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I’m not using mine in stacking mode, I have link lights on the switch but not activity, and the interface shows down

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Is this the model that has 4 total fiber ports?

If so you may want to check for a firmware upgrade. We saw a situation on ours where the GUI claimed the X1/X2 ports were not in stacking mode but they really were.

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Yeah that looks like the one we had the issue with. Six SFP and I think two of them are always stacking, two of them can be stacking or data, and two of them are always data.

Thank goodness

Words cannot express how much I hate Pteranodon right now. I did every single strike event looking for Alanqa DNA for the hybrid, and all I got was stinking Pteranodon.

Now at the very least I got a shot at darting enough DNA.

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Same... ratio of Alanq to Pteranodon is like 1:4 or 1:5.

My last Alanq attempt escaped at 50% battery remaining too.

Can dinos escape if you're not VIP? I have several friends that play ... I'm the only one on VIP and I'm the only one that's seen them escape.


Hi all.

I initially started designing a hilt with the Plecter CF-LS in mind but it seems a bit unclear when the new version will ever come out. I was originally wanting to do a string blade but now I'm leaning towards Neopixels.

I discovered the Proffieboard and was really impressed with the SmoothSwing feature. The wiring diagrams look like it can two multiple Neopixel strips.

Is the Proffieboard basically a newer version of the Teensy board? Also, if I were to do multiple LED strips in the blade, is it capable of still driving some accent lighting for a button and some LEDs for a crystal chamber? The little configurator tool on the site looked like two strips might prevent doing much else in regards to lighting.


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Watch out for that thing's Impact and Run move.

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Do you think my situation is hopeless?


I think you might be being a bit hard on yourself which, if you deal with depression and social anxiety, is understandable.

There may be any number of reasons why you aren't getting call backs including your resume, GPA, etc. It depends on what information you're providing them and what they may be looking for, how many applicants they have, etc. A mistake I see a lot of people make is that they don't tailor their resume... they have one that they send out to everybody. I've done it myself. The better way to do it is to created a modified version of your base resume tailored to the job you're applying for. That doesn't mean you have to write a paragraph about what you like about the company... it means putting your experience down in the form of key words they're likely to be looking for. A database job is going to care a lot about your SQL experience but probably not so much about your network infrastructure experience so your resume you submit to them should reflect that.

In case your GPA isn't great you should be able to overcome that with the experience you have, but make sure you have a good solid reason you can give them why your GPA isn't great. In my experience, the GPA doesn't matter as much the longer you've been graduated for, but a lot of places seem to look at it a lot for recent graduates as it's another metric they can use to narrow down who they want to interview.

Another thing to consider, IT tends to be user-facing in a lot of roles. If you feel like your social anxiety is an issue for this, and you really want to do IT, then I'd definitely recommend looking for some assistance with it in whatever form you feel will work for you. No shame in seeking help for something that may be negatively impacting your life. Same for the depression... you're going to hit problems in IT that are frustrating and you might feel like there isn't anything you can do to resolve them but the best thing to do is to take a step back and then tackle the problem again once you're refreshed and maybe can see things from a different perspective. Depression can lead to a different conclusion where you end up in that nasty spiral of "I'm depressed that I can't fix this and I may lose my job / I can't fix this and I may lose my job because I'm depressed".

Honestly it seems like you've gone the extra mile in the form of internships which is awesome. I've seen student workers that came in with 0 IT experience and, after a few years working for an IT department on campus, left and ended up getting paid more than their bosses at the college. I'm not even sure if they needed to provide referals. Unless everybody there does internships, it seems like you should have the means to stand out above the rest when applying so make sure you really sell yourself on that resume. Have other people look at it for a fresh perspective.

Just my two cents. I'm a 4 year IT graduate with a not great GPA who got a job slicing meat in the back of a grocery store right after college. Little by little I got closer to the jobs I wanted and now I'm the manager of the networking department at the university I attended.

GPA doesnt really matter unless your applying for some extremely high end position or with people you probably dont want to work with anyway.

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I only brought it up because most of the employers I looked at after graduating asked for it. They weren't bad starting positions either. They had a large number of college grads to choose from in a region that didn't have a lot of good paying tech jobs so they could get away with being picky about that sort of thing. Supply and demand.

Of course this was 10+ years ago so it's probably changed.

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I'm still trying to figure out how they got Mosasaurus DNA in the movies. Do mosquitos bite modern day whales?

It would be interesting how they would design that in the arena.. I'm assuming the map would have to change to include a water area.

Turning off 2.4 across the board is becoming more common, it all depends on your environment and what devices you need to support. Example - Cisco Live has been shutting off the 2.4 radios at their conferences for a few years now.

