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34 points · 6 hours ago

Just wait till Lorca returns and we get Pike Vs. Lorca. HyperNOVA!!!!

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-1 points · 2 days ago

Is 'chinaman' not racist in American English?

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Yes, though this is a quote of a racist fictional character that Pence is being compared to, as parody.

As played by Tilda Swinton.

I personally say Elizabeth Debicki should play Ventress

(I know you're talking about the art, but still)

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Seems like a good choice. Tilda's around 50 now, so maybe a bit too old to play her.

"Do YOU know what that was about?"

A restaurant near me offers burnt ends as a dish.

Original Poster8 points · 5 days ago

They make enough that it makes sense for them to sell it (at a huge premium) but if you’re making one brisket it’s barely even a snack.

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Makes sense. This place notes they are "limited supply."

they’re all so good; even when you hit a slow-spot, keep going! it’s really the totality & range of the Culture series that is great fun.

for my part, i have recently finished and have begrudgingly come to grips with it being La Fin. just started Banks’ non-Culture SF, starting with Against a Dark Background.

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The Algebraeist is so good.

-24 points · 7 days ago

For balance: please be nice. His politics are something you may not like, but it's always pleasant to put the best foot forward for visiting dignitaries, even if you don't like them.

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Utter horseshit

12 points · 14 days ago


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I'm opposed to Marxist framing of history, but "cultural Marxism" is a pretty common white supremacist byword for Jewish influence.

"Well... I can't go looking for him anyways, so who gives a shit?"


11 points · 20 days ago

I fail to see how explaining reasoning behind your actions is denying fault.

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"We were forced to do it, it wasn't a mistake."

As the husband of a type I diabetic I have to point out op is talking about type II diabetes. They are very different. In type II, the body develops insulin resistance, which can be ameliorated by healthy diet and exercise.

In type I, the immune system attacks and destroys insulin producing cells in the pancreas, and there is no cure.

It's an important distinction. My wife gets a lot of unhelpful "tips" about "curing" her type I through diet.

I feel like this was within the last couple of months.

This looks great, but does she have to pee?

This doesn't belong in this sub.

Great. You're down voted pointing out the criteria of the sub aren't met by this post merely because people like it.

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Yep. I can live with it.

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Moderator of r/museum, speaking officially66 points · 1 month ago

To the user who reported this as "Political propaganda, not art."

  1. Propaganda is art. Calling something art is not a value statement on the content of the piece. It's a category.

  2. The word propaganda, despite it's popular usage, is not inherently pejorative.

  3. We will not remove something simply because you do not like the message.

Better to do it on your own than hire someone to show you around, for sure. I hear the Minoh tour guides are real beasts.

Just finished listening to that arc again. Did you do Griffin's voices for them?

They're not called snapping turtles because of their witty combacks.

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That sounds like a great Alice in Wonderland character.

They did already pointlessly kill off the main doctor...

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Am I right in recalling he wasn't even the CMO?

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