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Purslaine_Gentian 2 points

They taste lovely in a stew. Just sayin' 😁

Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 1 point

Well that’s plan B, do have a Browning and a high powered torch, so stew or a pie is an option 😂

Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 1 point

At the moment they’re only targeting the one poor Argyranthemum and I would like to stop them from munching on my others. Short of fencing off, is there anything else I could try before I resort to that?

Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 1 point

So this is what I’ve got so far.

I’m a complete beginner.

I’ve put a few plants in and a small tiled path just for looks and easier access should maintenance be required.

Basically does this look okay?

My plants are quite young at the moment bar that Lupin in the middle (which is a few weeks older) so not expecting massive bloom or anything really this year and hopefully by next it will have filled out a little bit.

Edit- Any any general gardening / plant care advice very welcome ☺️

HannibalK 1 point

What zone and is that soil?

Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 1 point

Sorry - Europe Zone 6 (UK)

Yeah - not sure what to do with it ... do I leave it or mulch it?

Ryong20 1 point


Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 3 points

What’s life without a little Heresy? :P

Wait till you see their inquisition alternatives... 😂

IAmDabaw 2 points

You haven't heard of Koriel Zeth, apparently?

Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 2 points

I had not, the more you know!

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AngryPandaEcnal -3 points

Man prepare for downvotes, anything with a boob around here becomes a massive white knight/SJW circle jerk.

How did you find the model itself? I recently got the assassin model they make for my wife for mother's day, it was perfect quality and cast wise.

Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 1 point

Yeah I’m seeing that - water off a ducks back mate, doesn’t bother me - I’ve never taken much notice of upvotes or downvotes, just wanted to share a model I enjoyed the challenge of painting.

I thought the the casting was excellent, no bubbles, very few mould lines - would definitely get more models from them again - so much better than my Dante cast, but he is 20years old now I think 😂

AngryPandaEcnal 0 points

We were fortunate enough to secure an all metal Dante BUT she painted a resin Lemartes that was very nerve wracking because of the casting. It wasn't bad, but it felt oddly thin in some way that the WGE model just doesn't.

Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 3 points

Oh nice! I have a metal Mephiston and even he’s much better than Dante. I know what you mean, I think it’s to do with the type of resin they use - WGE is solid almost like a plastic and GW is more rubbery - if GW switched I think the castings would be so much better and worth it.

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Dont_Fear-The_Reaper commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 1 point

I was in assembly, about 15 at the time - a girl got an award and called up to the front - Paige Turner (I shit you not) I look at my friend next to me and we both lose it, that shoulder moving internal laughter trying not to make a sound and making he whole situation worse - after about is minute, my chemistry teacher moves behind us and slaps our heads (like Snape on Harry and Ron). A classic.

onefutui2e 1 point

How do you get the cabling across the body so clean?? I drive myself nuts trying to do the same.

Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 1 point

Erm a steady hand and lots of touch ups 😂

synthaside 1 point

So your obviously British ;-) or have at least sampled our vintage crisps .

Dont_Fear-The_Reaper 1 point

Guilty as charged 😂

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