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I was in Orlando this Summer and they definitely still had some 2.4 broadcasting. I'm sure they had it disabled on some of the radios or, more likely, they were using Flexible Radio Assignment since most of the radios looked to be 3800 series.

It looked like they were broadcasting a 5ghz-only SSID and a separate 2.4ghz-only SSID.

I'm speaking out of my ass here as I've never looked into it... But I always thought this was done by giving the user a dns server in the dhcp offer that serves up a single answer for any domain... Go to the Captive portal. Then the portal just accepts any hostname and redirects to itself.

My evidence for this is also being given static routes by dhcp for that dns server.

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There are several other ways I've seen this done as well... the two primary being:

  • Policy-based routing works with an ACL that the Network Access Control solution keeps updated... anything not authenticated gets put in that ACL and the route-map applied sets their next-hop to the NAC solution. NAC then replies for any HTTP request with the sign-in page. All of this is applied at the SVI that serves as the subnet' gateway on the router upstream of your wired/wireless clients.

  • RADIUS authentication setup. This is what I'm currently using and it works with both wireless and wired ports if your hardware supports it. Client connects and gets assigned an ACL that works as a redirection ACL in this situation.. it allows anything that you specifiy through (usually DNS, DHCP, etc) and then redirects everything else to the URL you provide in the config. Once they sign in, the RADIUS server issues a Change of Authorization that applies and ACL that gets used in a more traditional way... allowing and disallowing traffic based on the access you want to provide.

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I can’t seem to get much past 4000. I get over then lose a bunch in a row then back to 3800.

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I joke with my friends that play that it's called the "Bad Luck Bit" that acts like a flag on an account that happens when you get higher in arena than it thinks you should be. Suddenly you can't land a crit or stun but the enemy lands multiple 15% stuns and multiple 5% crits.

Ian Malcolm would say it's the Gambler's Ruin phenomenon.


So something I've been noticing a lot when attempting to troubleshoot clients through Prime Infrastructure... a lot of wireless clients seem to disassociate fairly frequently and then immediate associate again... usually to a different AP. The association history in Prime for the client ends up looking like a repeating wave between three APs. The durations between association times usually seem to always be around an a factor of 5 minutes... so 15 min 14 sec, 10 min 14 sec, 25 min 39 sec, 1 hr 10 min 55 sec, etc.

I've been wondering what this is about and how it probably affects the end-user experience. My assumption is it is disruptive due to the client having to move between APs... so anything real-time and/or latency sensitive like video chat or online gaming might be affected. I figured at first it may be due to a system default of 5 minutes on the User Session Idle but I adjusted it up to an hour and didn't see a noticeable difference. DCA is currently set on an interval of 10 minutes and I have EDRRM on so it seems like it wouldn't always happen in a factor of 5 between changes.

I can see a ton of RRM events for 2.4ghz, so many so that Prime is saying there are to many unique events per device, so I think I may need to tweak 2.4ghz RRM sensitivity down but the clients I'm seeing are also 5ghz which doesn't have nearly as much of an interference or co-channel utilization issue at our location and no where near the number of events.

Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this or is this just normal?

Original Poster2 points · 19 days ago

Here is an output from this morning for a client I'm presuming is an XBox.

Association Time Duration AP Name Protocol RSSI (dBm) SNR (dB) Roam Reason
2018-Sep-05 08:45:15.189 CDT 57 min 58 sec 3-6 802.11n(5GHz) -53 46
2018-Sep-05 08:35:00.522 CDT 10 min 13 sec 2-8 802.11n(5GHz) -72 24 New association detected
2018-Sep-05 08:24:53.294 CDT 10 min 6 sec 3-6 802.11n(5GHz) -50 46 New association detected
2018-Sep-05 08:09:40.856 CDT 15 min 11 sec 2-8 802.11n(5GHz) -75 21 New association detected
2018-Sep-05 07:09:02.080 CDT 1 hrs 0 min 38 sec 3-6 802.11n(5GHz) -49 48 New association detected
2018-Sep-05 06:53:53.681 CDT 15 min 8 sec 2-8 802.11n(5GHz) -76 21 New association detected
2018-Sep-05 06:48:51.686 CDT 5 min 1 sec 3-6 802.11n(5GHz) -63 34 New association detected
2018-Sep-05 06:38:46.798 CDT 10 min 4 sec 2-8 802.11n(5GHz) -64 34 New association detected
2018-Sep-05 05:17:59.923 CDT 1 hrs 20 min 46 sec 3-6 802.11n(5GHz) -53 45 New association detected
2018-Sep-05 04:57:49.199 CDT 20 min 10 sec 3-6 802.11n(2.4GHz) -41 57 New association detected
2018-Sep-05 04:47:43.312 CDT 10 min 5 sec 2-8 802.11n(5GHz) -71 26 New association detected

What are the load balancing settings for that RF Group, and what are the client counts (for each band) for each AP at the time of disassociation?

