think the real racist just revealed themselves.

Using evidence against a fallacious and invented argument. One I've heard over and over about a topic that has never effected them. Go back to T_D.

As mentioned I'm done having a conversation with someone incapable of accepting simple evidence as fact.

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0 points · 1 month ago

Get called out as a racist for racist comments, immediately deflect, play whataboutism, clam up immediately. What a surprise! Talk about embodying the crazed leftist-zealot extremist stereotype.

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This post feels awfully brigaded

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51 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

God forbid /r/pics miss a day, especially the 4th of July, when some political grandstanding anti-Trump image (advocating political violence no less) can't be forced to the top of the sub. If it wasn't, this wouldn't be the r/pics that we have all come to know.

I welcome it. I want it everywhere, at all times, and I surely hope someone in your community is rallying you to get out there and vote.

If you spent the same amount of dedication being critical towards political candidates in your community as you do towards resistors who “ruin” this subreddit, maybe the world would be a better place.

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9 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I welcome it. I want it everywhere, at all times want advocations of political violence and/or violence against political opponents everywhere? I guess I shouldn't be surprised by a 2 day old user cruising around Reddit attempting to sew social discontent. I have read about people like you on the news quite a bit. Next you'll be telling me you want a civil war.

1.3k points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I don't really think you have any idea HOW bad Vice has gotten. I have a qucik story to relate on this topic... I have a friend who is an ex-pat living and working doing tourism and arranging touristic excursions in a Eastern European country (for the purposes of protecting identities I will keep things vague). As a result of this profession, my friend had lots of contacts across the country which allowed him unique access to some very unusual places and situations. As such, Vice came to my friend with a proposal to make a 'documentary' about this country. The documentary would consist of a professional skateboarder (for some weird reason) travelling across the country getting into wacky situations which more or less pandered to the stereotypes and pre-conceived notions most people have related to this country (backwards villagers, thieving party-happy gypsies, corrupt government officials, etc etc). However, when Vice came to my friend with this proposal, they didn't just SAY these were the situations they wanted to have occur for the 'documentary'... Vice actually handed my friend a FULL script (including conversations and all) and asked him "Can you arrange for all of this stuff to happen for us?" My friend flat out refused, not only because he thought the whole thing was un-ethnical but because he wasn't interested in Vice attempting to perpetuate negative stereotypes about his adopted country with trash journalism. However, while he backed out of the arrangement, he was able to KEEP the script. He has been reticent to do anything with it so far, but I have been encouraging him to use this script to call out Vice for its corrupt journalistic practices. Hopefully he will follow through.

Edit: clarity

1 point · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I mean, those all sound like regular situations in Romania

Edit: Google translate my name before downvoting jfc

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9 points · 1 month ago

Maybe... maybe not. But regardless, orchestrating dramatic scenarios under the guise of a 'documentary' that pander to such stereotypes is the height of corrupt and cancerous journalism.

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6 points · 1 month ago

If it's real, this 11 year old isn't 'the rule'. He is the exception. It's the whole point of this post. He's a prodigy.

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-1 points · 1 month ago

Nothing in the video actually demonstrated the kid actually created this artwork. Sorry, but with extraordinary claims, sufficiently extraordinary evidence is required. I don't know about you, but I don't just instantly believe any shit I see on the internet. Don't you remember the whole Marla Olmstead fakery that scandalized the art world back during the 2000s. Everyone has every right to be suspicious of something like this unless they see it being unquestionably executed by the young painter themselves.

I haven't said that I believe it, you were saying that this kid is not following the rule and that no-one is an exception of the rule except for the likes of mozart and it is therefor suspicious. but him being the exception of the rule would be completely in line if the video IS real. He would be on a prodigy level close to Mozart.

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0 points · 1 month ago

Is it possible... of course. All SORTS of things are possible. But is it probable... that I have a harder time believing.

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Everybody’s been posting contenders but this guy is definitely deserving of 1st place.

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-1 points · 1 month ago

Sorry, but the guy from the band Death Vessel beats out everyone by far:

5 points · 1 month ago

*accused illegal immigrants.

Seriously, if the idea of suspending due process for ANYONE doesn't fill you with dread, then you really need to learn to think further ahead. "Innocent until proven guilty" is there for a reason.

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7 points · 1 month ago

Was FDR the same as Hitler too? Cause he didn't let in immigrants AND he put the Japanese in concentration camps.

5 points · 1 month ago

I mean, putting Japanese in concentration camps IS generally considered one of the worst things he did, and a terrible stain on our nation's honor.

I guess I'd say that he stopped (or was stopped) before continuing too far down that path?

I don't think history is going to be very kind to us on this one. Expect to be asked by a child "why didn't you do something? How did it get that bad?" in a few decades time.

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2 points · 1 month ago

Answer the question... is FDR the same as Hitler, since, according to your line of thinking, he did similar things Hitler did. No soliloquies. Just yes or no.

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Illegally crossing over the border is NOT a legitimate method of seeking asylum.

