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Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 5 points

Fellow 40k-ers!

I would like to request some help in renovating this old Crusader. As you can see it has some Black Templar iconography and panels; I would like to repaint as Blood Angels. How do I go about changing the panels and doors as well as just generally overhauling my 12 year old self’s questionable modelling efforts.

Thank guys!

ShivaTheTraitor 5 points

If you used super glue, you should be able to pop it into the freezer for a night. It makes the glue brittle so you can take it apart more easily without damaging the miniature.

Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 1 point

I didn’t know you callus do this - although I have no idea what I used, but it’s worth a shot, thank you!

Eagle_spirit 2 points

I have a couple 5 man squads and they’re okay. They’re decent chaff-clearers with lightning claws, and having a 3+ invuln with stormshields is good but without that they get killed off quick. From what I can tell, the base model is a slightly cheaper death co. marine that can take some fancy (expensive) weapons but misses out on black rage. One advantage is they can dual wield pistols or chainswords.

Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 1 point

Hmmm yeah, they have two plasma pistols w/ chainsword, a storm shield with power sword , and two bolt pistol w/ chain sword at the moment. If I run them as Vanguard they come in at 118pts as is and as assault 102 so for an extra 16 points I get more attacks and leadership 🤔 and red thirst

Or I could run them as a squad if DC same points as Vanguard (According to BattleScribe)? minus the stormshield but black rage..

Dont_Fear-The_Reaper commented on a post in r/BloodAngels
Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 2 points

Stay away from blight drones. All I got, haven’t fought them yet, but what I’ve watched, they’re units to avoid / smash with las cannons

MrClaw 1 point

yah he has 3 of them, 2 flamers and one lawn mower one, they're a freaking nightmare, they're so damn fast

Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 2 points

My only thoughts are maybe try some meltacide squads on them. Assault squads, with 2 Melta guns. That and smite them, with a Libby.

Dont_Fear-The_Reaper commented on a post in r/Warhammer40k
Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 15 points

I love it, how have you got that strong yellow?!

Halofunboy 11 points

Its the same as WHTV's "Dry brushing Imperial Fists" video. Just an averland sunset base (3-4 coats to get a solid color), drybrushed with hexos pale sun, and washed with casadorna yellow with a recess shade of agrax earth shade.

Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 3 points

Have a shot of the pauldron?

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