From the looks of it, the client appears to be swaying between stations, which can be an RF overlap issue, or a designated client load balancing setting.

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Original Poster1 point · 18 days ago

Client Load Balancing on the WLAN config is disabled, Band Select is enabled.

In the RF Profile for that building under Client Distribution->Load Balancing:


Window: 10

Denial: 3


Window: 5

Denial: 3

Client Counts:

2-8: For 5ghz it started at 10 clients and then stayed around 7 or 8 with one other spike to 10 during the time period. 2.4ghz there were a few sporadic clients but no more than 1 at a time.

3-6: For 5ghz, at the beginning of the time range was 4 clients going up to 6 clients around 6 am and then up to 8 around 7 am before starting to drop back off. 2.4ghz was between 3 and 5 the entire time.

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The problem I had with Posti was even though she was a good killer of Stegoceratops, she got bodied by pretty much everything else because of her really low damage.

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Yeah that's part of the strat... it's a tradeoff for her for sure. This meta is tank and stun/debuff heavy though and she's got sheild break and armor ignore plus two damage bluffs and a heal (no idea why there is a cleanse on there but whatever). And immunity of course. Her kit really isn't bad and higher crit or damage may end up making her OP.

Original Poster1 point · 21 days ago

She's really not a good wallbreaker though all things considered. A good wallbreaker has to take advantage of breaking through armour and shields to deal good damage, like Rex and Gorgosuchus do. Posti just doesnt quite do enough damage to justify taking up a place on my team. I cant lead with her because she'll only get me the first win if my opponent leads with stego, which few of them do, and if I'd then only use her to finish off a stego I have others that can do that and are more useful in other scenarios.

And it all becomes irrelevant if the rng you face isnt stun related; posti's immunity does nothing against cloak and crits. There are so many areas where the game is decided by rng that it's impossible to 'strategically' counter them.

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2 points · 21 days ago · edited 21 days ago

The higher level strat with this game seems to me to be a lot about getting in the head of your opponent. Are the going to pounce so I need to instant cripple or are they going to expect that and wait a turn? Do I potentially waste a big move on a dino with 100 health left assuming they'll swap it because they think I'm going to hit with my weakest move to finish it? Stuff like that.

At my arena level (3300ish) people seem to open with tanks like 85% of the time. Where I am this is usually Stegocera, or Nodapatasaur. Knowing that gives me an edge so I open with Posti, Gorgo, or possibly T-Rex. Posti seems to do well against these. Obviously the game goes differently if they have the same thought and do the same thing but that's not the majority of the time.

Cloak absolutely has a counter. I used to have a Nullifying Strike dino on my team but I haven't been running one lately because, again at my current arena level, it isn't a factor in most of my games. That will change though and I'll eventually say goodbye to Posti too.

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3 points · 21 days ago

I haven't noticed previously but are we locked down to 3 attempts per dino or is it 15 attempts and we can mix/match them however we want?

2 points · 24 days ago

Have you tried posting on the PA Live Community or submitted a Support Request? It sounds like a bug to me... what version are you running?

I'm not using Captive Portal but I'm pretty sure I have an auth profile applied to our VPN config that allows for just the username and then uses their assigned AD security groups in some security policies. I'm currently on the 8.0.x track.

Comment deleted24 days ago
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The Live Community is pretty awesome. I haven't really tried Cisco's new one yet but PA's is pretty top notch for questions your peers might can answer.

I've been waiting for a stable 8.1.x release before moving out 5060s up to it so I don't have much experience in it but I do recall seeing this about user-id changes.. not sure if it's related or not..

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I intentionally dropped down from 3300 to 2800 last night. Decided I wanted to have a continued chance at getting incubators and, honestly, I was getting trounced everytime I got near 3500 so I felt like I need to spend some time collecting and leveling anyways.

2 points · 27 days ago

I'm in a similar boat except I don't even have Stegodeus. I hit 3500 yesterday and then went on a losing streak back down to 3300.

3500 seems to be a magic number where I'm encountering level 19 everything and lots of hybrids. I just said "screw it" and started throwing games to drop back down. Farming lower tier incubators seems like the only thing I can do at this point.

We've had repeated problems with the 2960X and PoE+ signalling on Aruba APs.

We're replacing every device with a 3850.