Keep reading. They are crossing the border because the places you could apply for asylum have been closed, under his orders. I make full statements, not just disjointed sentences.

I love your conspiracy theories though. You do realise that the Dems can't stop him from doing anything right?

As for kids being drugged, read the news maybe? There are sources you can use for this.

But yes, I'm a zealot. You got me. I see court papers about this, tox screenings, US Inspectors reports which say it's happening, and I'm crazy. Got it. Now can you argue without being a dismissive fuck?

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They are crossing the border because the places you could apply for asylum have been closed, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. You can apply for asylum at any US port of entry. You don't even have to be IN THE US to apply for asylum, you can do it from your home country.

As for kids being drugged, read the news maybe? There are sources you can use for this.

...each of these articles refer to these 'drugging' instances as allegations, not substantiated fact at this point (other than the socialist propaganda article you linked to there at the bottom). However, in your discussions, you seem to have no trouble speaking about allegations as if they are facts. It would seem like you've already made up your mind. Are allegations all you need in order for form what you consider a 'fact based opinion'? So, yes, clearly from reading your disjointed follow up replies, you are a bad faith poster and a zealot. No question about it.

bad faith poster

Sure, you know my intentions better than I do. How sincere of you.

Also, keep up to date with the news. You can call it allegations, but I call it pictures, videos, medical reports.

I understand that you don't trust news sources that don't agree with you, but if you never leave your bubble, you'll never know what the world is like. Weird that is was you guys claiming the Jade Helm stuff, but now there is actually detention centers in old walmarts, but because your side are doing is (For real, not the made up stuff), it's okay now.

But I'm bad faith, sure buddy. It's provable and proven that the doctor who prescribed the drugs for the youth in the Texas detention center isn't board certified. Giving antipsychotics to children who aren't diagnosed as having mental illness to keep them sedated is a miscarriage of justice. This is a known thing.

It's this sort of detail that is required for me to form a "Fact based opinion" as you seem to be quoting. Videos from inside detention centers, reports from US investigators, paperwork from their bosses, the health board saying the doctor isn't certified.

So I've told you what is required for me, not just allegations. How much do you need to be convinced?

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You can call it allegations, but I call it pictures, videos, medical reports.

...I am not calling it allegations. It is the news articles that you link to that refer to them as allegations. I am not so diluted as that I would take statements from a news article that refer to something as an 'allegation' and then turn around and use such statements in a debate as FACT. It would take a truly desperate and bad faith individual to do something like that.

I understand that you don't trust news sources that don't agree with you,, you literally linked to the Socialist World Website, an openly Trotskyist propaganda website rife with misinformation and falsehoods, which is so bad that if you read its Wiki page, which even Google itself has openly described as 'low quality content'.

It's provable and proven that the doctor who prescribed the drugs for the youth in the Texas detention center isn't board certified

...if the one doctor that has been mentioned in the news is NOT board certified, then that issue should be addressed, obviously. And I would imagine with attention being brought to it now, it will be. Yet, while this is an issue, no evidence has arisen that this particular doctor engaged in malpractice against any patients he treated while at these facilities. In addition, there are a great many doctors who work in all of these facilities. Do you automatically condemn ALL of them as incompetent simply because they work somewhere you don't like?

Giving antipsychotics to children who aren't diagnosed as having mental illness to keep them sedated...

...this is pure conjecture and emotional hand-wringing. I have seen no evidence that children were given such medicine simply to 'sedate' them. It seems like you are dreaming up macabre worst-case-scenarios simply to outrage yourself and others. So much for your 'Fact based opinion'.

How much do you need to be convinced?

...actual evidence, which seems a much lesser threshold than you need to be convinced. It seems all you require is a few sensationalized and emotionalized news stories from communist websites and some reporters and politicians telling you (and shaming you into) how you are supposed to feel. This is literally the opposite of "Fact based opinion".

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Well fascism is worse than what's going on in China so it's kind of necessary to point out.

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0 points · 1 month ago

What's going on in China IS fascism. Go over there and try to speak against the government and hold protests and spread anti-government literature and let me know how the turns out for you. China has complete and total control over every aspect of people's lives there. I don't think you understand how bad it is there as far as that goes.

Fascism is something different from authoritarianism.

see more

A government can most CERTAINLY contain elements of both. I think you're trying to ascribe definitions that more suit your personal comfort levels than those that reflect the state and reality of things.

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Comment deleted1 month ago
0 points · 1 month ago

Please tell me what you hope to accomplish by comparing mentally ill pedophiles to the sexual orientations of healthy individuals? You seemed to skip answering that question as I ask it. What do you hope to accomplish with this "they are just like you and me" rhetoric OTHER THAN attempting to normalize pedophiles in society. While you might pretend to be agreeable on some matters, without a doubt, I feel you are attempting to reduce the stigma people have towards pedophilia. There really is no other explanation for your desperate comparisons. No one goes around saying necrophiliacs or bestiality practitioners or other sort of mentally ill people are really just like you and me... however, when it comes to pedophilia, you guys certainly come out in droves.

so why are you calling it a "revolting thing" to say? is revolting because you are trying to conflate people with a deranged mental illness to healthy people, seemingly because your doing so would lessen the stigma against pedophiles. That is what I find so sick... you are ready and willing to perpetuate a despicable age-old myths in your effort to normalize pedophilia. I hope to god you are just some edgy teenager really into his pre-teen waifu trying to be controversial, if not, then that's pretty concerning.

