Perfect synchro by eunderscore in breathinginformation

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Why would you think that this belongs here?

What is a conspiracy theory you believe 100 percent? by Cecilverse in AskReddit

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Would the Boston mob have the skill to make it look like an OD?

Former CTV reporter sues broadcaster, woman who accused him of sexual misconduct by RandyFord in toronto

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No such thing in the court of public opinion, and that's what the broadcaster considers.

Old School Dank by CloneArranger in maximumfun

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I still love Del Monte Fashion Peas.

My new neighbors are really freaking me out by ligamentary in self

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There’s nothing clearly abusive at this point.

I disagree. This whole lifestyle is abusive and neglectful.

It suddenly hit me that I have the power to lose weight by [deleted] in self

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Nice! Check out /r/loseit if you need some help or just somewhere to talk about this.

MaxFun Drive Levels by CWHats in maximumfun

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Looks like they haven't updated yet. Max Fun Drive hasn't started yet.