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Out of curiosity, what's your use-case for a 3850 instead of a 3650?

On newer deployments we've moved away from 2960X on access layer in favor of the 3650. We usually use a 3850 12 SFP port switch for building entry, connection aggregation to the access switches, and Layer 3 termination for building VLANs.

2 points · 27 days ago

I've heard that's good but never tried it.

League of Legends and Jurassic World Evolution have been my thing lately. Occasionally I spin up some PUBG and I need to go back and finish Witcher 3.

5 points · 1 month ago

I'd love to get into something like this one day but it looks extremely expensive.

Original Poster0 points · 1 month ago

It's not that the strategy bothers me it's that things like this combo exist. Things like indominus cloak exist. If indominus cloaks and you miss 2 hits it's a KO. That's rolling the dice and praying you don't lose to RNG.

Instant invincibility is another topic. I think it just needs a 3 turn cooldown and any shield destroying attack should eat though it. It's labeled as a shield in the description just like the short and long defense and my T-Rex or whatever chews through those.

Strategy is fine. It's just ludia has some really bad ways of approaching it.

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4 points · 1 month ago

Shield destroyers do chew through instant invincibility already.

RNG is a factor in most games with status effects.. not really sure how you get around that. The odds are the odds so at least it's fair for everyone.

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Thanks, this will be a pole mounted enclosure with tension straps. I like the item, but 95lbs is probably too much. I'm looking into the Cisco IEs, but we typically go all the same brand for switches (HP currently).

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No prob.

FYI they have a sku for a pole mountable version too but I'm not sure if it's any lighter.

We've got cameras all over at our 4 year campus along with emergency call stations. Anywhere we need these more than 300 feet from a building we use a Multilink enclosure like this one:

I'm not sure if that is the exact box but I think it is. It says wall mount (and it does have unistrut brackets on the back to do that) but we normally get a concrete pedestal set in place with conduit and a nearby ground vault. The boxes have a 19" rack as well as a built in piece of din rail, a ground bar, and an electrical outlet inside. The box on the side in the picture is a breaker box for the outlet.

The breaker box and main door are lockable (the handles now even have a place you can insert a key core with a swivel cover for it... otherwise you use a padlock) and the top of the box has a fan with a thermal switch. On one of my deployments I was concerned the fan didn't kick on until around or over 100 F so I took out the thermal switch and wired in a din rail mounted adjustable thermostat.

We use Cisco IE series industrial switches in these. On our older deployments we mounted to the included din rail on the interior side but we've recently purchased some 19" rack mountable din rails and mounted the switch and power supply to that. We also found some small din rail mountable fiber termination boxes. Combine that with a shielded patch panel that terminates the camera runs and you've got a solid remote network station.


Curious what people's target max clients per AP are for moderate to heavy use areas? Not so much client density but application usage such as gaming, video/voice communication, streaming, etc?

Most of the AP documentation (Cisco) I'm looking at talks about maximum clients but a lot of it either seems to be in the context of actual max the hardware could handle or number of clients doing light web surfing it can handle.

I'm wanting to re-evaluate our residence hall wifi deployment to see if I need to write up a proposal to beef it up. I'm also considering proposing replacement of APs with Wave 2 capable units as I think MU-MIMO capability may help improve things as well.


I also work at a University and our residence hall wireless issues stem more from poor coverage and deployments than bandwidth.

I would encourage you to look into your coverage(if you haven't already) before you throw fancy new hardware at it.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

We definitely are. Our deployment, unfortunately, was targeted at 2.4ghz at the time and, also unfortunately, the APs are lined up down the hallways that all the rooms are connected to. This is pretty much fine for 5ghz but for 2.4ghz we've got co-channel utilization.

For 5ghz there are certainly a few spots we could add some more APs but that would only continue to make 2.4ghz worse unless we disabled the radio. Budget laptops are still being sold with 2.4ghz only adapters (this drives me crazy... it's 2018, charge the extra $20-$50 and just do Wave II AC on everything) plus as you know we also still have to support hardware that is older. Heck, even PS4 didn't have 5ghz until the most recent hardware editions.

I'm looking in to anything I may have missed config side on the WLC but the only solution for co-channel interference I've really found so far is to move the APs physically which costs money. I've experimented with shutting off every other 2.4ghz radio and increasing the signal level for the rest but it didn't really seem to work as well as turning down the power but keeping them all enabled.

I started this thread because I wanted to make sure some of the issues we've heard about aren't necessarily coming from the radios being overloaded client-wise. This isn't so much about available bandwidth as it is about overall throughput.. if the radios are basically half-duplex hubs then the more clients connected the more they each have to wait in line to talk. I figured Wave II might help with this in addition to giving us more options if we got to the point of wanting to disable radios again... we could just turn them into 5ghz instead.

