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What do you think of these large software conglomerate corperations and Facebook and their privacy scandals?

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

I think that a lot of these companies took advantage of personal data, without knowledge of the individual. Using data to make money with regard to targeted advertising is one thing, using data with regard to buying trends or another 3rd party ticketing software is another. It’s one thing to make individuals aware that you’re using their personal data, it’s another to do it without their knowledge. As, many of companies involved made it hard for people to turn off those type of settings, let alone make them aware.

It’s a very thin line to walk when it comes to personal data. In professional sports realm, they try to be as upfront as possible when it come to the usage of video, photos, buying trends, etc. There have been many initiatives put forth by the league to focus on personal data.

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