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EverQuest was my first MMO. Compared with the current state of the art in graphics, it was hilariously bad but I had one hell of a good time playing it. That was so much fun.

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P99 still has the magic

Yes, I'm in for a few titles, I back up wildstar seeing as I've never had the chance to but I fired up Diablo 2 this month, with ladder reset its as fun as ever, just needs a more stable community.

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I would rage quit and uninstall if I was the receiving end.

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You must not have ever played this game then, I tried multiple times and would literally load into games with people pulling this ninja nonsense on me haha

I do this occasionally at the start of matches and wipe the team if I'm lucky. If you can pull it off you get the titan straight away and by then you're pretty much guaranteed a win. You feel so skillful but the movement is so fast and fluent that it's really easy to move around quickly and efficiently.

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Yeah, I couldn't get into the movement, ten years away from controllers is a slight disadvantage also lol

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Walked? How come there seems to be a reflection? Tell us the truth, you had your chauffeur drive you round the bad neighborhoods.

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BAXTER! Pull up to the one holding the sign, I must document him!

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I come from an Asian family and that type of behavior would get a healthy ass beating or locked in the garage. You never as a parent want to allow that sort of behavior to be okay and should be strictly reprimanded to keep from happening.

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Locked in the garage? lol please do tell more

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I think they meant closet... a garage is way too big with too many opportunities for fun.

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right? THUS a mechanic was born! lol

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Still no Remi kangaroo clip?!?! C'mon now.

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That was his biggest asshole character no doubt about it, minus the party van bit where he trashed an entire party supply store with a congo line looool

Hahah what about Mario Kart/Pac Man in the grocery store though

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yup. I know what im watching again tonight haha

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Anyone else get super excited thinking this was based on "The invincibles?"

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Well, which Pokémon card did you get?

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Articuno, cus that shits just cold.

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This is why I drive shitty cars.

I couldn't give less of a shit about a cosmetic scratch.

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I said then same damn thing the past 3 cars ive had but finally BOOM got a badass set of wheels, and lemme tell ya, its nerve racking to park in cities / shitty neighborhoods.

“A person who works for free, will never be out of work” direct quote from my grandfather.

If you do something for free or a favour, you can expect to be asked to do it again. Some people are so self involved they have no appreciation for you doing them a favour. Sometimes even the concept of appreciation is completely lost on them, like the person in this post.

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100% on point. Your standing in ANY realm you are involved in will get spread around word of mouth, its nice to start off with a reputation of being a nice person, it gets you more gigs, more opportunities etc. but if all you do is free work, you're only helping others complete their own shit and 90% of the time, you will get zero credit, the people you think you're growing relationships will only view you as other peoples bitch, and it will take WAY longer to climb the ladder because you've been stuck doing bitch work for bitch people without having any opportunities to show your potential. I have a decade of free work under my belt, and the moment i started my own gallery / business, all the people who once used me began complaining that i was creating competition for their scenes...not a congrats, nothing other than "why would you do this to me?" So in other words, fuck people who ask for free work, they have little amounts of respect for anything in life for the most part.

Mm not really I guess what I was saying is sometimes stupid people, who aren't really racist just stupid. Say things just to be mean and hurtful.

And in the situation I described I was nearly stupid.

Everyone has heard the words and known you aren't supposed to say them. But people get mad and reach for ammo, and stupid words come out

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Trying to explain this to people post- roseanne is a big no no, dont you know that everyones perfect but you dude?

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This question has been answered. Paleontologist Dr. John Hensey of the University of Cairo back in 2017 has shown with 3d Image mapping software, the vocal cords of pterodactyl fossils can be scanned then reprinted. With the use of nano technology from JMU, Dr Hensey and his team were able to recreate the first ever sound of a pterodactyl which can be heard here:

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Sometimes its worth the risk. Fuck you. <3

I've been to the 16th Street Mall, this guy ain't killing anyone. You adopt the New York way of evade and ignore and they go away or get arrested eventually.

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I just had this conversation about the crazy people / crackheads in denver, like they dont ever get violent or rarely do, but at the same time they are for sure everywhere in public

This is like... typical 16th St Mall. 420 or not.

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i was just there last week for the first time and i definitely got that vibe, notice how barely anyone is giving him any attention lol, prolly some even weirder shit to look at

Welcome to every college level fine arts building. Every year at the school I work for there's a couple ceramics majors who make buttplugs as part of their collections (so edgy and revolutionary) and multiple painters who paint some "shocking" crap we've all seen before. They all think they're the first and I don't know why their instructors don't tell them they aren't.

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TBH the reason they are told that its not original is because most instructors are the biggest followers of them all and base their curriculum on art school relevance rather on actual progression / complexity of skill and concept. Just a buncha coloring book-book club bitches who dont have enough origination to pass on their knowledge...the older cats always know whattup though.

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I like how fast the window gets rolled up hahahaaaa

I've experienced this on racetracks before. At high speeds a slide becomes a crash very quickly. There have been a few times when I watched my hands and feet do things, seemingly of their own accord, in order to correct a slide I hadn't consciously registered yet.

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Danica Patrick talks about this as well, I wonder how much of our brain is running on intuition like that and what part of our consciousness works with it?

okay...but why the speedos in the snow?

11.2k points · 5 months ago

All that shit's flying, and midway through the melee the bartender points out the one thing he thinks is out of line

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to be fair that looked like the kill hit coming up haha

This is a pretty grave situation and there's no time for jokes.

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dead serious.

3.2k points · 5 months ago

There were some crashes during speed skating, the Koreans were not disqualified but the Chinese and Canadians were despite the Koreans causing the initial accident (someone please fact check me, I’m going off memory) the Chinese and Canadians disputed but The IOC dismissed it. So these guys are making a comment that the olympics are “dirty” or tainted as in it’s not truly a fair and equal competition.

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This makes their smiles at the end extra canadian in that case.

Comment deleted5 months ago

I feel like they rounded up a bunch of creepy homeschool kids, killed them, dressed their ghosts with hand me down clothing from the 70's and somehow made a fuck ton of money.

Nothing in this photo looks remotely appealing to look at.

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I dunno....I've always wanted a dentist lamp

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I agree that there is a double standard that needs to be addressed. But I don't agree that simply "being female" means that your abuser automatically faces consequences. Male and female victims are struggling to be heard. Look at Donald Trump's accusers, still yet to see him held accountable. This is the nature of how our country views sexual assault victims when facing men of power.

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I know little about this topic, and im ready for the downvotes yall, so do your worst....but isn't a big problem that most cases in the spotlight that get dismissed have a lack of evidence? Thats what makes it so complicated I thought is that anyone could potentially falsify from either end of the assault so even though waves of people share their trauma, doesn't there have to be actual evidence to condemn the offender?

lmao, yes. I've actually had a friend who worked on one for a while describe it like that. Lots of people without any sense of self awareness whatsoever.

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Makes sense to me, Cruise ships are for boring people aka coat tail adventurers aka people who say the word "tryhard" aka walmartians aka people that pay thousands of dollars to do activities that would cost a fraction of the price if they had the brain capacity to plan it themselves lol

I don't know. I really enjoyed the cruise I went on. My husband and I went for our honeymoon and we were poor college students. We added up what it would cost to take an international flight, stay for 3 days, go to a few shows, eat out a couple of times, and then fly back and the cruise was a lot cheaper and we had a great time.

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Yeah I was mostly kidding, it just seems like an easy kind of vacation, I prefer meeting locals and growing my understanding of new places and hiking a bunch, cruise ships to me are just extensions of things i can do in hometown with the change of land and water, but to each their own.

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