FYI usually throwing AP's in the hallways forces clients to use 2.4GHz as the 5.0GHz will have a much lower signal by the time it gets through walls and into rooms. A lot of clients will choose a -50dBm 2.4GHz signal over a -62dBm 5.0GHz signal even thought the 5.0GHz would perform way better in that situation.

Aruba had a blog post on this recently.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Last semester we shrank the 2.4ghz cell size and increased the 5ghz size by manipulating the min and max transmit levels in the RF profiles. The 5ghz basically runs at max now. The result was a big increase in 5ghz clients... maybe 50/50 in some areas now.

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Dotren commented on

Ight, and great job on critz hall(my dorm), I expected it to be terrible there but actually it's the best I've tested so far. M Street has been the worst with even below 1mb downloads.

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2 points · 1 month ago

That's great to hear about Critz. We did a lot of work with trying to optimize 5ghz wifi in the residence halls last semester so that may be what you're seeing.

I'll make a note about M-Street.

May I ask what degree you have? I'm going for information technology and I'd really like a job similar to what you probably do.

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3 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Bachelor's of Computer Science with Information Technology option. I think there may be more options available in that degree track now.

I'd also recommend you start looking into certifications. Most of them cost money to take the test and you have to go to an approved testing center unfortunately. They won't ever land you a job by themselves but, combined with experience you'll eventually earn, they're good on a resume and the knowledge you get while studying to pass them with be helpful. There are generic certs out there and then there are vendor specific ones like Cisco, Palo Alto, etc.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Thanks bro. 🤟

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If you have any issues be sure to contact the Campus Support Center. has a bunch of solutions or you can enter a ticket there. You can also call 968-0646.


*edit* Downvotes for some reason.. just to be clear, while I reference ArcMaps a lot in this, I'm not necessarily looking for specific software support unless someone happens to have some experience with it for telecom mapping. Any suggestions on other solutions would still be greatly appreciated. I know this isn't as sexy as a routing problem or something but it's still network documentation... unless there is a better subreddit I should be using?

So I've got a project involving future planning for conduit/vault/box and fiber locations and paths. To plan for the future, I figured it would be best to also show what we already have so I spent a few days in Google Earth and came up with something useable that has groups that can kind of act like layers to show or hide things. It isn't 100% accurate and I eyeballed everything instead of using GPS coordinates for the first pass but it was a decent proof of concept.

My boss liked the output but would like to find something a bit more maintainable and cross platform than just leaving the file up on Dropbox. He recommended ArcGIS since we apparently have some licenses from another department on campus.

I found this on their website and really liked it:

Things I like about this particular example:

  • It's a web application so pretty much anyone we want should be able to view it on most any device without worrying about them accidentally editing something
  • I think it's easily maintained if I understand the principle correctly... I think you'd update the map in ArcMap and then publish it again
  • Popups have the ability to add nice data like fiber strand count, coordinates, etc.
  • The layer behavior is cool... zoom out and it's a conduit map... zoom in and it's a fiber bundle map
  • The aerial and satellite imagery is newer than what seems to be available on Google Maps or Earth

So I spun up ArcMap and try to follow the "tutorial":

I've come to the conclusion that ArcMaps is the most un-intuitive piece of software I've ever used (congrats Blender, you're #2 now). After finally figuring out how to get coordinates to line up between the basemap layer and other layers I then started beating my head against the desk trying to figure out how to "Add the network map service to the map" like it says in the tutorial. I think I finally figured out how to do it, only to find out that the layers are all locked and it really just seems to dump the data from the sample application in.

I don't mind a challenge and I think the software looks incredibly powerful but I'm not sure I have time right now to design and program a custom ArcMap from scratch instead of just working with a template.

Anyone know of any good solutions to do this kind of thing or have experience with ArcMaps and know of some good resources that might make this easier?

11 points · 1 month ago

Arcmap is a serious GIS tool and it requires some dedication to learning. We use an addin called CrescentLink but there are many others as well.

Your tutorial is blocked behind a login so no one else can see it.

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Yeah the software seems incredibly powerful and diverse in what it can do. I just wish they had some better tutorials or templates.

Thanks for the heads up on the link. I went ahead and removed it... it probably isn't strictly necessary for the discussion anyways other than that it mentions "Create a fiber network map and share it with your organization" ... the few steps they give indicate this should be easy but they don't seem to lead to that outcome (at least not so far). The example map is much more pertinent to show what I'm looking for in a solution.

I'll check out that addin though.. thanks!

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