Comment deleted1 month ago
0 points · 1 month ago

I mean, for Christ's sake we're on a post in r/TumblrInAction mocking paedophilia acceptance in that way, which shows that the majority of people here are against it, yet I'm the one in this debate being up-voted

...Reddit is becoming full of, as I stated in my initial comment, pedophilia apologists, as you clearly are based on your comments. That is the only reason you are being upvoted, so don't pretend like you are some righteous white-knight. You are openly excusing and working towards normalizing depraved thoughts and, ultimately, the behavior associated with it, and unfortunately, there are many people on Reddit who want to see that happen. So, if that makes you feel all warm and tingly, those are the people supporting you here.

Also, fuck off with your 'invented' and 'hypothetical' ideas about what mental illness is and attempting to insinuate that homosexuality is mental illness. You are clearly deranged and willing to engage in whatever mental gymnastics and faux-logic you are capable of to excuse pedophilia.

I think it's a mental illness if you're talking about one of the three mental illness definitions above.

...more weasel words. You know exactly what a mental illness is. Your dancing and tip-toeing around definitions only makes you look even more depraved and desperate. How about you answer, YES or NO without any ifs, ands, or buts... do you personally define pedophilia as a mental illness?

The fact that I accept the blatant reality of paedophilia being a sexual attraction, just like homosexuality, heterosexuality, etc is, has no effect on my moral opinion of paedophilia because I base moral conclusions on logic, not emotions and what's been "normalised".

...nowhere have I argued that pediophilia is NOT a sexual attraction. Of course it is. What I argue is that it is NOT a sexual orientation, it is a mental illness. And I have repeatedly said such mentally ill people should have medical treatment available to them, without fear of them being persecuted for utilizing it (something which you seem to continually disregard my having said). Instead, you want to accuse me of 'prejudice' and 'bigotry' for not wanting pedophiles to be compared to homosexuals, which is frankly a revolting thing for you to even say. I think at this point I may as well just come out and ask it. With all due respect, are you a person harboring untreated pedophilic desires? Is that why you are arguing such seemingly indefensible positions?

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If by disturbing you mean fucking awesome and much better than the dildo juggling world we got going for us now, then yes, I completely agree with you.

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They seemed to do a pretty good job of that without a conductor.....

Seeing the guy happy made me happy though.

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15 points · 2 months ago

A large boat can sail more than fine without a captain, up until the moment it needs one.

You just named a bunch things that maybe fringe leftist groups want but it’s definitely not mainstream. Some of them are a figment of your propaganda riddled head. You definitely don’t see congressmen advocating for those ideas. On the other hand the literal President of the United States is advocating for objectively laid out facism principals named in the article posted above. If you’d like to discuss something specific in the video, I’m happy to, but to call it propaganda is wrong.

see more

Lol, where do you think the left gets its ideas from... its extremist fringes. Also, if you think suppression of free speech and attempts to disarm the populace are FRINGE ideas, then you clearly have not been paying attention to the trajectory of your ideology. Those ideas are essentially part of its core beliefs now (of haven't you been paying attention?). Also, if you truly believe that Trump is advocating for 'fascist principles', then you have truly gone over the political deep end. I know your kind will stoop to any level to propagate hyperbolic and extremist rhetoric in order to create hollow strawmen arguments, but you don't realize for as many times as you 'cry wolf', normal people stop listening. Your kind has exhausted their breathe at this point. You scream fascism so much, I don't even believe you know what it is anymore. But as the old Italian saying goes, there are two kinds of fascists in this world... fascists and anti-fascists. It seems more and more like the left is very much unironically becoming the very thing in which they are (pretending?) to hate.

Calm down there Alex Jones. it’s not just leftists that are identifying the similarities between Trumpism and Facism. I can’t understand it for you but it’s pretty clear even if it’s been repeated a lot. There’s a good reason for that.

see more

Lol, so if something is repeated a lot, that means its true. Nice philosophical argument there. I see you guys aren't sending your best.

it’s not just leftists that are identifying the similarities...

...yeah, its also the communists, the anarchists, the Marxists, the anti-American activists, the illegal immigrants, the MS-13 gangsters, the anti-free-speech university rioters, the Islamic radical extremists, etc, etc, etc. So yeah, great crowd for you to rally behind there. While you sit there and whine and whinge, the economy is growing, unemployment is falling, and plans are in motion to reach a deal to de-nuclearize NK. As a result, you look like exhausted and befuddled babies with thumbs up your asses. People like you WANT Trump to fail and have the country destroyed so you can self righetously say "told you so". You must be so pissed things are going well. I feel so sorry for you that your political ideology drives you to such hate. Please don't act out violently like so many of your kind have when you don't get your way.

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